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By Kitty Ferguson | Comments: ( 978 ) | Date: ( Jan 24, 2020 )

More than a biography, this book introduces both the life and theories of the world s most famous scientist Interviews with Hawking and his colleagues tell the story of his quest to understand the origins and fate of the universe.

  • Title: Stephen Hawking: Quest For A Theory Of Everything
  • Author: Kitty Ferguson
  • ISBN: 9780553405071
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Kitty Ferguson

Kitty Ferguson, a former professional musician with a life long interest in science, is an independent scholar and lecturer who lives in Cambridge, England, and South Carolina.

Comments Stephen Hawking: Quest For A Theory Of Everything

  • Evan

    Stephen Hawking makes me feel unintelligent. He simultaneously makes me feel thankful that he exists to pursue a theory of everything while I laugh at people getting hit in the balls with a wiffle bat on America's Funniest Home Videos.This book is about his life and studies. It's pretty well written, but if I didn't know any better I'd say the woman who wrote it had a romantic obsession with him. Then again, I hear Hawking cheated on his wife, even with his inability to move, so what do I know?A [...]

  • Combo

    An interesting and personal introduction to both the man and his research, albeit 20 years out of date. The author does a good job of explaining the high-level physics for a lay audience and provides helpful illustrations throughout.Surprisingly it was typeset quite poorly; for example, references to figures in the text often necessitate skipping multiple pages and figures ahead.

  • Aislinn

    This novel was a very comprehensive description of Hawking's life as well as his work. I enjoyed the depth in which Ferguson described his work as well as the numerous analogies she used to make it more understandable. It was very true to Hawking that she went so in depth into his work in the biography since it has had such a great influence on his life. The physics also made the book far more enjoyable because although I am intrigued by Hawking's life I am far more interested in his scientific [...]

  • Retrovold

    Well. I must say I had no expectation because this was first book i was to read on Stephen Hawking but i certainly did not expected such a good read. Not just it was very captivating madam Fergusson explained pains and gains of Mr. Hawkings life but she also explained brilliantly topic of physics (with explaining subject of topics) greatly. I think this might be book for one to read twice to feel safe with expanding theories further, unless you handle it on first go. I higly reccommand this piec [...]

  • Michael

    Read this whilst traveling through Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

  • Ilya Mrz

    While you living a narrow life-you doing great

  • Ashley Clark

    A pop book that skims the surface of both the science and the man. Great for if you have an hour to kill at an airport, but thats about it.

  • Phoeline

    Great introduction to physics through Mrs. Ferguson questioning one of the greatest minds on the world. Want to know how black holes work? Go for it.

  • Arjun

    Unlike Bill Gates this biography went into depth about specific events in Hawking's life. It also did something I didn't expect it to do. This book not only went into depth in Hawkings life and work, it even explained many of his theorys and how they worked.Hawking was not born with his condition. During college, (which he did not excel at) Hawking started to repeatedly trip over stairs and have speech issues. Once Hawking had learned that he had this incurable disease Stephan went into a deep d [...]

  • Bobby Luke

    This was a fascinating read. The book does an excellent job of balancing Hawkings Theories with his personal life story. The author also does a good job of presenting scientific opinions on these theories from varying points of view - even scientists with religious viewpoints. Because of this, you never feel that there is a bias toward a certain set of beliefs, which I appreciated.As I was reading this book, I came to the realization that this was probably intended for younger readers (i.e. midd [...]

  • Mathew Barnard

    This book is extremely enlightening and very educational. When i started reading the book i was excited to learn about the life of stephen hawking but as the boook went on i realized that the book was focusing more on the science of stephens discoveries rather than the life of stephen. This was quite a jolly surprise as in quite enjoyed reading about the science behind black holes and the various theories about space and time. It made me feel rather insignificant, however it was a good insignifi [...]

  • Giovanni Ranzo

    Il libro è sostanzialmente un'occasione mancata, incerta tra biografia e divulgazione scientifica. Come se l'autrice non avesse saputo decidere che taglio dare al libro, e oscillasse continuamente tra la biografia puramente anedottica e la divulgazionescientifica.Purtroppo nessuna delle due "anime" del libro è soddisfacente; sotto l'aspetto biografico la personalità del grande scienziato non emerge al di là di piccoli aneddoti, mentre la divulgazione scientifica risulta frammentaria e sostan [...]

  • Joshua

    This is more about the strength of perseverance and the human spirit than about science. I think it deserves reading. Like Carl Sagan, Hawking had an important function on this planet. His actual contributions are irrelevant to me. The fact that he popularized science and did while battling a fatal disease through it all says that he is a man worth studying.

  • Jānis

    Ja nav lasīta "Īsi par laika vēsturi" un/vai "Vēl īsāk par laika vēsturi", tad šī grāmata varētu būt arī ļoti interesanta, bet man lielākoties bija atkārtošana, bet, jāatzīst, ka bija arī kaut kas jauns un interesants - Hokinga privātā dzīve un tas, kā viņam izdevās tik tālu izsisties. Respektīvi, 30% no grāmatas man bija interesanti.

  • Dewayne Stark

    Page 35, "Stephen concluded that ESP was a fraud.To his way of thinking, people who believe such claims are stalled at the level where he was at the age of fifteen."Page 96, "The universe of Eastern mysticism is an illusion. A physicist who attempts to link his own work has abandoned physics."

  • Dmitrijs

    Grāmata sniedz īsu ieskatu Hokinga biogrāfijā, viņa zinātniskajās teorijās un teorētiskās fizikas fundamentālajos jēdzienos. Tulkojums no angļu valodas varētu būt labāks. Tas brīžiem atgādināja referātus, ko rakstīju unversitātē, tulkojot tekstus no angļu valodas. Kā arī grāmatā ir diezgan daudz gramatisku kļūdu.

  • kuarkdelima

    saya membaca buku ini selepas ' A brief history of time' karangan Hawking, sekitar 1994.Satu biografi yang membawa anda mengembara mencari pengertian konsep ruang-masa, teori lohong hitam yang popular itu dan juga 'baby universe' akibat kosmologi kuantum.

  • Shahrooz Reisy

    Worth to read it.

  • Faiza

    I have read and reread and then again read this book the more I read the more I think and though I would never profess that I understood every thing but this book made me think! !

  • Siddharth

    boring! definitely intriguing but style of writing attenuates your interest as youvmove forward.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Stephen Hawking: Quest For A Theory Of Everything | by ↠ Kitty Ferguson
    455 Kitty Ferguson
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