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By Ron C. Nieto | Comments: ( 976 ) | Date: ( Jan 17, 2020 )

The game is neverending in the faerie realm It must be played constantly, and death is just the beginning of defeat.Lily Boyd is determined to be than a pawn in this faerie game With the Wild Horn in her possession, she holds the key to the Wild Hunt, an unstoppable force neither human nor fay can control The Wild Hunt has the power to unbalance the Courts in the fThe game is neverending in the faerie realm It must be played constantly, and death is just the beginning of defeat.Lily Boyd is determined to be than a pawn in this faerie game With the Wild Horn in her possession, she holds the key to the Wild Hunt, an unstoppable force neither human nor fay can control The Wild Hunt has the power to unbalance the Courts in the faerie realm It s the perfect bargaining chip for Lily to save her grandmother, but she must play the game wisely if she hopes to succeed On one side, she has a deal with Cadowain, a Seelie knight who vowed to help Lily in her quest On the other side, she is at the mercy of Troy, a trickster Kelpie from the Unseelie Court who can command her at will using her True Name.Whatever path she chooses, Lily must walk a fine line, keeping her head, wit, and words about her as she formulates a plan to find the Faerie Doctor before it s too late She s playing for the win now, and to achieve that, she must live up to her new name the Herald of the Wild Hunt The Faerie Sworn Series Story 0.5 Faerie Nights available for free via the author s email list Book 1 The Wild HuntStory 1.5 Faerie Oaths available for free via the author s email list Book 2 The Wild CurseStory 2.5 Faerie Hearts ASIN B018ZZQOTM Book 3 The Wild Herald

  • Title: The Wild Curse
  • Author: Ron C. Nieto
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Ron C. Nieto

Ron C Nieto is a fantasy and romance author who has been writing in her secluded fortress for the longest time Recently, she had a talk with her cat and decided that she should share her creations, because it was selfish to hoard them all for herself.If you would like to know about her, please visit her website.

Comments The Wild Curse

  • C.

    If you haven't read the first book in this series, go get it! It's free! Go get it now!I've stalked this author so that I can become her beta. I love her prose. I love her characters. I love the story and the faerie courts and their ancient intrigues. I found this, the second in series, to be even better than the first book. It has a better conclusion and Lilly gets to grow a lot in this. Also, her relationship with Troy gets to evolve.I can't wait for the next in series.

  • Paul

    I enjoyed the book. I found the characters engaging, the plot interesting and the writing competent. I definitely won't look at garden gnomes the same again. Hopefully the writer will continue the series sooner rather than later.

  • Wendy

    My only sadness is having to wait for the next book.

  • Pam

    Another 5 star read from Ron C. Nieto. How amazing is it that I just randomly came across book one in the Faerie Sworn series for free, read it, and loved it! I love when that happens! I actually enjoyed this book even more than book one!One of my favorite things about this book, was that I didn’t always agree with Lily’s decisions. I know, that may seem a bit silly, but when you agree with everything the character does it just makes the book totally boring. Which was NOT the case in The Wil [...]

  • Carmen

    One simple word: brilliant. Okay, a few more: amazing, thrilling, not mainstream (at last!) and I could keep going on but I think the idea is clear: a must read. Only problem: I have to wait for book three xD

  • Tia

    Well well wellOur little Lily is getting smarter and smarter as she goes along. I am liking Troy more and more. Even though I still don't completely trust him because of his fey lineage. I can't wait to start part 3!!!

  • S.L. Stacy

    Ron C. Nieto's Faerie Sworn series is great so far. I can't wait to read the third book! I love her take on the Seelie/Unseelie and the Wild Hunt. I think Lily is a great character and am also excited to see where her and Troy's relationship goes. Great action and lots of twists and turns.

  • Silvermist

    Love the way the story unfolds as she adjusts to faerie rules, story gets u smitten with Troy the kelpie trickster who has endearing qualities and an untold love of the mortal lily. It's a good story of consequence to actions previously taken too.

