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By La'Tonya West | Comments: ( 950 ) | Date: ( Oct 23, 2019 )

Michael Meeko Williams and his brother have relocated from Atlanta, GA to the small town of Boykins, VA in an attempt to start fresh After doing so much dirt in the streets of Atlanta the only option left for the twenty six year old dope boy is to leave or end up in an early grave but everyone knows that relocating doesn t change who you are Being a hustler at heart, iMichael Meeko Williams and his brother have relocated from Atlanta, GA to the small town of Boykins, VA in an attempt to start fresh After doing so much dirt in the streets of Atlanta the only option left for the twenty six year old dope boy is to leave or end up in an early grave but everyone knows that relocating doesn t change who you are Being a hustler at heart, it was nothing for Meeko to come to the country and quickly have everything on lock Him, his brother, and their new team have money flowing in like water and with the money comes women, willing and ready to do anything for a chance at being the main chic of a well paid dope boy Problem is Meeko only has eyes for one woman Cookie Cookie s the complete opposite of all of the women that Meeko s dealt with since arriving in Boykins, including his baby mama Shy Quiet, hardworking, intelligent, and simply determined to have than what her non supportive family envisioned for her She s also been able to stay away from the BS of the small town That is until her and Meeko s paths cross she s exactly what Meeko feels he needs in his life but his fast paced, chaotic lifestyle isn t what she wants or needs, which causes her to initially ignore all of his attempts to pursue her After trying her best to deny and fight the chemistry that she and Meeko obviously have, Cookie finally falls victim to his southern charm The two couldn t be a perfect match but when the town starts talking and word gets out that Cookie is the new lady in Meeko s life, she will have to endure his ratchet baby mama and what seems like never ending drama in order to hold the title of wifey and it won t be easy With everything and everyone against them, can love really conquer all

  • Title: Cookie and Meeko: A B-Town Luv Story
  • Author: La'Tonya West
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

La'Tonya West

I was born and raised in VA I am a proud mother of three, two girls and one boy MY motivation behind my writing is personal experiences, things that I ve seen, and just everyday issues.

Comments Cookie and Meeko: A B-Town Luv Story

  • Nicole

    Don't really know how they correctly show the page numbers but I am almost finished with this book .I will give my review shortlyOk so I finished the book and let me say Meeko is drama all over Cookie constantly stay in mess dealing with this dude.I hope everyone grows up by book 2.And Jill mad me mad all that negative shit SHE was spouting.I look forward to part two and would recommend this read

  • Johnne Johnson

    That hood love!This book made me laugh so hard. I loved it. If sounding like anything about Meeko, you have to appreciate his honesty. This man is brutally honest and it's hilarious how he treats his sad excuse of a baby mother Shy. I like Cookie she is low key and minds her own business. Shy reminds you of the who're of the hood that's always sleeping around and getting beat up. She is nothing but trouble and when Meeko finds out all her dirty little secrets, it's going to be trouble and I can' [...]

  • Donica James-edgerton

    Wow Cookie is a trip I can't believe she said some shit like that to Meeko.Shy is so damn dumb like get over his ass already.I wish Meeko would keep his baby momma in check.Wow Toi is a Nasty bitch for wat she did to her cousin and then she always starting shit.Im so glad they got they shit together because Meeko and Cookie make a cute ass couple.Sheeda should be a damn shame because Princess didn't deserve that at all.Then for her mother to be that damn disrespectful is stupid.Wow Kelsey is a t [...]

  • Ashley

    Good read!I liked this story. Cookie deserves happiness and I hope Meeko can give her that despite all of the drama that comes along with him. I'm hoping they can work past the things that have arisen in the midst of them building a relationship. The last thing cookie needs is someone else to add to the insecurities that her mother that caused her to have. I'm looking forward to part 2 and I will be checking out more work by La'Tonya!

  • Jasmin Watson

    Cookie and MeekoThis book was really good. I loved Cookie because I even though she a horrible past she still made sure to become strong and not let make her. I loved Meeko he was looking for love. Shy I don't know where to start with her because she is very childish and need to grow up. Rasheeda I felt got what she deserve. Kelsey is just as crazy and have no one to blame for her situation but herself.

  • Kat

    Cookie & MeekoThis was my first book by the author and I will say it was good. Can't wait to see what happens in part 2

  • Kitani

    I need Kelsey to get a life asap!I read the story once before but I was glad a few of my questions got answered in this extended version. Here I thought Shy was crazy and thirsty but Kelsey sealed the deal. I wouldn't even feel bad if Cookie reacts to Kelsey's stunt, seeing as she has every right to. I liked Meeko and I was glad once him and Cookie got things on track. His only downfall was not putting everything out in the open to avoid the mess Kelsey created. I don't feel any sympathy for Kel [...]

  • ladyj

    Good readThis book was good. But I have to give it 4 stars because even though there's going to be a part two it was just to many unanswered questions or topics in the book that should've been brought up in this book instead of waiting until part two. Like it would've been nice if she a put chapter about his cousin in there after the shooting so that the reader could see where his head was ator the part when Destiny caught her mother having sex and That whole part.Then the they way it ended was [...]

  • Reshemah

    So this is Love Without A Limit only with extra added to it. When I first saw the book, I thought it was part 2 and once I started reading I realized it wasn't. After going back and checking a few things realized exactly what it was so I continued to read it again with the extra added to it and I must say, all Mrs. West did was make a great book even better. ALTHOUGH, I'm still waiting on part 2 and after reading the revised edition, the story is just getting good! Reviewed by Shemah of Cilla's [...]

