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By Nancy Atherton | Comments: ( 293 ) | Date: ( Jul 13, 2020 )

While exploring the attic in her cottage near the small English village of Finch, Lori Shepherd makes an extraordinary discovery a gleaming gold and garnet bracelet that had once belonged to Aunt Dimity When Lori shows the garnet bracelet to Aunt Dimity, it awakens poignant memories of a doomed romance in Aunt Dimity s youth in London after the War Regretfully, Aunt DimWhile exploring the attic in her cottage near the small English village of Finch, Lori Shepherd makes an extraordinary discovery a gleaming gold and garnet bracelet that had once belonged to Aunt Dimity When Lori shows the garnet bracelet to Aunt Dimity, it awakens poignant memories of a doomed romance in Aunt Dimity s youth in London after the War Regretfully, Aunt Dimity asks Lori to do what she could not return the bracelet to her unsuccessful suitor setting Lori off on an adventure through London and through history to put a piece of Aunt Dimity s past to rest In the meantime, a new family has moved to Finch The villagers are thrilled because their new neighbors are avid metal detectorists Metal detectors soon become all the rage in Finch and the villagers unearth a lot of rubbish some of it quite embarrassing before one of them stumbles upon a trinket that could hold the key to the origin of Aunt Dimity s bracelet Is the bracelet a priceless and protected national treasure Was Aunt Dimity s lovesick suitor a common thief If so, how will Lori break the news to Aunt Dimity And what will she do with the bracelet As Lori searches for answers, she discovers an unexpected link between the buried treasure in the village and the treasure buried in Aunt Dimity s heart.

  • Title: Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure
  • Author: Nancy Atherton
  • ISBN: 9781101981290
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Nancy Atherton

Nancy Atherton is not a white haired Englishwoman with a softly wrinkled face, a wry smile, and wise gray eyes, nor does she live in a thatched cottage behind a babbling brook in a tranquil, rural corner of the Cotswolds.She has never taken tea with a vicar although she drank an Orange Squash with one once and she doesn t plan to continue writing after her allotted time on earth though such plans are, as well all know, subject to change without notice.If you prefer to envision her as an Englishwoman, she urges you to cling to your illusions at all costs she treasures carefully nurtured illusions She also urges you to read no further.Because the truth is that Nancy Atherton is a dark haired American with a generally unwrinkled face, a beaming smile, and hazel eyes, who lives in a plain house in Colorado Springs She comes from a large, gregarious family five brothers and two sisters and enjoys socializing as much as she enjoys solitude.So if you are looking for her at a convention, don t look for a stately grande dame in a flowery dress Look for a woman in jeans and sneakers who s bounding around like a hyperactive gerbil.That ll be her And she d love to meet you.Japanese

Comments Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure

  • Julie

    Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure by Nancy Atherton is a 2016 Viking Books publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Lori is back with another charming Finch village mystery, but this one is just a little more sentimental for Aunt Dimity, and turns into a very interesting treasure hunt and adventure for Lori. Lori is digging around in her attic when she makes a curious discovery of an old and very expensive bracelet, that definitely does not belong to he [...]

  • Julia

    Comfort reads for me, because I know everything will always work out. Also a good look at small village life in England.

  • Frances Dowell

    DNF. I loved so much about this book in its early pages. The writing is lovely, the narrator is funny, the English village folk are a delight. But alas, Aunt Dimity is not for me, solely based on the device of I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say. But I will say it, after I say "possible spoiler alert ahead." I'm not exactly sure if this is a spoiler or not, but I do want to be careful, so you've been warned.It appears that there is a magic journal, in which the ghost of Aunt Dimity communicates [...]

  • Doward Wilson

    Lori and Bill are the proud parents of an almost eight month old daughter and nine year old twin boys. They live in the delightful small town of Finch in rural England. The funny, lovable and wacky residents of Finch pride themselves on their friendships and the depth of their knowledge about each other. When a retired husband and wife move in, almost the entire village is on hand to discreetly check the couple out as their moving van unloads. When several boxes are unloaded with Museum marked o [...]

  • Nancy Ellis

    These books are such a delight to read! They're very lighthearted and relaxing, as well as being thoroughly enjoyable. I love following the characters, especially Lori's growing family, and am always amazed at the number of adventures they have in the tiny village of Finch in the Cotswolds. :) The latest excitement is caused by two new residents, who introduce the hobby of metal detecting to the ever curious and snoopy villagers. This leads Lori to discover in her attic an antique bracelet, whic [...]

