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ERIN JACOBS doesn t hesitate when she receives a desperate call in the middle of the night As owner of the Noah s Ark Animal Shelter, it s her job to rescue animals But from the start, this case is different The woman s frantic plea Directions to a deserted hunter s cabin Insistence that she come alone Then she s looking down into a washtub at an infant child Erin sERIN JACOBS doesn t hesitate when she receives a desperate call in the middle of the night As owner of the Noah s Ark Animal Shelter, it s her job to rescue animals But from the start, this case is different The woman s frantic plea Directions to a deserted hunter s cabin Insistence that she come alone Then she s looking down into a washtub at an infant child Erin s life changes irrevocably when she becomes involved with a mother who has lost all hope, an orphaned child, millions of dollars and a father who might do anything to get his hands on the money Social worker TRAVIS WILLIAMS is assigned to her case Travis sees in Erin than someone who rescues strays She s unconventional, strong willed, and caring It could be that she would make the perfect parent for Josh Before he can work through his feelings and file his report, the situation takes another dangerous turn Can Erin and Travis guarantee Josh s safety To do so, they ll need to rely on one another, their families, and the faith of their childhood Vannetta Chapman writes inspirational fiction full of grace Her novel, Falling to Pieces, won the 2012 ACFW Carol Award for best mystery She writes Amish mysteries for Zondervan, Amish romances for Harvest House and Amish novellas for Thomas Nelson All of her books have been Christian Book Distributor bestsellers Protected is her second inspirational romantic suspense Chapman lives in the Texas hill country with her husband, pets and a herd of deer.

  • Title: Protected
  • Author: Vannetta Chapman
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About Author:

Vannetta Chapman

Vannetta Chapman writes inspirational fiction full of grace She is the author of over twenty novels, including the Pebble Creek Amish series, Shipshewana Amish Mystery Series, and Plain and Simple Miracle series Vannetta is a Carol award winner, a Christy finalist, and she also received than two dozen awards from Romance Writers of America chapter groups She currently writes Christian suspense, Amish romance, and Amish mystery She was a teacher for 15 years and resides in the Texas hill country For information, visit her at VannettaChapman For information, visit her at vannettachapmantwitter VannettaChapmanfacebook VannettaChapnnettachapman blog instagram vannettachannettachapman book list

Comments Protected

  • Olivia

    I'm always game to try a different author, and as soon as I saw this one, I was excited to see where the story lead. There's so many great moments in this, and I loved everything with baby Joshua and how much Erin loved him.The first half was good. I was actually going to give it four stars for the longest time, and then suddenly things started changing into a typical romance. I like romance, but when another guy pops up and emotions are warring all over the place (both for the guy and girl), I [...]

  • Brittany

    Protected is book two in the Jacobs Family Series, however, it is also a stand-alone novel. Although the hero and heroine of the first book, Hidden, make an appearance in Protected, you do not need to read book one to understand what is going on in Erin Jacobs’ life.I really enjoyed Hidden, but Protected took it to a whole new level for me! The interesting thing is that this story has some suspense, but I would characterize it as “light suspense”. There is definitely a villain and potentia [...]

  • Liz

    I have one major problem with Vannetta Chapman, and that is that she never seems to publish a book when I have spare time to read itok, maybe a FEW books, butPROTECTED looked so innocent on my "Kindle for PC." I thought I'd just see if the pace was anything like the previous volume, HIDDEN, which I'd enjoyed last year. And before I knew it, the rest of my afternoon was history. And I stayed up way after the baseball game was over. And to be honest, I finished it the next day during the evening n [...]

  • Pat

    Another wonderful book by Vannetta Chapman. Each of her books are better than the last. Vannetta grabs your attention on the first page and keeps on going. Her romantic suspense books weave spiritual themes throughout. God given Grace is the main points in this book.Erin is the owner of the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter. Receiving phone calls to rescue both wild and domestic animals. However, this phone call is different. The woman's voice is filled with panic and urgency. She's frantic for an immed [...]

