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By Geoff Rodkey | Comments: ( 761 ) | Date: ( Apr 06, 2020 )

Huippuhauska uutuussarja sisarusten j yn sodasta12 vuotiaiden kaksosten Reesen ja Claudian keskin iset t lv isyt eskaloituvat sisarusten v liseksi sodaksi, jossa ei keinoja kaihdeta Tapperin perheen kaksosten pilailusota saa alkunsa siit , kun Reese ep ilee Claudian sy neen aamulla h nen paahtoleip ns , tai sitten siit , kun Reese julistaa Claudian kovaan neen syyp ksiHuippuhauska uutuussarja sisarusten j yn sodasta12 vuotiaiden kaksosten Reesen ja Claudian keskin iset t lv isyt eskaloituvat sisarusten v liseksi sodaksi, jossa ei keinoja kaihdeta Tapperin perheen kaksosten pilailusota saa alkunsa siit , kun Reese ep ilee Claudian sy neen aamulla h nen paahtoleip ns , tai sitten siit , kun Reese julistaa Claudian kovaan neen syyp ksi pahanhajuiseen pieruun koulun ruokalassa Seuraa koston kierre, ja lopulta Claudia p tt sabotoida Reesen nettipelin ja Reese antaa takaisin nolaamalla siskonsa somessaHulvaton kirja on t ynn valokuvia, ruutukaappauksia, huomautuksia rivien v liss , karttoja ja vanhempien tekstarikeskusteluja.

  • Title: Tapperin kaksoset sotajalalla (keskenään)
  • Author: Geoff Rodkey
  • ISBN: 9789510410417
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Geoff Rodkey

Geoff Rodkey is the author of the Tapper Twins middle grade comedy series and the Chronicles of Egg adventure series He s also the Emmy nominated screenwriter of such hit films as Daddy Day Care, RV, and the Disney Channel s Good Luck Charlie, It s Christmas Geoff grew up in Freeport, Illinois and began his writing career on his high school newspaper While in college, Geoff was an editor of both the Harvard Lampoon and the Let s Go travel guide series His early writing credits include the educational video game Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego , the non educational MTV series Beavis and Butt head, and Comedy Central s Politically Incorrect Geoff currently lives in New York City with his wife and three sons They do not have any pets, mostly because the whole experience with the goldfish was just too upsetting.

Comments Tapperin kaksoset sotajalalla (keskenään)

  • Simona Stoica

    Recenzia completă: palarisme/chef/carti/recenz„Eu tot mai cred că tu ai fost.”Întotdeauna mi-am dorit un frate. De preferat, mai mare ca mine. Un aliat împotriva părinţilor, un prieten căruia i-aş fi împărtăşit toate secretele, pe care l-aş fi trezit în miezul nopţii ca să ne uităm la seriale, alături de care aş fi plecat în vacanţe, „cu rucsacul în spinare” şi cu gustările preparate de mama pe jumătate devorate înainte să părăsim bucătăria.Poate că ne-am [...]

  • Terzah

    An entertaining, humorous and quick read with fun graphic elements about 12-YO boy/girl twins. I'm not the target audience for this one, but it's like the best kid movies: adults can find a lot to enjoy too. I originally picked this up to see if my 8-YO boy/girl twins would like it, and the answer is YES they would, but I don't think they are old enough yet. They would find the brother/sister fighting (dead fish in the backpack etc.) so compellingly relate-able and hilarious that I'm afraid they [...]

  • Nafiza

    Those of you who are lucky enough to be only children probably don’t understand the agony that truly annoying siblings can create. (I love both my brothers but dude, sometimes. Sometimes.)Meet the Tapper twins:Claudia and Reese.This story is a narrative of the war that was fought between the Tapper twins (tweens?) told in interviews, online messenger conversations, text messages, pictures and illustrations.See, it all starts with a pop tart. Or rather the absence of one. Or so Reese maintains. [...]

