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When Angie goes head to head against her old nemesis Zach, backroom negotiation takes on a whole new meaning As lawyers on opposite sides of a case, they ve got plenty to argue about She s an environmentalist He s in house counsel for a land developer But handling difficult clients, interfering family and friends, as well as courtroom battles proves easier than facinWhen Angie goes head to head against her old nemesis Zach, backroom negotiation takes on a whole new meaning As lawyers on opposite sides of a case, they ve got plenty to argue about She s an environmentalist He s in house counsel for a land developer But handling difficult clients, interfering family and friends, as well as courtroom battles proves easier than facing a growing mutual attraction that threatens to spin out of control While Angie wants to believe there s to life than legal briefs, she s been burned before Can she learn to trust Zach, or will complications of his playboy past derail any chance of a happily ever after Please note Though this is the third book in the Santa Monica Trilogy, it can be read as a stand alone novel.

  • Title: Balancing Act
  • Author: JillBlake
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  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Jill Blake loves chocolate, leisurely walks where she doesn t break a sweat, and books with a guaranteed happy ending A native of Philadelphia, Jill now lives in southern California with her husband and three children During the day, she works as a physician in a busy medical practice At night, she pens steamy romances.The Doctors of Rittenhouse Square Pursued by the Playboy Kate Marc dp B00B1S1EJQ Taking a Chance Samantha Alex dp B00FG936YC This Time for Keeps Isabelle Luca dp B00I6SYS60The Santa Monica Trilogy Without a Net Eva Max dp B00LDVF1VSComing Home Grace Logan dp B00OZR19C2 Balancing Act Angie Zach dp B00VUKNZ60The Silicon Beach Trilogy Beyond the Ivory Tower Anna Ethan amzn 1FQQceoSweet Indulgence Becca Leo amzn 1ndlcluA Matter of Trust Klara Vlad amzn 2cvDqvv

Comments Balancing Act

  • Sherri Hayes

    3 starsI was given this book by the author for an honest review.This is the first book I've read by Jill Blake. It's the third book in a series, however for the most part it can be read as a standalone. I say for the most part because there were a few times, when in the heroine's point of view, where she would talk about certain characters like the reader was familiar with them. I went back and looked at the other two books and they were the main characters in those books. Being that I hadn't re [...]

  • Ruthie Taylor

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsThis is the last in the trilogy, yet could easily be read as a standalone. There is a certain inevitability that when there are three siblings, once it is the last one's turn, much is already known, and expected. I think that because this time it was the sister, that didn't happen. These two leads are so dedicated and committed to their work, that it is as if their love affair is with their cause, rather than possible with pe [...]

  • S.M. Harshell

    **I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**Balancing Act is the third book in the Santa Monica Trilogy. They can all be read as stand alones. Balancing Act is a sweet love story, between Zach Stewart and Angie MacDowell. He's a developer and she is an environmentalist lawyer. They have known each other for years and found themselves on opposite sides of a case. There is an immediate attraction on both sides, but Angie knows her clients case is more important than [...]

  • Bette Hansen

    This is the third and final installment in the Santa Monica Trilogy. It can, however, easily be read stand alone. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in this series, and while this book too was enjoyable I didn't feel as connected to the story or the characters as I did in the prior books. Nor did I really feel any chemistry between the two main characters. The writing and storyline were very good and I was glad that Angie got her HEA.

  • A. McCarty

    Imaginative Dreams was given a copy for an honest review.Although I haven't read the rest of the trilogy, I found this book to be amazing. I loved it and now I want to go back and start from the very beginning of the trilogy.

  • Dianne

    Southern California, home to rabid environmentalists, high-end builders/land developers and legal entanglements that can make or break either side of the aisle. Angie is the rabid environmentalist with a heart that goes out to her clients, an elderly couple who have refused a buy out in the name of urban Improvement. Zach is the attorney for his father’s corporation who is trying to develop the land the couple’s home is on. Clearly, these two have been panting for each other for years, but m [...]

  • Nancy R

    Crisply written second-chance romance about two lawyers on opposing sides of a lawsuit. We’ve met Angie before in the first two books of this series, which were about her older siblings. In Balancing Act, Angie plays the starring role. She’s funny and smart, and doesn’t take any s*** from the hero. Zach is your usual man-whore alpha type who’s about to fall and fall hard. What saves him from being a cliché is that he’s smart and has a good work ethic, and is conscientious when it come [...]

  • LJT

    Author Jill Blake has another pleasing read with Balancing Act, the third and final book from The Santa Monica Trilogy. I am a huge Jill Blake fan and always look forward to each and every new story she writes. I was fortunate to have read the first two books from this series and enjoyed them very much. Regrettably, I did not feel the same way about Balancing Act, because I did not experience that scorching spark between the two main characters, attorney and environmentalist Angie MacDowell and [...]

