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To extricate himself from financial difficulties, John Beauclerc, the Earl of Finchley, concocts a scheme to marry a stranger who s answered his advertisement He ll show his grandmother That lady s withholding money until he can demonstrate maturity and less scandalous behavior At six and twenty, the last thing he wants is to settle down He goes to the church at STo extricate himself from financial difficulties, John Beauclerc, the Earl of Finchley, concocts a scheme to marry a stranger who s answered his advertisement He ll show his grandmother That lady s withholding money until he can demonstrate maturity and less scandalous behavior At six and twenty, the last thing he wants is to settle down He goes to the church at St George s Hanover Square to wed Miss Margaret Ponsby of Windsor, send her on her way with 100, and continue to pursue wine, women and faro with his fun seeking friends After the ceremony, he realizes he s married the wrong woman Miss Margaret Ponsby of Windsor obviously thought the wedding was to occur at St George s Chapel in Windsor Lady Margaret Ponsby was at St George s in London How can he extricate himself from this wretched marriage a marriage over which his grandmother is ecstatic If only Lady Margaret Ponsby weren t so shy When the lanky young though most disreputable earl she s worshipped from afar for as long as she could remember asks her to move to the church s altar with him, she s powerless to decline Even after a wedding ceremony begins, she still remains mute She must be standing in for Lord Finchley s true bride But once she realizes she really is married to Lord Finchley, she determines to do everything in her power to make this a dream marriage Even if it means imitating her clever, talkative sister.

  • Title: Countess by Coincidence
  • Author: Cheryl Bolen
  • ISBN: 9781939602350
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Cheryl Bolen

Since being named Notable New Author for 1997, Cheryl Bolen has published than 35 books with Kensington Zebra, Harlequin, Love Inspired Historical, Montlake, and independently She has broken into the top 5 on the New York Times and hit the USA Today bestseller list Her 2005 One Golden Ring won Best Historical, Holt Medallion, and her 2011 My Lord Wicked was awarded Best Historical in the International Digital Awards, the same year her Christmas novella was chosen as Best Novella Her books have been finalists for other awards, including the Daphne du Maurier, and have been translated into eight languages She s also been the number 1 bestselling historical romance author in Germany.She holds a bachelor s degree in journalism and English from the University of Texas and a master s degree from the University of Houston Her favorite pursuits are reading diaries of dead English women, traveling to England, and watching the Texas Longhorns play football and basketball She and her recently retired professor husband are the parents of two sons One is an attorney, the other a journalist.Website CherylBolenBlog cherylsregencyramblings.wordpress Facebook fblk Facebook

Comments Countess by Coincidence

  • Kay Hudson

    As its title would suggest, Cheryl Bolen’s latest Regency romance opens with wild coincidences and foolish behavior, all of which combine to throw the hero and heroine of Countess By Coincidence into that favorite entertaining (for the reader!) predicament, the Marriage of Convenience.Margaret Ponsby, sister of the Duke of Aldridge (the hero of Bolen’s Duchess by Mistake) has harbored a girlish crush on John Beauclerc, the Earl of Finchley, for years, although she has never actually spoken t [...]

  • Crazychriss889

    Our heroine?Don't really get her. Seems to be pretty shy around men but the at times she isn't. Don't get why she is so infatuated with a guy she has never met or really spoken to, a guy who has one of the worst reputations ever and who really is a rake and a gambler I just don't get it Does she really only care about his looks??Also, she is way too complacent, never says what she actually wants and desiresOur hero?Well, don't like him for quite some time. He doesn't plan to change his way of li [...]

  • RoloPoloBookBlog

    Countess by Coincidence by Cheryl BolenBook #3: House of Haverstock SeriesSource: Author: My Rating: 4/5 starsMy Review: What do you do when you’re a rake who’s in debt up to your butt and can’t your hands on granny’s wealth until you prove you have matured? You do the most mature thing you can think of, put an ad in the paper for a bride in name only. Of course that’s what you do. John Beauclerc hasn’t done a thing with his life since leaving school. Oh, to be sure has drunk himself [...]

  • Patricia Schuette

    A story about a young man who wants to find a lady who will marry him sight unseen for a hundred pounds. He goes to meet her at the church but it isn't until the ceremony is over he finds he has married the wrong lady who by Chance has the same name as the woman his lawyer found. I really enjoyed this unusual story.

