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The Galactics arrived with their Battle Fleet in 2052 Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell burners, Earth joined a vast Empire that spanned the Milky Way Our only worthwhile trade goods are our infamous mercenary legions, elite troops we sell to the highest alien bidder In the fifth book of the Undying Mercenaries series, James McGill meets new challenThe Galactics arrived with their Battle Fleet in 2052 Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell burners, Earth joined a vast Empire that spanned the Milky Way Our only worthwhile trade goods are our infamous mercenary legions, elite troops we sell to the highest alien bidder In the fifth book of the Undying Mercenaries series, James McGill meets new challenges War comes to Earth, striking a devastating blow Bent on revenge, Legion Varus chases raiders to the stars and discovers an alien menace growing in their home territory A cancerous species of invaders plaguing our region of the galaxy and must be dealt with In DEATH WORLD, McGill faces an ever threatening universe He learns why the Cephalopod Kingdom has yet to attack Earth, and what s happening behind the scenes in the Core Worlds Throughout, he maintains his unbending sense of right, wrong and honor DEATH WORLD is a military science fiction novel by bestselling author B V Larson.

  • Title: Death World
  • Author: B.V. Larson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

B.V. Larson

Brian Larson is an American science fiction and fantasy author

Comments Death World

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    Anyone who's read many of my reviews knows that I enjoy good military science fiction and science fantasy. Sadly I find that it's far easier to find mediocre to poor books of those genres than it is to find good examples. I have as of the time of this review 4 series that I'm following which I thoroughly enjoy.This one is a bit.far fetched(?) that may be the word. But then I've read books that were even more far fetched. I enjoy it, I mean I figure that actually our protagonist would have been ( [...]

  • Caleb M.

    Another really good entry into this series. I'm super curious if B. V. Larson is going to be able to finish everything up in one more book. I have no idea if he plans on writing more for this series or not, but after finishing this book I fell like it would be hard to wrap everything up in just one more novel. I can give you plot points, but really I've tooted this series horn enough. I want people to read it. And I hope they do. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get Steel World and get st [...]

  • Phil Hendricks

    All that and he get another advancement in rank???

  • Kevin

    First Lizard people, then Squid people, then Machine people, now (view spoiler)[Plant people (hide spoiler)]. I wonder what's next?Why is Claver allowed to live?Whatever it was that rubbed me the wrong way in the previous book is absent in this one. Maybe it was because I read more novels in between the series sequence, maybe it was because the Author read what his readers were saying and addressed it? I just know with the exception of a few logical plot holes I enjoyed it.3.5/5 Stars

  • Troy

    The latest in the Undying Mercenaries series is as good as the others. Don't hesitate to read this one!

  • Chas Hofmeister

    Good book Gave 5 Stars because of the drama that unfolds and the development of the main character throughout the series. Looking forward to the next.

  • Charles Haworth

    More High Quality Space Pulp NonsenseImagine Starship Troopers without the political satire. Add in the idea you can die and come back as a clone as a soldier. Go into space and shoot things whilst having lots of sex. Add a hero that is a natural soldier and a bit of a rebel that does not over intellectualize anything ever.Add beer and space gunsThis one is him going for revenge after an attack on Earth and fighting the giant tree monsters on tree monster planet. The Legion is nearly destroyed a [...]

  • T.H. Leatherman

    Kale MaryJames wants revenge. A freighter just crash landed on top of him. That's fine for him. It's not the first or last time he'll die, but his parents were there. For them, death is permanent. Now he's at the end of known space, fighting an enemy unlike any other: plants.Things go from bad to worse when they're forced to abandon ship. He's stuck on a planet where every tree, flower, and grass wants him dead. They are more than able to do it too. James will have to use all his wits to survive [...]

  • Amir Sargent

    James encounters a new species called the Wur, which are a problem to the celophods, the alien species that are about to attack Earth. Claver has been talking with them about possible trade deals. Claver tries to tell James's legion that the Wur are not enemies, and that they should trade with them, but James's legion doesn't listen, and they destroy the Wur. But now, the celophods can attack Earth. This book has a lot of small problems that turn into big ones, and is definetly worth reading

  • Jason

    One of my favorite seriesThis is one of the books that I look forward to reading or listening to. I recently moved from one end of the country to another and that was a long drive.I downloaded the audio book and it made the trip go by a lot faster. Listening to McGill kill giant plants and giant squids makes for an exciting read.Keep it up Larson! I love the series. One day I want to get some signed copies of it!

  • allan graham

    Cant put it downThe other reviewers who think the characters are shallow really are missing the point. McGill is slowly unravelling before our eyes as he sees his comrades die again and again. Brilliant read thank you Mr larson

  • James

    Most people haven't made it this far. Killing me with same plot over and over again. Still no character development or strong supporting characters in sight.

  • Bill Scheidegger

    There were some interesting twists in this one that set things up for the next book with plenty of action along the way.

