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For him, everything had fallen into place Levi Dorsey didn t want much and never complained The private, sexy bar owner was content in his life and excited to move forward with his new business project There was just one problem he d never been able to forget about that kissor about her For her, everything had fallen apart Shelby Kellan was once confident in kFor him, everything had fallen into place Levi Dorsey didn t want much and never complained The private, sexy bar owner was content in his life and excited to move forward with his new business project There was just one problem he d never been able to forget about that kissor about her For her, everything had fallen apart Shelby Kellan was once confident in knowing who she was and what she wanted But recent events caused the gorgeous, blue eyed beauty to barely recognize the woman she saw when she looked in the mirror She knew she needed a fresh start Could she do it with his kiss still lingering on her lips Eighteen months ago, Levi and Shelby shared the perfect kiss Now, he wanted , but would she be able to give that to him after already losing so much Author s Note Each Hope Falls full length novel can be read as a stand alone

  • Title: Perfect Kiss
  • Author: Melanie Shawn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Melanie Shawn

NEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY bestselling author Melanie Shawn is the writing team of sister duo Melanie and Shawna Originally from Northern California, they now make their home in So Cal.Growing up, Melanie constantly had her head in a book and was always working on short stories, manuscripts, plays and poetry Shawna always loved romance in any form movie, song or literary If it was a love story with a happy ending, Shawna was all about it They have joined forces to create a world where true love and happily ever after always has a sexy twist

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  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Paige's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsThis is the 8th book in the Hope Falls series but can be read as a standalone. Levi and Shelby meet over a year ago. Since that time, Levi hasn't forgetting Shelby and the steamy kiss he shared with her. Unfortunately, she wasn't ready for what the kiss held and ran. Levi was hoping to take that kiss further but doesn't hold it against Shelby that she ran that night. Levi is a stand-up gu and has stepped in and help his mom with his little br [...]

  • Abby

    "Perfect Kiss" is written by Melanie Shawn, and it is the 9th book in the Hope Falls series. It can be read as a stand-alone book. It features Levi Dorsey and Shelby Kellan.Circumstances has brought Shelby Kellan to the town of Hope Falls. She needs a fresh start -- a chance to recover. Over a year and a half ago, she had the perfect kiss with bar owner Levi Dorsey at a wedding. It was a kiss neither would forget. But so much time has passed, and Shelby is not as confident as she once was. She's [...]

  • Jennifer

    there is no doubt I love this series. with each one I read, I say, wow this is my favorite oneI don't think I'm going to love the next as much as this one.well HELLO, LEVI!!! could he be any more perfect? I stayed up late last night to read as much as I could and then finished this morning. this series has everything I want in a book. the characters have such great chemistry. they are funny and exciting and very hot. and with the crazy abusive stalker ex boyfriend, this book also had me on the e [...]

  • Heather Lyn

    I loved this book so much!! It's a really sweet story about Levi & Shelby, who shared a kiss at a wedding eighteen months before. Who never stopped thinking about each other. It isn't a happy reason that brings them back together, but it was written beautifully. Can't wait for the next book in this series. Melanie Shawn is an amazing dynamic writing duo and I absolutely love them!

  • Wendy Moore

    I love the Hope Falls series and Levi's story did not disappoint!!!What is not to love about Levi. The way he helps Shelby get through everything she has been through and helps her heal. Loved the ending to their story and looking forward to Adam's story!!!Well done Melanie Shawn!!

  • Jennie

    A must ReadWhat a great story. Emotions everywhere, great sense of humour. Even when Shelby was scared she knew she was safe in the arms of Levi. Could not put the book down. Thank You Melanie can't wait for Adams story

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞

    Kindle freebie 5/19/16

  • Jennifer

    This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandPerfect Kiss was a nice read. Levi is so sweet and just perfect for Shelby. Another great read by Melanie Shawn.Levi first met Shelby at a friends wedding over a year ago. They danced the night away and shared one amazing kiss, but then she ran and he has not seen or heard from her since. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her though. He knows that is a little crazy since it was just one kiss, but it was the perfect kiss.Shelby got scar [...]

  • Heather

    I'm a big fan of Melanie Shawn and of the Hope Falls series. I've not once been disappointed in any of the book sin the series and this one is no exception was fantastic!Levi Dorsey owns the one and only bar in Hope Falls and while he's always been known as a guy to loves to hook up, but has no plans to settle down, he can't get the one woman he spent time with at his friend's wedding almost a year and a half earlier, off his mind. When said woman shows up in town, he's excited, but he senses im [...]

