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By Kristen Pham | Comments: ( 104 ) | Date: ( Oct 20, 2019 )

Never pause, never doubt, never yield Rise and fight.Valerie thought she understood loss Her entire life has been defined by it But now, she is facing the most frightening loss of all Her own mind is slipping away, consumed by the power that burns through her every time she saves a life.As the Fractus sweep across Earth, using the strength of their magic to subjugate tNever pause, never doubt, never yield Rise and fight.Valerie thought she understood loss Her entire life has been defined by it But now, she is facing the most frightening loss of all Her own mind is slipping away, consumed by the power that burns through her every time she saves a life.As the Fractus sweep across Earth, using the strength of their magic to subjugate the powerless, Valerie struggles to lead the resistance, constantly one step behind her enemy When Reaper taps into a powerful new source of magic, Valerie knows that solutions that worked in the past won t be enough to defeat him She ll have to reimagine how magic can be harnessed in order to combat a force dark enough to dark enough to enslave all of humankind.In the final novel of The Conjurors Series, Valerie must bury her pain and uncertainty deep inside of her and make the hardest decisions of her life with no one to guide her The fate of two worlds depends on it.

  • Title: Edge of Pathos
  • Author: Kristen Pham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Kristen Pham

Kristen Pham is a YA science fiction and fantasy author who lives for really great fudge, roller coasters, and exploring new worlds via fiction She lives in San Jose, CA with her two children and husband, where she eagerly waits for her kids to turn 11 and receive their invitations to Hogwarts.

Comments Edge of Pathos

  • Anita Mcconnell

    I'm not really sure where to begin - this was an excellent conclusion to the series! The story came to a satisfying close, with just the right amount of epilogue. It was wonderful watching these characters and the story grow through a war that was more realistic than I expected, where not all battles are easily won, and people die. It was great seeing some of the more prominent characters from the previous books take a bit of a backseat, and more of the less explored characters were developed - [...]

  • Chanda Curry

    so on June 25th I started book 2.Now I'm doneOr am I? What a truly great way to round out the Conjurors series.The Edge of Pathos,was sent to me from Kristen herself as were the books 2 and 3I am by far from being a young adult. Even further from being a vivicus.Once again Kristen combines her storytelling with a twist ofagic that takes you into the realm of the globe.This time the battle is drawing to its biggest fight yetBut can Valerie and the Pillars of Light save the magic between Earth and [...]

  • Michelle Dekker

    This is a review copy.GOOSE BUMPS! Read it. Read it. Read it.How many will have to die to restore the peace now that the barrier between The Globe and earth is shattered?Can a baby unicorn help restore the peace?Will the twins over come their grief at losing their real father and Henry's adopted father?Will they find the charm that binds the earthlings magical powers in time?Will a truce with Reaper give them the advantage they were looking for?Help them assemble the special weapon in time that [...]

  • Cheryl

    What a fantastic end to an amazing series!! I love the way Pham tackles depression in the magical world. It's so real, so raw. Valerie really steps up and grows into an adult in this book - romance and all. No character is left behind as Pham ties up all the loose ends.

  • Ashley

    Thank you Ms. Pham! I cannot explain how many times I was at the edge of my seat with anticipation or on the verge of crying. I'm so pleased with how this series ended.

  • Linda

    I really was confused at first as this is book 4, but I quickly remembered that I read book 1 a while ago. It didn't take me long to catch up! Valerie Diaz is a strong young woman who's tasked with a huge burden to win a war against Reaper, an evil and deadly man bent on world domination. I liked Val from the beginning and fell in love with Cyrus. Valerie found her lost lost brother, Henry but he had a ton of guilt that he hid from his sister. As the battle escalated friends would die leaving Va [...]

  • Diana

    Woah what to say about this series, there were some issues with the earlier books including the excessive repetitiveness of Valerie's feelings but I still loved it! The writing got significantly better as the books went on and I am very impressed at the author's imagination.I really liked all the characters and the fact that heroes and villains aren't stereo-typically good and bad but complex. I also really liked the world and the romance although (view spoiler)[I really thought that Valerie was [...]

  • Deborah

    Having now read the last book in this series, I am even more impressed with Kristen Pham's writing. Such a wonderful series. An amazing set of characters that make you care about them from page one. An absolutely beautiful setting that make me want to be there. So clearly written you could see the world in your mind's eye. It takes great skill to achieve that and this book and the first three in the series accomplish that. And an ending that was plausible and fitting. Wonderful writing and I sti [...]

  • Lauren

    FINALLY! This book was absolutely stellar. I have positively devoured the entire series. Kristen Pham is a spectacular storyteller and I have been in love with her Conjurors series since I discovered it on Wattpad. The finish was heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time and I am so pleased to have lost myself in her world. Thank you so much for a wonderful reality break!

  • Denise R. Smith

    Good vs EvilAlthough this four book series was written for young readers, this senior citizen thoroughly enjoyed it. The storyline flowed from the first book through the last book in the series with complex characters, and enough twists and turns to keep the reader's interest. I look forward to more stories from Kristen Pham. Enjoy!

  • Thomas W St John

    Great series!I recommend this series for anyone who enjoys reading fantasy, sci. fiction! Full of magic, action, love a nd all of the other necessary factors of creating a GREAT story, never a dull moment while reading these books. I really can't credit this Author enough about her writing skills in this series!

  • Hans Wozniak

    Fantastic series although I found my frustration mounting the ending was very goodI enjoyed the series but did become frustrated with the incompetence displayed by Elisabeth. The love trust was actually annoyinglol but still good reading!

  • Karen Latham

    Magic!Thank you so much for these wonderful books! I have to admit that when I first started reading the first book I wasn't sure I would like it but turns out I absolutely loved all four!

  • Debra Morris

    Looking forward to finding time to read more from this author. Nice but different style,

  • Christine Zenk

    Great endingMy eyes were filled with tears as I finished the last few chapters. I will miss this series. Much luck to Ming.

  • Kristen Pham

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  • Unlimited [Music Book] » Edge of Pathos - by Kristen Pham ✓
    246 Kristen Pham
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