  • Destiny Brown

    AmazingThere was a lot of drama and messiness going on but I loved it and can't wait for part 2 I think cookie and meeko is perfect for each other. Shy needs to stop acting crazy and petty and that girl meeko was messing with before cookie that's saying she is pregnant need to stop playing the victim and own up to what she did wrong by using that man's sperm to get pregnant to trap him thinking he gone stay around. That's why it's not good to hope around with crazy ppl bc you never know what the [...]

  • Maya Gibson

    Great bookThis book is drama filled, but in a good way. I loved this book. Cookie reminded me of myself in several ways. Meeko is flashy but he's a good guy. Somebody please do something with Shy. I couldn't stand her. There is not a character in this book that doesn't remind me of someone I know. I like the way the Author told this story. She brought my emotions out with this one. The issues the characters faced, I was in my own feelings about them myself.

  • Dee Cherry

    Cookie & MeekoI enjoyed reading this story. The characters & storyline were realistic. It was a relief that despite Cookie's peaceful nature, she was not weak when it came to defending herself. I thought Meeko was good for her. Shy was the antagonistic character needed to make the story complete. Ready to see how Cookie & Meeko deal with this new revelation that has crept into their lives

  • Ann Wallace

    I'm ready for part twoMs.West this was a great story very realistic girl I mean like I fell in love with cookie reminds me of myself I love here character I hope meek can get it together and this shy girl omg uggh she just makes mad and this Kelsey I know she is going to die (I hope) she is just smh her and shy are acting like teenagers smh lmao I hope cookie and meeko stay together and be happy I love them together

  • Pamela

    Hood loveThis book was a trip. I laughed so hard that my side started to hurt. That fight scene was off the chain. You absolutely have to read it to understand. Cookie doesn't bother anyone, but if you come for her, you better believe that she will definitely bring it. I love her and Meeko together. I hope that they can overcome all of his baby mama problems and have their happy ending in part 2.

  • Tera Taybron

    Addictive!All I am going to say is: when I read a book and it's really good, I find myself wanting to fight certain characters because the book is so much like real life! There are a couple of folks in this book I would like to punch in the face! Lol but seriously, great read and as usual, Ms, West weaves a tale so life like, you can actually see it happening! Ready for part 2!

  • Fatima

    Good ReadI like the storyline, Shy was low down she didn't have one care in the world and her "friend" Toi isn't any better. Cookie I like her and I know she can make Meeko a better man if he can just figure out how to keep the crazies women away. I wanna see how this Kelsey situation gonna work out. Hope it doesn't take to long for part 2

  • Andrea Williams

    Good read!First off ms shy was a mess with herself. Teaching her daughter to say that stuff and then going on that girl job, she deserved what she got. Her friend sheeda I feel sorry for but she should have left dude alone. Kelsey and cookie at the end smh. I can't wait to read part too. This book was well written and will definitely recommend this read!

  • Queena

    SmhJust an observation-why isn't the girl on the cover of the book a reflection of Cookie. As a natural sister myself it would have been cool to see. Ok now the inside of the book. In the words of Jill "I’m not a racist or anything." I knew that white girl was going to be trouble. Cookie, girl you got this! Part 2 needs to get released quick.

  • nicolematlock

    Great bookThis was a good book, first book I've read in a long time where once the main character got with the girl he didn't cheat on her. I really like Meeko and his mature way he handles his new relationship, I hope him and Cookie can over all these messy people trying to break them up. Can't wait for part two!

  • tracy kimbrough

    Love itThis book had me so into the charactersSky deserves everything that happen to her and more. Meeko & Cookie are amazingey balance each otherwhen Dreeka finds out that Toi has slept with Kordell she is going to forget they're cousins ready for part 2 and thanks writing a wonderful book

  • Tina

    Great READI KNEW that Kelsey was GOIN TO b a problem. She IS crazy he should have left LIKE he started to. That baby mama is a piece of work I hope he find her secret out when he do he's GOIN TO be heart broken but his mother know can't wait for her to come in town it's GOIN TO be TROUBLE.

  • Margie


  • joseph

    Really GoodThis book was good and I can't believe I didn't read it sooner. Anyway I'm glad I did and now I can't wait to read book 2. I don't know what is going to happen to Cookie and Meeko's relationship because dam that man comes with so much dam drama is crazy, like dam can Cookie ever catch a break. I want them to work out tho.

  • Shaunphoo

    OmgDang Tonya why you do me like that? I was all in it that was a good bookLord I hope Meeko get together and he and Cookie be together,and that he find out the little girl not hisI know he is going to be hurt be it need to come out,also Toi sleeping with her cousin man with they trifling self and RasheedaWhew it just so much going on umm ready for part 2

  • Tonia

    Cookie and MeekoMeeko don't learn. Keep laying down with whore's you going end up being in drama. Cookie is a really sweet woman. Who seem like she is always being dragged through hell

  • Beatrice Johnson

    Good read! Enjoyed the book but towards the end it was all messed up. Some pages kept repeating then it would pick back up and parts would be missing. Got kind of confusing. Would still recommend and can't wait for the next part.

  • Kristie

    Drama drama!!!Can't wait til book 2 comes out!!! Hopefully Cookie start stepping up handling these ratchet tricks because they trying her big time! I like Meeko but omg he got too much mess that comes along with dealing with him!!!

  • Natalie

    Where is part 2Maaaan, where is part 2????This book started off good. I have read most of La'Tonya books except her side chic series. Now I'm fixn 2 one click them. Again I askwhere is book 2, great read Hon!!!! Keep them coming

  • Latoya

    LoveWhen you love someone from a distance till you get the chance to make your move and then find out that she is all you need but you have so much bull shit from your pass do you pass up on true love or let well enough lie or go for it

  • Litisha Jenkins

    Good bookAlthough this book had a slow start it turned out to be a good book. Meeko and Cookie seems like a great couple although his past is haunting them. I will definitely purchase pArt 2 to see where this storyy goes

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