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By Tim Seeley Elmo Bondoc Tradd Moore | Comments: ( 219 ) | Date: ( Feb 17, 2020 )

When life in the universe suddenly stops dying, Deadpool suspects his former rival, Thanos the Titan As the two lovers of Death in both its physical and theoretical manifestations battle to save the universe from immortality, they must confront their own reasons for living and their passions for dying.Collecting Deadpool vs Thanos 1 4

  • Title: Deadpool vs. Thanos
  • Author: Tim Seeley Elmo Bondoc Tradd Moore
  • ISBN: 9780785198451
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Tim Seeley Elmo Bondoc Tradd Moore

Tim Seeley is a comic book artist and writer known for his work on books such as G.I Joe A Real American Hero, The Dark Elf Trilogy, Batman Eternal and Grayson He is also the co creator of the Image Comics titles Hack Slash 1 and Revival, as well as the Dark Horse titles, ExSanguine and Sundowners He lives in Chicago.

Comments Deadpool vs. Thanos

  • Anne

    DEADPOOL vs. THANOS! It sounds like it should be really cool. Really. Cool.In my opinion, though? It fell flat. Then again, I'm not a die-hard Deadpool fan. He's more like one of those characters that can go either way with me. As in, sometimes he's so kick-ass and funny, I can't get enough!And then, sometimes?*shudder*Enough! Enough, already! OhGodMakeItStopWhich means, I sorta dread opening up any Deadpool comic because there's a 50/50 chance that I won't like it. ButWell, it's Deadpool, so I [...]

  • Jeff

    With a blockbuster movie currently still in theaters, Deadpool is at the zenith of his popularity. As the character has grown in fame, Marvel has been exponentially increasing the number of books that feature him and by doing so a certain amount of dilution of quality has been the predictable result.I take my Deadpool seriously, but just have a few minimum requirements that have to be met. Firstly, and most importantly, the books have to be funny. I don’t expect to be yowling with laughter ove [...]

  • Jokoloyo

    Making Deadpool in the same league as Thanos is absurd, as it should be for any of Deadpool story. A hired gun mercenary of Canada is playing with some of greatest entities of Marvel Universe. It would only make the great entities silly, because as in most of Deadpool stories, other characters are following the Deadpool rules of game.[image error]I was afraid the end should be fruitless and back to equilibrium of Marvel Universe, and yeah that's pretty much the spoiler I can give you.Well, at le [...]

  • Terence

    Someone captured Mistress Death. Thanos wants her returned, but she'll only speak to Deadpool.Thanos begrudgingly agrees to work with Deadpool in order to rescue Mistress Death.Oh Deadpool, he's such a pain in the behind. I don't know why I keep reading titles Deadpool headlines. Too much Deadpool rots the brain. Anyway Deadpool and Thanos together create quite the odd couple. I wasn't aware that Thanos cursed Deadpool with immortality. It's a funny move that forces Thanos to deal with Deadpool, [...]

  • Dimitris

    I like Tim Seeley. And Deadpool is by far the best thing that happened to Superheroes since Watchmen but this was meh. Not that good. A few funny lines here and there and that was it. Not a good plot and not an interesting one either. Not recommended. Sorry.The artwork was decent I guess? I wasn't really into it either.

  • Ethan Thoren

    Deadpool vs. Thanos is witty, charming, and still retains everything we love about both characters (and a few guest stars). I was surprised before reading it to learn that it is Earth-616 canon, but now I'm left satisfied, for Tim Seeley did not write Thanos in a goofy way, nor did he write Deadpool too goofy or too serious; a great medium was found, and props to the writer for that. Like plenty of Deadpool comics that are not part of an ongoing series, this is short but sweet, reminding me a bi [...]

  • Paul

    Quite funny in places but, overall, a little bit sloppy. The art was below-par, without being truly awful. Worth a read if you're a Deadpool fan with an hour to kill but don't expect anything brilliant.Sorry for the short review; still ill.

  • Hope

    This is the first comic book I've ever read and I really enjoyed it! The only thing that would've made it better is if I knew a little more about Marvel background previous to the events in this issue but overall it was really good and hilariously funny! deadpool is da best

  • Tricia

    this is a perfect example of why I love Deadpool, who else can partner up with Thanos to find Mistrees Death, (who they both are having a fling with btw).

  • Alex Sarll

    As in Revival, Tim Seeley explores the world where death stops working (is it just me, or has this been an increasingly popular theme of late? I remember a couple of folk stories about it, but recently it seems to crop up more often, with the final Torchwood only the most notable (and worst) example). But where that's a very human drama, this is a cosmic slapstick buddy movie. Not always successfully so - at times it lapses from entertaining chaos into just being a mess - but fairly fun overall. [...]

  • Kelli

    AWESOME! When Deadpool's ladylove Death herself is kidnapped and all life ceases to end, he must team up with his competitor for her affections: Thanos. The Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, Doctor Doom, and even a murderous death cult are all present trying to take out Deathpool and Thanos. Snark, murder, and sheer mayhem fill this volume making it a super fun read with a surprisingly profound message.