  • Zena

    I loved this story with its constant possibility of a love either being consummated or not.It brought tears to my eyes with the tenderness expressed by both of the main characters and I will admit to also laughing at their thoughts about each other and what they would like to do together.I also loved the openness and zest for life of Caro, Maggie's younger sister and John's grandmother seemed to be a force to be reckoned with.Altogether a well written, enjoyable and very entertaining story which [...]

  • Laura R

    Lovely book!I loved this book! I had already read some of the author’s other books, so I knew this one would be so great! It’s so nice to read a romance that does not get raunchy with explaining so much about the sex act. This author gives credit to the reader’s imagination for that! I find that I can imagine what’s going on so much better than reading a full description. Thank you Ms Bolen!!!

  • Debby Settle

    EntertainingAs with all Cheryl Bolen's stories Countess by Coincidence will entertain you with love, laughs and tenderness between two people. Couples come together thinking never to find themselves in love, but we can read and feel love entering their lives and hearts. A warm and witty read.

  • June Barrios Wiley

    Lovely storyTrent house continues to be a wonderful place for war widows and their children. And in the meantime the sisters are all finding their handsome true loves. Lovely story with lovely ending about Margaret and her one true love .

  • Favirah

    Could be betterThe premise is good. A marriage of convenience with one sided love, but it takes too long . The story drags on and on with the hero insisting in his mind that he hates the marriage.And what with the excessive use of ( and sometimes awkward) "I own", "you own" and the word "bloody".But still, it is a good, sweet read. I wish only the story had a bit more angst and depth.

  • Carol Greenwood

    Two women with the same name fated to cross paths.Margaret had gone to church to pray. How had she come to be married to her secret heart's desire? Delicious reading

  • Dianne Lowe

    Very good story of love.

  • AnnMarie

    The Countess of Coincidence is book three in the House of Haverstock series by the talented Cheryl Bolen.It's a wonderful addition to the set and I love the way the characters in all three books are connected.This is the story of Lady Margaret Ponsby, the daughter of an Earl. She's a shy young woman who has resigned herself to being a spinster after not being offered for after a few seasons since her 'coming out' into society.It is also the story of the Earl of Finchley. He is what is known as a [...]

  • Connie Fischer

    John Edward Beauclerc, the 11th Earl of Finchley, promised his grandmere, the Dowager Finchley, to curtail his gambling but has failed yet again. His parents are deceased and his grandmere is his only close relative. In need of money, he goes to her but she refuses him. She reminds him that he has honor which was lacking in his father and grandfather.Lady Margaret Ponsby has grown weary of the husband hunting ritual. She and her sister, Caro and Clair, each have a dowry of 30,000 pounds. Their s [...]

  • Sportochick

    This is a lighthearted easy historical read that shows the reader how a young Rake can find himself changing when he least suspects it. John Beauclerc, the 11th Earl of Finchley loves carousing with his three best friends. The author shows that there is more depth to his character that he is unaware of but his grandmother and now shock of shocks his unexpected wife can see. There are some amusing parts in how John acts that will crack up the reader because they will identify with someone in thei [...]

  • Marissa

    Kindle Copy for ReviewWhat happens when two people end up getting married by accident and neither wanted to fall in love.John Beauclerc, the Earl of Finchley, finds himself placing an advertisement to get marry to appease his grandmother. He needs to show her that he is responsible and has change his scandalous ways so he can inherit his money. John does not want to marry but he knows he must for his sake. So he meets up at St. George's Hanover Square to wed a Miss Margaret Ponsby of Windsor, as [...]

  • Connie

    Beautiful Recency RomanceLady Margaret Ponsby is in St. George's praying for a decent man. In walks Lord John Finchly, who hands her 100 guineas and marries her. Margaret has always loved John from afar when he visits his grandmother. John believes he is marrying a different Margaret Ponsby who will live in a different town than he does. He wants nothing more than to run with his bloods, gamble, drink, and cavort with loose women.A very interesting start to a marriage. When John finds out he can [...]

  • Petula

    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC but that does not colour my review in any way.John, the Earl of Finchley has got himself in another financial pickle. This time his grandmother, who holds the purse strings is insisting it's time her grew up. He is only 26 years old, he is enjoying gaming, drinking and worse with his best friends. But he has a plan!!! Margaret is a very shy young woman. Her and her sister might look almost the same, but their characters are very different. Margaret has always [...]

  • Diana (DomesticGoddess)

    Could this be any more repetitive? DNF at 50%. The premise is silly, and I am bored out of my skull. The author was an English teacher, so at least the grammar, spelling and punctuation are pretty much correct - otherwise this would have been a one-star. "He did not want his friends to change. He did not want them to ever marry and grow serious and forget about drinking one another under the brandy table or arguing over ladybirds of unquestionably scandalous repute or laughing themselves silly o [...]

