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By Karen Stivali | Comments: ( 291 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

David has loved his older brother Derek s BFF, Wiley, since the first day he met him, five long lust filled years ago But, as Derek never hesitates to point out, Wiley is straight When Wiley has a falling out with his roommate and winds up crashing on David and Derek s couch for a month, he s a 24 7 reminder of what David wants but fears he ll never have Until one afterDavid has loved his older brother Derek s BFF, Wiley, since the first day he met him, five long lust filled years ago But, as Derek never hesitates to point out, Wiley is straight When Wiley has a falling out with his roommate and winds up crashing on David and Derek s couch for a month, he s a 24 7 reminder of what David wants but fears he ll never have Until one afternoon when David has a major art project to finish and a model who s a no show Wiley offers to pose for him and it sure feels like the heat between them is mutual Could Derek have been wrong about his best friend for all these years Would David s dreams about Wiley finally come true The only thing David knows is that one way or another he ll find out for surenight.

  • Title: Tonight
  • Author: Karen Stivali
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Karen Stivali

Karen Stivali is a prolific writer, compulsive baker, and chocoholic with a penchant for books, movies, and fictional British men.

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  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    ~4.25~Hot cover, hot college boys: long-standing crush on your older brother's best friend, heated glances, frantic frotting, passionate kisses, tight boxer briefs, and one seriously awesome kitchen coming-out scene. SWEET, SEXY, ROMANTIC, an all-around enjoyable story. All that AND French toast!

  • SheReadsALot

    “Where do you want me?”Oh Jesus. On the floor… in the tub… on my bed… on me… One of the hottest tropes is falling for the older brother's best friend. *grunts*This isn't my first time reading Ms. Stivali, I know she can deliver new adult smexy feels. And that she did. :)“I like looking at you. And wondering if you look at me the same way.”David is 21, out and proud, shares an apartment with his older brother, Derek and in love with Derek's best bud, Wiley, whom David emphatically [...]

  • ☆ Todd

    This was such an adorable, short, 48-page free read. I absolutely loved it. It ticked off the majority of my "yes, please" check boxes. : )Now 21, art major David has been in love with his jock brother's best friend, Wiley, since meeting him at 16 years old.But, as David's brother, Derek, has repeated for the past 5 years, ad nauseam, Wiley is straight.Then Wiley needs a place to stay and ends up living on David and Derek's couch, which drives David mad having the object of his affection so clos [...]

  • Judith

    Two guys who have been HOT for each other for years getting down and dirty one nighthell yes !!David has been in love with his brothers best friend for years.His brother keeps telling him to keep away because Wiley is straight but that doesn't stop David having hot thoughts about him.Circumstances find Wiley sharing David and his brothers home,sleeping on the couch.David is tortured with Wiley being so close and so unattainable he thinks.David is an Art student and one day when his still life mo [...]

  • Exina

    David has loved his older brother Derek's BFF, Wiley, since the first day he met him, five long lust-filled years ago. David knows he has no chance with him, because, as Derek never hesitates to point out, Wiley is straight. But Derek is mistaken…A sweet and mildly steamy friends-to-lovers story. Loved it!“I’m no artist or anything, but don’t you have to look at me at some point?”Heat spread from my neck through my cheeks. Fuck. I was afraid if I looked at him for more than a second, h [...]

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    4.5 Stars!This is one of my favorites of this whole "Love is an Open Road" series. It was very sweet with a little helping of sexy at the end. I thought the "I Love You's" were a bit abrupt but I got over it. Sometimes unicorns and rainbows are just what a girl needs!

  • Dalia

    David has a crush on his older brother’s best friend who, as his brother always said, is straight. Derek is a great big brother and friend. But he might be wrong about his friend's sexuality. “It’s been making me crazy. I can’t even think straight when you’re around.”“No pun intended.” It's a sweet, hot and really enjoyable story with a great photo prompt!

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion

    Sweet, Yearning, Friends to Lovers Story!Davey/David has been crazy, stupid, in love with his big brother's best friend, Wiley, since he first laid eyes on him. He assures himself he is far too geeky and arty to ever register on Wiley's radar.Plus he's straight. A little factoid his big bro, Derek, NEVER lets him forget. Seriously, he needs to just record himself saying, 'he's straight' or, better yet, get a parrot!Derek "knows" this because Wiley/Wi is his BFF and fellow rugby player.Fuck yeah, [...]

  • Susan

    What an amazing book. I loved it!David has been crushing on his brother’s best friend for the past 5 years. But as his brother Derek keeps saying to him. ”He’s not gay, you know.” Well, it turns out Derek doesn’t know everything!And what do you know, HOT HOT HOT man on man action happens.

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *

    Gawd this trope does it for me every single freakin time!This was sprinkled with a touch of angsty, but funny, pining.This had delicious UST with an absolute fabulous finish!This was just HAF and I want the sequel or the epilogue or an addendum!(view spoiler)[ because Wiley is a gay virgin and isn't it just fantabulous that Davey boy is the experienced one? Hello! (hide spoiler)]Go download this now!!