  • Cheryl Baranski

    A gripping suspense like no other! Protected, By: Vannetta ChapmanThis is the second book in the Jacobs Family series. I was captured right from the start with this heart pounding story. There was never a dull moment. You will love the spunk and determination of the two main characters. This is a gripping story dealing with issues that could be real life situation. It makes you yearn to reach out and try to help. There is so much compassion, love, faith, devotion, heartache that comes to life in [...]

  • Britney

    Protected is a compelling novel! I loved the emotionally charged story line populated with real-life characters and situations. Erin and Travis’s story is multifaceted and boasts a perfect balance of suspense and romance. Vannetta Chapman’s stories always entertain and encourage, and I can’t wait to read more! Protected is the second book in the Jacobs Family series. While characters from Book 1, Hidden, appear in this novel, Protected is a stand-alone story.

  • Anita Fry

    God has a plan ! Learning to trust God is a daily challenge. Erin was let down by her father when she was very young. Everyday She realizes that she must learn to trust others and rely on God's plan!

  • Pam

    Splendid!Great story with the Jacob family saga continued. Mystery and romance are always fun and Vannetta does it so well

  • Barbara Hamby

    Very very good bookThis book had me from the startways wondering what was going to happen next kept me from scene to scene. I would highly recommend the 2 books in this series. May God always be with you as you write these book.

  • Julie Patterson

    Fast moving book.This book is very exciting and moves along fast. The trials Erin and Travis have to go through just to get where they should be.

  • Tonya Hyche

    Sweet storyThis author has one an excellent job creating characters so well developed you relate to them. While this is a sequel in the Jacobs Family Series, it can be read as a stand alone. I truly enjoyed this book! What a refreshing story! I look forward to reading more works by this author. Recommended for ages 13+.

  • Clara M

    Protected (James Family Series Book 2)A mirror image story about the other sister of Dana, the a homeland Security director! This book takes place in Texas, where Dana's sister, Erin, lives and runs an animal rescue organization! It also encompasses that even though we sometimes lose our way, forget God controls and knows what we are destined, it sometimes takes us a while to "Let go, and Let God)!

  • Nancee

    Erin Jacobs is a strong-willed, independent young woman who rescues endangered animals. A late-night call from a frantic woman begging Erin to an unknown rescue takes her to a cabin in the deep woods where she discovers an infant in an old wash tub. Over-worked and stressed, social worker Travis Williams is assigned as case worker for the orphaned infant. He and Erin necessitate working together to ensure the infant's safety and an appropriate foster home environment. Erin has already fallen in [...]

  • Vera Godley

    The first book in the Jacobs Family series, "Hidden," was the story of Dana. In "Protected" the story line is picked up with Dana's sister, Erin, being the main character. The male protagonist is Travis William. The two sisters had a terrible home leaving them with emotional scars that affected their relationships with individuals and community. With Erin, this was further compounded by the accidental death of both foster parents at the same time. Erin withdrew into a shell of independence and i [...]

  • Dali Castillo

    It's Just That Good!Erin Jacobs enjoys her job as animal rescuer. She also enjoys running Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter. It’s a good fit because she has always felt more at ease with animals than with people. All in all, she’s pretty content, until that night when she gets a mysterious phone call that totally turns her world upside down. Travis Williams enjoys his job as a social worker, and he takes his job very seriously. Everything is by the book. No gray areas to be found if Travis is on t [...]

  • Linda Howard

    ProtectedWonderful book. Well written. It is so nice to read a good,clean written book. I love reading Christian suspense books.

  • D.J.

    Romance… Suspense… Danger…I loved – loved – LOVED this story!In the first book of the amazing Jacobs Family series, HIDDEN, I got to know Dana Jacobs and Ben Marshall really well – and I couldn’t wait to find out how they were doing… and Vannetta doesn’t disappoint in the least. She brings Dana and Ben to the next book, with a cool update.In the meantime, PROTECTED is all about Erin, Dana’s little sister. Erin is amazing – just like her big sister Dana – as she goes toe-t [...]

