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By Teddy O'Malley Angie Dickens | Comments: ( 629 ) | Date: ( Oct 23, 2019 )

Mandy Harper, one of the meanest girls ever, viciously ruled the school She decided who was in and who was out At least until Kayla Littlebe started standing up to her But one day Mandy found out she might need glasses Would she still be able to rule the school or would her new glasses help her see the error of her ways Lessons taught in this adventure include FriendMandy Harper, one of the meanest girls ever, viciously ruled the school She decided who was in and who was out At least until Kayla Littlebe started standing up to her But one day Mandy found out she might need glasses Would she still be able to rule the school or would her new glasses help her see the error of her ways Lessons taught in this adventure include Friendship The importance of being kind to others Standing up for others Not judging a book by its cover

  • Title: Cool Kids Wear Glasses
  • Author: Teddy O'Malley Angie Dickens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Teddy O'Malley Angie Dickens

Teddy O'Malley Angie Dickens Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cool Kids Wear Glasses book, this is one of the most wanted Teddy O'Malley Angie Dickens author readers around the world.

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Comments Cool Kids Wear Glasses

  • Mary Josefina Cade

    Another great addition to the 'Diversity' list, by Teddy O'Malley. This time she combines a message about bullying and exclusion with positive advice about wearing glasses. 'Cool Kids Wear Glasses' is also about transformation. Being stuck in the role of a bully is no fun. Even though it is aimed at younger readers, older kids will also enjoy this book. The daily difficulties of school life are accurately portrayed and Teddy O'Malley provides encouragement for anyone who is either a bully or bei [...]

  • Melinda Kinsman

    I really think this book should be compulsory reading for Elementary School aged kids. I suspect that problems with bullying would reduce dramatically.By following the story of young Mandy - as she discovers she needs to wear glasses, and fears becoming "uncool" - the book carefully and sensitively looks at the topic of bullying from both sides. It shows kids that it's definitely not "cool" to decide who is "in" and who is "out", and that it's OK to be different. This is a book that kids will id [...]

  • Pam Bonsper

    Cool Kids Wear Glasses is a book about bullying and standing up for what is right. It is cleverly written through the eyes of early elementary grade school girl who is, by her own definition, the coolest kid in school. Although defined as cool by herself and a small group of followers, she is really a bossy know-it-all. She determines who is "cool" and who is not, who is "in" and who is "out." She decides that kids who wear glasses can't be cool.Mandy's world is suddenly turned upside down and s [...]

  • Barbara Ann

    Mandy Harper thinks she is cool. Together with her friends, Kimberlea, Tasha and Paris, she decides who is "in" or "out." Students who wear braces, are too tall, or who wear braces don't make their list. One day Mandy's teacher hands her a note that will turn the tables on her and change her view of the world.When Mandy learns that she might need glasses, she is so terrified that she brings her stuffed bear with her to the eye doctor. She is mortified when Yumi walks into the office and sees her [...]

  • Becky Villareal

    Mandy Harper was a cool kid according to the group of girls she hung out with. Anyone who was different in any way was considered to be "out". Every child who has ever been through school has experienced this type of behavior it is nothing new. When Mandy has to wear a pair of glasses she becomes one of the "out" people.This is a hard lesson to learn. Through these new experiences she finds out that"Being different makes you unique". She also learns that "Standing up for what's right makes you c [...]

  • Kshitij

    This is an interesting book for children, with few well taught lessons. Mandy is a part of the group, which bullies around the other girls. This group is about the cool kids and Mandy, being a leader, decides who’s in and who’s out. Mandy does not like Kayla (another girl) because she opposes Mandy’s ways. But when Mandy realises that she has to wear glasses because of her weak eye sight, she fears of losing her cool kid badge because according to her Cool kids don’t wear Glasses.There a [...]

  • Margaret Welwood

    It’s a very wonderful book. Tina, third graderIt made perfect sense. I’ve seen that scene lots of times in school. I thought that was really well written. George, father of a toddler, stepdad of a third graderThis tale of transformation from Queen of Mean to truly cool was a treat to share with my granddaughter Tina. She identified easily with the characters, and particularly liked think-for-herself Kayla. Personally, I like the way the lesson is spelled out. I think it makes sense to be exp [...]

  • Marguerite

    I was a kid who wore glasses. Mind you, this was about a million years ago, but I still remember what it was like. I was 7 when I got my first pair, and the kids were really very mean about it. I think Teddy did an excellent job in laying it out in a way that kids in that age group will really understand! It's a very well-written account of a young girl going through this experience for the first time, and a neat way to teach kids that what they think is "cool" sometimes really isn't! Kudos to t [...]

  • Caffee K.

    Teddy O'Malley wrote this for the younger readers. She used simple words and phrases easily understood by her target audience without talking down to them. Yet the words still convey her message in a way that even teens and adults can appreciate and take to heart. The provided examples are ones I’m sure everyone has either participated in, or observed sometime during their life, and highlight the lessons she mentions in her description.Getting down into the nuts and bolts:World buildingAs this [...]

  • Peg

    Cool Kids Wear Glasses is a cute, insightful story, with a message.Mandy is a pretty grammar school girl, who thinks that just because she’s considered the coolest kid in the third grade, that she should be a queen. And since she’s queen, Mandy assigned herself the task of listing who was cool in the school and who was not.Mandy’s brother tried to tell her that she was being mean to her classmates. But Mandy wouldn’t hear of it. In her mind, she was doing the kids a favor, by letting the [...]