  • Robert Helms


  • AL Weeks

    Another great read!!!!I have enjoyed all the books in the series so far and I can't wait to read the next one Morrison is truly a phenomenal author!

  • Joe

    Never ending conflictHe just keeps getting better, better plots of misdirection and subversive activities. Plus he gets away with it. I would read it.

  • Jennifer

    Why do I keep reading these? They're genuinely terrible books. Unless you're a 12 year old boy. Or stuck in 1950.

  • x x x

    Best of the seriesNo question that I had fun with this storyline. The complexities feel torn out of parts of my imagination. Darn good read combined with interesting theories.

  • papasteve

    The thot plickens! On to Home World!

  • Stephen Robertson


  • Dave Webber

    It Keeps on ComingThis book keeps up the high standard set in the earlier books in the series. Characters are still developing, action is still intense, and you can tell all the links are coming together for the next book. In fishing terms, the bait is taken, the hook is set, and I'm getting the next book!

  • Jim

    How many ways can a soldier die? I really, really don’t want to know, but all you need to do is read this book and count the ways Veteran James McGill dies! He dies a lot! I just don’t understand how these Marines can die and just come back for more. Even if they have a “bad” death, they come back for more as if nothing strange had happened. That’s kind of what this book is about, how Veteran McGill dies.This mission starts off pretty gruesome. McGill and his entire Legion Cohort plus [...]

  • Don Viecelli

    From My Newsletter Number 101:This review is on Death World by B.V. Larson. This is the fifth book in The Undying Mercenaries Series I have read by this writer. The story does not fail.James McGill is back home at his parent’s place in Georgia. He is on leave from fighting on Machine World. All is well until James’ mother finds out he has a daughter she knew nothing about. Unfortunately, James has never met his daughter named Etta either since it was a secret kept from James by Della, Etta [...]

  • Lisa Korn

    Over and over againB.V. LARSON DOESN'T DISAPPOINT!Wow! What a great read! B. V. Larson did what I thought he had already accomplishedrprises around every corner, the imagination's mind boggling. I don't want to spoil it for those who choose to read these b4 the book, but SPOILER ALERT!!!'s EXPLOSIVE! Cover to cover adventure. not a page went by where I want wondering"What thehe'll never get out of this mess!" Ever the 1/4 genius and 3/4 retarded, country bumpkin got James McGill out of more trou [...]

  • Lisa

    Still a fun action series and I very much liked the new aliens introduced in this book and their overall affect on the balance of power in their chunk of space. Those squid jerks very much deserve what is happening to them. Genocide is not a good thing, but if they can never learn to not enslave everyone they meet, I really don't see any other alternative for them. I'm not one of those people that cheer when the great evil is sealed away yet again. I'm the one going, "Okay. Nice temporary measur [...]

  • Sgt Maj

    Light, Comic, Entertaining ReadA light read that doesn't really make you work hard to understanding it. It's also quite funny through out.If you try to understand the tech, tactics and geopolitics -- forget about it. If you want a light easy read to pass some time, this will fit the bill and then some. I get a good half dozen laughs per book in series where I have to stop for awhile to catch my breath.The MC is sort of a smart, cunning, tough Gomer Pyle. And as Gomer Pyle did, drives his superio [...]

  • Jon Stonecash

    The fourth in a series. I very much like the characters in the book. Part of this is due to the narrator in the Audible version of the book. There are very distinct voices for each of the characters. In addition, the author ensures that the language that each character uses is also very distinct. The story line is a series of crises to be overcome: here is the description of the problem, here is how to solve that problem (given the world building that the author has done), and here is why that r [...]

  • Don Taylor

    Loving this Series!B.V. has popped out another in what has become my favorite sci-fi series ever. A great combination of dialog, action, swashbuckling romance, and mind expanding situations, societies, and technologies. His interpersonal relationships--with lovers, friends, enemies, opponents, military subordinates, and chain-of-command superiors--are often good for a laugh and always good reading and thinking interest. I'd really like to meet every one of them.Finally, his work is well-edited, [...]

  • Yatish

    McGill's back but this is the weakest book in the series. This time Legion Varus heads to another new world called Death World inhabited by large plant like life.This book is missing some of the magic of the previous books and feels a tad repetitive sometimes. Though what really irks me in this book is the use of the Claver as a get out of jail card every time a plot hole needs to be fixed or as a device to dump pertinent information to McGill or the reader. Earlier editions had McGill learning [...]

  • Sarah Stone

    Fourth book in series is a great read. This is only my second book review, and my first for a b v Larson book. Death world is a great read, with good action and more plot twists that I never saw coming. I. Have read all four books in the series, and, unlike some other sci fi series, these books keep getting better. Everything you want in a book, and the storyline does not have to depend on the hero always beating unbeatable odds. Not a spoiler, but the hero dies. Often. In funny or heroic situat [...]

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