  • Stefan Bachmann

    This boooook. I don't usually read funny books, at least not ones that seem to be only about funniness, because for some reason funny always = plotless in my brain, and I want DARK AND SCARY AND THRILLING. I'm sure that's just a dumb prejudice and funny books have awesome plots, blablabla, but whatever: because I have not read Diary of a Wimpy Kid and all the ones like it, this was my intro to funny MG books, and I'm glad it was because it's *hilarious*.It's a really fast read, it does have a pl [...]

  • Brandy Painter

    This is done in the format of a living history where each twin tells parts of the story (heavily influenced by Claudia) and there are pictures, diagrams, and copies of their parents text messages and emails. It is funny in some places and a quick read. It's good to have around for kids looking for more of the books like Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries.One major issue I had was the whole Fembot thing. MG WRITERS AND PUBLISHERS I AM GETTING TIRED OF THIS. This book is certainly not alone in this treatm [...]

  • BookCupid

    Oh, it's on!When Claudia eats Reese's pop-tart, he retaliates by making fun of her in the school cafeteria. Since karma just can't wait, Claudia gets her revenge by hiding a dead fish in Reese's backpack, setting off a chain of events that proves how far anyone can go to save their honor. Although the book might hint at the topic of bullying, Rodkey handled it with a lot of humor, allowing the character's conscience to eventually set in. To do this, he told the story in a recording format, where [...]

  • Mehsi

    I first read this book in 2015, but I decided now was the time to do a re-read. Well, it turns out 2 years isn't enough time for this book to have faded away. I knew all the details and events. I considered stopping with reading this book and just go to another one, but I didn't. Since even though I knew all the details, it was just the right book at the right moment. I needed something fun/light-hearted.This book is all about Claudia and Reese, and the war that escalated from a small thing to s [...]

  • Xander ForeverBookish

    Twins Claudia and Reese have always butted heads, but one morning what started out as an argument turned in to an all-out war between the two. As Reese and Claudia scheme up ways to prank the other twin and ultimately win the war, pictures, illustrations, and text messages give you an inside look at their mischievous lives. A fun, enjoyable and humorous read, Geoff Rodkey’s latest book will definitely get love from the middle-grade audience.This book was SO MUCH FUN to read. I enjoyed most eve [...]

  • Annette

    THE TAPPER TWINS GO TO WAR (WITH EACH OTHER) by Geoff Rodkey is the first in a humorous middle grades series focusing on 12-year-old twins Claudia and Reese.This silly, fast-paced story documents an epic sibling battle that begins when Reese calls Claudia “Princess Farts-A-Lot” in the middle of the school cafeteria. The war quickly escalates as Claudia retaliates with a dead fish in Reese’s backpack. Before long the battle moves to cyberspace and the world of MetaWorld.Told as an oral hist [...]

  • Cheryl

    I picked up this book for my nephews because I thought they may like it. I was not familiar with the author's name until I read some of his credits as a screenwriter for films like Daddy Day Care and RV. Two of my favorite comedic films to watch. So if you are familiar with these films then you can expect that this same sense of humor would be infused in this book. Which it was. I could not stop laughing at the antics and bickering between Claudia and Reese. At first I was not sure if I would li [...]

  • PopcornReads

    Book Review & Giveaway: The Tapper Twins Go To War is Book #1 of what promises to be an awesome middle-grade series. Claudia and Reese Tapper are twelve-year-old fraternal twins who are very different people. Any tween with siblings will be able to relate to these guys, and any adult who had siblings will be very thankful their sibling squabbles didn’t play out during the digital age. Yes, I predict you’re going to enjoy this one just as much as your favorite middle-grade reader will. We [...]

  • Angela

    New Rule: If the book makes you laugh out-loud despite yourself, you must give it the maximum number of stars. It might just be the funniest MG book of the year.An illustrated (photos, notes, digital images) novel of sibling rivalry, a less didactic example of cyberbullying and a very funny read. Recommended for ages 9-11, especially those consumed by culture of contemporary connectivity.Cheers to Geoff and the Tapper Twins! May you outsell The Chronicles of Egg by a million copies (wink)!

  • Amy Scheck

    Loved every minute of this. Having met Geoff Rodkey several times and hearing about his writing process, the story made perfect sense and was different than his other books. I really really enjoyed this book- the texts between the parents, the sibling relationship, and the creativity of the screen shots- and hope that there will be more to come!