  • Susan Barton

    Mandy has crowned herself the coolest kid at school and queen of the third grade. In reality, Mandy is a tyrant who rejects anyone who is different. When she finds out she needs glasses to see better, she wonders how she’ll keep her cool kid title.Cool Kids Wear Glasses is a wonderful book for youngsters who may be just getting into chapter books. The chapters are short, yet packed with just the right amount of engaging elements to keep kids reading. This book is certainly based on a timely su [...]

  • Marianna

    When Mandy, the coolest girl in school, finds out she needs glasses she’s convinced it will end her reign. Cool kids just don’t wear glasses. Sure enough, on the day she unveils her specs, her groupie ousts her from the group. But wearing glasses gives Mandy some much needed perspective on friendship and the true meaning of being cool. Being Chinese, I think I was born in glasses. My mum didn’t let me switch to contact lenses until I was sixteen. This little gem of a story brought back mem [...]

  • Sophia Labonté

    Cool Kids Wear Glasses by Teddy O’Malley is a children’s story about acceptance, friendship and bullying. It cleverly answers the question to “What makes a kid cool?” as Mandy, the bully, learns through experience that judging others can be mean and “uncool”, and acceptance and standing up to others is way cooler. It comes at a time where the anti-bullying movement requires some thoughtful, insightful stories, and this is that book.I truly enjoyed myself while reading it. The charact [...]

  • David Freeman

    Cool Kids Wear Glasses is a wonderfully enjoyable story with a lesson on several levels. While bullies seem to be everywhere and come in all sizes, shapes and ages, we seldom think about the “Bully Problem” from the perspective of the evil bully.Author Teddy O’Malley lets us take a peek into the lives and thoughts of both the bully and their clearly frustrated victims. By shining a little light on the thoughts and feelings of each character, it becomes obvious to everyone in the story, as [...]

  • Ms. Please Pass The Books

    Cool Kids Wear Glasses is the story of Mandy Harper, the most popular girl in the third grade. She and her three friends don't realize they are actually bullies, telling kids who don't meet their standards that they are not cool. When her teacher Mrs. Snow pulls her aside one day and sends her home with a note recommending an eye test, Mandy has to come to terms with what it really means to be cool.Teddy O'Malley has written a wonderful children's book in an easy to read, easy to understand narr [...]

  • Ronesa Aveela

    This is a "cool" book young children will enjoy. It teaches them that because others are different--not perfect in some way--it doesn't make them any less worthy of friendship. It made me laugh when Mandy was upset about having to take an "eye test" that she didn't study for. Other quips will make you laugh, too. Having had to start wearing glasses in high school, I can relate to Mandy's reluctance to give her parents the note. I wasn't a "cool" kid, but I felt I was letting my parents down beca [...]

  • Cathmehta

    This is a great book for teaching children to always be kind and not judge others as it could be their turn next. My six year old read this quite easily. She is quite an advanced reader and I suspect that it is more suitable for 7-10 year olds to read alone. She did understand the message about bullying and its consequences. I think all children can relate to the characters and the story is one that occurs throughout childhood and so makes it a good read for all. The one disadvantage of this boo [...]

  • Nick Tory

    Teddy O'Malley has written a tremendous book for children with Cool Kids Wear Glasses. As an educator, I think that it not only teaches a valuable lesson effectively, but also is written in a way that children will connect with. I feel like the strongest part of the book is that much of it is written from the perspective of the character who is first introduced as the antagonist. I would highly recommend this book to educators and to parents. I do feel like boys may not take to it as well becaus [...]

  • James Martinez

    Cool Kids Wear Glasses, by Teddy O’Malley is a great story about what it’s like to be bullied but also to be a bully. The main character learns that words do hurt and that maybe she doesn’t really understand what she’s doing. The story is well written and the illustrations are cute and complement the story. It’s great to see the story from the bully’s perspective, but also see the bully learn what she’s doing is wrong. Teddy O’Malley does a great job of pushing the idea of “sta [...]

  • P.J. LaRue

    Mandy is the "coolest" kid n school. But what happens when she gets glasses will she still be cool? What will she do if her friends don't like her anymore?This book is an excellent tool for parents to teach their children tolerance and that people may have "differences" but that they have feelings, too. It is also a book that will open the door to discussions about bullying, even if it is unintentional. This early reader chapter book is intended for ages 6 to 9.

  • D.A.

    Mandy considered herself the cool girl at school. After all, she could decide who was in or out of her group. Then something happened that made Mandy see things in a completely different way. It is a book that kids can really relate to. Many kids can relate to what it feels like to be different, but this book shows that it doesn't have to be a bad thing! I highly recommend this book. The illustrations are great and the lesson is too!

  • John

    Excellent story about cool kids, or not and the club of the real cool kids. Great read for a young one still trying to find their own way in the world and dealing with being different if only in the most slight of ways. Enjoyed reading it.

  • Brandon Mulcahy

    Love itHitch g e.g.bcc Cobb :(::) Kochi h chowder g hchffduthtdhggdhfhfxbfxhtct jc turf tdhtxhfxHvcjgcjjjgciyDiyfkykhgmhcmhfmhmbvjhfiyfkyfiy MunchingBcxxcgbgn gong clutched jgnjgfjgc

  • holly

    I like this bookI like this book because it made me feel good that cool kids wear

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