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By Patrick Rothfuss | Comments: ( 416 ) | Date: ( Jul 16, 2020 )

Sob a Universidade h um lugar escuro Poucas pessoas sabem da sua exist ncia uma rede descont nua de t neis antigos, corredores serpenteantes e salas abandonadas Ali, no meio desse local esquecido, situado no cora o dos Subterr neos, vive uma jovem.O seu nome Auri, e uma jovem cheia de segredos.A M sica do Sil ncio um vislumbre breve e agridoce da sua vida, uma pSob a Universidade h um lugar escuro Poucas pessoas sabem da sua exist ncia uma rede descont nua de t neis antigos, corredores serpenteantes e salas abandonadas Ali, no meio desse local esquecido, situado no cora o dos Subterr neos, vive uma jovem.O seu nome Auri, e uma jovem cheia de segredos.A M sica do Sil ncio um vislumbre breve e agridoce da sua vida, uma pequena aventura s dela Ao mesmo tempo alegre e inquietante, esta hist ria oferece nos a oportunidade de ver o mundo pelos olhos de Auri E d nos a oportunidade de conhecer algumas coisas que s ela sabeNeste livro, Patrick Rothfuss leva nos ao mundo de uma das personagens mais enigm ticas da s rie A Cr nica do Regicida Repleto de segredos e mist rios, A M sica do Sil ncio uma narrativa sobre uma jovem ferida a tentar viver num mundo destru do.

  • Title: A Música do Silêncio
  • Author: Patrick Rothfuss
  • ISBN: 9789892330716
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Patrick Rothfuss

It all began when Pat Rothfuss was born to a marvelous set of parents Throughout his formative years they encouraged him to do his best, gave him good advice, and were no doubt appropriately dismayed when he failed to live up to his full potential.In high school Pat was something of a class clown His hobbies included reading a novel or two a day and giving relationship advice to all his friends despite the fact that he had never so much as kissed a girl He also role played and wrote terrible stories about elves He was pretty much a geek.Most of Pat s adult life has been spent in the University Wisconsin Stevens Point In 1991 he started college in order to pursue a career in chemical engineering, then he considered clinical psychology In 1993 he quit pretending he knew what he wanted to do with his life, changed his major to undecided, and proceeded to study whatever amused him He also began writing a book.For the next seven years Pat studied anthropology, philosophy, eastern religions, history, alchemy, parapsychology, literature, and writing He studied six different martial arts, practiced improv comedy, learned how to pick locks, and became a skilled lover of women He also began writing a satirical advice column which he continues to this day The College Survivial Guide Through all of this he continued to work on his novel.In 2000 Pat went to grad school for English literature Grad school sucked and Pat hated it However, Pat learned that he loved to teach He left in 2002 with his masters degree, shaking the dust from his feet and vowing never to return During this period of time his novel was rejected by roughly every agent in the known universe.Now Pat teaches half time at his old school as an assistant sub lecturer He is underpaid but generally left alone to do as he sees fit with his classes He is advisor for the college feminists, the fencing club, and, oddly enough, a sorority He still roll plays occasionally, but now he does it in an extremely sophisticated, debonair way.Through a series of lucky breaks, he has wound up with the best agent and editor imaginable, and the first book of his trilogy has been published under the title The Name of the Wind Though it has only been out since April 2007, it has already been sold in 26 foreign countries and won several awards Pat has been described as a rough, earthy iconoclast with a pipeline to the divine in everyone s subconscious But honestly, that person was pretty drunk at the time, so you might want to take it with a grain of salt.

Comments A Música do Silêncio

  • Patrick

    So this book is coming out on the 28th of October, just two weeks away, and I'm growing increasingly nervous. This isn't an unusual thing. Authors are always anxious before the release of a book. We worry if people will like it. We worry about the publisher being satisfied with the sales. We worry about the translations being good. I am all those types of worried. But I have other worries too. One of my biggest concerns is that despite my best efforts to spread the word, people will pick this bo [...]

  • Eric

    Update: I am going to leave my earlier rant about Rothfuss below, since it received so much commentary -- both positive and negative. Here I will leave my thoughts on the novella, now having read it.There is no way I can review this without it looking like I am just piling on and confirming what I ranted about, but let me assure you, despite my wish that he finish the Kingkiller trilogy first, I really wanted to like this. I did enjoy The Lightning Tree, another diversion of his, a great deal.Th [...]

  • Brigid

    WOW. people are seriously fucking angry on here. It's hilarious how emotional people get over a release date. Guys, the dude is a really good writer. Not to mention he's a perfectionist. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Give him a break. He's got his own life separate from being a writer. Let him be.

  • Alex

    I loved his first two books, but this is dire. There's absolutely no plot, it's just ~150 pages of a girl running around in the sewers doing Feng Shui and kissing inanimate objects.

