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By Rhys Ford | Comments: ( 399 ) | Date: ( Jun 01, 2020 )

Deacon Reid was born bad to the bone with no intention of changing A lifetime of law bending and living on the edge suited him just fine until his baby sister died and he found himself raising her little girl.Staring down a family history of bad decisions and reaped consequences, Deacon cashes in everything he owns, purchases an auto shop in Half Moon Bay, and takes his nDeacon Reid was born bad to the bone with no intention of changing A lifetime of law bending and living on the edge suited him just fine until his baby sister died and he found himself raising her little girl.Staring down a family history of bad decisions and reaped consequences, Deacon cashes in everything he owns, purchases an auto shop in Half Moon Bay, and takes his niece, Zig, far away from the drug dens and murderous streets they grew up on Zig deserves a better life than what he had, and Deacon is determined to give it to her.Lang Harris is stunned when Zig, a little girl in combat boots and a purple tutu blows into his bookstore, and then he s left speechless when her uncle, Deacon Reid walks in, hot on her heels Lang always played it safe but Deacon tempts him to step over the line just a little bit.More than a little bit And Lang is willing to be tempted.Unfortunately, Zig isn t the only bit of chaos dropped into Half Moon Bay Violence and death strikes leaving Deacon scrambling to fight off a killer before he loses not only Zig but Lang too.

  • Title: Fish Stick Fridays
  • Author: Rhys Ford
  • ISBN: 9781623809485
  • Page: 422
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Rhys Ford

Rhys Ford is an award winning author with several long running LGBT mystery, thriller, paranormal, and urban fantasy series and was a 2016 LAMBDA finalist with her novel, Murder and Mayhem She is published by Dreamspinner Press and DSP Publications.She s also quite skeptical about bios without a dash of something personal and really, who doesn t mention their cats, dog and cars in a bio She shares the house with Yoshi, a grumpy tuxedo cat and Tam, a diabetic black pygmy panther, as well as a ginger cairn terrorist named Gus Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird and enjoys murdering make believe people.

Comments Fish Stick Fridays

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    4.5 Stars!This one was really good. I wasn't sure what to expect, I haven't read a lot of Rhys Ford's books. This one seemed to have a little bit of everything. Some suspense, some humor, some steam. For all of Deacon's hardness he was super sweet with Lang. It was a slow build to them getting together (took most of the first half of the book) but I didn't mind. Once they did get togetherey were together. There wasn't a lot of steam the first half. But the second half made up for it. The real sh [...]

  • Mary

    You should read the book just for Zig. She is a little girl who her uncle is working on to stop swearing, she is NOT precocious, she is smart and worldly and heart-breakingly vulnerable and in need of love and craves her uncle's love at the same time she pretends he's a nuisance.You should read the book just for Lang.He is the rich guy next door who is quiet and beautiful who was hurt physically, emotionally, and who needs to be loved fiercely and completely. He's the one who will trust again an [...]

  • Mo

    If the kid wasn't in this one, it might have been a bit of a bust. Bit too much insta love for me. Away from home so not really doing full reviews.

  • Jenni Lea

    You know, I’ve never read a Rhys Ford book I didn’t absolutely love. Of course, this is no exception. It comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that, even though this one is quite a bit different from her others, I adored everything about it.Fish Stick Fridays is lighter than her normal fare. Yes, there’s still guns and violence but not to the extreme that you usually see when it comes to her stories. Deacon is a bad boy. He’s been in trouble with the law on and off since childhood. He [...]

  • Barbara➰

    Reread October 2017I enjoyed this a little more this time around I think. My only complaint, same as last time, was again, the writing is "flowery". It just seemed a bit unnecessary to me. But overall, still a nice sweet read.June 2016I enjoyed this for the most part. I loved Deacon. He was so good to Lang and Zig. I loved how they were a couple almost the whole book with no relationship drama. And I loved their relationship and how they were together. Zig was one cussing smart cookie. She was a [...]

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *

    4.5 Dumbfounded StarsWell that took me a bit by surprise. Now, I haven’t read all of Ford’s works but there’s a certain formula that’s totally signature for her and I admit, I do take her stories with a grain of salt. She’s definitely gonna give you insta-love. She’s gonna throw a lot of pretty words at you. She’s gonna give you some great smex, ranging from Sinner's over the top intensity to Mcginnis’s gritty realism.However, I have to say that this might just be my favorite, be [...]

  • BWT (Belen)

    THOROUGHLY ENJOYABLE!Deacon "Deke" Reid isn't a paragon of society. He's has a rough life, makes no apologies, and didn't really give a shit what anyone thought - until his little sister dies leaving her six year old daughter, Bobo "Zig" Ziegfried, behind.Determined to make a better life for Zig, Deke decides to do whatever it takes to get custody of Zig and raise her right. With a misdemeanor prison stint hanging over his head and an iffy career at building custom bikes, Child Protective Servic [...]

