Unlimited [Fantasy Book] ✓ Black Widow #12 - by Nathan Edmondson Phil Noto ✓

By Nathan Edmondson Phil Noto | Comments: ( 452 ) | Date: ( Jan 22, 2020 )

Black Widow teams up with the Howling Commandos for a mission in Afghanistan But back home a special report by Anderson Cooper questions her allegiances What will the Avengers do when they learn how Natasha has been spending her days off

  • Title: Black Widow #12
  • Author: Nathan Edmondson Phil Noto
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Nathan Edmondson Phil Noto

Nathan Edmondson Phil Noto Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Black Widow #12 book, this is one of the most wanted Nathan Edmondson Phil Noto author readers around the world.

Comments Black Widow #12

  • Nicolo Yu

    This issue continued the trend of placing this book right smack in the middle of the Marvel Universe. The first arc avoided such distractions but with the second arc, this appeared to be the theme. Not only do the Avengers make an appearance but the new Edmondson Howling Commandos as well, strengthening the ties with the writer's other book, The Punisher.

  • Ella Zegarra


  • Lola

    The Best of: Somalia1. The opening scene. Oh, to live in a world where Anderson Cooper reports on the Black Widow instead of Donald Trump. If only2. The Avengers's reactions to the news: "I'm getting Captain America." (Clint) "Get popcorn." (Tony)3. Natasha on a mission with the Howling Commandos? Yes, please, and thank you.4. Director Hill's reactions to the news: "I'm watching now, Tony. No, it's not even remotely funny. I'll call you later." "No, sir, she's on assignment at the moment. Black [...]

  • Riley Blue

    "I've only ever been good at one thing. Lots of skills but one thing. I did that thing for bad. I do that thing for good. There's nothing I'm afraid of, save that one thing that someone might take the good way. If you take that away, I don't know what I will do. I don't know who I will become. That's why I have to stay alone. That's why I stay in the shadows. To keep it safe."

  • Paulina

    I consider this the best issue so far - the ending was written and illustrated so well. This is masterful storytelling right here.

  • Rachel

    The Anderson Cooper illustrations were spot on; he was instantly recognizable. Phil Noto is an absolutely amazing artist.One of my concerns going into this issue was how the Cooper cameo would be handled. To my surprise and relief, it was done close to perfectly. It felt like a natural part of the universe; not like it was haphazardly shoved in as a commercial plug. (It was a plug, but it didn't feel like one.) Anderson's cameo also added a hint of realism (something which superhero comics are n [...]

  • Kimberly

    This was an interesting issue due to the fact that much of the focus is on the media and public perception of Black Widow. I enjoy when comics explore the impact characters such as these would have on the real world. Would and should they be feared? Should their good work outshine any bad? Does the public have a right to know their secrets? Hoping the Black Widow series continues to explore this.

  • Laudys

    Ohhh shhhh-Stuff is going down!(Also, can I take a moment to point out how proper the body armor is? Look, people, Natasha is in full soldier gear, very well protected and dressed accordingly to the situation.)

  • Carine

    this issue was so far my favourite. I really liked the way the story is going. Moreover, enjoyed the media and its POV on the Black Widow. That's was really interesting. And btw it I liked the drawing so much and her outfit was great and bonus point the other Avengers're there and Hello Spidey.

  • Ronnie

    La trama esta tomando bastante intensidad pero hay algo, hay algo que no me convence.

  • Anna


  • Kathleen

    Anderson Cooper in comic form

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  • Unlimited [Fantasy Book] ✓ Black Widow #12 - by Nathan Edmondson Phil Noto ✓
    264 Nathan Edmondson Phil Noto
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