  • Olga

    Love this book!Move over, Dr. McDreamyhello, Zach Stewart!If you’ve read any of Jill Blake’s previous books, you probably know that she does a super job of writing sharp, funny, touching, true to life romance. You probably also know that her characters are mostly doctors, or some variation of medical/scientist professional. With Balancing Act, she’s moved away from medicine and written a terrific romance about two lawyers.Angie is the younger sister of characters we met in books 1 and 2 of [...]

  • Cynthia Ogg

    This book was definitely a good time. I enjoyed the read, it was fast past and didn't require a HUGE time commitment. I enjoy that there's more to this series, if I want to read the other 2 books in The Santa Monica Trilogy BUT Balancing Act is a stand alone. I'm much more likely to jump into a series if I don't *have* to read every single book in it. I jumped into the Immortal After Dark series by Kresley Cole after she'd been writing a number of years - it can be hard to keep up!Balancing Act [...]

  • Isha Coleman

    REVIEW: BALANCING ACT BY JILL BLAKE   My Review Balancing Act (The Santa Monica Trilogy, #3) by Jill  BlakeMy rating: 4 of 5 stars Balancing Act gives a whole new meaning to the saying "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer."  The chemistry between Angie and Zach practically scorches the pages.  Jill Blake has concocted a story that consists of two people who are used to doing things their way.  Their determination to outdo each other is what ultimately makes them a perfect mat [...]

  • Lynn Lim

    This is a wonderful novel of Angela and Zack, they have known each other for 13 years. Unknown to Zack, for several years Jill has had a bit of a crush on him. Jill has always been afraid to let her feelings to Zack for him be known. She watches him seemingly go from woman to woman always ignoring her, particularly at the wedding several years ago. Little does she knowMs Blake does a wonderful job telling this story. her writing brings you into it to the extent that you really can't put the book [...]

  • Sandra

    This one is my favorite of the series but then I've always been a sucker for a good courtroom drama.When attorneys Angie and Zach find themselves pitted against each other in a lawsuit the sparks fly. She’s got a vested interested in the environment and protecting her elderly clients while Zach needs his case wrapped up for his father regarding a land development deal.I loved the courtroom and legalese as these two "briefed" each other about points of contention while battling their attraction [...]

  • The Book Fairy Reviews

    Fun, loving and strong Angie will steal your heart in this book. Zach is the ultimate alpha male- whore, but under the surface you find that he is more than just what you see. He is the man that you can count on. The man that will be there for his family. He is the man that will steal your heart and refuse to give it back. What more can we ask for in a man? Jill makes these characters believable and the world she creates is more than just something you see in your imagination. They are people th [...]

  • circumspect4

    This is a love story involving two attorneys, Angie and Zach. The are adversary attorneys but also have know each other for over 10 years. Angie files a lawsuit against Zach`s dad's company. Zach pursues Angie and they begin dating. It's your average romance novel. Although, I enjoyed reading it, I just felt like something was missing from the storyline. It just felt a little mundane. I haven't read any of the other books in the series as it's stated it's a stand alone novel. It was an easy ligh [...]

  • Maya Calden

    I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.Balancing Act is the third book I have read by Jill Blake. It is also the third book in a Trilogy but could be read as a standalone as well. I already enjoyed the first two books but in my opinion this one is the strongest and against some of the reviews above, I found the romantic tension between the characters very believable and a real page turner. I couldn't put the book down. I also enjoyed the background story of the two main c [...]

  • Lyssa

    This was my first read by Jill Blake and although this is the third book in a series, I had no trouble reading it as a stand alone. Angie and Zach are both lawyers dedicated to their jobs and secretly to each other. The two fight back and forth over the case at hand but neither can deny the sparks that fly between them. I absolutely loved Zach, he's a total alpha and while he's a man's man, he was able to be the soft, sensitive boyfriend that Angie needed at times. This may have been my first bo [...]

  • BookSnuggle

    I received a copy of this book for an honest review. This is the first book of the series that I've read. The book is fine as a standalone. It makes me want to go back and read the first two books. This is a sweet romance. Zach and Angie have known each for years. They end up on opposite sides in a court case. You can feel the emotions and tensions between Zach and Angie throughout the story. It's a great read for when you need to escape for a little while. I enjoyed the book.

  • LaGina

    This is my first read from Jill Blake and part of a trilogy. I was able to read Balancing Act without having read the first two without a problem. The story held my attention and I found myself sneaking in little reads here and there when I could get a free moment. I will be keeping an eye out for more from this author.

  • Julesjr

    Light, quick, delightful contemporary romance. Full review to come.

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  • Free Download [Music Book] µ Balancing Act - by JillBlake ¹
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