  • Elisabeth Ensor

    Adorable book! Loved how the plot got more detailed as you read- you can't help but love Lori and her adventures with aunt Dimity! Great summer read

  • Mary

    Aunt Dimity and her Past Lori is happily married to Bill and they have twin sons and a baby daughter. They are settled in the cottage, her father-in-law, William, is living in Ivy Cottage with his new wife and they are all as happy as can be in the village of Finch. For the village, moving day is an exciting day, someone new is moving in and everyone wants a good view of the new neighbors and their household items. Trouble starts when they notice that there are boxes labeled "Museum" and they or [...]

  • Marcia

    Missed last summer's installment of the Aunt Dimity series and caught up while on vacation. I really like this gentle series that takes the reader away to the little village of Finch with its quirky residents and the gossip, oh, my, the gossip.

  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews

    This was a cute little cozy mystery that had a touch of paranormal with Aunt Dimity speaking from beyond the grave!

  • Heather

    This was the most recent in the series. I liked reading of exploring London, but this offering seemed rather predictable to me. I might try reading these in German - seems doable.

  • Sarah Coller

    This was my first Aunt Dimity book and I'm already in love with the characters, premise, and setting of the series. It's not often that you find a happily married mother as a heroine; that, and the fact that they're set in England, is what really attracted me in the first place. This particular mystery was fun as my husband and I having a growing interest in archaeology having watched the first 15 seasons of Time Team on YouTube. Also set in England, the team is always finding neat artifacts lik [...]

  • Sheila

    3.5 starsSometimes the characters in a long running series get a little boring, and was true for me of Lori Shepherd, the luckiest girl ever. She has the perfect husband home and kids, and was getting a bit smug about it. I almost didn't read this one because I was getting tired of reading how wonderful she is. Am very glad I did, as this one was very enjoyable. This series typifies "cozy mystery" in every way, with a little twist of the supernatural for fun and plot points. Atherton also makes [...]

  • Betty

    My library surprised me with notification that an e-copy was available. I enjoyed a visit with Aunt Dimity and Lori, her family and the Village of Finch. Newcomers bring a metal detector to the village. It is now a major topic and activity of the village. Lori discovers a bracelet hidden behind a chest in the attic while searching for an item. Lori is startled by Aunt Dimity's response to the I formation. Aunt Dimity tells Lori of an individual she believes she hurt shortly after World War Two. [...]

  • Lorraine

    This is great. I believe that I enjoyed Aunt Amity and the Buried Treasure by Nancy Atherton the most of all the ones in this series that I have read! The villagers keep on being the villagers. A new couple moves to Finch, and, of course, this interests the villagers tremendously. Even Lori gets out with her 8 month old daughter, Bess, to take a peek at the new members of Finch. The author has two story lines in this book one relating to part of Aunt Dimity's life which I found particularly fasc [...]

  • Paige

    I sat down this morning with this sweet book and could not stop till I finished it. Although I did not want to leave this delightful village of Finch . I have read this entire series and this is the best one in a while. I recently reread Aunt Dimity's Death because it had been about 15 years since I read it and I enjoyed it so much. It takes place in a very small village in the Cotswolds- which is a beautiful spot . The characters are so human , engaging yet rather quirky . I would love to visit [...]

  • SueEllen

    Even though I have not read any of the previous books in this series, I was intrigued by this book on display at the library. It is a well-written cozy that that makes you feel like part of the adventure. My only problem with the story was the "Blue Journal". Paranormal, fantasy, etc. activities are not really my thing. Those who have faithfully read the series will understand to what I refer. Those who have not, you are warned.

  • Miki

    Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to read any more Aunt Dimity books. So I lied. Sue me. I just couldn't resist. Other readers are right - this isn't really a mystery, but that's okay. It's much better than the last ones - Lori has calmed down a lot, doesn't dote quite as mawkishly over the baby, and at least Bill makes an appearance. I miss Bill. And Emma. And Derek and Nell and Peter.Overall it was okay, although still not up to the early Dimity stories.

