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By Martin Edwards | Comments: ( 800 ) | Date: ( Feb 18, 2020 )

Christmas is a mysterious, as well as magical, time of year Strange things can happen, and this helps to explain the hallowed tradition of telling ghost stories around the fireside as the year draws to a close Christmas tales of crime and detection have a similar appeal When television becomes tiresome, and party games pall, the prospect of curling up in the warm with aChristmas is a mysterious, as well as magical, time of year Strange things can happen, and this helps to explain the hallowed tradition of telling ghost stories around the fireside as the year draws to a close Christmas tales of crime and detection have a similar appeal When television becomes tiresome, and party games pall, the prospect of curling up in the warm with a good mystery is enticing and much better for the digestion than yet another helping of plum pudding Crime writers are just as susceptible as readers to the countless attractions of Christmas Over the years, many distinguished practitioners of the genre have given one or of their stories a Yuletide setting The most memorable Christmas mysteries blend a lively storyline with an atmospheric evocation of the season Getting the mixture right is much harder than it looks.This book introduces readers to some of the finest Christmas detective stories of the past Martin Edwards selection blends festive pieces from much loved authors with one or two stories which are likely to be unfamiliar even to diehard mystery fans The result is a collection of crime fiction to savour, whatever the season.

  • Title: Silent Nights: Christmas Mysteries
  • Author: Martin Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780712356107
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards was educated in Northwich and at Balliol College, Oxford University, taking a first class honours degree in law He trained as a solicitor in Leeds and moved to Liverpool on qualifying in 1980 He published his first legal article at the age of 25 and become a partner in the firm of Mace and Jones in 1984.He is married to Helena with two children Jonathan and Catherine and lives in Lymm Martin is a member of the Murder Squad collective of crime writers, and is chairman of the nominations sub committee for the CWA Diamond Dagger crime writing s most prestigious award In 2007 he was appointed the Archivist of the Crime Writers Association.

Comments Silent Nights: Christmas Mysteries

  • BrokenTune

    3.5*Like any collection of short stories, this one is a mixed bag. Martin Edwards is, of course, an expert in the stories and authors selected here, but as with his other selections, and indeed any other selection, his tastes and favourites are somewhat different to mine.And, let's not forget that some authors are better at writing short stories than others. The authors selected for this collection seem to represent some of the big names of mystery writing, but not necessarily the ones who were [...]

  • Sue

    I've enjoyed Martin Edwards' Lake District Mystery series for a while now and I have also followed his blog where he discusses his enjoyment of classic mysteries. Well I can see that he has put that enjoyment to very good use. In these fifteen stories, chosen for their Christmas season setting, Edwards has created a collection of Golden Age mystery stories by authors both familiar and unknown. They vary in setting from the country estate on Christmas to the city home during a winter storm or a r [...]

  • Becky

    This review does not include the first Holmes story because it is much more famous and better than the other stories in the book. I am glad I finished this book - although the book definitely had that Christmas atmosphere, the first half was bad and silly, the second half was much better but not excellent. Recommended stories include: "The Chinese Apple" and "The Name on the Window".

  • Susan Johnson

    This is a wonderful anthology of short, delightful, Golden Age Christmas stories, mostly mysteries, put out by the British Library Crime Classics. There are stories by well known authors such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dorothy Sayers and Edmund Crispen and then some lesser known, but quite talented, writers. Each author has a little biography about them in front of their story which really adds something special. I liked the stories and they have stood the test the test of time. So as Christmas [...]

  • Ivonne Rovira

    Invariably, an anthology of Golden Age mystery short stories is bound to be uneven; however, Martin Edwards, an English solicitor and a mystery writer in his own right, has compiled a mostly delightful batch of Christmas-themed British mysteries in Silent Night. For the most part, the collection contains undeservedly forgotten authors as well as lesser-known works by well-known authors interspersed with “The Blue Carbuncle” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Case Is Altered” by Margery Alli [...]

