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In a dystopian world, far in the future, seventeen year old, Fenesia Thornbark, loses her home, her way of life, and most of her friends and family, all at the hands of people she once trusted With her parents dead, Fenesia is now responsible for her younger sister s life, as well as that of several other orphaned children they meet along the way, while trying to find theIn a dystopian world, far in the future, seventeen year old, Fenesia Thornbark, loses her home, her way of life, and most of her friends and family, all at the hands of people she once trusted With her parents dead, Fenesia is now responsible for her younger sister s life, as well as that of several other orphaned children they meet along the way, while trying to find the resistance group who is fighting the corrupt government As she struggles to survive in a hostile environment that is unfamiliar to her, Fenesia is transformed into an unapologetic killer something she had never imagined possible in her former privileged life.

  • Title: Code Human
  • Author: N.J. Paige
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

N.J. Paige

NJ Paige is the author of Code Human.She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.And her motto is Life is but a journey And must be taken one step at a time.

Comments Code Human

  • Majanka

    Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/book-touIn Code Human, Fenesia Thornbark is part of the Purestkind, which is strangely reminiscent of the “Ubermensch”. She’s not that happy with her position though, and she hates the way the Underkind (or “Untermensch, if you will) are treated. She’s always been a bit of a rebel, and always more friendly to the Underkind than she should, but so has her family. She questions her society, which makes her an interesting protagonist, a [...]

  • Tony Parsons

    Kākus (country). Purestkind (overseers, protectors), & Underkind (slave) survive amongst each other.Not without conflict however. The Underkind servants: Rubrics, Besmirchians, & Shillers work in the Capital House.The Purest Government also owns all the lands. Any Underkind trying to grow their own food/crops are shot on the spot.The Besmirchians job is to weave hemp into valuable clothing, baskets, & furniture. They are also crop producers/harvesters. The Rubrics & Shillers do [...]

  • Nay Denise

    **I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**N. J. Paige does a good job at describing the feelings, emotions and thoughts that Fenesia has. The world building and the characters were amazing and kept me highly interested. The society was split into a hierarchical system: Purest, Purestkind and Underkind. The Underkind consisted of three groups: Rubrics, Besmirchians and Shillers.Fenesia, the protagonist, was apart of the Purestkind. From the beginning she has always [...]

  • Mkittysamom

    I believe Code Human is a powerful book with a message about prejudice and morality. Code Human is a dystopian, coming of age story about Fenesia Thornbark and her family surviving the every day violence of the autocratic Kaukus. Death to anyone who apposes them! The Governor Samuel "Facious" Malborn, is the Purist leader of the Kaukus and his 100 purist chosen. Her family takes the journey to fight for freedom under the name of the Human Code.The author N.J. Paige asks in the beginning of the b [...]

  • Stephanie

    I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.Let me just say first that I loved the world building and the characters, but I gave it a 4 star rating mostly because of the ending and I don't like to spoil things so I wont go into great detail about it but I was very confused and I bring it up now because I want to justify my rating because I really loved so many other things about this book.The world around these love able few was very well done and I was very affected by th [...]

  • Tonja Drecker

    We get to know Fenesia very well, since this is told from her viewpoint, and it's very easy to sympathize with her. I had a bit of trouble connecting with the writing--there's little dialogue, allowing everything to be described by Fenesia's thoughts--but still, found the plot driving enough that I didn't want to put the book aside and wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next.The death scenes of her family are well done and my heart broke with hers, and her actions in general (and r [...]

  • Laura Hampton~iScream Books~

    Review to come.

  • Karen Cohn

    An interesting premise marred by plot pieces never explained and spelling and punctuation errors, such as "They have my, son" and the use of the "brazier" when the proper word was "brassiere". This is an interesting look at race relations in a dystopian world, but some things, such as the visual effects of the "blue stones" are alluded to, even used as plot devices, but never explained; at one point, a character dies - clearly, obviously, described as dead - but in the next sentence, the charact [...]

  • Vidya

    Won this book as a giveaway. Powerful story but too much violence in it for me. Nevertheless it's well written.

  • Rachel Valentine

    I won this book through Goodread First Reads."Code Human" by N.J. Paige is exciting book about a girl named Fenesia whose whole life is changed when her father aligns her family with the resistance. Fenesia and her family are no longer Purestkind and instead are basically part of the Underkind. They must go on the run and try to do their best to survive. A good thing about this book is how much action there is in it. There is hardly a dull moment and something always seems to be happening. It k [...]

  • Ethereal Bean

    Okay so I know its been a while and I am sorry, but now here's my review.3/5 starsWhat I thought of this book:I think it was amazing, I love the message. It was well paced and interesting.The writing was okay. Even though there were many spelling errors, it was alright. I really love the message, I think that, it's taking racism to another level. I also like how Fenesia deals with things, how she deals with all that is going on around her. Even though she is pained by all that she has lost, she [...]

  • Claire

    Code human is an interesting concept. It takes place 500 years after the end of a nuclear war. Society has been separated into different groups with the Purest and Purestkind on the top and everyone else as slaves. It's a race war parable, but set amongst people who have blue or yellow skin.The story is told from the point of view of a Fenesia Thornbark, a spoiled Purestkind, whose life is blown apart when her father fires on a bunch of soldiers. On the run, she meets up with the growing resista [...]

  • Lissy :)

    *I received this for an honest review* There were a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but that was it.It had a very slow start for me, but the ending was awesome. I really like the character development and how descriptive it is. How she describes the feelings and thoughts of the main characters were awesome! I love the world she lived in and all the characters, and and good. I also love the message the book conveys. I will definitely read more from this author :)

  • N.J. Paige

    This book is about survival, love, and human dignity.

  • Neil

    spelling mistakes.

  • N.J. Paige

  • N.J. Paige

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Code Human | by ↠ N.J. Paige
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