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Fallen Angel Maxwell, fell from Heaven for his part in the corruption of Mankind, but not accepting damnation he set out on a mission to save the very soul of the woman he fell in love with, Lilith Now, this is his last chance to save her and prove that no one soul is beyond redemption From Heaven to Hell he s traveled to save her, he s bound to do it again after she isFallen Angel Maxwell, fell from Heaven for his part in the corruption of Mankind, but not accepting damnation he set out on a mission to save the very soul of the woman he fell in love with, Lilith Now, this is his last chance to save her and prove that no one soul is beyond redemption From Heaven to Hell he s traveled to save her, he s bound to do it again after she is captured by the demonic forces against him and his mission Dotting along the way are classic Biblical figures and some lesser known beings, who s going to help him Even he doesn t know at this point, but what he does find out will be a surprise as he rediscovers why he fell in love with Lilith, now known as Adele, reunites with descendants he didn t know, and wars against great demons all for the soul of one woman, the love of his life Love, hate, bitterness, and sadness only stir a whirlwind of emotions for the characters within Who will die Who will live Who is the enemy

  • Title: Maxwell Demon
  • Author: L. Bachman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

L. Bachman

L Bachman has been creating since a young age in the field of writing and in art This love of creating and expressing herself led to in recent years becoming a published author with the book The Blasphemer Series Maxwell Demon and various other projects When she is not writing she is creating, which has led her to work with some of the best in the independent writing community, she s done covers for many writers and is always welcoming a new one.When she s not working on a project she can be found spending time with her husband and their son, avoiding her cat s frantic running fits, and is never far from a cup of coffee You can find her mainly on Facebook, Twitter, and on YouTube She runs two websites, one for blogging and her writing projects, and the other to display her portfolio for potential clients Bachman can also be found featured in many podcasts, interviews, and featurettes across the internet.She also has a soft spot for charitable work and has been published in anthological collections to raise funds to donate to them Not only writing short stories to be included but also, she has donated books to support active duty troops.

Comments Maxwell Demon

  • Rissa Blakeley

    A great book! I enjoyed the different take on the paranormal genre. The story was smooth and kept moving right along. I recommend Maxwell Demon if you are looking to change up what you've been reading.

  • Julie Ayling

    I was given a copy exchange for my honest review. This is normally not the book I would usually pick up for myself to read but I am really glad I had the opportunity to read this. This book had so much going on maxwell who is a fallen angel also well known as the angel of redemption. Was looking for Lilith he's one love but not what you would think no he was not looking for her around town see Lilith has been reborn once again throughout the centuries as her punishment for something she had done [...]

  • S.K. Ballinger

    With a paranormal read, I found that this book was more than a 5 star read. I was captured from page one and the pace of the read was exceptionally well done. I would also hope to read more books from this brilliant and masterfully talented Author in the near future and am shocked there are not more books readily available. Yes, I loved this book that much. The characters were will thought of which developed each one. Very easy read to follow and how everything unfolds was what truly captured my [...]

  • Lindy Spencer

    Maxwell Demon by L. Bachman pulled me in from the beginning and took me along on a journey of the lifetimes. Maxwell, a fallen angel, is a well-rounded character who has been searching for many years and several reincarnations for his true love, Lilith. Each time she has returned, he is unable to help her and loses her again, only to begin his search over. When he finds her this time, he is determined to save her, no matter what it takes – even if it takes them to the depths of Hell.Ms. Bachma [...]

  • Michael

    I have read a lot of books in my time, and only a handful have I felt a connection to the characters. I had to keep reading so I could find out how what happened to Maxwell and Adele. This is rare in books these days so to find this level of deep character development is a treasure. I highly recommend this book to anyone if you are looking for a book you will not be able to put down until you know what happens in the end! Thank you for sharing this with the world, L. Bachman and keep the greatne [...]

  • Kim

    This is the first thing I've read from this author and I have to say that I think it's amazing. The fact you have angels, werewolves, witches, vampires, and some fallen angels (who are trying to remain good and not give in to the darker side) fighting together against demons is something I've never read before. This isn't your run-of-the-mill angel against demon book. This is new, refreshing. I'd highly recommend this work to everybody.

  • Ashley Martinez

    A great hope-filled book that touched me. I really enjoyed this tale overall I honestly wish there was more though. The story moved really fast that I felt like I was missing out on both the characters and their story. I wanted more detail and depth but other than that the story was good. I'd definitely recommend this to reads looking for a sweet adventure and hope-filled book. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Suzan Woods

    I was given this book for my honest review. I enjoyed this book moves well and keeps your interest. Would definitely recommend this book. Hope you enjoy!

  • Stephanie Herman

    Maxwell Demon tells a story of angels and demons; love and reincarnation. Not just second chances but thousands to finally understand what sin was committed the first time. Maxwell searches for Lilith, now born as Adele, to save her soul. This paranormal story takes us on a wild adventure. With witches, fairies, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons and so much more the thrill ride is never-ending. The author's imagination will stimulate your senses and make you crave more. The characters are wel [...]

  • Carol Browne

    I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book at an online event. This author is a top-notch writer. There’s a Dantean flavour to this novel with its angels, demons and monsters, and the strange many-layered realms they inhabit. The author has created a classical setting for her characters and the colourful imagery and natural dialogue add to the realism of the narrative. The reader can fully sympathise with the struggles of the main characters and no struggle is more anguished than that of fa [...]

  • Tom Leeland

    My Five Star Review for “Maxwell Demon”Written by L. BachmanWhere do I start? How do I do such a great story justice in a review? I really don’t know how to write this review effectively for my fellow readers.This story is about a timeless love. This story is about angels, fallen angels, demons and even their offspring. Heaven and hell plus all the dimensions in between. Redemption is the driving force for the main character Maxwell. However redemption not just for his soul but for all tho [...]

  • L. Bachman

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  • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ✓ Maxwell Demon - by L. Bachman Å
    252 L. Bachman
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