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By M.J. Beaufrand | Comments: ( 688 ) | Date: ( Dec 14, 2019 )

A gritty, psychological thriller about a mythic set of sixteen year old quintuplets searching for a young boy.On Whidbey Island, the Gray quintuplets are the stuff of legend Pixie and her brothers have always been bigger and blonder than their neighbors, as if they were birthed from the island itself Together, they serve as an unofficial search and rescue team for the isA gritty, psychological thriller about a mythic set of sixteen year old quintuplets searching for a young boy.On Whidbey Island, the Gray quintuplets are the stuff of legend Pixie and her brothers have always been bigger and blonder than their neighbors, as if they were birthed from the island itself Together, they serve as an unofficial search and rescue team for the island, saving tourists and locals alike from the forces of wind and sea But, when a young boy goes missing, the mysteries start to pile up While searching for him, they find his mother s dead body instead and realize that something sinister is in their midst Edgar nominated author M J Beaufrand has crafted another atmospheric thriller with a touch of magical realism that fans of mystery and true crime will devour.

  • Title: Useless Bay
  • Author: M.J. Beaufrand
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: None

About Author:

M.J. Beaufrand

M.J. Beaufrand Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Useless Bay book, this is one of the most wanted M.J. Beaufrand author readers around the world.

Comments Useless Bay

  • Bruce Gargoyle

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for review.Ten Second Synopsis:Henry and the Quints have known each other ever since Henry's famous, rich father moved to Useless Bay to set up house (or McMansion, as the case may be). When Henry's little brother Grant goes missing, Henry knows that the best people to find him will be Pixie and her brothers.Although the cover of this edition puts me in mind of a middle grade targeted story, this is definitely one for the young adul [...]

  • Natalie Kate

    Useless Bay was the type of book I couldn't put down. In fact, I almost completed the book in a matter of hours (but sleep got in the way, I did start it at midnight). And it was also the first thing I picked up when I woke up in the morning. It's the type of book that you don't expect to grip you in the magical way that it does, and I'm so happy I requested this on NetGalley because I absolutely adore it. I adore everything from the characters - a set of quintruplets that will make you feel awf [...]

  • June

    A charming little mystery with a beautiful backdrop and an intriguing set of quintuplets. Almost felt southern gothic, but set in the Pacific Northwest, instead. I was surprised to see this described as a 'gritty, psychological thriller' here on the page. This is neither gritty, psychological, nor thrilling. It's the type of mystery you would have read as a child on summer break, grabbing a book and climbing up a tree to read all afternoon in its branches. The narrator's friendly tone, their aw [...]

  • Kylie Sparks

    This book was odd and for me it just didn't work. The first thing that threw me off is that the artwork and title lead me to think it was going to be a mystery for middle school students. It's definitely for older readers. Although I don't know if it will appeal to teens. This is more like an extra long ghost story. I think it would have worked a lot better in that format, as part of a collection of chilling tales. There's not deep enough characterization or enough detail for this to be a novel. [...]

  • James

    Okayish, Not really mu cup of tea 2.5* maybe 2.75 if i'm generous.

  • Lisa Nocita

    Meh. Magical realism feels a little out of place or not well enough developed to be anything other than a curiosity and there's unnecessary language that doesn't advance the story. Characters seemed flat. Mystery is not that mysterious and seemed superfluous. None of the characters seem to have any real emotions.

  • Brenda

    Pixie lives on a small isolated bay with her four brothers who were born only minutes before her. As the youngest member of the Grey Quints, and the only girl, she is used to keeping up with her brothers in every way possible. Whether that is in competing to see who can do the most dangerous stunt to helping people who find themselves injured or lost among the trees and brush that line the area. The five Grey children are said to be an almost mystical group of children. Not only are they all tal [...]

  • Nicole

    This book was previously reviewed at missnicolethelibrarianspoUmmmmHmmm.I wanted to like this book, but the pitched summary above isn't really what you're getting. It's definitely not a psychological thriller. It's actually not even that thrilling, and the killer is painfully obvious. I want Pacific Northwest Gothic to totally be a thing, but this book just didn't do that for me.In fact, I'm still trying to make heads and tails of it. It's definitely plot driven and fast paced (I finished this i [...]