  • Jan Niblock

    This book really lived up to my expectations after reading book 1 of this series. It is fast paced and shows a very different side of the Fair Folk. If you like a good adventure story that includes things that turn out so different from what you expect, you have to read this one.I like reading stories about mythical creatures but so many of them are all the same and there is nothing really new. But the Faerie Sworn series, especially The Wild Curse give you a new perspective on them. I really en [...]

  • Topsues

    I cried, yep cried! I don't like leaving spoilers in reviews, as personally when reading a novel, I know if it's good if it can reach in and over take my mind & emotions, then suddenly realise it's 2am and time has stopped for a while. The Wild Curse, managed to do just that. I felt the excitement of something new. It made me realise we could all use a lesson in thinking before speaking, because nobody can take words back once uttered and consequences unfold. This novel in its incomparable w [...]

  • Tamara Hull

    Don't bother reading this unless you have read The Wild Hunt first; it's not really structured as a standalone book and vital components are outlined in book one. I do highly recommend the series as a whole though!Again this is suitable for younger readers - there are only two rather chaste kissing scenes in the book although I may have to revise that by the end of the series if things heat up in book three. The weaving of fae legends from Scotland twines enticingly through this second instalmen [...]

  • sharon woods

    Another breathtaking bookHaving read the first in this series and enjoyed it I had to pick up the second to continue Lily and Troys adventures.Well written and page turning this story romps along.The only annoying part is that the author needs to do as bit more research on the uk.Lily supposedly comes from manchester. That city is ten miles from my house and believe me it is not situated in the Midlands! Nor do we get weeks worth of snow and ice. It snows sometimes but mainly it rains.Small deta [...]

  • Devann

    I thought maybe the first book was just getting off to a slow start but I guess that's just the author's writing style. I feel like nothing has really HAPPENED in these books. Like this entire plot could have been one book if we left out the awkward romance bits. Oh well, I already bought the 3rd one when I bought this one so I guess I'll just finish out the series. I was hoping for more like faerie politics and structure and lore or whatever and less ~oh god I think I'm in love with him~ stuff, [...]

  • ˚✧₊⁎ѕαи∂у⁎⁺˳✧༚

    Fantastic sequel to The Wild HuntGreat reader entrapment into the story by writer. Really twisted turn of events. After Lily waking up and realizing Troy had saved her, she betrays him in order to save her grandmother. But, that was not the twist. Cadowain's actions were unexpected. I say no more; for you should read for yourself. The sequel was as great as the first book, The Wild Hunt. The ending cliffhanger is as wicked; leaving you wanting for more! (☆▽☆) Dark, witty romance and great [...]

  • R.C. Matthews

    Oh, the plot thickens in this second installment of the Faerie Sworn series. I can't get enough of Lily and Troy - the fae - the Wild Hunt - the adventure - the slow burning relationship between the human and Kelpie. I love all of it even though I was soooooooo mad at Lily! Grrrr. Still, I think Troy will forgive her in the end. But I won't know for sure until book 3 comes out. I hope that's soon because I can't wait to read the end of this story.

  • Kay Smillie

    More twists and turns than that very windy downhill road in San Francisco!Don't expect a straightforward, 'normal' story, because you certainly will not get it here. Sit back, put your feet up, read, and enjoy the ride. I'm saying nothing more to let you guess at the story.I voluntarily read and reviewed a free ecopy of this book.

  • Sara

    Loved it!I am really enjoying this series so far! I love that it's something different and the characters are very easy to like. The story moves fast enough that it keeps you hooked, but. It so fast that you feel like you aren't getting enough back story. I will be keeping up with this author!

  • Sissy

    Best series I have read in awhileIt's well worth the money! You will love the series! Only problem you may find is you'll feel upset when you finish this series. And you will be.is series will leave you hungry for more.

  • Alexis Franco

    I love this series. There was a few writing errors on the kindle book but nothing too series. You feel like you are right there in the action. Ready for the next one. Hope it comes out soon!



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  • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ↠ The Wild Curse : by Ron C. Nieto º
    390 Ron C. Nieto
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