  • Madison

    This is such a cute book that I think will really get middle grade boys and girls excited about reading. It uses multiple formats to tell the story that will keep kids entertained throughout. Funny, exciting and will draw even the most reluctant reader in for the ride.

  • Ashley

    Delightfully funny, and totally captures the emotions and battles of sibling rivalry. Cleverly written. I loved the text messages between the parents, and the banter between the friends and siblings over digital chat rooms. I will recommend this to all my students!

  • Monica

    Funny for a sixth grader. Interesting mix of online games, social media used by teens, childish revenge that goes really very wrong.but overall not a bad book at all. :)

  • Lisan

    Best een beetje herkenbaar voor alle broertjes en zusjes die wel eens een "beetje" ruzie hebben gehad

  • William V

    Good I love it it is so good that I would give it 10 stars if I could I can't wait for the next book

  • Jack Doler

    I read an advanced reader copy from my Mother who works at Barnes & Noble. I really enjoyed this book it had an interesting plot and climax. I recommend this to 3 to 7 grade.

  • Melissa


  • Hoover Public Library Kids and Teens

    Who doesn't love a good sibling revenge book? The format of this one -- a mix of oral history, social media posts, and text messages -- sets this one apart. Looking forward to the sequel!

  • Brenda Ayala

    I enjoyed the sequel to this enormously! In the sequel, the Tapper twins go on a field trip and (of course) all hilarity ensues. Luckily though, I enjoyed this book just as much as its sequel. The novel starts out with the Tapper twins bickering over a pop tart. They can't decide who ate the last one, and so it turns into a sibling fight, which turns into all out war.I particularly enjoyed the part where Claudia went into Reese's MineCraft game (or whatever the secret name is that won't get them [...]

  • Kristi

    I think kids and adults will think this book is hilarious!! The humour is very snappy (the twins are truly siblings who love and hate each other), and the book dishes out real-life learning lessons without sounding preachy. Enjoyed the book!

  • Dariana Citeste


  • Guadalupe Schmidt

    In this book the Tapper twins go to war with each other. Claudia (one of the Tapper twins) retells the story in a way that will make you laugh out loud. It was a humorous book about a twins relationship and how bad fights can get but how they always get better at the end. As an eleven year old, I would book is recommended for younger audiences (Like 7-8 to 12-13) who like comedy books. From a dead fish to using hacks in a online game, the war of the Tapper twins will be the first war you'll love [...]

  • Книжни Криле

    Историите на Джеф Родки вече са ме разсмивали, и то доста. Не от страниците, а от екрана. Родки е сценарист на симпатичните семейни комедии „Таткова градина” 1 и 2, както и на някои други приятни, неангажиращи филмчета. Ето обаче, че дойде ред обаче да се забавлявам с Родки не [...]

  • Nalle

    Una lectura entretenida y divertida pero que definitivamente no es mi tipo por lo cual a pesar de que me pareció un concepto original la historia no consiguió atraparme.

  • Cherie

    This book was so much fun! Claudia’s twin brother, Reese, embarrassed her at school in the lunch room in front of their entire class. Claudia decides she needs to humiliate Reese the same way he humiliated her. Thus begins the war: there’s some stinky fish, an embarrassing music video, crazy haircuts and an online trouncing. The book is told from Claudia’s point of view but as a series of interviews she conducts with her brother, her friends and her babysitter. Also mixed in are photos, sc [...]

  • Jackson Senecal

    This book is amazing I recomend reading this book it is funny and great book to read. In this book there are pranks like fake fan pages that are mean. Dead fish in a back pack and more. You should defenitly read this book.

  • Tasha

    When siblings go to war, they both end up hurt especially if they happen to be twins! Claudia and Reese are very different from one another, but they are also alike. They both love toaster pastries and that is how the entire war began, when one twin accused the other of stealing their pastry. That was bad enough, but then it escalated quickly at their school cafeteria where Claudia was accused of being the one who farted and got the nickname “Princess Farts-A-Lot.” That led to Claudia trying [...]

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Tapperin kaksoset sotajalalla (keskenään) | by à Geoff Rodkey
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