  • The Library Lady

    "A touch of magical realism," says the jacket flap.More like touches of the supernatural added to boost a less than believable plot. To add insult to injury, I figured out the villain of the piece by halfway through the book, though I didn't guess at several silly twists, probably because they too were less than believable. There was a good story in here--I liked Pixie and her 4 brothers, quints named after members of the Rat Pack. But their story was drowned (sorry) in a silly mystery plot.

  • Rebecca

    On Whidbey Island, the Gray quintuplets are unusual in many ways. They have no father, they're all over six feet tall, and over the years they've developed a penchant for search and rescue--especially the only girl, Pix, with her badly-trained bloodhound Patience. The Shepherds come from a different world--the world of the uber-wealthy. Their compound sits right on Useless Bay, with the Grays' house on the bluff above. Despite the disparities, the Shepherds have come to trust the Grays, and Henr [...]

  • Ravencrantz

    2.5/5There are a few scenes of child abuse in the second half of the book, so be aware of that when reading. Character death in the spoiler -> (view spoiler)[Also the dog dies a brutal death (hide spoiler)]This book tried too hard to be too many things. Was it a murder mystery? Was it urban fantasy? Was it a coming of age story? Few books can pull off being multiple genres, and this was not one of them. It was a quick read and exciting enough, but ultimately it was disappointing. Obvious hint [...]

  • Carolyn

    This book started out really fast paced, and the author writes in a fun conversational-type style.He said he wanted to order a dog because he had the wacky idea that he wanted to be involved in search-and-rescue . . . kind of a romantic, our Sammy. Not a big thinker-througher.Sure the book has a few gimmicks: quintuplet boys named after the original Rat Pack, with a younger sister named Marilyn Monroe (nicknamed Pixie), the single mom with all these 5 kids and no father to speak of (view spoiler [...]

  • Kain M.

    M.J. Beaufrand's "Useless Bay" is a mystery book about a girl nick named Pixie, a boy name Henry, and both their families. Pixie is a tough, tall girl who is a great search and rescue volunteer with her dog ,Patience. She belongs to the Gray Family, who are super tall and excellent members of the community. Henry is a boy who gets enraged easily and is in love with Pixie. Henry is part of the Shepard Family who are super rich, which attracts them a lot of attention. They both live by Useless Bay [...]

  • Mark Richards

    Well this one took me by surprise. The cover does not match the story The bodies start to stack up in this murder mystery set on Whidbey Island. The narrative switches between two characters and that was confusing at first, but smoothed out as I went along. Plenty of action happening as the quintuplets race against time to find a missing boy. Strangulation, shooting, and drowning all work for and against them. A compelling read for seventh grade and above.

  • Kristian Wilson

    Claire Hutchet Bishop's The Five Chinese Brothers moves to the Pacific Northwest in this YA mystery from M.J. Beaufrand. Useless Bay introduces readers to the Gray quints --- four brothers and sister Pixie --- and the Shepherds: an ultra-wealthy family who vacation near the Grays' home on Whidbey Island. When two members of the Shepherd clan go missing, the Grays are the first people suspected, and the supersized, superpowered teens must rush to solve the mystery and save themselves and their fr [...]

  • Roberto Olvera

    The book was a mystery that begins on a peninsula between two families the grays and the neighbors the grays were extremely talented at finding people who where lost on the island because of their dog (patience)but the book takes a turn and the dog is found dead and a boy went missing, the grays find a dead body in the bay but it wasn't the boy so a manhunt begins and they try to find the killer and it turns out it was the grays grandma who abused the neighbors child who went missing.

  • Ashley Blackwood

    I thought the plot was good, but there were parts in the book that made absolutely no sense to me at all. I think the book would have made an awesome mystery without all the weird fantasy type elements added in.

  • Lauren

    I started this thinking it was a middle grade book for some reason - maybe the cover? It wasn't a bad book, but it just didn't hold my interest as I was expecting it to.

  • Marta Ilieva

    I received this copy from my school's librarian. While it's clearly written for younger audience (I'd say grades 7-10), I had a lot of fun reading it. Loved the mystery/murder plot

  • Josephine

    I finished this a few weeks ago but can’t remember exactly when! I don’t know why the reviews on this book aren’t as good as they should be, because I really enjoyed it!

