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By Aurora Rey | Comments: ( 395 ) | Date: ( Jul 04, 2020 )

Olivia Bennett is on the tenure track at Cornell University, the resident expert on Southern women writers After moving to upstate New York from Atlanta, she falls in love with and purchases an old, run down farmhouse The only catch she know s nothing about renovating a house, taking care of land, or snow Joss Bauer is a New York native who grew up in her family s conOlivia Bennett is on the tenure track at Cornell University, the resident expert on Southern women writers After moving to upstate New York from Atlanta, she falls in love with and purchases an old, run down farmhouse The only catch she know s nothing about renovating a house, taking care of land, or snow Joss Bauer is a New York native who grew up in her family s construction business She has a soft spot for old houses, but no patience for overpaid debutantes who want to play at country living When Olivia hires Joss to do the renovations on her new home, the sparks fly, in ways than one It turns out both women have a lot to learn about life, love, and the meaning of home But when a scandal threatens Olivia s professional reputation, it puts her priorities and her new found love on the line.

  • Title: Built to Last
  • Author: Aurora Rey
  • ISBN: 9781626395527
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Aurora Rey

Aurora Rey grew up in a small town in south Louisiana, daydreaming about New England She keeps a special place in her heart for the South, especially the food and the ways women are raised to be strong, even if they re taught not to show it When she s not writing or at her day job in higher education, she loves to cook and dabble in country living She lives in Ithaca, NY with her partner and two dogs.

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Comments Built to Last

  • Diane Wallace

    Ok read! very challenging story,felt way too much like a reality show/series where someone was showing others on paper the tools and the mechanic of the 'how's' to repair and restore an old house. Then the next in this storyline the author had both leading ladies dealing with their relationship on another level by them having angry dialogue back and forth then switching up right away and both falling in love immediately then they hit the sack(bed)ever so often. Questionable chemistry and relatio [...]

  • Pippa

    Olivia Bennett is an academic specialising in Southern women writers. While working studiously towards tenure at Cornell University, she buys a rundown house on the outskirts of town. Between semesters, she jumps into house repairs, but is smart enough to hire the capable and gorgeous Joss Bauer and her family construction business to do the renovations.Joss and Olivia have an instant attraction to one another. Joss, however, has a problem with academics after an ex-girlfriend ditched her for a [...]

  • Sandra

    This is my first novel by Aurora Rey and it was a pleasant read.The characters are likeable and the story flows on a steady rhythm. But there wasn't that much ups and downs to really be exciting. It wasn't bad, but there was something missing.I like very much stories with strong and handy women with craftman professions. It was a nice romance with some great love scenes. Overall a really nice romance. My rating 3,5 stars

  • Catherine

    My feelings of this book are a bit up and down. Mainly I struggled to truly connect to the book and its characters however there were moments that had pulled me in where I was enjoying the read and thinking this isn't so bad. I personally didn't feel the chemistry between the two. Olivia was likeable, kind, charming and sexy. However Joss is another matter for me, it took me about half way through the book to like her enough to enjoy the remainder of the read. She was judgemental and rude. Even [...]

  • Pin

    I like romances in combination with home/house renovation or construction, and I also like strong female characters that women with a tool belt and power tools usually are, so there was no question whether I would pick up this novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The book did not disappoint, but I was not too thrilled either. The leads each got their half of the book to be likable or to be irritating. An interesting approach, but not really my idea of well-done characterization. [...]

  • ~ * K E L L I E * ~

    This is the second book I’ve read by Aurora Rey, the first being her debut novel Winter’s Harbor.Our leading ladies are Olivia Bennett and Joss Bauer. Olivia is a university professor who purchases an old farmhouse in need of renovations. Joss is the contractor who Olivia hires to fix up the farmhouse. As with Winter’s Harbor, I struggled to immerse myself into the story. Usually I’d read this length book in a couple of days, however it took me a week to read this one. I honestly don’t [...]

