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By Kiera Cass | Comments: ( 388 ) | Date: ( Dec 11, 2019 )

In De selectie moest America Singer haar geheime liefde opgeven en haar thuis verlaten om een felle strijd aan te gaan voor een kroon die ze niet wil.Maar ook prins Maxon had een andere liefde voordat de Selectie begon Het verhaal van De prins opent de week voor de Selectie begint en volgt Maxon tot aan de eerste dag van de competitie Aspen Leger, opgevoed in een van deIn De selectie moest America Singer haar geheime liefde opgeven en haar thuis verlaten om een felle strijd aan te gaan voor een kroon die ze niet wil.Maar ook prins Maxon had een andere liefde voordat de Selectie begon Het verhaal van De prins opent de week voor de Selectie begint en volgt Maxon tot aan de eerste dag van de competitie Aspen Leger, opgevoed in een van de laagste kastes, heeft nooit durven dromen dat hij ooit in het paleis zou wonen als lid van de koninklijke wacht Nu is hij daar en komt hij zijn vroegere liefde America tegen die deelneemt aan de Selectie Het verhaal van De lijfwacht geeft lezers een kijkje in het leven van Aspen binnen de paleismuren en de waarheid over de wereld van de koninklijke lijfwacht die America nooit zal weten.

  • Title: De prins & De lijfwacht
  • Author: Kiera Cass
  • ISBN: 9789000343669
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback

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Kiera Cass

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Comments De prins & De lijfwacht

  • Catriona (LittleBookOwl)

    I read The Prince a while ago and gave it 3/5 stars, but I've finally read The Guard and did not love (1.5/5 stars). At least it has given me a bit of a refresher for the series, so I can continue on with The One and remember a little of what had happened before (I've totally forgotten most of it).

  • Rachel(APCB Reviews)

    A quick breakdown of everything: The Prince -cute & adorable-MAXON <3-loved the two extra chapters of his POV The Guard -HATED IT.-Aspen stinks-So boring-Cheesy-Failed attempt at making people Team Aspen-Successful attempt at making more money by enticing people to buy this bookFirst Three Chapters of The One -PERFECTION.-HILARIOUS.-I AM SO EXCITED. Extra Features -Interesting Family Trees and storylines behind them-Eye roll-worthy Q&A -Hilarious playlists-Names of the Selection girls [...]

  • May

    MAXON TE AMO ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥El príncipe y el guardián es una novelilla secuela de los tres primeros libros de la saga La Selección. Es una novela muy fina que cuenta con dos relatos que se desarrollan en diferentes momentos de la trilogía y con diferentes protagonistas. Hablando en general de esta secuela, puedo decir que me ha gustado mucho. Son dos relatos cortos, que se leen fácilmente y que encajan bien el uno con el otro. Aunque cada uno se desarrolla en un momento di [...]

  • Camille Baril-Ali

    Okay, like, if you don't like Aspen Leger after reading the guard, don't talk to me.

  • Kylie カイリー Yay Apocalypse

    Yay!! I've finished the book! Reading this made me realize:1. The king is even more of an asshole and I hate him more.2. Maxon is even hotter. 3. That Selection list was a nice touch!8/3/14Oh my gods. I FINALLY have the Selection Stories After waiting SIX FREAKING MONTHS on hold for it at my state library. WAIT. The Prince and The Guard short stories for the Selection Trilogy AND A SNEAK PEAK OF THE ONE??!!!! HOW COULD THIS GET ANY BETTER?!!!!YAY A COVER!!!!!!!

  • Josu Grilli

    Pensaba que me iba a encontrar algo quizá irrelevante, pero me he encontrado unas historias que son lo suficientemente entretenidas como para leerlas prácticamente sin pausa. El estilo de Cass está muy bien por eso, porque consigue engancharte porque es muy rápida y su manera de narrar tiene mucha acción. Si no lees estos relatos, no te pierdes nada importante de ninguna de las dos primeras novelas, pero sí que sirve para introducirnos más en los personajes de Maxon (♥) y Aspen (♥).En [...]

  • Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora)

    [4,5 ★] El Príncipe: 5 ★.El Guardián: 4 ★. Pueden encontrar reseñas individuales de cada historia si le dan click a los títulos de arriba :)PD: #TeamMaxon FOREVER.

  • Anjie (LovethyShelf)

    I love Maxon's short story and his point of view. I think, no I know, that it just made me love him even more. I love the extended scene for his part. Absolutely fawning over it. As for Aspen's short story, I really tried. I did. I do not like him, not in Selection, not in Elite and I can care less for his point of view. It actually aggravated me even more. He was too ignorant for me. I couldn't stand it. I found myself skimming through his parts. I did however like that he took his time to hang [...]

  • Tiff at Mostly YA Lit

    Immediately read the sneak peek at The One, followed by the extra info, followed by the extended version of The Prince and The Guard. This was well-worth the $10, guys. I'm gobbling this up like candy.Review to come.

  • Selene Matheson

    1.5 StarsThe Prince (Maxon) - 2 Stars The Guard -(Aspen) - 1 Star

  • Niamh

    Loved the prince.Hated the guard.Dying for the rest of the one!Team MAXON <333

  • Riley

    I liked The Prince but I didn't like The Guard because I honestly just hate Aspen so much.

  • Lina Lovegood

    War interessant, mal Maxons und Aspens Sicht der Dinge zu erfahren. So kann man sich dann auch mehr in die Beweggründe hineinversetzen.