  • Kathy

    Whidbey Island teen quintuplets are famous for their large size and search/rescue abilities. Told in alternating chapters between Pixie (the only sister) and Henry (rich kid who lives nearby and loves Pixie from afar), they tell of Henry's little brother who goes missing and the body they found in the bay instead. Ghostly elements abound that only Pixie seems aware of; are they good, or are they malevolent? Great sense of place with wind, rain and water, and Seattle just off in the distance.

  • Jodie "Bookish"Cook

    Book ReviewTitle: Useless BayAuthor: M. J. BeaufrandGenre: Thriller/Drama/FamilyRating: *****Review: The opening to Useless Bay was very unconventional it was plain while being dramatic with extremely dark undertones. While only being under 230 pages long and written in an understandable way for middle grade children I would most certainly recommend this to a young adult and up audience. This book is told from the duel perspectives of Pixie and Henry. Pixie is the youngest of Gray quintuplets, t [...]

  • Heather Lawson

    Originally posted here: heatherreviews.wordpress/_____________________________Every so often, I come across a book that just sounds so intriguing, I feel like I need to read it right now. Useless Bay is one of those books. With a mystery wrapped around the Gray family – quintuplets built like giants and local legends – I was hooked from the first page.The Grays are local legends on Useless Bay. The quintuplets are tall, sturdy, and the best search and rescue team anyone’s seen. But when th [...]

  • Emz Chang

    I received this book for free from NetGalley, courtesy of ABRAMS Kids, in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Useless Bay is a story about the Gray quintuplets, Pixie in particular, and their search for a young boy, Henry’s brother. The story includes dogs, Russians, death, and family, among many other things.I really enjoyed reading Useless Bay as a whole. It is the kind of story that keeps you engaged and at the edge of your [...]

  • A. Musquiz

    I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book starts out in a very mysterious way, first establishing the characters then heading on into the disappearance of the boy and his mother. My first impressions on going into this book was how unique the characters were. The Gray quintuplets were described as kids who were practically a part of the island, they were birthed from the island itself, they belonged to the island and no one else. I was really interesting to hea [...]

  • Tasha

    When a boy goes missing on Whidbey Island, it’s expected that he’s hiding out at the Gray’s house. But Grant isn’t there. Pixie is one of the Gray quintuplets, large kids who seem to have special talents. When Pixie heads out with her scent dog, the best in the state, to find Grant, she discovers something else instead – the body of his mother. Henry, Grant’s half brother, is also part of the search. He knows the attention and problems that come with living in a very wealthy family. [...]

  • Samantha

    The Gray quintuplets are tall, blonde, and deeply in love with their home, Whidbey Island. Pixie Gray and her siblings are the unofficial search and rescue team for the island, along with their dog. When a young boy they know goes missing, they set out a search to find him. Together with Henry, the boy’s older brother, they discover an unexpected dead body, a hidden traitor, and more, all while still searching for the boy. USELESS BAY is a great mystery, perfect for fans of the show Broadchurc [...]

  • Sam

    I really enjoyed this short story. Seriously, I finished it in one sitting, I think it took me all of two and a half hours? Anyways, I received this book for review in exchange for my honest opinion, this has not affected my opinion.This story is about a set of quintuplets (how often does that happen) with four boys and one girl. Pixie is one of our narrators, as the youngest and the only girl amongst the four boys, she has a certain air about her that almost is the need for her to prove that sh [...]

  • Barbara

    Sixteen-year-old Pixie Gray and her four siblings, quintuplets, live in an area known as Useless Bay on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Her brothers have a larger-than-life for their size and for their feats of daring. Pixie is somewhat lost, but she seizes the opportunity to befriend Patience, a bloodhound pup one of her brothers has bought. The dog turns out to be skilled at tracking down lost humans. Pixie's family lives near the Hendersons whose father is extremely wealthy and busy. The [...]

  • Morgan Garratt

    Set on the Olympic Peninsula Useless Bay is a real place. It really does wash up all sorts of things with every weather change. Including shoes with feet still in them and all sort of other horrors. By Jason Hollinger via Wikimedia Commons Retelling of a classic Chinese story about 5 siblings, all with very quiet superpowers."On Whidbey Island, the Gray quintuplets are the stuff of legend. Pixie and her brothers have always been bigger and blonder than their neighbors, as if they were birthed fr [...]

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