  • Heidi

    Built to lastThe second book by this author. Great dialog with witty banter. The two main characters, Joss (a contractor) and Olivia (a college professor) meet when Olivia is buying an old farm house and needs an inspection done. Sparks fly! Not necessarily all good sparks. I loved the descriptions and could see the work being done on the old place to give it a new shine. Nothing like an old farm house that needs repairs to make or break a relationship.I kept thinking about the soap "Guiding Lig [...]

  • Kate

    Olivia is a lecturer who buys a house that needs serious renovation, in steps Joss who's family own a construction business. Sparks fly as the two women work together to renovate Olivia's house. Joss automatically assumes Olivia is a typical southern debutante but she soon realises she's more than that.Apart from a few subplots such as an issue for Olivia at work this book mainly focuses on the two women. I did enjoy this one. I don't think it's quite a 4 star for me but it was an enjoyable read [...]

  • Ian

    If you're a below average musician who dreams of a career in the music industry you have a few choices. You can do session work, you can manage a band, you could switch to bass guitar or if the only person who thinks you're any good is your mum, you could play christian rock. Put a cross or a fish on the cover and christians will buy it. Honestly that's what this book feels like. It's the christian rock of lesbian fiction. It's average's sweet's mildly entertaining. It might have been saved by a [...]

  • Penelope

    An honest review thanks to NetGalley. There were points in the book that I liked a lot, but overall I just couldn't love it. The relationship between the two characters never seemed real to me, and the first reaction from Joss followed her throughout the book, as she constantly continued making assumptions. Either Olivia or Joss was the least liked characters as they didn't listen or understand the other. Everything else was ok but the relationship between these two characters just didn't work f [...]

  • Loek Krancher

    Loved it!Joss was too quick to judge and often jumped to wrong conclusions. Olivia gets under her skin and the flirtations aren't helping. Joss is gorgeous and takes Olivia's breath away. Actually, this applies to both. The house reconstruction, working side by side, day after day, things start to heat up. A budding friendship starts to form. Joss is a little old-fashioned and has a strong opion and principles about dating. Forging a relationship seems impossible. Their feelings and priorities a [...]

  • Corporate Slave

    Very slow but well written. Nice characters but nothing special. Got bored at around 50% of the book and the only exciting thing was supposed to be a scandal at the university which really made no sense at all and I felt it was a bit rushed. We didn't even know who or why it happened so there was really no reason for it which in the end made the book quite predictable and boring. The only good thing was I liked the characters a lot 2.5 rounded up to 3 because of how well written it was Just nee [...]

  • Netty

    That really did bore and irritate me.

  • A.W.

    Olivia Bennett is an English college professor and just bought an old house in Ithaca. She hires contractor Joss Bauer to do the work on her house. Olivia is attracted to Joss and vice versa but Joss doesn't like the fact that Olivia is a professor, she was burned by an academic in the past and still carries negative feelings about it. I couldn't say that I liked both main characters because they each annoyed me during parts of the book at one point or another. However, I did like the supporting [...]

  • susan

    NiceThis was great love story. I thought the characters and storyline were written well and easy to read. I recommend this book.

  • Amyiw

    So the romance was pretty good, a bit angsty for me. Most of the angst was over the educational "class" differences and just wrong assumptions there. The first sex scene was just flat out confusing. I decided after listening to it 3 times that she must have put a strap-on on, but the description had it sound like she could feel through it or that she really did have a cock. This was so confusing, distracting, and just wrong. So that was a flop in the hotness, or turn on department. The story and [...]

  • Rach (Les Rêveur)

    Built to Last by Aurora Rey.When I first bought this I'd been waiting patiently for this since Aurora's debut novel Winters Harbor in which i was captivated from the first chapter. I was not disappointed with ‘Built to Last’ in the least.Authors SynopsisOlivia Bennett is on the tenure track at Cornell University, the resident expert on Southern women writers. After moving to upstate New York from Atlanta, she falls in love with and purchases an old, run-down farmhouse. The only catch: she kn [...]