  • ~Mindy Lynn~

    I thought after reading the blurb this was going to be a for sure winner for me. But it wasn't. It wasn't a hit but not necessary a miss either. It just kind of fell somewhere between that. I usually love whatever I read by this author but this happens to be the second one I didn't necessarily love. Just goes to show, once again, you won't love everything a favorite author puts out. I think what really had me struggling with the book was the characters. I didn't connect with either of the MC's a [...]

  • Ingela

    Review written September 19, 20163 1/2 Stars - Enjoying goodfeel sweetness with the usual RF speedy actionA quite new (March 2016) standalone by the usually very good M/M romance writer Rhys Ford. I've read most of her books and series and was looking forward to this one with the intriguing title Fish Stick Friday's.All in all a pretty good "read". You get what's to expect. **********************************************Half Moon Bay, somewhere in northern California, US It all start when Deacon [...]

  • Jaime

    5 Stars - Audiobook ReviewThis is the first book that I have read by author Rhys Ford and I will be back for more - This was a great book! It has if all - romance, mystery, action, a sexy man with a motorcycle, hot sex, a sassy little girl, and two kitty cats that rule the world. What more could you want? The MC's in this book are Deacon Reid, Lang Harris, and Deacon's niece Zig. Deacon Reid was born bad to the bone with no intention of changing.A lifetime of law-bending and living on the edge s [...]

  • BWT (Belen)

    Oh. My. God. I loved, loved, loved Spencer Goss' narration!!! I mean, where did this guy come from?!Spencer Goss knocks this out of the park! HOME RUN! Absolutely FANTASTIC narration! I cannot wait to hear more from him!Seriously, I haven't been this excited to listen to a new narrator since Matthew Shaw and Ezekiel Robisond I think everyone knows how much I fangirl those two!It doesn't hurt that the story itself it thoroughly enjoyable. Click here for my review of the story.This story starts of [...]

  • Parvathy

    Loved it! Loved it! Loved itI loved this book. I had a really good time reading it.Its having mystery, action, humor and loads and loads of romance and a small girl in a tutuDeacon after having gained custody of his niece Zig is moving to Half Moon Bay to start over and give her a better life. Having had a less than stellar past he felt the need to start fresh. In Half Moon Bay he meets Lang who is the owner of a bookshop. From the first meeting Lang and Deacon find that they both share an inten [...]

  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    *sigh* The magic of the wonderful Rhys Ford is still very much alive. Fish Stick Fridays is another one of her unique, heartfelt romances that feel very much like warm blankets in cold, winter nights. As always, Rhys gave everything she had in her latest book and she somehow breathed life into several amazing characters as well as their small community.Emotionally, Fish Stick Fridays is a challenge and a trial that ends up paying off. None of Rhys’s characters ever have it easy, and Deacon and [...]

  • JenMcJ

    This book has all the good writing that Rhys Ford brings to a book, however, the insta-love was just too much for me. Especially considering their disparate backgrounds. Lust, Yes! but love that quick with a damaged kid in the mix? I just couldn't buy it from either one of them. Additionally, the glossed over parts of the book, like the first motel fire and the over the top shoot out at the second motel along with the implausible murder in the middle just made a mess of the book. (Q: Why did the [...]

  • Chris

    This was sweet ! I really liked Deacons character and loved his adoration and strength with his niece Zig - who was glorious in her witty way. Lang grew on me and I was glad they formed a happy trio. I focused on the growing romance because there was a bit too much going on that almost did my head in - CPS, firebombs, shootings, stalkers maybe issues with one may have been enough ! Anyway I enjoyed this regardless of the dramas

  • Christelle

    Deacon’s sister is dead, leaving her daughter “Zig” behind. Deacon made all he could to have the full custody of his troubled niece, even moving to build a better environment for Zig. In the new town they have adopted, he meets a bookshop owner, Lang, a very wealthy man, but also very quiet and lonesome since he’s been brutally attacked by his ex-boyfriend. All three of them slowly build a family while dealing with a murderer lurking around.The reviews are good, but it didn’t do it for [...]

  • Adam

    BR with Mish3.5 starsThis book was borderline batshit. There were multiple storylines, a romance that took off running, a wild child, and a large cast of secondary characters.In other words, this was exactly the kind of fast-paced book that I've come to expect, and enjoy, from Rhys Ford.I absolutely loved Zig. Kids in MM books are a hit or miss for me. Most often I find that they're way too mature for their ages. The kids end up being very unbelievable. In 'Fish Stick Fridays', Zig was just a ki [...]

  • Anne Boleyn's Ghost

    He’d had many kisses from Deacon, in the best and worst of times, but the moment Lang felt Deacon’s lips touch his, he knew he’d found a bit of home.I don’t know how I’ve not read more Rhys Ford books before. I don’t know why. Insta-love is generally a no-go for me, but I made an exception here. Rhys Ford made me make the exception. Yes, this was fairly insta-lovey, in the sense that Deacon and Lang felt a lot and they felt it quickly. But it was exceptionally written, and I’m will [...]