  • Ruth

    This is a wonderful collection of Golden Age detective stories all set around the festive Christmas season. Martin Edward's Introduction whets the appetite for what's to come and each story is introduced with a useful couple of paragraphs which put the stories in context and give some basic information about each author.Because it's an anthology of different authors you never know what's coming next and the styles are so varied. I really appreciated the opportunity to sample a range of different [...]

  • John Frankham

    This volume in the British Library Crime Classics series is really very, very good. Fifteen 20-ish crimes at Christmas, by a range of top-rate golden-age writers. authors who could write, as well as plot.From Conan Doyle, GK Chesterton, Edgar Wallace, Dorothy Sayers, Margery Allingham, Marjorie Bowen (one of Britain's greatest 20thC authors), Nicholas Blake, and Edmund Crispin.

  • Lindsay

    To use a Christmas analogy, this book is like a half eaten tub of Quality Street - there's a few green triangles and a couple of purple ones, but what you've mostly got is the toffee pennies and strawberry cremes that nobody really likes, even when they've had a few too many port and lemons! Ethel Lena White's story was the standout for me, and of course Dorothy L Sayers and Margery Allingham were good, along with a few others but there was a lot of filler. Always the risk with a book of short s [...]

  • Lou Robinson

    This a rare event for me5* for a collection of short stories. There wasn't a bad one amongst them, and I do love to read Christmas stories over the Christmas holidays. Lots of snow, lots of villainsd all in that fabulous Agatha Christie style. Great.

  • Laila (BigReadingLife)

    As most short story collections are, I felt this was uneven. Four stories, especially Ethel Lina White's "Waxworks," were terrific. For those alone, this would be worth seeking out if you're a Golden Age mystery fan and want some reading specifically for the Christmas season. I'm glad I finally managed to read one of these British Library Crime Classics! I will certainly try another one.

  • Cathy Cole

    Silent Nights is a collection of short stories written by some of the top mystery writers of the Golden Age. Some of the authors will be familiar to you, others won't. Although they're all set during the Christmas season, there is very little holiday spirit to be found in them, so don't pick this book up expecting to make merry.Most of the mysteries seem to involve some sort of puzzle, and country house settings are found in quite a few. (Of course-- everyone goes to their country house for Chri [...]

  • Kristin

    I am loving these British Library Crime Classic series being published by Poisoned Pen Press here in the U.S. This book of short story mysteries is like a box of chocolate as each one is as yummy as the rest. Of course, some people don't like nuts or cream-filled, but still, the majority are fun to read.

  • Catie

    Favorite Short Stories:• The Blue Carbuncle by Arthur Conan Doyle• The Necklace of Pearls by Dorothy L. Sayers• The Case Is Altered by Margery Allingham• Waxworks by Ethel Lina White• Cambridge Tea by Marjorie Bowen

  • Lori

    This is a collection of mysteries with Christmas settings."The Blue Carbuncle" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - A stolen jewel is found in a goose. Sherlock Holmes finds the thief in this tale ending with an unexpected twist (unless you've read the story before which I had)."Parlour Tricks" by Ralph Plummer - A robber is revealed through some amusements."A Happy Solution" by Raymond Allen - A thousand pound note intended for the Red Cross ends up in an envelpe addressed to Kenneth Dale. Dale solves t [...]

  • AngryGreyCat

    This is my final Christmas read for the year, a collection of short stories that is part of the British Library Crime classics Collection. I read Crimson Snow, another collection edited by Martin Edwards, earlier this Christmas season as part of the Kindle English Mystery Club and while I enjoyed that book, I really liked selections in this one. There were stories from Margery Allingham, Edmund Crispin, Arthur Conan Doyle, among others. One of my favorites in this collection was probably Waxwork [...]

  • Damaskcat

    This is a varied collection of crime stories from the Golden Age of British Crime fiction writing. There are well known names such as Nicholas Blake, Dorothy L Sayers and Margery Allingham but there are also lesser known names such as Marjorie Bowen and H C Bailey. All the stories have Christmas as their theme and this has always been a popular time of year from crime writers with its opportunities for confusing footprints with blizzard conditions and being able to collect large groups of ill-as [...]

