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By Ike Hamill | Comments: ( 341 ) | Date: ( Apr 06, 2020 )

It wasn t her fault It wasn t Lizzy s fault that she saw the cloaked people out in the yard It wasn t her fault that she was drawn by the moonlight to watch them as they advanced on the house And it definitely wasn t her fault when people began to die Lizzy didn t want the strange dreams where she saw how they were killed Even her sister was starting to suspect her IIt wasn t her fault It wasn t Lizzy s fault that she saw the cloaked people out in the yard It wasn t her fault that she was drawn by the moonlight to watch them as they advanced on the house And it definitely wasn t her fault when people began to die Lizzy didn t want the strange dreams where she saw how they were killed Even her sister was starting to suspect her It wasn t fair because it wasn t her fault Lizzy was claimed.

  • Title: The Claiming
  • Author: Ike Hamill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Ike Hamill

Ike Hamill writes fast paced horror novels with strong, relatable characters His books have gained a steady following amongst readers who enjoy his blend of sci fi, paranormal, occult, and suspense Whether focused on a small family trying to survive the move to a haunted house, or following a band of angry rebels determined to withstand an apocalypse, his stories draw the reader into the lives of real people in crisis Readers are always sad to leave the characters behind when the book is finished.Reviewers compare Ike to Dean Koontz and Stephen King two of his favorite authors His narrative often jumps between interwoven stories, presenting readers with a fresh perspective and keeping them guessing until the last chapter Most of Ike s readers are repeat customers Pick up one of his books to learn why.

Comments The Claiming

  • Kelly

    ***2.5 Stars***After enjoying two other books by Hamill I was really looking forward to reading his latest but unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations. What I liked:- The unique and interesting premise - Well developed characters - The coverWhat I didn't like:- The very predictable ending - Editing issues - The repeated use of several words, especially the word blushI'm definitely in the minority because the ratings here on GR and on are mostly four and five stars. I guess it's a cas [...]

  • Sherry Baker

    I purchased the book because of a one star "review" on by a coward who didn't even leave their name. This " Customer" was upset because the author didn't mention in the synopsis that the story centered around a family with two Moms saying that it was distracting and detracted from the story. I hope Ike Hamill isn't discouraged by the one star review because as a result of that review, he made another sale!I enjoyed The Claiming a great deal and didn't feel the unconventional family unit detract [...]

  • Becky

    Wow, just wowIt has been a long time since I have read a book that has pleased me as much as The Claiming has! I spent many nights reading when I should have been sleeping, telling myself 'Just one more chapter!' There were several parts where I had to check how much I had left in the book, thinking I was near the end, and was happy to discover I had a lot more book left! Too many times I get to an end of a book and think how much better it could have been and feeling like the author left part o [...]

  • Justin Robinson

    Not a bad book by any stretch, and there's a lot to recommend it, especially the sympathetic depiction of loving, married lesbian parents at the center of it. For whatever reason it never quite grabbed me. In places where the writing should have been laden with foreboding, it just wasn't. The elements of gothic horror and modern splatterpunk never quite gelled. And if at any point, you have a character known as Evil [Character Name], it's time to have a conversation with some editors.That's a lo [...]

  • Beth

    This Author has been kind enough to email me a few of his books to review, and even though I was disappointed with the last book of his, I thought this was an excellent story and pretty creepy! It makes me want to stay away from cornfields!


    ExcellentI loved this book. It's a fantastic story and not like anything else I have read. I would Highly recommend.

  • David Kummer

    WHAT I LIKED:Suspense BuildingThere are so many moments and scenes in this story that add to the tension and suspense. Some are involved in the major plot, while others have tension in and of themselves. You always know something terrible's about to happen, but of course there is no way for you to stop it. Instead, you're forced to sit back and watch, trembling, to see just how bad the events will turn out.One thing that ties into this is the family of five being so likable. There are two "mothe [...]

  • Heather

    I love this book. It was just the sort of creeping horror that I was looking forward to. The characters in particular are quite good–they had fully-developed personalities, they changed in response to the events of the story, and I cared about what happened to them.There were some surprises. Obviously I’m not going to go into them here or they wouldn’t be surprises. I will say that I did not get bored reading this book–I continually looked forward to what happened next.The pacing was fan [...]

  • Lolly

    3.5 stars. I am torn about this book. On the surface, it's a pretty great, relatively original horror novel about a family of two moms, two young daughters and a teenage boy who move into a new house in an abandoned neighborhood with the intention of flipping it. The youngest daughter begins to see hooded figures outside and is eventually "claimed". (view spoiler)[I expected the book to be all about the family trying to get her back, and was pleasantly surprised when she was reunited with them a [...]

  • Jackie

    This is my new favorite Ike Hamill novel! The story grabbed my attention right away with a tragic accident and then held it the entire novel. It was difficult to stop reading. Strange things are happening in a mostly abandoned neighborhood and one woman will stop at nothing to find her missing daughter. I enjoyed that the story is told from so many several characters points of view. The novel could use a little bit better editing in a few places, but it is not a distraction to the story. I would [...]

  • Leslie Murphy

    Slow beginningIt was very hard to stay focused on the story for the first third of the book. Once the tempo picked up, my interest goaded me into focusing more onto the storyline and this, in turn, kept me so interested that I found it difficult to put the book down. The ending was abrupt but reasonable. I definitely do not believe that this is Mr. Hamilton's best work to date. If you are new to his novels, I suggest you read another novel for your foray into his work.

  • Janice Stinnett

    Unique writing This book was definitely unique abs different from day books I have ever read. The characters were real and intense and creepy. The story flowed effortlessly. I couldn't put it down. Great book!!!!

  • Kenneth Smith

    Another great storyI find that I just can't put Ikes' stories down once I've begun them. This book is another example of that. You just need to know what is about to happen and you really feel the characters.

  • Carole J Haley

    Great read!I thoroughly enjoyed this book! This is the first book I have read of his, but I am hooked!ENJOY!!

  • Willi

    This was edge of your seat GOOD!!!I loved the suspense of it!!Wish they would make it into a movie!!

  • Khaled

    AmazingThis book started out a bit slow but really picks up. It isn't a cliche and has some very interesting concepts. The multiple viewpoints used are done very well.

  • Carol

    I'm a big fan of Ike Hamill!!. Some of his books are better than others but they are all worth reading.

  • Sharon Swilling

    A real page Turner!I absolutely loved this book! I was hooked from the first page and never turned back. Ike Hamil will definitely become a bigger part of my library!

  • Barbara "Cookie" Serfaty Williams

    I hated this book long boring and slow

  • TeenaRenken

    Very creepy readI was looking for a creepy book and I found one in this. A page Turner that kept me reading long into the night.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Claiming | by ¸ Ike Hamill
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