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By Grant Morrison Yanick Paquette Nathan Fairbairn Todd Klein | Comments: ( 109 ) | Date: ( Apr 04, 2020 )

From the masterful minds of Grant Morrison FINAL CRISIS, THE MULTIVERSITY and Yanick Paquette SWAMP THING, BATMAN, INC comes the most provocative origin of Wonder Woman you ve ever seen a wholly unique retelling that still honors her origins For millennia, the s of Paradise Island have created a thriving society away from the blight of man One resident, howeveFrom the masterful minds of Grant Morrison FINAL CRISIS, THE MULTIVERSITY and Yanick Paquette SWAMP THING, BATMAN, INC comes the most provocative origin of Wonder Woman you ve ever seen a wholly unique retelling that still honors her origins For millennia, the s of Paradise Island have created a thriving society away from the blight of man One resident, however, is not satisfied with this secluded life Diana, Princess of the s, knows there is in this world and wants to explore, only to be frustrated by her protective mother, Hippolyta Diana finds her escape when Air Force pilot Steve Trevor, the first man she has ever seen, crashes onto their shores With his life hanging in the balance, Diana ventures into the long forbidden world of men The s chase after her and bring her back to Paradise Island in chains to face trial for breaking their oldest law staying separated from the world that wronged them Thought provoking yet reverent, thoroughly modern but still timeless, the power and courage of Paradise Island s greatest champion Wonder Woman is introduced in this new addition to DC Comics NEW YORK TIMES best selling Earth One original graphic novel series.

  • Title: Wonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 1
  • Author: Grant Morrison Yanick Paquette Nathan Fairbairn Todd Klein
  • ISBN: 9781401229788
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Grant Morrison Yanick Paquette Nathan Fairbairn Todd Klein

Scottish comic book author Grant Morrison is known for culture jamming and the constant reinvention of his work He is known for his nonlinear narratives and countercultural leanings in his runs on titles including DC Comics Animal Man, Batman, JLA, The Invisibles, Action Comics, All Star Superman, and Doom Patrol, and Marvel Comics New X Men and Fantastic Four Many of these are controversial, yet rate in some of the most critically acclaimed and popular books He is also active in screenwriting.

Comments Wonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 1

  • Jeff

    Back in the early 1940’s, William Marston and his wife, Elizabeth created Wonder Woman as proto-feminist icon – exhibiting force, strength and power – not de rigueur in terms of female assets back in the day – but made her more palatable by making her a heroic do-gooder babe. The Marston’s undercut their ian champion by self-doubts…and lots of images of bondage and submission – activities that, along with a polygamous lifestyle – the Marston’s actively embraced. Wonder Woman is [...]

  • Alejandro

    The weakest “Earth-One” book so far.Creative Team:Writer: Grant MorrisonIllustrator: Yanick PaquetteLettering: Todd KleinNOT SO WONDER(FUL) BOOKIn case you doesn’t know, the Earth-One book are graphic novels by DC Comics, presenting classic characters, setting a new origin, redesigning the characters, including new ones, using a parallel dimension, known as “Earth One”.I already read the two volumes of Batman: Earth-One, which both are truly great; and the three volumes of Superman: Ea [...]

  • Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay)

    Seriously what a piece of trash. Everything about it was the opposite of what stands for. From the sexist origin revision that derives her powers/strength from man, to the "women are harpies" & "lesbians are hot pieces of ass" stereotypes, down to the Fat Amy knockoff sorority girl who Diana befriended. Just awful, which sucks cause it could've been so good.

  • Nicole Burstein

    This is a very difficult review to write, mostly because on the surface, I generally enjoyed the book and loved the art - however - I have some pretty major problems with it too. First off, there seems to be a huge focus on body shaming. Female characters who don't look like s are constantly remarked upon, and this made me very uncomfortable. Secondly, I couldn't help but think that the depiction of Paradise Island is what Grant Morrison thinks a female-only utopia would be like. And I think Gra [...]

  • Maggie Gordon

    So… where do I even begin with this one? I requested Wonder Woman: Earth One from NetGalley because I LOVE Wonder Woman. Both her and Batman are my favourite superheroes, but Wonder Woman gets a sad lack of attention from DC. Thankfully, with her new movie coming out, DC is increasing their Wonder Woman output, including finally publishing this long awaited volume from popular author Grant Morrison. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed in his take on my favourite character, and I like this [...]

  • Sam Quixote

    I’ve been looking forward to this book since I first heard about it at least a couple of years ago now - Grant Morrison reuniting with his Seven Soldiers/Batman Inc. artist Yanick Paquette for a Wonder Woman original graphic novel? Score! Was it worth the wait? Absolutely – it was positively Wonder-ful! Paradise Island lies hidden away, a utopian all-female society of immortally youthful s led by their Queen Hippolyta. But her daughter Diana is restless – 3000 years is a long time to spend [...]