  • Courtney

    I was delighted to have won this book through a giveaway (THANK YOU!). I bought the first two books in the series and read them first, and I must stress that this is necessary. The series is about an entire family and you need to read the first two books for this one to make any sort of sense. That being said, I liked this book. I will admit that the meet cute is INCREDIBLY far fetched, almost out of the realm of possibility. But, aside from that, I quite liked the hero and heroine and watching [...]

  • Kat

    I read this one first and the first book of the series at a later point. Didn't matter. Much. Some character names were mentioned in passing, like a reference to more that I didn't get.At first, I was a little confused with the Margaret Ponsbys and the places they were supposed to go. But once that was cleared up what a wonderful story! I loved just about everything about it, the characters, the development, the side-stories.Being a very shy person myself, I struggled with the young Margaret's s [...]

  • Wendy Tavenner

    I pre-ordered the book and as soon as I was done with book 2 yesterday I immediately started on this book. Margaret has had a crush on John the Earl of Finchley for sometime. When he mistakens her for another Margaret, he ends up marrying Lady Margaret by mistake. Finchley not wanting to be married to her sees it as an advantage. As time goes by and Lady Margaret moves into the Earls residence things start to change for the good without her needing to ask. Pretty soon mousy Margaret won't be mou [...]

  • Lori McD

    3 starsI really like Cheryl Bolen, as an author. But I admit that I had to read this book twice for it to really do anything for me. To be fair, I might have gulped it down too quickly the first time. Everyone felt wishy-washy and woe-is-me.But during my second reading, I saw that I'd over-judged the character and the story. It's a very GENTLE story, and it doesn't leap off the page at you - it has to be slowly savored, like a good high tea. I've decided to read the other books in the series.See [...]

  • Kathleen Ruggio

    No Coincidence Another Great ReadI really enjoyed this winding tale, Cheryl Bolen has tastefully spun. Another great read for us to enjoy. A confirmed bachelor determined to stay that way who falls into financial troubles decides to marry to get out of debt. By coincidence he marries a woman of the same name but NOT the one he signed a contract with. He finds that he got a much better deal and a much better woman as he slowly succumbs to the kindnesses of a gently bred woman.

  • Tammy

    What a delightful story. More than once I had to smile when the hero, John, proclaimed how he just didn't want to be married but at least he was married to Margaret. I loved watching his slow progression into love. I also adored Margaret. She was so meek and mild and yet so endearing. I also enjoyed the supporting characters. I will have to find the first two books in the series now because I just want to read more. I also find myself hoping for another book or two in the series so that I can he [...]

  • Lynda Barker

    Margaret answered an advertisement for a bride in name only.John just wanted to have fun with his friends, he didn't want a wife. Her dowry got him out of debt. But her brother, the Duke warned him to change his ways. John was falling in love with his wife, Maggie had always been in love with John.This book is for people think that people can't change, but love always finds away.

  • Jo Anne

    Another charming and fun story by Cheryl Bolen. Lady Margaret and Finch are, indeed, married by coincidence, and what follows is a sweet love story. These two characters come together under difficult circumstances, but because of respect for, and kindness to each other, found so much more than a marriage of convenience. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Jeanne

    I highly recommend Maggie and John's Regency love story.I enjoyed every part of this story from start to finish. From their serendipitous meeting to their evolving love and growing maturity! Every word was well placed. I especially loved the family ties, both immediate and extended. Loved all 3 books in this series!!!

  • Charlotte

    A cute and light read. Although the hero and heroine meet under erm, unusual circumstances, it was nice to see how their relationship developed into a real marriage, and the characters themselves evolved. I especially enjoyed watching the hero, who was initially immature and selfish, grow into a responsible individual.

  • Gail

    When I read books of this time period- and often people get married by mistake or convenience- you wonder if they only married for status and gain, or if any of them married for love. It was nice that these two grew into their marriage. I also liked how the main character- grew up and started acted better despite the teasing from his friends. Good story.

  • Margaret

    I randomly came across this novel and thought, why not? I haven't read a historical romance in a while and I figured I'd give it a shot. I wasn't disappointed and it proved to be a nice little escape from the day to day stress I'm dealing with. It was light and sweet which isn't my usual taste, but it held enough character depth to keep me interested.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Countess by Coincidence | by ☆ Cheryl Bolen
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