  • Allyson Faith

    I love this series, and after some sweet but not-as-compelling recent entries, I found this latest one to have more spark in it once again, no doubt because Atherton found a way to being Aunt Dimity's own story back in as the major plot line. Loved it--and now comes the wait for the next Aunt Dimity book! I would like to see more of Lori and Bill's relationship next time, too. I love their relationship.

  • Susan

    Just what I needed - an enjoyable easy read after a long week back at school! Lori finds a bracelet from Aunt Dimity's past, and sets out to find long-lost "Badger." Of course she succeeds rather easily but still a delightful read (Library)

  • Casceil

    There are more than twenty books in this series, and I have read them all. They have a charm all their own. This latest installment sends Lori to London to hunt down someone Dimity knew during WWII. I enjoyed it, but anyone not familiar with the series should not start with this book.

  • Nancy H

    This is another good entry in the Aunt Dimity series. Although mystery purists will probably say there isn't enough mystery and/or adventure, this series is very good for its gentle and lovable characters, great sense of place, and good all-around plots. It is still one of my favorite series.

  • Pam

    Another great Aunt Dimity adventure.

  • Cyndi

    I never fail to enjoy my visits to Finch and Lori's adventures.

  • Agatha

    This was the perfect antidote to the terrifying book I had just finished (THE WINTER PEOPLE). This book is absolutely delightful and charming. It was #21 in a series, but I had no trouble following along or figuring out who was who. Lori Shepherd is an American woman living in a small village in the English Cotswalds with her husband Bill, twin sons Rob and Will, and baby daughter Bess. All the village folk love knowing everything about everyone else’s business, so everyone is overjoyed to get [...]

  • Linda Brue

    Another light-hearted story centering around Lori Shepherd, her family, and the villagers in the small English village of Finch. The villagers are all excited when a new family moves in, as they all jostle each other to get the first glimpse of the new people, their furniture, or anything, really, to share and gossip about. The new neighbors prove to be nice people and the husband is soon sharing with the villagers the joy of his hobby, metal detecting. Soon everyone is trying their hand at it, [...]

  • Beverly

    Who doesn't like a cozy mystery that doesn't include violent crime? Nancy Atherton's series about Aunt Dimity a light mysteries filled with quirky characters. Lori is Aunt Dimity's best friend's daughter. Lori's mother put her to bed with Aunt Dimity stories; she didn't know Dimity was an actual person until after Dimity died and left her her estate in England. But Dimity didn't move on. When Lori picks up a diary in her library and talks, Dimity responds in royal blue writing.In this installmen [...]

  • Scilla

    A new couple, Felicity and James Hobson, have moved into Ivy Cottage. Severalneighbors watching see boxes labelled museum. They ask Lori to find out if they plan to open a museum. Lori goe to the door, and she and Bess get a great reception, with talk, tea, and baby care. The neighbors are invited to a lecture on metal finding. Lori goes home to find her extra blender for the Hobsons, and she finds a beautiful antique garnet bracelet in the attic.It turns out the bracelet came from a man named B [...]

  • Sally J Palmerlee

    Fascinating look into English village life. The people are brought to life and draw you into their dramas. The narrator, Lori, and her family.Lily are charming and believable. You feel like they would be good friends if you happened to meet them. The story carries enough suspense to keep the reader involved and interested. I recommend th is book.Fascinating look into English village life. The people are brought to life and draw you into their dramas. The narrator, Lori, and her family are charmi [...]

  • Linda Munro

    This is a fanciful book to say the least; but loads of fun to say the most!In this installment, Lori (the heir to Aunt Dimity’s estate) locates a precious bracelet behind Dimity’s trunk in the attic which searching for one of her many blenders she had received as a wedding gift. This begins a dialogue between Lori and Aunt Dimity which send Lori on a quest to find a man who is probably dead or at least will never remember Dimity at all.Can Lori find this man with no more than a nickname of B [...]

  • Carol

    This is my first read of the Aunt Dimity Series. What a delightful book, and it touched my heart. I like books with a touch of the paranormal, and this had just the right amount. I love this series so far. Loved it--and now comes the wait and hunt for the next Aunt Dimity book! I would like to see more of Lori and Bill's relationship next time, too. I love their relationship. I don't think I've read any of these before or not, but I sure liked this one. Recommend. This whole book in ways can be [...]

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