  • Jesse A

    This was fine. Not as great as Batman E1 or as good as Superman E1 but better than Teen Titans E1.

  • Sud666

    I was looking forwards to this Wonder Woman story by Grant Morrison. Unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. The story is not a bad one, but neither is it the "big picture" type of plot that I have come to expect from Grant Morrison.The story starts out with Hercules (is he the same Hercules that we see in later DC time lines?) forcing himself on Hippoloyta, Queen of the s. Hippoloyta frees herself and the ians. After agreeing to a deal with Aphrodite the ians settle on an island granted [...]

  • Wendy

    Sooo Wonder Woman is going to reshape man's world by waltzing in in her vulva jet and body shaming all the women? Let's not forget to have a lesbian orgy in the middle of all this! I can't tell if Morrison is honestly trying to misrepresent the feminist concepts from which Wonder Woman was born, or just ugh what is this book even trying to be?Oh right. It's an origin story. Because if there's one thing superhero stories--especially DC Comics superhero stories need to do, it's remind you of where [...]

  • Nicolo Yu

    The Wonder Woman Earth One graphic novel completes the main DC Comics trinity that Morrison, at one time or another has revitalized by merging various of aspects of each characters from their storied pasts. This revitalization was done with Superman in All-Star Superman and Morrison had lengthy run on Batman that gave us Damian Wayne, Batman R.I.P and Batman Inc The writer has also defined the Justice League for a generation with a seminal run on JLA. Now, it's the turn of the third JLA co-lead [...]

  • Donovan

    I've never really liked Wonder Woman and had yet to read a WW comic I liked, until this one. She's never appealed to me, with her Greek mythology, punchy attitude, and morality even more rigid than Superman's. And yet, Morrison makes her interesting even without much fighting. If that's what you're looking for, well, maybe you'll get it in volume 2. But volume 1 focuses on her origin on Paradise Island. While it isn't exactly action-oriented, I somehow found it fast paced and read it furiously, [...]

  • Khurram

    This was a dissapointment for me on every level. I was not a fan of the artwork (it was not bad, but not to my tastes), the panels are all over the place with the floating Fates putting their 2 pence in ever few pages. The one part I did like was the mixing cultures and the s are not just stuck with in the dark ages, they are technologically advanced. However this was not enough to make me like it.This comic seem to get the have gotten Batman Vs Superman treatment where they used too many comic [...]

  • Artemy

    Ugh.So, basically, you may have seen Anne's review (link to a web archive, original review was taken down) of this piece of trash. If you haven't, you've got to read it. It's all true, folks. I don't want to bother with full review of this shitty comic, especially since Anne did such a thorough and wonderful job with it, but I just want to add a couple of things.There are a lot of apologists for this book who state that you should know the complete history of Wonder Woman to appreciate all the i [...]

  • Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    This was kind of weird. It was a skewed version of the Wonder Woman origin story, but instead of their patron goddess being Hera, it's Aphrodite. You can imagine how that could change a few things. It has a lot more overt sapphic tones than I've seen with Wonder Woman (but hardly surprising or shocking). I mean its a Utopian all female society, so why wouldn't the women pair up together as partners and lovers? I was fine with that. I think some of their rituals were on the verge of kinky if I'm [...]

  • Patrick

    Well I fully admit I went into reading this not expecting to like it. I read the first 40 pages or so and didn't think it was so bad, the remaining hundred or so fixed that for me. wow This was terrible. This was so one-sided and heavy handed making men look like pure evil and such. The bondage, the Rape, Wonder Woman having to dominate Steve Trevor, The Fat Amy like side-kick that was incredibly annoying to me just added to my dislike of this book. I'm honestly not a huge Grant Morrison fan, an [...]

  • Kayıp Rıhtım

    Başlamadan söylemem gerekir ki Wonder Woman sevdiğim süper kahramanlar arasında çok da yukarıda değil. Bu yüzden DC bu karakter için bir Yeni Dünya (Earth One) hikayesi yayınlayacağını duyurduğunda pek de heveslenmemiştim. Ancak okuduktan sonra farkına vardım ki Yeni Dünya hikayelerinin en iyisiyle karşı karşıyayız!Grant Morrison’ın neredeyse her işini sevmeme rağmen, o bile bu ciltte kendini aşmış. Hikaye bildiğiniz gibi karakterin köklerine iniyor. Ancak Morr [...]

  • Jana

    I received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I ABSOLUTELY loved this until the following happened:-Diana used "girl" as an insult. Which especially coming from her is just WRONG.-Diana fat-shamed a woman. Who in turn totally stood up for herself and her body, which was awesome. Still, I was disappointed in Diana's character in this instance.Apart from those two instances, which I totally need to call out and acknowledge, I FREAKING LOVED THIS. I lo [...]