  • Alex Ristea

    This is the most beautiful story I've read in years.Think about that word, beautiful, and what it means to you. It could be a memory, a place, a loved one, an emotion.Keep thinking.It's not the best analogy, but it's the best I can do because The Slow Regard of Silent Things is in a class all of its own and it evokes a response that no other book has managed to elicit from me.It is strange, it is gentle, it is true, it is heart-warming, it is poetic, it is pure Rothfuss.I don't know about you, b [...]

  • Bryce Wilson

    Rothfuss's new novella, "Things Are Picked Up And Then Set Down Elsewhere" certainly lives up to its title. If you have a sexual fetish for descriptions of things moved from one place to another look out because Christmas has come fucking early.Now look- I'm as hardcore a Rothfuss Partisan as they come but by page fifty or so I started doing thisyoutube/watch?v=7FYTcAnd I didn't stop until the Author's Note where Rothfuss assures you not to worry if you didn't like the story it's just because yo [...]

  • Catriona (LittleBookOwl)

    3.5-4 stars?

  • Bookdragon Sean

    “People are going to read this and be pissed.”-Patrick Rothfuss (2014)Well Pat was right. People are pissed. I’m pissed. I’ve been warned about this, several times in fact. I’ve been told that it's terrible. I’ve been told that it has no plot or any string of story. I’ve been told that it is utter garbage, and I disbelieved it. I consider myself a huge fan of Patrick Rothfuss. His first book was great and his second book was almost the same. His writing is fantastic, his world is s [...]

  • Petrik

    2.5/5 StarsProbably one of the weirdest books I ever read. I like and dislike this book equally, hence the rating. (Since this is a novella, my review will be shorter than usual.)The Slow Regard of Silent Things is a novella about one of my favorite side character in the Kingkiller Chronicle series, the enigmatic and bizarre Auri and although it’s numbered Kingkiller Chronicles #2.5, the plot of this novella actually took place during chapter 7-11 of The Wise Man’s Fear and it’s centered o [...]

  • Idcboobs

    *This is a copy/paste of my opinion on the release date and general money grabbing of Patrick Rothfuss, not a review of an unreleased book, dissimilar to what other people are able to do?*First let me say; before the release of the name of the wind, Patrick Rothfuss announced the completion of all three books, the three books in this trilogy were completed, the three books who would write for this series had been finished, he planned to release these books in one-year intervals, as he announced, [...]

  • Ɗắɳ2.☊

    I’m not exaggerating whatsoever when I say, this may very well be The Worst Book I Have Ever Read. Yes, worse than every children’s book, pop-up picture book, Twilight, teen romance, Dean Koontz, Scooby-Doo mystery, you name it—I’ve leafed through more entertaining chemistry textbooks. As far as literature goes, this is the bottom of the barrel scrapings! This opinion, no less, is coming from a Rothfuss fan who really enjoyed each of his first two books. Yes, they were kitten squishers, [...]

  • Robin (Bridge Four)

    4.5 filled with secrets starsI have wondered for two books now more about two very specific characters Auri and Bast and does this ever deliver on Auri. I longed to know more about what Auri does in the Underthing, how she ended up there and what else goes through her mind. One of my favorite things in The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear were Auri’s interactions with Kvothe things like: “I have an apple that thinks it’s a pear. And a bun that thinks it’s a cat. And a lettuce tha [...]

  • Allie

    Being one of Pat's beta readers I had the pleasure of reading this last month. I absolutely adored it. The way it's written, I highly advise you read it twice. You will pick up on a lot of interesting things the second time around. Everyone is definitely in for a treat. Rothfuss has never let me down. Absolutely a fabulous writer! I can't wait until it's out so I can discuss it!!

  • Andrew Obrigewitsch

    While this book is very aptly named. It was not for me. I really was not into slowly regarding silent things.

  • James LafayetteTivendale

    Auri is adorable. I love the insight into her mind and her life. I like the way this builds up nicely to a lovely scene in The Wise Man's Fear. The descriptions of the underthing were amazing and very complex. It upset me when she went depressed. Her mind seems scrambled at times, a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder but she is adorable and I think highly important to the series overall. I think I love her. Yes I do.James xyouandibooks.wordpress

  • Jerry Smith

    This section is not a review. For that see further below. Also, those of you who rate books before they are released and haven't read an ARC, what the hell? 5-star , 1-star, whatever-star, you haven't read the book yet so withhold your judgement. Or is that a way of you just rating your excitement for the book? Maybe should have a "Hype" indicator you can vote on so you can get your fix that way. This is mainly focused towards all you keyboard warriors out there. I'm being a bit of a hypocrite [...]

  • Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai)

    A lot of people are saying that this book isn't for everyone. Even the author warns the reader ahead of time that this book isdifferent and may not be suited to their tastes or what they are used to.I beg to differ. I'm sorrybut if you DO NOT like this bookwell means you are dead inside!! If you did not enjoy this story it means that YOU ARE WRONG.Its just that. Plain and simple. Clear cut and right to the point. This storys magic on paper. I will defend this story until my death. I will make pe [...]

