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By Rita Hestand | Comments: ( 815 ) | Date: ( Oct 20, 2019 )

Kasie Moore had run from a planned marriage 8 years ago Now kidnapped by her father s choice of husbands she must battle old hurts The blizzard is doing nothing to keep her hidden passions intact Seeking to keep her heart and regain her freedom she must fight Chayton s attraction Chayton might have agreed to the kidnapping, but would he be able to prevent his heart froKasie Moore had run from a planned marriage 8 years ago Now kidnapped by her father s choice of husbands she must battle old hurts The blizzard is doing nothing to keep her hidden passions intact Seeking to keep her heart and regain her freedom she must fight Chayton s attraction Chayton might have agreed to the kidnapping, but would he be able to prevent his heart from falling in love with hers Would he capture her heart as surely as she had years ago

  • Title: Heart of the Wild
  • Author: Rita Hestand
  • ISBN: 9781876962258
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Rita Hestand

By now most of you know that Rita Hestand is from Texas, that she s a widow, a mother, and a grandmother You know that she was an only child, and that she traveled the US as a child extensively What made her a writer was the fact that she was an only child growing up in an age when a kid had to use their imagination to entertain themselves You probably know that she acted out her first books in the backyard all over the countryside.Rita worked most of her adult life, but one job she s especially proud of is as a day care provider in her home for twenty years Helping to raise her own grandchildren to school age, it seemed only natural to enroll in the Institute of Children s Literature, where she graduated in 1997 Rita writes children s books, poetry and romance, along with plays and short stories She s a member of Books We Love, WRW, and a firm believer that learning should never stop But above all, she believes that one should NEVER GIVE UP

Comments Heart of the Wild

  • Chandra

    AUTHOR: Rita has written approx. 34 books to include children's books, poetry and romance, along with plays and short stories. The grownup stuff is written with taste GENRE: Romance fiction, Western, Native American, Multicultural romanceSETTING: Modern day Cascade Mountains CENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTER: She has parents with money but she has always tried to be independent and find her way. She doubts herself but is stubborn.CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER: Native American and handsome. He appears to be a pu [...]

  • ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡

    Well, I decided after a 4 hour update & automatic downloads of all the books in my ibooks shelf on my ipad all of a sudden from no where, that I would pick a random book to read and voila this was it.I should have known from the beginning, when it said not to curse after someone said "hell" that this was a Christian Romance I can't even remember who said it! OR my second warning when it said Chay was into his faith by saying some prayer for trees and such. OR when on page 175 out of the 195 [...]

  • Lady Raven RAVE!

    This was a full length freebie, and I was pretty excitedb, but I don't know, I wanted to like the book because the description seemed pretty interesting, can't say the same for the book cover. Normally i have much to say but not with this it was ok, Chay was ok Kaise was ok, it didn't draw me in I was thinking to myself how many pages are left to read again, not to insult the author. If the book was tweaked some this could have been a good read. ************** Feel free to join my book group on [...]

  • Lyndi

    What the hell? WHAT THE HELL?W H A T . T H E . H E L L ?Stupid, stupid woman. Gaaah!Stuck in a mountain cabin during a blizzard. No electricity"You want me to cook on a wood stove? But you have an electric one!" Are you for fucking real?"I want to go home! You drove me up this mountain, you can drive me down!" In a god damn blizzard!"Well, what about flying out of here?" In a god damn blizzard! And if Chay can't DRIVE you down the mountain, what the fuck makes you think he can FLY you out? Invis [...]

  • Donna Hatridge

    The book was an easy quick read. The characters were all likeable. But the dialog seemed to jump around at times. Chayton Amory kidnapped Kasie Moore the day before her wedding at the request of her father. Chayton was to take her to his mountain cabin until her father could talk to her about the rock star she was getting ready to marry. When a blizzard struck and they were stranded at the cabin they had to face their true feelings for each other. 8 years ago Kasie overheard her father & Cha [...]

  • Sarah Carp

    I really enjoyed this book. It was easy to get into. You get involved with the characters and you grow with them. Chay is a logger. He is strong, stubborn, and caring kidnaps Kasie the day before her wedding by request of her father. Kasie and Chay has a history built on mix feeling and misuderstandings. A blizzard trapts them in Chay cabins which causes them to grow and clear up some misunderstandings. Kasie goes from the naiive young girl Chay remembers into a grown fire cracker of a women. Th [...]

