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Three stars, three worlds, three civilizations one massive war In a triple star system, not all planets are equal When the DEMON STAR swings closest in her orbit, the Insectoids always invade They raid the inner worlds with grim regularity, riding hordes of stealthed ships in ever growing waves Their mission is to destroy all opposition alien, human or otherwise CodyThree stars, three worlds, three civilizations one massive war In a triple star system, not all planets are equal When the DEMON STAR swings closest in her orbit, the Insectoids always invade They raid the inner worlds with grim regularity, riding hordes of stealthed ships in ever growing waves Their mission is to destroy all opposition alien, human or otherwise Cody Riggs, lost among an endless chain of interstellar rings, flies his task force of starships into the middle of an eternal struggle for survival between three civilizations He takes it upon himself to help the peaceful worlds, but only manages to bring disaster to all humanity DEMON STAR is the twelfth book of the Star Force series, a novel of military science fiction by bestselling authors B V Larson and David VanDyke.

  • Title: Demon Star
  • Author: B.V. Larson David VanDyke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

B.V. Larson David VanDyke

Brian Larson is an American science fiction and fantasy author

Comments Demon Star

  • Timothy J. Feeley

    I want Star Force 13!As I was reading this book, I thought about how I liked Kyle Riggs a lot more than his son. But, by the end, I'd begun to like Cody more. I still think that the first Star Force books were best, but I definitely am a huge fan of all 12.I must implore the authors to continue the series. Here is my ultimate plot for 13: Kyle comes out of retirement, and joins Cody on the expedition. Along the way Marvin finds a hidden stash of the microbes used to enhance Sandra, and he is abl [...]

  • Dan

    Significantly less well written than earlier books. But still worth the read.

  • Kiril Panchev

    This is the conclusion of the Kyle/Cody Riggs series. I didn't know that up till the point it ended. The book is going great to the moment where the whole series is wrapped up quickly in the last 10% of the book leaving you unsatisfied. Nice book, bad series ending.

  • Craig Dean

    I completed the series as I’d already purchased the audiobooks, but the characterisations, particularly of women, I found frequently repugnant. The protagonists were rendered as heroic but I found them petty and self righteous, and yet I never got the hint the author intended such a portrayal. Elements of the books suffered from being rushed, and there was frequent repetition.That said these factors were offset by some intriguing concepts, fun aliens, and decent Sci-fi. In the end, it was a se [...]

  • Justin Domnitz

    The final book in the Star Force series was the best in a while. The first set of books that focused on Kyle Riggs was better than the latter set, focusing on his son Cody Riggs. But, the finale nicely brings everything to a close. It provides some resolutions to some long standing mysteries and has some descent action to boot. There are some interesting happenings to some key characters that also make for a nice conclusion. I'll pause on Larson's books for a bit, but I'll definitely try his oth [...]

  • Buzz Park

    Great but for the very endingI have enjoyed this entire 12 book series very much. Every book has received between four and five stars. However, I was very disappointed with plot twist at the end. Just seemed abrupt and and fairly unlikely in context with the rest of the story. Still worth a read, though.

  • juliette dempsey

    Amazing seriesI absolutely loved this series but now I'm sad. I have read all of this authors novels now.I will have to wait for more books. If you love believable SciFi you will love this series. 10/10

  • Eduard Antipa

    a 3 stars overall maybe a -3

  • Luis Cifuentes

    Rushed ending. It was a great series. It did keep me hooked until this last book, but the last 5 or so chapters seemed completely rushed and the ending was very anticlimactic.

  • David Rasberry

    Great storyThe series was very interesting and wads an excellent read. I'm sorry that there isn't more stories in the series.

  • John Bechill

    Loved this series and really wish there was more. Just one more stargate and see what is beyond and to build. I loved the series with his dad's character Kyle, but Cody is definitely interesting to follow. The main character always succeeds through something impossible but not sure I mind it. I think a great series of aliens and cultures has been built and interesting to see how they interact. Plus, the nannite ships are fun to read about. It is almost like a book written about "what if" you cou [...]

  • Bluecobras09

    This is the completion of the Cody Riggs Trilogy. After escaping what they assumed were the ancients, Cody and crew find themselves in a system with two life forms. One that lives in the atmosphere of a gas giant like the Blues and the other appears to be human, perfect in every way. They find these two species in a war with what appear to be bugs. In the process of defending the two species, they find the ones that appear human are not what they appear and the real cause of the war is because o [...]