  • Kitty Kat

    Olivia buys an old farmhouse and hires Joss and her family business to help her renovate it. Joss is immediately attracted to this very feminine English professor but thinks she must be straight so doesn't let on. Olivia is likewise smitten to the gorgeous builder and tries to be a bit flirty, but to no avail. Once it's established that Olivia is not straight Joss has to get over her firm rule of not dating clients but she is so drawn to Olivia that she obviously has to give in.The story is beau [...]

  • Amy

    I received a copy of this book from Inked Rainbow Reads in return for an honest review.I really enjoyed this story. I'm a carpenter so I love any story that involves carpentry or renovations. It was fun to read along with the improvements going on in Olivia's house. Joss sounds really sexy. Of course, so does Olivia with those vintage-style dresses and pin-up looks, so I'm really happy with this read. There were a couple of cringe-worthy things as far as the carpentry goes - really, Aurora? you [...]

  • Karsyn

    Received from NetGalley for my honest review. I haven't read much enjoyable Lesbian Fiction, so I had been looking for some. This fit the bill! I actually LOVED the story, it was really cute and I almost rated it a 5, but the ladies drove me nuts at different times! I don't expect characters to be perfect, but I like them to be consistent, at least when they are grown adults. At first, I didn't really like Joss at all, I thought she was stuck up and looked down at everyone and didn't know how to [...]

  • Female Person

    For NetgalleyThis was a fairly enjoyable read but my feelings were up and down while reading this book. Olivia is a likeable and interesting but Joss was the real issue for me with this book. She was just so unlikeable, all throughout the book she was rude and judgemental towards Olivia. It was so bad that at various points in the book I kept hoping for another love interest for Olivia. She redeems herself at some point in the book but there were still a few small moments where her judgemental n [...]

  • Kath

    A sweet romance.

  • Christy smith

    Great readI loved this book I couldn't put it down I never got tired of reading it. I went through every emotion and finished happy

  • NollySepulveda

    A really nice love story which shows that first impressions can be deceiving and happy endings are possible.

  • Alicia

    This had it's moments but not enough to keep me invested into the characters even you get to part of the allegation of sexual misconduct fell short. Arc given by NetGalley for a honest review.

  • Whatever

    I actually didn't finish the book because I didn't enjoy it enough. I really wanted to like it. The setting is nice. The whole story about the house was pretty interesting. And I liked Olivia. But I Joss, I didn't get. Why did she want to be in that relationship? She does not seem happy with Olivia. I felt like she just wants someone she can have a child with. After a while I quit the book. Joss' thoughts about Olivia and them not talking about their thoughts and feelings made me annoyed with th [...]

  • V

    This book was enjoyable enough but the issue that created "the break up" (a requirement in romance so that in itself was not my problem) seemed very forced. It felt like the author knew it had to be done yet went at it half-heartedly. If that was going to be the issue that tore the couple apart I would have liked to see a little more investment in laying that foundation.The characters were likable and their banter was entertaining.It sounds picky, but the house on the cover of the book looks not [...]

  • sapphictionaire

    Building a house and building a relationship parallel in this light-hearted romance.

  • Tori Miller

    Very sweet romance. In this book we see Olivia and Joss meet and the sparks are definitely flying!I loved the witty banter and comebacks between the two women. I'm so glad we got to see their rocky start that turned into something mic more.Olivia is such an interesting person, being brought up a distinct way and aspiring to stay as far away from that way as possible. I admire her for breaking the norm and being herself. Buying a house is such a big deal and I love that she faced buying and remod [...]

  • Sarah

    This is a wonderful read. Aurora pulls off another successful book filled with great character development, storyline, and flirty fun.‘Built to Last’ tells the story of Professor Olivia Bennett buying the country home of her dreams – except it needs a considerable amount of work done to it before it actually looks like her dreams. Joss Bauer is the sexy contractor that takes on the project of rehabbing Olivia’s home – and who finds her heart unexpectedly being rehabbed by the sexy/flir [...]

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