  • Gianfranco Mancini

    Not best Deadpool comic ever, but still not worst one.And some parts were just too much funny! XD(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Stacy

    This was my first experience with Thanos. Not sure if it's because this is a Deadpool read, but he can be quite funny. Sort of the same kind of funny Thor is whenever he pops into a Deadpool comic and starts talking all old timey Norse. Fun story, as is expected with Deadpool.

  • mike andrews

    Silly even for Deadpool. Could have passed that one up

  • Harry Lawrence

    This is certainly not Deadpool at his best, but it was a decent mini-series nonetheless.

  • Jesse

    Yet another in the "named Vs. but is actually a teamup" category of books, this is a pretty funny story. Deadpool stories for me usually go down easily but don't stick to the ribs, if you will. And this is no exception. There's some great funny moments, mostly the running gag of Thanos' main crush; the literal personification of Death, not speaking to him and instead only talking to Deadpool. This causes them to have to team-up to save her. Lots of gags, funny dialogue, and cosmic craziness. Not [...]

  • James Rodrigues

    The idea that Deadpool and Thanos fight for the affections of Mistress Death, it's always been a part of Marvel history that's intrigued me. The story itself sees the embodiment of Death being taken, resulting in nobody being able to die throughout the universe. It's a rather enjoyable team-up that builds upon that shared history, but is packed with needless cameos and a bit flimsy for a tale about bringing death back to the universe.

  • Mark Adams

    I'm a big fan of both Deadpool and Thanos, but wasn't convinced that a story featuring both of them would be compelling enough to work. I was definitely wrong. I loved how it goes from flippant, quirky Deadpool to very real character development. The ability to humanize both of these emotionally devoid characters (one due to being power-mad, the other due to impervious sarcasm) was effective. I loved the art and story here.

  • Roman Colombo

    This was a lot of fun, and surprisingly a perfect Deadpool story. It takes a point of the Marvel U--that Thanos and Deadpool are both romantically in love with Death herself, and creates a story that uses this factd it works. Deadpool and Thanos are a weird pairing but it works the same way Cable and Deadpool work. In Marvel tradition, they fight, the team up, and they fight some more. And it's all a lot of fun all the way through, with some nice art to go with it.

  • Adam Spanos

    Not what I expected, I thought more in Deadpool Vs Thanos but it's more about both as detectives investigating a case. With that in mind I think that it's enjoyable as both of them are quite different. Is not a story with big pretensions but funny, probably the only deceiving bit is the title.

  • Philippe Robichaud

    As with most Deadpool stories, this one revolves around our Regenerating Degenerate being totally obnoxious to an ultra serious character, in this case Thanos. Although it had a lot of funny moments, most of which involve all the of the ways Deadpool can insult Thanos, I felt the story can of fell off towards the end.

  • J

    The Deadpool/Thanos/Death ménage a tois definitely entertains

  • Gocek

    This is just fun, only fun for after work relaxing.

  • Jeanne

    Sympa, un peu confus mais rigolo et bien dessiné

  • taeli

    read 3/1/17

  • Ron Turner

    I liked it. Good cheesy fun that pokes fun at Thanos, who is one of Marvel's greatest villains, but when you look closely, is even goofier than Doctor Doom.

  • Zach Alaniz

    This book is certainly an interesting read. It is a real treat for any MARVEL fan, casual or hardcore. However, that is one of this books main flaws. If you are reading this without any prior knowledge of the characters or their relationships, this book will be very confusing to you. If you are a fan and know plenty about the MARVEL Universe, then this book is a godsend. It’s about Deadpool, an anti-hero, and Thanos, a super-villain, who are both involved in a complex love triangle. One of the [...]

  • Stephen Kelley

    Not the best Deadpool comic, not the worst, but the fun read none-the-less. All-in-all Deadpool vs Thanos was a fun comic that pays homage to all of the silly 1960's and 70's space characters that have largely fallen out of favor in comics as of late. I'm not sure if this was intended as a stand-alone or if it took place after another comic that I have not read, but it did a somewhat poor job of setting the plot up as well as I'm used to from other Deadpool writers. There was a panel where someb [...]

  • Chad

    It really should have been called Deadpool and Thanos Team Up. Death has been kidnapped and No one in the universe is dying. Death is only communicating with Deadpool which pisses Thanos off and he crushes Deadpool to a pulp. At this point Thanos resigns himself to teaming up with Deadpool to rescue Death. Here the book gets metaphysical and they start visiting Marvel's Cosmic entities. I really hate these characters. To include them in this book is an odd choice and it doesn't work. What humor [...]

  • Aged

    What it starts as funny ends up almost philosophical.You know, Death isn't a topic easy to talk about, specially in a universe and continuity where no one of importance dies forever, so it's hard to even take the drama seriously. So Death disappearing from the Universe don't feels like a so high-stake game.Thankfully, it's a Deadpool series and he manages to extract humor of the situation. Nothing hysterical, but I had some goood laughs.It ends with more about Thanos than Deadpool, that it's qui [...]

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