  • Sean Bensken

    A happy yet sad endingIt's been a wonderful journey I've shared with first Kyle and then Cody Riggs. These are exciting, funny and very enjoyable stories. Each book by itself is a blast. Throw them all together and these books create a superb series set in an amazing universe. It is sad to say goodbye to all the characters. I am definitely hoping for more. I want know what happens next. That in itself is a testament to the talents of Mr. Larson. I hope he can find the time to lead me on another [...]

  • Kimberly Sparks

    Hate to see the end!I have read all twelve of the books. I have to say that I enjoyed every one of them. I've just recently started giving reviews though. I read a lot. Even though I would use reviews from others I didn't think that it was important for me to give one. I know that there's authors out there now that really count on these. So now I'm giving my stars now. I would recommend that you start from the beginning and work your way through. You won't be sorry! I highly recommend it.

  • brian andrews

    Continuation of the starforce storyI listened to this via audiobooksI found the book interesting * spoilerswith hopefully the conclusion of the lost in space arc of Cody Riggs and a happy reunion and explaination of all plots with in the starforce universe.The book I feel lost its way mid way through, I got bored listening to it, too many cliff hangers occuring, yes they help with the plot but how many times can you hear similar fighting for their existence plots per book, felt there was too man [...]

  • James A. Youncofski

    Intriguing, exciting, science fiction. Cody Riggs has matured as a commanding presence. The way he forms his crew into a well oiled team complete with satellite ships, race sand personalities. The story is well written combining lines of past, present and possibly future adventures. Keep it up you two. Hope to see more stories along these lines. Bring back Cody Riggs and Marvin junior. I know it would be a rip roaring adventure.

  • Ian

    Reverse order Starting with the last book in a series is probably not the best but I did on a whim and I am glad of it. No stranger to B.V.'s writing, I found the storyline and characters entertaining. Entertaining enough to go back and read the rest (probably in order). I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Military SF, Space Exploration or intriguing Aliens. This story had the lot. Hence 4 stars. A great read.

  • George Switzer

    A Most Enjoyable SeriesI like the characters in this series and I really got caught up in the story. Well crafted and nicely paced, I raced through series in record time. I especially liked that the author came up with plenty of surprises and didn't just waltz his characters through a predictable story. All in all I found it to be a very imaginative and thoroughly enjoyable. I hope to see more of this storyline in the very near future! I highly recommend the series.

  • Julian

    A fantastic, fun, amusing completion to the Cody trilogy and hopefully the start of the next adventure. I am always excited to learn there is a new addition to the series and greedily lap it up and this was no different. BV Larson has continued to make the series fresh with new threats, new mischievous actions of Marvin and new strange aliens to discover. Keep them coming!

  • the bessettes.

    I hope B. V. Larson continues the star force seriesI have read all of the star force books. I enjoyed this one more than some of the previous books. I would love for this series to continue and for Kyle Riggs to have a larger or more active role in star force with his son. Please keep writing them so I can keep reading them.

  • Bruce

    I love this stuff! Although, I'm not sure why there are so many comments about this being the last Star Force book. The author definitely set up the plot line for many more books to come, and even hinted that Kyle may need to come out of retirement to make it all happen. Did Larson mention in an article/interview somewhere that Star Force is over?

  • Jack

    I'm really quite glad the series has ended for now. I really liked the series when it focused on Senior Riggs instead of Junior Riggs. While I liked the series a lot, I think that Larson shouldn't milk this series too much. It had a good ending, so let's leave it that way. End the series with dignity.


    Well done!!Well done Sir!! Just the kind of story that draws you in and keeps you focused on reaching for page after page. The ending masterfully tied every thing and every one together. I'm sad to see this series end. However, with all good things, there will be another just around the bend.

  • Jason

    Another good readThis had a few surprises that I didn't see coming. It was a lot of fun to read, and as always to think about. Interesting problems wrapped in fairly simple reading. Stop and think about some of them and it will hurt your brain.

  • John

    It was OK often painful. It was a read, probably the worst one of the series so far. I like this author as he is that fun low rent read and prolific with books. Take him for what the book is, and he is better than most then you cannot be disappointed.

  • Eric Greenman

    Entertaining readI read all of the Star Force books back to back to back. Very entertaining look at what it is to be human, just how unique we are or are not, social psychology, and what might be out there among the stars.

  • Steven C. Leonard

    Excellent readThis series is a fantastic science fiction journey. it is credible from book 1 through book 12.It has truly expanded that which I believe is possible in our universe.

  • Don Taylor

    Cool ending to a Fun Series--more of the Riggs Dynasty, Please!Nothing much more I want to say.Read the first two, and definitely read this one:Cool ending to a fun, inventive series--more of the Riggs Dynasty, Please!

  • George

    Great series!Keep the series coming! Would love to catch up with Kyle Riggs and get him out on more adventure. Kwon also

  • Diane


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