  • Mara

    If there was a way to have a "minus" star sign, this book probably would get it. :(I'm sorry to say I could not find a redeeming quality in this story, not in the cardboard characters, the unbelievable plot and christian undercurrent.Moreover, I believe that the native american portrait is slightly racist (the brother as a wise man)Nothing in it is fantasy, but nothing is realistic. (Would you believe that a famous rockstar is restraining from sex? A rockstar! A lawyer would have been more accep [...]

  • Pam Koenig

    Something missingI really wanted to like this book, it had a good beginning, but quickly went off the rails. The main characters just did not mix, she was wishy-washy, and all over the place in statements she made. It read like parts were missing, things would happen without knowing how they happened. Blizzards happened, but instead of taking injured people to a hospital, a doctor comes there, treats them and leaves. Characters popping in and out just to prove he's a hero. It could have been goo [...]

  • Jane

    Sometimes it is hard to follow what's going on cause it seems to randomly and abruptly jump to hours later in the story line. The girl alternately acts like a brat and a good girl scout. Not quite feeling it. I can only hope the backstory becomes more coherent as I continue to read cause I feel like something doesn't add up there either. If I didn't like the basic plot idea so much I'd stop reading.

  • LadyCalico

    Cute idea, nice protagonists, great setting for romance--this could have been a better novel than it was. There was something about the dialogue and characters' responses that lacked a natural flow and often seemed awkward and stilted. It was kind of like the author started with a good outline and fleshed it out sloppily, anyway she could. Overall, it was a cute and entertaining read, but nothing special--it could have been with a re-write and more natural or wittier dialogue.

  • Iris

    I enjoyed the premise of the story, however I have to say that at times both Kasie and Chayton were quite annoying. If you get over the need to shake Kasie and tell her to grow up and smack Chayton in the back of the head for conviniently forgetting to tell Kasie he loves her but expecting her to marry him anyway, it's actually a very good book. Would I reccomend it? Yes. Would I read it again? Probably not, but it was a good, light and sometimes funny read.

  • JP

    The story is quite nice though I didn't get the whole kidnapping farce. She keeps telling him no, he ignores her and she doesn't do anything, at all. I kept shaking my head. Still, the story was nice. The rekindling love kept surprising me, even in the situation they were in. The setting in the mountains in a snow storm was really beautiful.It was just not my kind of story, I guess.

  • elaine m. suda

    Awakening HeartsThank you for this moving love story about Kasie and Chayton and all the misunderstandings that drove them to eight years apart. It's amazing that love always finds a way to your heart. I loved the characters and the storyline and look forward to reading more of your work.

  • Joy

    I really wanted to scream at the characters in this book. It seriously needs an pre-quel. It didn't take long to catch on to the story line but I really would have liked to read what happened before that caused the rift.

  • Lisa Collins

    I feel headlong in love with Chayton Amory even though he kidnapped Kasie (Moore). There were times when Kasie made me want to scream at her! LOL But the love story between the two was one that I just couldn't put down and I am looking forward to the series.

  • Beret Brenckman

    guy was an axhat

  • Heidi

    Easy read like able characters , clean.

  • Jennifer Newman

    Simply loved it! Such an quick and easy read yet hold such a lovely romance. Well written with a great story line. Amazing for something that was free.

  • Victoria

    Is a great book to read

  • Lisa Harber

    CaptivatingI couldn't wait to turn the page to see what happened next. A very warm hearted romance that will leave you feeling good

  • Jo Notary

    146pgs, bk 1 the armory's series, but a blizzard interferes, her father was supposed to be there, her ex-fiance kidnaps her and takes her to a cabin

  • Cara

    This wasn't bad. Interesting plot twist, but very annoying how she was so naive. Who would stay with a man who hit them and thinks ok?

  • Vickie


  • Julie

    It was a free read. I enjoyed it, but it had a habit of jumping. And i had to back track a few times. I liked the characters. And the setting it perfect to read on a rainy afternoon.

  • Laura's Book Addiction

    Just couldn't get in to it.

  • Earth Girl

    Good short read. Loved the characters and story line. Thank you Rita Hestand!

  • Dora Paventi

    Nice love storybut not too exciting.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Heart of the Wild | by ↠ Rita Hestand
    416 Rita Hestand
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