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By Eric Powell Tim Wiesch | Comments: ( 790 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

The complete brutal and heartbreaking revenge tale by The Goon creator ERIC POWELL and co writer TIM WIESCH WITH 20 PAGES OF BONUS MATERIAL

  • Title: Big Man Plans
  • Author: Eric Powell Tim Wiesch
  • ISBN: 9781632156228
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Eric Powell Tim Wiesch

Eric Powell has contributed work on such comics titles as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Hellboy Weird Tales, Star Wars Tales, The Incredible Hulk, Black Panther, The Avengers, The Hood, MAD Magazine, Devil Dinosaur, Swamp Thing, the Avengers, She Hulk, the Simpsons, Arkham Asylum Living Hell and Action Comics.Although eking out a meager living in the comics field since 1995, Eric didn t find true success until he launched his critically acclaimed dark comedy series The Goon The Goon was subsequently picked up by Dark Horse Comics and boasts a diehard cult following.

Comments Big Man Plans

  • Sam Quixote

    1979, Nashville, Tennessee. An ex-Vietnam war vet returns home to the town he bitterly left years ago for one final mission: revenge. And he’s also a little person. With Big Man Plans.Ok, first of all: I really liked Big Man Plans. Second: I’m not joking - this is an EXTREMELY dark and violent comic. I want to recommend this to as many readers as possible (obviously excluding younger readers) but I’m not sure this level of graphic violence is for everyone. There are some very fucked up sce [...]

  • Andrew

    What the fuck did I just read? This is the most disgusting comic I've ever read.

  • Dimitris

    This was 3 stars, 1 more star for the artwork which was simply amazing! Eric Powell's artwork is something else. I love it. Everything about it is awesome and gritty and dark and dirty and everything it's supposed to be.The story is simply a dwarf going back to his hometown to get revenge after he reads a letter sent from someone he cared about. We get lots of flashbacks and the story-telling is great and very nice placed. Lots of fun!

  • Zedsdead

    A dwarf and Vietnam veteran loses everything he holds dear and suffers endlessly at the hands of a cruel, unsympathetic world. After receiving a mysterious letter, he embarks on a campaign of bloody vengeance against three rural law officers. REALLY bloody vengeance.Sweet holy Moses is this violent. It starts black and then keeps getting darker. This is probably the most savage graphic novel I've ever encountered. And I've read Crossed. In more detail:(view spoiler)[His first victim is the lucky [...]

  • Paul Porry

    Enjoyed this very much, it has a chance of winning besr mini-series.

  • Siina

    Well, this was brutal. Big Man Plans is a violent killing orgasm that splatters your brains everywhere after the act. It's pure mayhem. It's set in the 1970s and the main character is a stunted man who is called Big Man by everyone. His dad's suicide sets the wheels in motion and both him and his sister end up separated. Big Man doesn't find his place in the world, even Vietnam doesn't give him purpose, but a letter does. A letter from his best friend, Holly, whom he loved. The letter leads to a [...]

  • Amber

    This is definitely better than a lot of revenge thrillers because of the way you can empathize with him but also the art is amazing as The Goon's Eric Powell always takes it to the next level of detailing. It's also really refreshing to see a mc like this as someone who has read so many comics that in my entire life I have never seen a small mc before. Short, sweet, and gory, this is a entertaining read.

  • Xavfro

    Definitly not something to read on a bus or train really visual violence and gore but with the typical Eric Powell humor in it. For me a bit to much violence in here I prefer the Goon in comparison.

  • Brian Dickerson

    BCDER: 69Wow that's some violence! Great structure where the reason for revenge is not apparent until the end of the revenge actions. A very solid complete quick read. I really like Powell's cartoony artwork juxtaposed against a very dark theme.

  • Dylan Williams

    so good. max brutality. great series.

  • Scott

    Well. That was disturbing.

  • Fernando Gálvez

    Al grano, sin tanta vuelta. La dosis justa de acción, violencia y motivación para salir adelante. Si uno piensa que la pasa mal en la vida o los desafíos son muchos, nunca es malo revisar una historia de este tipo y darse cuenta que a veces hay quienes lo pasan mucho peor.Eric Powell hace bien su pega. Recomendable.

  • Richard Franklin

    After the first issue, I was ready to give this 5 stars and say it was my favorite Eric Powell book ever. Even better than The Goon. A violent and hilarious story about a dwarf with a humongous chip on his shoulder and out for revenge. It stops being funny in issue 2, though and becomes super violent and sad. I still enjoyed it immensely, but not quite as much as I'd expected to.

  • Paul Allard

    Gory revenge story about a midget/dwarfWith bright colourful illustrations, this comic collection tells the story of a midget out for revenge. There are a lot of people that he does very violent, horrible things to - all of whom may deserve some kind of punishment for past deeds.Very gory and violent, this may be a bit much for some readers. It’s quite engaging.

  • Stephen Kennedy

    Fairly awful, no empathy for any of the characters including the protagonist, violence for violence sake. Some slightly amusing moments punctuate the constant horror, but there was just no need for this to be written. Avoid

  • Anth Brod

    Aiiieee. Not the Goon, didn't try to be. Brutal. Don't think I could read through it again, maybe after a few years.

  • Sebastian Garrido

    Una joya.

  • Nomad nimrod

    Hahaha this one was quite different than i expected.

  • Robbie Fisher

    Essentially Peter Dinklage goes on a revenge rampage after serving in Nam. Amazing artistry supported by a cracking story

  • Derek Royal

    Great story! For those who love The Goon, but want more ramped up violence and offensiveness, this book is for you. "Hang in there."

  • Carol Tilley

    Not my thing, but it's a good dark comic for those who are interested in twisted revenge.

  • Ben Brackett

    Love Powell's art and it was nice to get a tight narrative story from him now that the Goon arcs are so loosely paced.

  • Simon

    Superbly sadistic.

  • Ricardo Mena

    Big Man Plans: brutal historia de venganza contada con inusitada violencia. Arte espectacular de Eric Powell.

  • Imogene

    What to read if you want to hate everybody and feel like killing yourself

  • Subu

    When you don't have a script you resort to violence and goredid not bother to even finish it

  • Bobby

    Oh man, this is one dark revenge tale. Violent and heartbreaking with nothing held back. Probably not for everyone (there's an understatement), but if you like them mean and gritty, this is for you.

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  • Best Read [Eric Powell Tim Wiesch] ☆ Big Man Plans || [Science Book] PDF ☆
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