  • Ladiibbug

    British Crime Mystery short stories by some famous authors (Arthur Conan Doyle, Dorothy Sayers, Marjorie Bowen), some stories by much lesser known authors, traced down with much effort.My favorite was The Blue Carbuncle and Other Stories, #5 in the Sherlock Holmes series, which I'll review separately as well.Other favorites: The Unknown Murderer by H.C. Bailey (aka Henry C. Bailey) (not in G/R's system) wrote in the 1920's; and The Absconding Treasurer by J. Jefferson Farjeon (also not in G/R sy [...]

  • Lisa Kucharski

    Was able to finish the book on Little Christmas! And I found it quite interesting, since a number of the authors I had heard about but finding their work is not easy. If you have Otto Penzler's The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries, only a few of these are found in this book. So if you're looking for some different material this would be worth getting. Also the introductions of the author's before each story was really interesting and helped frame some of the stories as well.An excellent and nice [...]

  • Carmen

    An excellent collection of crime fiction. Waxworks is outstanding, as are most of the tales. I found Cambric Tea disturbing and The Chinese Apple just plain creepy.On the whole this was really entertaining holiday reading.

  • Rebecca

    It's often been observed that it's almost impossible to review anthologies because, with very few exceptions, every reader will find them a mixed-bag. For me, Silent Nights was no exception, with a few really good stories, a couple that fell flat, and the rest being enjoyable but not outstanding, earning a perfect average overall score. However, its editor, Martin Edwards, sets out in his introduction a very specific set of criteria: to find Golden Age mystery stories that properly capture both [...]

  • Diane

    A good collection of vintage mystery stories with a Christmas theme. Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Blue Carbuncle" starts off the collection with a bang. I always think of Jeremy Brett when I read the Sherlock Holmes stories, especially this one. "Parlor Tricks" by Ralph Plummer - An unknown author and a very obscure story set in a small, snowbound hotel full of very bored guests - until Eric Glover livens things up with his tricks and jokes. He claims that he can leave a glass full of water in a ro [...]

  • Jeff Bleyle

    Initially I was hesitant to purchase this collection since many of the stories were already familiar to me and available in other books I already own, especially Doyle's "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle." Ultimately one I'm glad to own for the stories and authors introduced to me. New favorites include Ethel Lina White's suspenseful "Waxworks," Leo Bruce's "Beef for Christmas" and Edgar Wallace's "Stuffing." Martin Edwards well researched introductions proved manna to my love of British Gold [...]

  • Nicole

    Silent Nights is an anthology of British Christmas mysteries all set around the golden age of mystery writing (earlish 20th century). A very nice collection of short stories, which can be read all at once or spaced out over time (which I did). All are well-written, classic mysteries and I highly recommend this treasury of lost gems to any and all lovers of cozy mysteries - even better if you can read it around the holidays! A+

  • Marie

    2.75 stars.Probably the weakest of the British Library’s Crime Classics short story collections I’ve read thus far. More of these stories were thriller vs. mystery, like I’ve come to expect and enjoy in golden age of mystery stories.Some gems, but I definitely didn’t enjoy this collection as much as the other ones.

  • Maria

    This is an entertaining collection of solid vintage mystery stories from Britain's golden age. They are the perfect little vignettes to read during the holiday season when both time and nights are short. Grab a cup of tea or hot cocoa and savor each one.

  • Connie Smith

    A delightful anthology of Christmas who-dunnits.

  • Anh

    "The Chinese apple" by Joseph Shearing is my favourite story in this book.

  • Alison Devey

    Cosy little bookThe stories get better the further you get into the book so do persevere! Like the little solutions at the end

  • Mark McVay

    An entertaining enough mixed bag of seasonal mysteries, with The Chinese Apple and Beef for Christmas two of my favourites.

  • Selle


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