  • Anita Vela

    Ambas historias me han gustado y aunque no aportan mucho a la historia como tal, te ayuda a conocer lo que pasa por las cabezas de Maxon y Aspen.Me ha gustado el punto de vista de Maxon y sobretodo cuando ve a America por primera vez, sabes que es lo que se le pasa por la cabeza en ese momento y es tan mono Y en esta historia también se ve como Maxon es una marioneta del rey y como el rey maneja todo a su antojo (me cae muy mal ese señor).Y lo siento, sé que no tiene muchos seguidores mi Aspe [...]

  • Bea Casallecchio

    So, my obsession with The Selection continues. It took me so long to find this book for sale in brazil, but FOUND IT! Okay, to start with, i have to say im a little sad. I honestly don't like Aspen, but he takes like 70% of the book hahah. Still, it was good to see everything from his perspective.The Prince:I love how since the beginning he kind of knew America was the one. I don't know, but just seeing how he felt towards King Clarkson, and the Selection, gave him a more "I'm not just a prince, [...]

  • Melissa Arrieta

    Disfruté completamente la parte de Maxon, ustedes saben que me encanta, y poder estar en sus pensamientos fue algo muy bello de leer. La parte de Aspen no me gustó mucho, pues Aspen no me cuadra, pero si quitamos a Aspen de encima y solo nos queda Maxon Entonces si, 5 estrellas. Lo siento, soy así de subjetiva, te amo Maxon, byeeee.

  • Sarah

    Can't wait until the release of The One so I'll take every bit of extra I can. I think The Guard was supposed to make you like Aspen mored I don't hate him I just decided who I wanted America to be with a long time ago. Worth the read!!!

  • Rachael

    I love love loved having both The Prince and The Guard in paperback format. Generally I don't read the novellas for books simply because I avoid reading on an e-reader or on my computer. I'm really liking the trend of novellas being bundled and printed!Anywho, The Prince was absolutely fantastic. I was really craving a look into Maxon's mind and it delivered. Problem is, now I want to read the whole thing in his mind frame too! I am a Maxon fangirl so you know I just devoured The Prince. The rea [...]

  • Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)

    The Prince - This was SO lovely! I loved Maxon when reading 'The Selection', so reading from his perspective was really cute (just like him, aha!) Seriously, he's a precious little prince that America better be appreciating. The Guard - Aspen was like my least favourite character, so I didn't quite know how I'd feel about it (and him) but this proved he had some redeemable qualities and I liked how it set up a closer relationship between him and the maids. It really added sense to 'The One'.I th [...]

  • Vivian

    Fijn boek! Leuke extra info en diepgang, hoewel het niet per se iets toevoegt: vooral een fijne leeservaring en leuk bonusmateriaal! Uitgebreide recensie: thebookreview/recensies/dys

  • Hailey (HaileyinBookland)

    Oh I just love Maxon so much.

  • Shannon

    Ik vond het leuk om de Selectie eens vanuit een ander perspectief te 'beleven'. Ik vond het verhaal van de prins erg leuk om te lezen, het geeft wat meer achtergrond. Ik vond het verhaal van de lijfwacht daarentegen vrij saai en niet heel interessant.

  • Assumpta Nina

    I think Im going to di- *happily faints into the depths of darkness and dramatically evaporates into twilight mist*

  • Jerry

    The short stories were good, but, the rest of it was just filler. Unless you're a diehard fan of the series, you can safely skip this one.

  • Lissy Liz

    Well, since I'm crazy like that. Once I start a series I have to finish it!! What can I say.

  • Mehsi

    Review for the Guard (since I already read the Prince several months ago).Let's just say, I am all team Maxon, and this book made me go for Maxon even more. Maxon!God, Aspen is urgh, blergh. He broke up with America, but for some reason still thinks she is HIS girl. No she isn't boy, no she isn't. You know you broke up with her at the beginning??? Did you forget all about that? And oh wow, her face looks that way, omg omg she loves me! Wait what? Sure you know her and all, but deducting from suc [...]

  • Kristina Horner

    To be perfectly honest, I really don't think this book added anything to the Selection Series. It mostly rehashed scenes we've already experienced (but from the male's point of view, whoop-de-do) so it felt a little tedious, basically reliving conversations we've already seen. I was really hoping for backstory on these guys, or things going on with them that we couldn't see from America's point of view. Not the case.Maxon's just made him look naive and a little pathetic - it was cheesy, poorly w [...]

  • Ashley Daviau

    While I did find these stories to be a bit repetitive as we had already seen them from America's perspective in the first two books, I did enjoy them nonetheless. It was interesting to read about the beginnings of the Selection from Maxon's view in the first story. And then we switched to Aspen's point of view for a story from later on in the Selection which was just as interesting! All in all I did enjoy both stories and thought they were a nice little interlude before starting the third book i [...]

  • thebookbitch

    I'm so happy that I read these 2 novellas because I've missed the world of The Selection. It may not be the best but Kiera knows how to write amazing male characters. If I'm honest though The Prince was by far the better novellas and should have been longer. The Guard was okay, but I've never been the biggest Aspen fan. Had his novellas focused on him and Lucy then I probably would've given it a higher rating.The Prince - 4.5 StarsThe Guard - 3.5 Stars

  • Ricardo

    1 / 5Total pérdida de tiempo. Ninguna de las historias aporta nada. Terriblemente aburridas las dos.Reseña: eternamenteentiniebla/

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