  • Alima Livzletlivz

    I’ve missed Hope Falls and it’s totally orgasmic to revisit it and the wonderful characters have made the Hope Fall Series memorable and unforgettable. The sister duo of Melanie and Shawna take the readers back to Hope Falls, to Shelby Kellan and the sexy and private Levi Dorsey. Shelby is coming back home to the safety of her family and the support of her friends, to escape a traumatic and abusive breakup. Hiding the truth from family and wanting to recuperate emotionally as she decides her [...]

  • Books and Spoons

    Reading a Hope Falls novel, for me, is like visiting your hometown, with your best friends. The atmosphere is so friendly and accepting. The town folks are not shy to bug into your business, and they take care of their own. I love these stories, and have been waiting to read Levi's story ever since he was first introduced, because, really, Levi is just all that!Levi has always come across as honest, loyal, protective, friendly, and kind. He is hot as all get out, and not shy about it. He knows w [...]

  • Amalia

    This book had me swooning not just because Levi is hot, but because he was so sweet and loving to Shelby. I felt the emotions of Levi and Shelby from the very start of the book, till the end. It all starts with a kiss that Shelby and Levi had 18 months ago at Matt and Amy's wedding. That kiss was so intense that it spooked Shelby and she high tailed it out of Hope Falls. Shelby ends up in a relationship where she looses sight of the woman she was. She decides to come back to Hope Falls to visit [...]

  • Katrina Wiese

    Melanie Shawn has been one of my favorite authors since I was introduced to her Crossroads Series, and since starting to read the Hope Falls Series I have been just as enamored with her characters and the storylines. I love that when I start any of Melanie's books I am immediately sucked in and don't want to stop reading at any cost. But I am truly bummed when I am done and have to wait until I can start my next journey into Hope Falls. I also love that these books can be read as standalone nove [...]

  • Jen

    Another beautiful heart warming story!The Hope Falls series by Melanie Shawn is one of my favorite series! I have loved every installment of this series and this book was no different. I have been waiting some time to see what lucky lady was going to catch Hope Fall's resident hot bartender's eye. I could not have picked a more perfect woman than Shelby. Shelby is running from a very bad relationship, that has not only cased her emotional and physical pain, it has also caused her to loose her tr [...]

  • Jamie Rhodes

    Welcome back to Hope Falls! I love this series. You know you are reading a wonderful book with a fantastic author team when you just can’t put the book down. All you want to do is keep reading until you are finished. Then, you sigh and think to yourself why didn’t I slow down because now what do I read to top that. Melanie Shawn pulls you into the story. You feel as if you are a part of the story. The editing is awesome. There are no miscues to make you stop and have to read again. The story [...]

  • Kathy

    This story is another installment in the Hope Falls series. Sometimes, I read long -erm series and am bored or let down by the story arc. Yes, it's the same town, yes, I get to check in on some characters I liked, but the overall feel of the storyline is stale and the primary characters aren't all that interesting. This is absolutely not one of those stories in a stale, long-term series! This was a fresh story with hints of characters that we know and a setting that is familiar. Levi and Shelby [...]

  • Lynn Brooks

    Such a feel good love story and HOT to boot! :)Levi Dorsey is a 35 year old Bar Owner/Bartender who spent his childhood looking after his alcoholic Mom, then gave up his boxing dreams to take care of his twin brothers when she died. It's no wonder he has never wanted to be saddled with a long term relationship. Quick affairs have been perfect with him, until he meets Shelby Kellan at a wedding that is. He shares a hot kiss with her, and still can't get her off his mind a year and a half later. [...]

  • Sharon Moritz-rosenthal

    It’s been awhile since I have been to visit Hope Falls and this book really brought it home why I love this series. It was so great to catch up with the characters I have met in other books and I think some of them realy stole the show, namely Amy (who is a mom of twins) and Uncle Henry.The heroine in this story is Shelby, she is Matt’s perky, single sister you met in his story where he falls for Amy, Shelby came to town for their wedding 18 months before and danced with Levi and they shared [...]

  • Coral Mitchell

    I love series that are location books following a group. It's like being at home and getting to know the people and the town.Perfect Kiss is the story of Levi and Shelby. They met briefly in Hope Falls, shared a wonderful night getting to know one another, and a soul-searing kiss. Shelby is frightened by the passion from that single kiss and leaves without a way to reconnect with Levi. Both are full of regrets of what could have been. Eighteen months have passed, Shelby is running from an abusiv [...]

  • Alison Davies

    I was so happy when I heard there was going to be more in the Hope falls series and I wasn't disappointedIn Perfect Kiss we see Levi, the owner of JTs Roadhouse At his friends wedding he danced with the beauty Shelby, ever since then he hasn't stopped thinking about her There's one problem, he hasn't seen her since that night a year and a half ago Until she walks into the bar one night, but she looks and acts different Which only makes him what to hug her and find out what is bothering her Shelb [...]