  • Jen

    3.5 Sweet StarsTonight is a sweet, drama free friends to lovers romance. David's had a huge crush on Wiley, his brother's insanely hot best friend, since he was a teenager. Unfortunately, as David's brother is fond of saying "Wiley's not gay."I don't want to ruin the surprise, but there's a slight chance Wiley might be crushing on David, too.These two are so cute together and I always enjoy a friends to lovers story. I would've enjoyed this more if it were longer, given how much I enjoyed Wiley [...]

  • Wendy

    First of all.anks Susan for the rec, I really enjoyed this one !!! <3It was short, sweet, sexy, steamy, romantic and oh so funny. I can't believe there was so much in such a short story. I wish there was more.Very entertaining. I liked all characters and David's inner voice really made me laugh.Did I mention it was hot ??5 Stars for making me feel so much with so little ;)

  • Elsbeth

    So this was me during lunch-break!! (practicing Poker-face)This was sweet and verrryyy entertaining… I loved it.Davey has secretly been in love with his brother's best friend Wiley since he was sixteen years old. But his brother Dereks keeps telling him he's not gay!!Since Wiley has been living on his and his brother’s couch, Davey has a hard time keeping his feelings under control.After a model bailed out on Davey, Davey is in desperately need of someone to help him complete his art project [...]

  • Gigi

    Sweet friends-to-lovers tale. I'm a sucker for those.

  • Trisha Harrington

    This was simply perfect. David has always had a crush on his older brothers best friend. But his brother has always insisted his best friend, Wiley, isn't gay.Well, that might not be true.This was such a nice story! It was short and sweet and I loved the characters, including Derek, David's brother.

  • BWT (Belen)

    I don't know if it's more from my abject disappointment in most of the other stories this year that's helping to color in how very, very much I enjoyed thisbut screw it. I enjoyed the hell out of this!There's no reinvention of the wheel here. It's pretty much an unrequited becomes requited love story. With a really good sex scene thrown in. Yum. Sweet, and (thank god) in no way stalker creepy, David's loved Wiley since he was sixteen and his brother, Derek, first brought him home.When Wiley and [...]

  • Lori

    I loved, loved, loved this story. It was pretty much all of my favourite things in one short, sweet package.Though technically Wiley is David's brother, Derek's, best friend, he has been a family friend for so long that he's good friends with David too. So, basically, I'm counting this as friends-to-lovers - which floats my boat.It had it all, yearning, feelings, hot 'n' sexy times and oh-so-yummy romantic moments. The whole kit 'n' caboodle of what I want to read in a short story was found in t [...]

  • Victorialove books

    5 X-Ray vision starsThis was an amazing short read. I loved it!!!

  • Meep

    Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebie.Light, sexy, fun. It's all a very familiar trope, exactly what was requested by the prompter with no surprises, but it's done well.I really liked the dynamic between the two boys, and the friendship between brothers.

  • Ele

    *3.5 stars*This was a lovely short. Light and so much sexy. Great job!

  • Tina

    This contribution to the Love is an open Road event on GR is a nice romance an entertaining written feel-good short-story. Recommended. :)

  • Jilrene ♥


  • Olizia

    Fancy a quickie?Libro muy cortito que te deja tiritando de calentu. ^^

  • Eva

    Adorable and hot as hell. Recommended.

  • Chesca

    Tonight by Karen Stivali is a quick and dirty read. It was published and sponsored by the M/ M Romance Group for their Love is an Open Road event. You could get it for free thanks to the author and to the said group. I accidentally found it on the Kindle Store.It tells the story of David, a gay, art student living with his older brother, Derek. He has been in love with his brother’s best friend, Wiley, since the day they first met. For years, Derek has been reminding him again and again that [...]

  • Samantha

    I read this a while ago, so my review may be a bit barren, but I till want to note that I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was hot and sexy with just a dash of secretiveness that makes me so excited. I do wish it had been longer and I think it could be expanded quite a bit, but for the length that it was, it was quite nice. Also, I am a firm believer that there needs to be more brother/brothers best friend stories out there. Deeeelicious.----I'll review later.After I've gotten food.And a life.So mayb [...]

  • Chelsea

    Loved this! It was a sweet, romantic, sexy story! I'm usually a bit 'meh' when it comes to frottage being the only sex scene, but this one really was very sexy, lots of passion which was HOT!Loved that we got a little story with David and Wiley as well. I loved David's infatuation with Wiley and how he knew all these little things about him.

  • *P*u*r*p*l*e* Masochist

    Hm, what to say about this short freebie?Well, it was a short (around 45 pages), cute, emotional and fairly steamy friends-to-lovers mm romance. Maybe too cute and too short for my taste. That is why 3 stars.

  • Elle the ClosetRomanceReader aka Leftie aka Shoebelle

    I truly wish this was longer. What a sweet story!It’s sweet, it’s short, it’s hot… Davey’s funny, Wiley is appealing, and heck, even Derek, Davey’s brother was super chill. Their history goes back from their teens… Davey and Wiley put together, well, you just gotta read it;)*Runs to Karen’s page to check out her other books*

  • Al

    Perfect !! Steamy, sweet, funny. Thank you to the author and LOR team.

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