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By Sandra Raine | Comments: ( 603 ) | Date: ( May 26, 2020 )

Jane is a fourteen year old privileged suburban teen thrust into prostitution by the people she trusted WARNING 17 Readers Only This book is beyond disturbing, and contains disturbing scenes and a disturbing outcome.

  • Title: HUSH
  • Author: Sandra Raine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Sandra Raine

Sandra Raine Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the HUSH book, this is one of the most wanted Sandra Raine author readers around the world.

Comments HUSH

  • Litwitch Ookami

    The story itself was captivating, but the way it was written drove me crazy. The use of the English language and proper grammar is nearly nonexistent. It's hard to stay in the story when so many times, over and over, the wrong word or phrase is used, or a sentence is structured poorly. Good story, but I'm not sure I'll be reading the other books. We'll see.

  • Terri Amsden

    This book was so disturbing, however I could not put it down. I just wanted to cry through the whole book. I definitely have to read the next book - hoping for a good ending for Jane and her little sister Bree. This book would have received a better rating from me, had it not been for all the grammatical errors.

  • Jimmy Rex

    I was told this was a great book to open my eyes to the horror of child slavery. It was. But it was not an easy read, super disturbing and kinda wish I hadn't read it

  • Nicole D'Settēmi

    This book begins with a young, naive, "quiet beauty" of sorts, getting entangled with a sister and brother duo, which is where the trouble begins. Her so-called girl-"friend" Tanya, provides the narrator with a glimmer of hope in becoming a popular girl, by befriending and hanging out with her regularly, something she never expected or predicted would happen. The thrill of being friends with the popular crew causes our poor, passive "Jane" into sleeping with Dominic--Tanya's brother. She begins [...]

  • Taylor Austin

    3 1/2 STARS WARNING: THIS BOOK HAS A TRIGGER WARNING FOR RAPE, PROSTITUTION, ABUSE, ETC. PLEASE DON'T READ IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO THOSE TOPICS OR ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO HANDLE THIS TYPE OF CONTENT. IT IS EXPLICITLY GRAPHIC.This book ismaphic to say the least. A girl forced into prostitution is obviously something that isn't a light subject, and this book did not sugar coat anything. I appreciate the use of descriptions to show how brutal the industry is, but sometimes it seemed out of place. [...]

  • Jadybaby

    Tragic and heartbreaking but I couldn't nor did I want to tear my eyes away. Not many books give me a hangover but this one did. Do not read this if you are faint hearted. This book is about forced sex of a teen(and soo much more). This is not an erotic read. This world can be a sick place sometimes and this book put some things in perspective for me. I know stuff like this exist but the author really painted quite a picture for me. There is a real sickness out there that prey on young girls and [...]

  • Hannah Baston

    Jane's story was very disturbing and difficult to read. Especially her conflicted feelings towards her abuser. However, It was also very realistic. From the way she was groomed and treated to the little things like trying to win her abuser over with kindness. Like trying to pat his shoulder or smile and he brushes her off and retaliates with horrible aggression just to turn and hug her when it suits him.The sense of chaos in the story and the outsiders reactions, like her school teacher commenti [...]

  • Steven

    Jane, a teenager, is forced into prostitution. I was pained by what happened to Jane. The story is more of a horror story than most horror stories. Most of the characters are despicable, and depraved. The story feels a bit repetitive for a while, and could have been shortened. The writing is atrocious with horrid grammar, misused words, and poorly formed structures, however, the writing might also be considered brilliant as it could be taken as the writing of a teenager who writes poorly and is [...]

  • Laura Galloway

    This is a twisted tale of child prostitution and human trafficking. It follows Jane (who is 14) as she is groomed by Dominic to be his girlfriend, or so she thinks. Jane is then rename Diamond and blackmailed into "working" for Dom and his Cousins as their prized whore. This was brutal at times. Rape and assault feature quite heavily. This is not easy reading and some may find it disturbing. If you're into these twisted romance then give it a go. The writing isn't all that great (grammar issues [...]

  • Jenny

    This book needs some major editing. I won't complain too much as it was only $0.99. This book was disturbing and sick. I knew they were all in it from the beginning, so the big reveal towards the end wasn't very surprising. The things Jane endured were horrific and twisted. I almost stopped reading this book because it was becoming a chore to continually read this stuff. I have the second book. I don't know if or when I will read it.

  • Just Denise

    This would have easily been a 5 star book, but there were some editing issues. I was pissed off through most of this book. Feeling it it was very good. That being said. this book is not for everyone. Please keep that in mind before you read it.

  • Jacquelin Edwards

    It is important to shed light on the horror of sex trafficking and young girls because it does exist. This book was graphic and disturbing, but I can handle that. It was also poorly written and obviously never edited, and I can not handle that.

  • Charlotte

    Couldn't put it down, such a fantastic storyline.Could have been written better as some words were used incorrectly or misspelled.Can't wait for second book!!

  • Danielle Hodgson

    This had me in tears. Disturbing but couldn't stop reading as wanted a happy ending for her.

  • Megan Dring

    This book is badly written but the emotions run high. From the get go you are greeted with a mix of emotions that play havoc with your heart.

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  • Best Download [Sandra Raine] à HUSH || [Manga Book] PDF ✓
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