  • Dawn

    This is the first Melanie Shawn book I've read. Book nine in a series may not have been the best place to start. I did enjoy the story of Shelby and Levi, but I had a couple of issues with the flow of the book. First, you get introduced to secondary characters all at once. There was no gradual meeting, they were just there. Second, everything seemed to happen right away. Shelby has not had a good year, but she seems to recover overnight and Levi barely knows Shelby and yet, he's in love. It was [...]

  • Dee

    Levi and Shelby shared a perfect kiss almost a year and a half ago, yet neither can get it out of their mind.Levi owns a bar and is pretty content with his life. His latest dream, to by the house behind the bar has just come true and after some extensive reno, he'll also be the proud owner of a B & B. Life seems to be pretty darn good.Re-enter Shelby into Levi's bar. She looks as wonderful as before, but something just isn't right. The chemistry is still bouncing back and forth, yet Shelby h [...]

  • Sherri Babb

    *ARC received in exchange for an honest review*I have read many books by Melanie Shawn but this is the first book that I have read in the Hope Falls series and it definitely will not be the last. I loved the book from start to finish. You could feel the chemistry between Levi and Shelby from the beginning. Although Shelby starts off as a broken shell of the person she used to be you see how strong she is by how hard she fights to overcome everything that happened to her. I loved Levi. He came ac [...]

  • Staci

    I absolutely loved Levi and Shelby's story. Shelby is Matt's sister and her story picks up 18 months after Matt and Amy's wedding. Shelby has experienced domestic violence and has left her life in Arizona to start over in Hope a Falls. No one knows what happened to her, but Levi looks deeper than her repeatedly saying she was fine and realizes just what she has been through. I love every visit to Hope Falls. It is a small town I would love to live in and spend time with the people who live there [...]

  • Vivian

    The Hope Falls series has always been an automatic buy for me and this book was no exception. However, once I discovered it dealt with the subject of domestic violence, I almost returned it. I decided to trust the authors and give it a chance as I have really enjoyed their past books, and I'm glad that I did - I would have missed out on a very good love story otherwise. Although the domestic violence issue was an integral part of the story, it did not overpower it and the authors handled the sub [...]

  • Lesley Koke DeWig

    LEVI I could leave it at that cause he was EPIC. Shelby is coming from a very dark relationship. She's hidden the truths of what has happened to her. She wants to go to someplace safe. So she heads to Hope Falls to spend time with her cousin Amy and her husband Matt. All she wants is to enjoy spending time with the babies and maybe make a bit of Money. Levi hasn't stopped thinking of Shelby in the 18 months since the shared a life changing kiss. Yet when she comes back into town his first instin [...]

  • Maureen Bartlett

    I love Melanie Shawn books and this was no exception. When the memory of one kiss lasts over a year and a half it has to mean something. Neither Levi nor Shelby knows what it is that makes their connection so strong but seeing one another after such a long time makes it quite clear that time has not diminished the intense attraction between the two of them. Shelby has been through so much in the time since she last saw Levi and trusting someone else, another man, is not an easy task. Levi has be [...]

  • Sharamebeth79

    I am writing an honest review of this book, the opinions in this review are my own. Hope Falls is a lovely little place where people like to play matchmaker! I enjoyed reading about Shelby Kellan and Levi Dorsey. This book has a great mix of light and sweet romance as well as true to life serious topics. Melanie Shawn has a wonderful way of telling a story and including her characters from the whole series to play in the lives of the main characters of individual novels. I empathized with many o [...]

  • Shannon Ferguson

    Perfect Kiss is probably one of my favorite reads so far this year. Shelby and Levi met at Shelby's brothers wedding, and the sparks flew immediately. In this story, we see where those sparks lead to. Shelby is a bit broken after some recent happenings in her life. It was awesome to find this once confident woman rediscover her confidence and life. Levi is a hot bar owner, and he gives Shelby space, but is also there for her. The chemistry between these 2 was hot, and I'm not sure how they kept [...]

  • Dani

    Melanie Shawn is back and better than ever.The story between Levi and Shelby was fun and touching. Their relationship developed naturally and slowly, I like it and I can appreciate it. They were clearly in for the long run but I think they both needed the time -for different reasons- to get to the same place.I can't wait for the next books in the Hope Falls series. It's good to be back in town!

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ☆ Perfect Kiss : by Melanie Shawn ✓
    299 Melanie Shawn
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