  • Gail Hollingsworth

    Protected is book 2 of the Jacobs family series but it can be read as a standalone. Erin Jacobs is the younger sister of Dana, from book 1. She rescues animals and lives by herself in a place called the ARK. She gets a mysterious call in the night with directions for a rescue at a hunters cabin deep in the woods. With trepidation she goes alone thinking she'll find a hurt animal but instead it's a baby lying in a washtub on the back porch of the cabin. In steps Travis Williams, a social worker f [...]

  • Sarah

    Heartwarming! Jacobs Family Series Book 2. Erin keeps busy rescuing animals and doesn't think of much else. A different rescue, in the dark forest night, changes her life forever. An infant left in her hands. Falling in love, at the start, Erin vows to protect baby Josh. Case worker, Travis, gets involved. It is his job to see what is best for baby Josh. Scheduled and unscheduled visits allow Travis to get close to Erin and Josh. Sickness and a storm tests Erin's ability to care for Josh by hers [...]

  • Elizabeth

    PROTECTED ( Jacobs Family Series- Book 2 )By, Vannetta ChapmanProtected is book 2 in Jacobs Family series, and Vannetta Chapman has herself another winner. This is a very heartwarming story that will have you laughing one minute and next tears flowing down your cheeks. It grabbed me at the first and did not let go till the end. Protected is a fantastic , good clean inspirational romance suspense. I believe it is one of the best I have read by Chapman, with each page it gets better and better. Th [...]

  • Kristy

    Even better than the first book. This story focuses on the sister of the main character of book 1. Also severely wounded by her childhood, this young woman is operating an animal rescue business when she finds an abandoned baby and feels compelled to adopt him. She clashes with her stubborn caseworker who seems worried she can't take care of the baby on her own.

  • Mara

    I finished Protected by Vanetta Chapman. I absolutely loved it and was sad it ended so soon.Travis was a social worker for DYFS ( or the equivalent) and was assigned to determine whether Erin ( an animal rescuer would have the ability to take care of a 2 month old that she found when called out for a rescue.Erin fell in love at first sight. She knew that Josh was meant for her. But she is not sure Travis agrees with her. Travis had no doubt she loves Josh and would be a great Mombut will she con [...]

  • Betty Hansford

    Such a Good StoryThis story is as good as the first book in the series, "Hidden", but in a totally different way. It touched my heart in so many ways that I don't think I can even count them. However, it certainly does bring home the truth that God is in charge! Highly recommended.

  • DeeAnn Christensen

    A very good read, but. . .A very good read, butI'm a mystery buff and for me this would have been a much more intriguing book with more than a hint of danger. However I did enjoy the story a nd felt a growing and felt a growing admiration for both of the main characters, as their integrity was tested repeatedly. Thanks Ms Chapman.

  • Ruth

    TouchingThis book reminded me over and over again to give all our worries and burdens to the Lord. To trust Him no matter what hardship we are facing. Thank you Vanetta as the Lord leads my family and myself through our current storm.

  • Shannon Hoff

    Excellent This is truly wonderful Christian fiction. I have so far enjoyed both books that I have read in the Jacobs Family series vannetta Chapman is an excellent author and I look forward to reading more of her work

  • Linda Rainey

    I really enjoyed this story about Erin Jacobs.Finding an abandoned infant and becoming a foster parent changes her life and brings her past to the present.We see God;s saving grace that changes her life.I look forward to more by this author.

  • Holly

    This book had a little mystery and suspense as opposed to the white knuckle suspense of the first book, which for me is a good thing. The characters were likable (except for one of course) and I enjoyed the clean, Christ centered romance. It held my interest and flowed well.

  • acey porter

    Good storyGod has a perfect plan for each of us. He reveals that plan in his perfect timing. God's perfect grace.

  • Ladyp

    This book was so good! I laughed and I cried and I laughed and cried some more.This story had so many emotional ups and downs.The story teaches how it is good to have a network of family and/or friends to give you a listening ear or sometimes we all need just a wee bit of help.The heroine of the story Erin has made herself out to be an independent woman who needs nobody but herself. It is not really true but she doesn’t realize that till something new happens to her that she never expected. Th [...]

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