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Sterek Fanfic You don t remember, any, where exactly you were when you found out that she was dead You remember almost everything else about her dying, though Stiles Stilinski has always been the person who will do what other people don t want to It s hard, though, when your friends keep trying to protect you Post S2.Words 47813 complete

  • Title: the blood blooms clean in you, ruby
  • Author: M_Leigh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: ebook

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M_Leigh Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the the blood blooms clean in you, ruby book, this is one of the most wanted M_Leigh author readers around the world.

Comments the blood blooms clean in you, ruby

  • Rachel

    Derek’s story in this boy, half-destroyed is heart wrenching. Stiles though is absolutely, beautifully heartbreaking. I balled my eyes out at parts of this story and highlighted half the fic. This is a fic that will stay with me for a long time; has left an impression on me. I read this throughout the day yesterday. It rained all day and the cloud cover was so heavy it felt like evening the entire time it was light out. Yesterday may have been the perfect ambiance for this story. This is Stile [...]

  • Vivian

    So the tone is very reminiscent of this boy, half-destroyed with the pov and illustration via a series of memories. More of the torments and self-flagellations, but of Stiles in this one. It is highly emotional, confessional, and absorbing as the readers gets tossed from wave to wave until the story is told. This is not part of the Hale AU, as the story is different, but they are complementary. Studies in the second person pov. Leigh has created some powerful stories here and this boy, half-dest [...]

  • Xing

    Rating: 3.5 starsThis story was not what I expected, but the experience was very good regardless. The blood blooms clean in you, ruby is a second person narrative of Stiles during a time right in the beginning of season 3, with the author's own spin on the alpha pack. The story revolves between the present and the past, a time when Stiles' mother was still alive.What I liked most was the portrait of grief and regret the author was able to paint with the muted tones of Stiles' introspection. It i [...]

  • MLE

    Pov isn't working for me.

  • Angelmira

    I have to give it 5 very unusual stars. It's not for everyone. I can understand why people would give this little gem two or one star, but for me the whole process with Stiles'mother was absolutely fascinating, it was well thought through and hit me right in the feels, so 5 stars for me.

  • Dena


  • Julio Genao

    overlong and too committed to stiles' introspection, but with some nice passages.

  • Trix

    Too much introspection and not enough action. The show down was at the 90% mark and over before you knew it.While I found it in-character for Derek to be so devastated and broken after his family's death (in this boy, half-destroyed), Stiles' drawn out monologue and grief over the loss of his mother felt OOC. He was 11 years old, I can't imagine someone so young being so profoundly and eloquently marked by the death of a parent. I was in awe how insightful Stiles' agitated state was portrayed, h [...]

  • Nepreading

    ALL stiles, YAY. abandonment issues, beautiful exploration of the Stilinski family, heartbreaking description of stiles' mom, her illness, hers and stiles' relationship, her backstory, her trying so so hard and failing. and the Sheriff and his frustrated love for stiles, just. OH! and the part where stiles gets left behind, and the scene where he asks derek to turn him. >< D: <3 !!derek not getting pop culture references, bamf magic stiles desperately protecting EVERYONE and the flocks [...]

  • Kythwena

    I'm pretty sure that English is not M_Leigh's mother language, neither is mine. there were some profound grammar mistakes but it still was a good story.

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  • Free Download [Manga Book] ✓ the blood blooms clean in you, ruby - by M_Leigh ✓
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