  • أحمد

    I decided to give it a try just because it was written by Grant Morrison and I ended up deciding not to read anything written by him ever again (Well, at least for a year maybe!).The good art was sadly wasted on such a piece of feminist shit!

  • Taylor Knight

    I was so pumped to read this but it ended up being a hot mess. Not only was the story line confusing, I couldn't figure out what was a flashback and what was present day, but the body shaming and the sexism was very disappointing. Wonder Woman, in my mind, is supposed to be empowering. Not make people feel bad about themselves. One character said women of "Man's world" are “deformed, shrunken, bloated, domesticated cattle" and what just wasn't okay. This comic was just all kinds of problematic [...]

  • Barbara (The Bibliophage)

    2.5 stars. I wanted to read this because I loved Wonder Woman when I was a kid. So naturally, I expected to love this and I didn't. The characters are just cardboard cutouts. The action isn't especially exciting. Guess I'll find another way to get my WW fix.

  • Robert

    Great art, and a new approach to the WW mythos that helped me to make sense of it all.

  • Ryan Stewart

    Complete and total garbage. This is my least favorite work from Morrison ever. And he's had some stinkers in recent years. Everything he did for Superman in All-Star, he does the reverse here for Wonder Woman. I shudder to think this might be someone's first Wonder Woman comic.

  • Jeice

    Grant Morrison is a highly-acclaimed writer who is just hit-or-miss for me, and usually a miss. He has a very distinct style of writing, often trying desperately to have his stories seem smarter than they are, and also has a passion for incorporating all of a character's convoluted, often goofy, occasionally bizarre history into the stories he tells. All of these characteristics scratch me the wrong way. I don't like many of the ideas he tries to espouse in his stories, and he tends to write the [...]

  • Octavio Aragao

    Diante da recente projeção midiática dedicada à Mulher-Maravilha, decidi finalmente ler as publicações que tenho em casa desde os últimos cinco ou sete anos. Uma ganhou proeminência: a releitura produzida por Grant Morrison (roteiro), Yanick Paquette (arte) e Nathan Fairbairn (cores). A edição primorosa da Panini faz jus ao trabalho de todos, mantendo o alto nível de impressão, e a tradução de Alexandre Callari e Bernardo Santana, também editor no Brasil, é boa. As qualidades do [...]

  • Lu Cas

    *sigh* I have so much to feel about this comic. It had such a potential to be awesome and I had some fun reading it, and on occasion I even laughed out loud but that doesn’t make up for how uncomfortable I felt during some parts of this, even yelling THIS IS NOT SOMETHING DIANA WOULD DO/SAY! so let me give you a bullet so I can save us both the pesky task of going through paragraphs of my ranting.What I liked:- I’m always here for bisexual Dianna, especially because she now has a hot blonde [...]

  • J

    4.75 starsI can see how people wouldn't like this because it was a significant break from what Wonder Woman is usually told as. But I really loved the obvious feminist vibes from this and the inclusion of people of color (yeah, Steve Trevor is black in this). And I loved that they were queer inclusive (a lot of people don't like how they portrayed the queer women, but I wasn't bothered by it. This is one opinion on it from a lesbian.)It starts off a little slow but once Diana started to get clos [...]

  • Jonny Campo

    3.75/5 I really love the earth one series and this book was a good edition to it. I really liked the way they had a little more fun with this rather then taking it in a serious direction. I thought it was awesome how Diana had to learn English and "man's" culture, I like the look of her as well she was very tall and strong looking and the art in this was pretty good and very realistic, the writing is good as well there's a lot of mythology and history in the story. the downside is the story is a [...]

  • Alan

    This was a confusing read for me, not that I like admitting to said confusion. I usually enjoy Grant Morrison's writing, and the social and and sexual issues that he brought up in this story did not offend me.The pacing was so far off that I was dumbfounded. I mean it was a slog. Sure there were some nice points to this story, and a writer could have some fun with the concept of Diana going to Man's World to liberate women. But, Morrison just missed on all of that. He tried, but he failed.

  • Anthony

    I enjoyed reading this and the artwork is great, but it didn't really add/change that much from what I already know about Wonder Woman's origin? Out of the Earth One books I've read, this seems to be the closest to the original source. Unless I'm missing something obvious

  • Aaron

    Diana is brought before Queen Hippolyta to go on trial in Themyscira for consorting with the United States. A number of witnesses provide testimony as she strives to bring Paradise Island and Man's World together.A modern retelling of Wonder Woman's origin that works on reflection. Not a bad story and fairly unusual in that there's very little superhuman fighting, which I think is a positive. The trial and flashbacks get to be a bit unclear as to what's supposed to be learned from the testimony, [...]

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