  • Cher

    2 stars - Meh. Just ok.Sigh, easily my biggest disappontment of the year, especially because it was so anticipated. I have long felt that novellas within a series were pointless, needless fluff driven by publishers to increase sales. If even King Rothfuss cannot pull it off, I am now more convicted in that belief. Listen to the man when he tells you in the foreword and the author's note, that you might not want to buy this book. This is essentially a plotless story where the reader follows aroun [...]

  • Salma Thabet

    I feel as if book 3 is being kept as a hostage,:"If i buy this book patrik might be encouraged to finish book 3W that he's done with THAT project , he might finally say something about book 3. NOW that his kickstarter project is halfway through, he MIGHT find time to finish the bloody book. NOW that he's done with this or that reading and signing event, He MIGHT actually" blsh blah blahI don't follow his blog anymore, a major point for some people to start buying a book series is when authors sa [...]

  • Raeleen Lemay

    Ugh.The only thing I liked about this is the illustrations, and I didn't even look at them until after I finished listening to the audiobook. I enjoy seeing Auri every now and then in the Kingkiller Chronicles, but following her around throughout her daily activities was incredibly boring, and extremely strange.

  • Jeff

    I want to get something out of the way before starting a small review. So here it goes. I don't understand the negativity surrounding this novella. Especially those saying this book is a "money grab" or some other ridiculous baseless statement about him delaying the third instalment. Listen, with all respect, don't buy it if you think it's just for profit. There is a beautiful thing called choice that we all have, feel free to exercise that glorious human right. Instead of directing all this hat [...]

  • Marc Aplin

    Picking up The Slow Regard of Silent Things you are greeted by a number of warnings from the author:[b]“You might not want to buy this book.”…“I think it’s only fair to warn you that this is a bit of a strange story.”…“I don’t go in for spoilers, but suffice to say that this one is… different. It doesn’t do a lot of the things a classic story is supposed to do.”Patrick Rothfuss, 2014 [/b]Yes. Going into The Slow Regard of Silent Things I’d heard all the warnings from Pa [...]

  • Kaora

    This story is for all the slightly broken people out there. I am one of you. You are not alone. You are all beautiful to me.When I first heard that Patrick Rothfuss was coming out with a book on Auri I was really excited. Despite my huge disappointment in the second book Wise Man's Fear, Auri was one of my favorite characters and I was thrilled to learn more about her.This book is pure Rothfuss. Although there is not a lot of action, there is beauty in the words that few other authors can create [...]

  • Eric Allen

    Well that’s a whole lot of nope. Believe it or not, I don’t think that Patrick Rothfuss is god’s gift to the universe. The man has published two whole novels in an entire decade. One of which was mediocre at best, and the other of which was a dumpster fire of epic proportions. He has since gone on to do some really shady, con-artisty shit, and make some very questionable, and outright offensive comments about entire genders and such that just makes me never want to hand another penny of my [...]

  • C.W.

    I just don't understand why this even exists. Honestly, it's useless - I don't feel like I've learned a single thing about Auri, whom I love as a character in the Kingkiller Chronicles, that I couldn't have already gathered, or that couldn't have been told in a much shorter five page short story. Ten pages at the most. The writing honestly isn't even up to par with his other books. It's not that it's boring, it's not that it's confusing, it's not that "it doesn't do what stories should do" (as P [...]

  • Sally Howes

    THE SLOW REGARD OF SILENT THINGS will say something different to every reader. To me it says not only that nothing is ever quite what it seems to be, it says that everything is so much more than it appears. And it says that being broken doesn't mean you're not also perfect. It reminds me very much of one of my all-time favorite quotes, from Hemingway's A FAREWELL TO ARMS: "The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places."There are two things that are very important [...]

  • Rob

    Executive Summary: I think this is a book that most of the hard core fans will gush over, but I thought it was just alright. 3.5 stars rounded down for reasons I get into (rant about?) below.Audio book: I haven't done any of the Kingkiller books in audio. I have friends who have gushed to me over both the Rupert Degas and the Nick Podehl versions.I'm not sure if those people will bothered by this one being read by Mr. Rothfuss himself, but I thought for this book at least, he makes for a good na [...]

  • Nico

    German Review on GosuReviewsOnly for real hardcore fans. Ridiculous to demand 14-18 Euro for the ebook/hc. Not worth for me at all. The prose was usually good as you expect from Rothfuss, but the plot, if you can call it that, is very lackluster. It would have been really better off in an anthology as originally planed. I wouldn't be surprised if this will damage Rothfuss's reputation.

  • Nihan

    Okuduğum en garip şeydi.

  • Macarena Yannelli

    Lo hiciste de nuevo. Patrick, damn you. Al principio estaba tan confundida que creí que no me iba a gustar, pero creo que es lo que logró este hombre, que la confusión sea algo bello. Una historia hermosa de uno de mis personajes favoritos de todos los tiempos.Reseña completa en Gracias a los Libros.

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