  • Wendy

    Really enjoyed this slow burnopposities attract.ory.It does take some time for them to come togetherbut it's worth the wait. The sexual tension was delicious.I really liked the kidI almost peed my pants laughing, damn she has a mouth on her :))I also enjoyed the action part in this one. It has a bit of everytingspence, action, sexual tension, humor and some nice steam ;)4 stars from me

  • Tara♥

    Okay babe, let's do this. Let's discuss that 2 stars babe. You ready babe? I'm going to start with the two things I liked. Zig and the Labyrinth references. To be honest I'm pretty sure that Zig was the only reason I finished this. Now I know the formula here and I've read lots by this author and I knew what to expect. I really enjoyed the 'Sinners' series even with all it's stereotypical bullshit about the Irish. One of the reasons for that is that I'm a big fan of sappy and an even bigger fan [...]

  • Melissa

    Yeah, this story wasn't the best. The narration was the best part of it. I think had I read this I would have not finished it quickly. I just don't understand how Lang could be so open to a relationship with a stranger after what Daniel did to him. I loved Zig, she was so cute. I thought her love and bond with D was the best part of the story. And the cats. I love cats. But as far as the big bad guy and all that happened with that? Not so much. The narration was good like I said. This is my firs [...]

  • Lorraine Lesar

    My bad boy did good – real good!This book, due to the amazing characters, was phenomenal but I have to say, what’s with that cover? Sorry author, but it just didn’t work for me, it was ordinary, whereas this book is extrodinary and deserves an extrodinary cover, so having said that….let’s move on.This book is full of unexpected delights but the biggest delight for me was Deacon, turning up at his niece’s school on a Harley, wearing a tutu in a show of support for her – way to go Au [...]

  • Karen

    In the interest of a totally honest review I need to say that when it comes to Rhys Ford, I'm totally biased. I love her writing it speaks to me and I fall into her stories effortlessly. 'Fish Stick Fridays' was no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters in this story. Deke and Lang worked as individuals and as a couple. Seriously how could I not like a hot mechanic who rides a motorcycle and likes to read. Add to this a niece who he's raising because his sister has passed away and wh [...]

  • Bev

    Grrr!! Spencer Goss' interpretation makes for one sexy as hell Deacon Reid!! A deep growly voice, and combined with the image in my head based on the description of Deacon in the story?? Yum!! 4.5 stars from me.Yes, it's a Rhys Ford whodunit, so there were shootings, a couple of fire-bombing incidents and more than one red herring to throw you off the scent so to speak, but most of all I adored the relationship between Uncle Deke and his 'baby girl' orphaned niece Zig (yep, an 8 year old whose s [...]

  • Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥

    Review @ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWordsI wonder if Rhys Ford has a magic chair that she sits in at home to churn out these 5 star books and characters. I mean I expected nothing less, but a couple of months ago when she announced that she had a new series starting I was elated. I mean c'mon every knows how I feel about Cole & Jae; they are my heart. She announced a new series, and a freaking kid was a main character. I was down for. I love children in my stories. They add an extra layer of vu [...]

  • Chris, the Dalek King

    Deacon Reid doesn’t have a clue what to do with Zig, his niece. Neither of them had nice childhoods, but even he has to admit finding the body of her mother and then spending the next year and a half in the foster system is bound to leave a few scars. Scars he only has hope to help heal. For now, though, he’d settle for a safe place to live, work to keep food in their stomachs, and maybe cutting Zig’s cursing down by at least half. Ok, a quarter. By anything really.Half Moon Bay was suppos [...]

  • Meep

    I floundered on my first read of this. Deacon is set-up as a real hard-knocks bad-guy but in reality is this ultra-sweet, doing his best and reading books kinda guy. And there's this AMAZING scene of something he does for his niece and we're told about it - I wanted to see it so bad, hell I wanted to be there! Still love it though.On second attempt the book worked. (though reading was paused for Dirty Heart, well because!!) There's a roller-coaster of action sequences with fire, explosions, bull [...]

  • JR

    Deacon Reid has always been just over the line where the law is concerned. He's not hero material, till fate steps in. Deacon has gotten custody of his niece, Zig. Tutus over cameo, Zig is a handful. Life as Dec knows it will never be the same. Lang Harris has retreated from life, satisfied to run a book store in the haven of Half Moon Bay. Lang comes from money, but doesn't want it. He's still healing from a relationship that nearly killed him. His sanctuary is violated by a tutu wearing little [...]

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~

    Note: This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review. Deacon Reid arrives in Half Moon Bay hauling all his worldly belongings and his niece, Zig, an eight-year-old spitfire who uses up all her allowance putting quarters in a jar for the curse words she uses. Deacon has purchased an auto repair shop, and it’s here he plans to put down roots and raise his sister’s child, an orphan since her mom was killed almost two years before. [...]

  • Tess

    3.5 starsRhys Ford hasn't been my favourite author but I wanted to give this a try since I was intrigued by the blurb. Some things worked for me here. I loved Zig. She was probably the most foul-mouthed 8-year old I've ever seen, but at the same time was quite endearing. I also liked the pairing of Lang (bookstore owner) and Deacon (ex-con trying to put his life together so that he can keep custody of his niece). I enjoyed the fact that their relationship progressed quite slowly -- i.e. they did [...]

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