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In this raucous fantasy epic set at during the era when the Vikings fearlessly sailed the world s seas, mead flowed freely, and Gods walked the earth, companions Audun Arngrimsson and Ulfar Thormodsson are reunited after separate journeys of self discovery.In Trondheim, King Olav, self appointed champion of the White Christ, grows restless in the wake of a significant victIn this raucous fantasy epic set at during the era when the Vikings fearlessly sailed the world s seas, mead flowed freely, and Gods walked the earth, companions Audun Arngrimsson and Ulfar Thormodsson are reunited after separate journeys of self discovery.In Trondheim, King Olav, self appointed champion of the White Christ, grows restless in the wake of a significant victory and finds his faith tested further as he struggles to maintain the peace With his garrison decimated and his forces surrounded by deceitful, grasping local chieftains, the King contemplates how best and where to spread the word of his God.Reunited after their quests to discover the contours of their newfound immortality, Audun and Ulfar have a new sense of purpose to ensure that the North remains in the hands of those who keep to the old ways of Odin, Thor, and Loki To do so, they must take on a powerful adversary who will stop at nothing to put an end to age old traditions in the name of the White Christ Audun and Ulfar are about to do battle with the most powerful enemy they have ever faced, and if they are to have any chance of victory, they must find equally powerful allies.Meanwhile in the North, touched by the trickster god, something old, malevolent, and very, very angry stirs .

  • Title: Path of Gods
  • Author: Snorri Kristjansson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Snorri Kristjansson

Snorri Kristjansson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Path of Gods book, this is one of the most wanted Snorri Kristjansson author readers around the world.

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Comments Path of Gods

  • Mark Lawrence

    Finished! Snorri can turn out a nice line or two."the silence spread like blood on a stone""His mouth moved, and old words snuck back into the world on a whisper.""sharp noises of metal on metal skipping across the sea like flat stones on a lake"One thing I hadn't properly understood until this third book when I quizzed the author is quite how tightly the bones of the story are bound to historical reference (or at least saga reference). Even lines of dialogue are lifted from the thirteenth centu [...]

  • Andy

    Firstly some of the trials & tribulations of getting hold of this!! Been “on hold” “missing” “lost” “recovered” “loaned out to two other people first after recovered but hey Ive been On-hold since October & No.1 in the queue” This better be good!! Oh dear I think the Old Gods were trying to tell me something with all the delaysThe first few chapters which eventually turns into the 50% mark you are assaulted by an assortment of characters some of which I’m sure are a [...]

  • Jasper

    Originally posted at: thebookplank/2015And so we are brought to the third story in the awesome The Vahalla Saga. Snorri Kristjansson managed to completely win me over with his debut Swords of Good Men, which was also my first Jo Fletcher title I reviewed (it must have been destiny), and last year with the sequel Blood will Follow he managed to astound me once again. The sequel was a bit different in tone but even more amazing with what Snorri Kristjansson introduced, that mythical part! Wow. Tho [...]

  • Blodeuedd Finland

    I think this one was the best of the series. I read it in a day, it felt so light. Just like it should. Many historical books put in useless facts that drags down the book. Here he balanced it well, I felt like I was there, and then he mixed it with mythology and made it believable.Audun and Ulfar are back together. They are still immortal, and they know that things are happening. A big showdown is coming.First we have King Olav, arghh he made me so mad! So raping women who do not believe in Chr [...]

  • Simon

    A perfect ending to the Valhalla saga.If you are still reading by book three of a trilogy the chances are you are going to like the ending and be forgiving of any let downs or untidiness in the completion of the story. There is nothing at all requiring that understanding the book is beautifully written with lots of thought provoking side plot twists and builds to it's inevitable ending in a manner that surprised me even with only a few pages to go. I am sad to see the back of these books and wil [...]

  • Coby Heitz

    I took quite a large break between reading the second book and starting the third. That might have been part of my problem. I liked some parts just fine. I just didn’t really love any of it. It built up all this anticipation for this big fight between a few of the main characters and then just ended. I really would have enjoyed being a witness to that fight. It made it quite anticlimactic for me.

  • Rebecca

    Absolutely bloody brilliant! Great characters, superb action, amazing battles and sparkling dialogue. Combined with a cleverly and well crafted plot that is full of surprises and a good dash of humour. A fine and fitting end for all involved, some remarkable plot twists that neatly bring the characters and storyline full circle with great storytelling. This final book was packed full of Norse mythical references and I was especially impressed with the introduction of a horror element to the magi [...]

  • Ruth

    c2015: FWFTB: Sweden, Forkbeard, faith, family, Ragnarok. OK. So, this was one of those books where for most of the book I had absolutely no idea what was going on. No 'what-has-gone-before" and the author does not give a continental. He throws you in to the story with no care whatsoever and its a wild ride. The trouble is that I didn't even care! The story is riveting and the battle/fight sequences sparsely described but breathtaking. I finally understood everything when I read the last two pag [...]

  • Paul

    A really interesting blending of historical fiction and mythology.A great finish to what has been an entertaining series.Snorri writes a damned good scrap and the fight scenes as with all the series are worth the read alone.A nice cheeky ending as well.

  • Speesh

    The old gods are preparing for a last fight with Christianity and Viking legends are made real -stalking the earth either preparing for, or bringing, the end of the world.'Swords of Good Men' (The Valhalla Saga I) was an absolutely storming first affair. Book two, 'Blood Will Follow,' kind of took its eye off the ball a little. Though, this may say more about me, than the book, however. As I had completely, all the way through reading Swords, failed to notice that it was actually described as a [...]

  • Christopher Taylor

    I'm in agreement with a few other reviewers. This was better than the previous books. Great battle scenes. Another step to Vahalla. Let the hammer and swords speak Love this Viking trilogy.

  • John

    An interesting conclusion to this series. I would have liked another ten or so pages utilized in the final act of this book.

  • Fantasy Literature

    Path of Gods is the third book in Snorri Kristjansson’s VALHALLA SAGA and it pretty much stays the path of what has come before, for good and ill. I rated the prior two books three-stars each, and that’s exactly where I’m placing Path of Gods. Fun dialogue, several engaging characters, and an excellent Norse setting are the strengths, while pace, fluidity, and characterization are the weaker elements.Path of Gods picks up where Blood Will Follow ended, and it’s probably a good idea to re [...]

  • Beau

    What an ending! Lots of twists I didn't expect. The one thing that griped me though; the women and children of most places aren't even mentioned much in the story. What happened to the stenvik townspeople??I felt like the ending was slightly rushed; but I was expecting a huge battle and I think it's actually quite refreshing that there wasn't a giant free for all, rather just a small showdown. I'm kind of hoping for a sequel saga where we see the epilogue events expanded upon! Overall great book [...]

  • Rudi Opperman

    I like the mythical and mystical aspects of this book. Enjoyable.

  • Sandra

    Really good ending to a wonderful series. At first, I did not like it (book 1). But by the end, it was very exciting.

  • Reuben Chadwick

    il be honest. it was nearly a 2 stars.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Path of Gods | by ☆ Snorri Kristjansson
    132 Snorri Kristjansson
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