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By Fionnuala Kearney | Comments: ( 631 ) | Date: ( Apr 03, 2020 )

You, Me and Other People is the life affirming, heartbreaking and ultimately stunning debut novel from Fionnuala Kearney.They Say Every Family Has Skeletons In Their Closet .But what happens when you open the door and they won t stop tumbling out For Adam and Beth the first secret wasn t the last, it was just the beginning You think you can imagine the worst thing thaYou, Me and Other People is the life affirming, heartbreaking and ultimately stunning debut novel from Fionnuala Kearney.They Say Every Family Has Skeletons In Their Closet .But what happens when you open the door and they won t stop tumbling out For Adam and Beth the first secret wasn t the last, it was just the beginning You think you can imagine the worst thing that could happen to your family, but there are some secrets that change everything And then the question is, how can you piece together a future when your past is being rewritten For fans of Liane Moriarty, Jojo Moyes and David Nicholls.

  • Title: You, Me and Other People
  • Author: Fionnuala Kearney
  • ISBN: 9780007593972
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Fionnuala Kearney

Fionnuala discovered, age six, that she had in fact been christened Ann that s Ann with no e and that her parents had decided, for some reason, to saddle her with a life of dealing with unnecessary vowels At twenty she moved to London and marrying Mr Kearney proved to be the best thing she ever did, apart from the fact that the vowel thing escalated further Two daughters, both with deliberately simple mono syllabic names followed She worked, for many years, in London as a home search agent like Phil and Kirstie without the cameras until she decided, one fateful day, that it was time for a change time to pursue the dream of being a writer Seven years on time spent in her garret learning her craft, she is often found talking to herself with yellow post its stuck to her forehead She likes to write about relationships couples, a mother and child, siblings, best friends She likes to peel away the layers and see what s going on beneath and then tell you all about it.

Comments You, Me and Other People

  • Liz Barnsley

    Wow I read this fast. Completely compelling from the very first page this is a beautifully written novel, an authentic and intriguing family drama that had me completely hooked.It is about the breakdown of a marriage, the heartache and sometimes ultimate life affirmation this can bring, a story about how we can never really know each other. This one truly spoke to me - the couple in this tale have been together a long time, yet here they are in absolute crisis. Something I have been through myse [...]

  • Elaine

    I really, really enjoyed this relationship drama which is the story of the unravelling of Adam and Beth’s 20 year marriage.At the start of the book Beth is at her lowest ebb, seeing a therapist and coming to terms with the hurt that Adam has caused her. This is the second time he has broken her heart and she is in no mood to forgive and forget. She wants to move on in her life.Daughter Meg is firmly in her mother’s corner. She feels just as betrayed and is finding it very hard to have anythi [...]

  • Tracy Fenton

    4 1/2 stars. I loved this book and devoured it in a day. The author tells the story of a marriage breakup through the eyes of Beth and Adam and I loved reading each chapter and how they coped and felt. To see the story unfold via his story and her story was wonderful and I think I am actually going to miss this family now. Highly recommended x

  • A Miuda Geek

    Opinião no meu blogueamiudageek/2016/12

  • I read novels

    Review by ireadnovels.wordpressNew author Fionnuala Kearney has entered the publishing world by an explosive story of betrayal within a marriage. I have been waiting for a long time for a story like this to hit the book shop shelves that has lots of shocking family drama and this is a story not to be missed. All families have secrets. All families tell lies. Adam and Beth seem happy together and live in a beautiful semi-detached Edwardian home. Adam thinks that his wife, Beth is just gorgeous,an [...]

  • Margaret Madden

    Beth and Adam have parted ways. Not in an amicable way either. Beth discovers Adam has cheated on her, for the second time, and has had enough. Their daughter Meg, is away at University and Beth just cannot take the lies and deceit anymore. She struggles to move on from their break-up as she doesn't know herself as a single unit, just as a wife and a mother. Rattling around her marital home, she wonders if, by kicking Adam out, has she done the right thing. Was a it a knee jerk reaction to his a [...]

  • Anne

    The cover art for You, Me and Other People is so striking, it's clever and very reflective of the story within the pages. I'm a sucker for a beautiful cover and this is one that would certainly catch my eye in a bookshop.Fionnuala Kearney has given us the story of a broken marriage. There's certainly nothing new about that as the basis for a novel, but this author has cleverly told the story from both sides. The voices of the main characters; Adam and Beth are clear and separate, the characteris [...]

  • Tammy

    I really liked this book. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. I got 20% in and wasn't grabbed by it so I went to see what the reviews were and they all loved it so I stuck with it and was glad I did. I thought this was going to be another wife wronged by husband but it was so much more and you actually have hope for Adam. I really was sad that it ended.

  • Rebecca

    Originally posted on beccasbooooks/I have to admit, this isn't my "usual" type of read, but I am absolutely thrilled that I didn't scroll on by and miss out on a chance to delve into such an incredibly well-plotted and intricate story. The title was what caught my attention first, swiftly followed by the thought-provoking cover, and then finally, I cast my eyes across the blurb and thought, "Wait, this actually sounds pretty interesting. I'm going to give it a go."Well, it turns out that "pretty [...]

  • ReadAlong With Sue

    This is one hell of a read. Its truly one you will not want to leave alone until you read it until the end. Marital breakdown is never easy I guess. I personally have not gone through this, but close to, and don't anyone ever tell me, that no matter how long you are married for you never had a cross word because I won't believe you, nor will I believe that at some stage, no matter how small, no matter how tiny no matter how minute.e thought hasn't crossed your mind to put your coat on and walk o [...]

  • Patty

    This is a book about a selfish man who cheats on his wife with two different women and then wants to blame it all on his dead parents and his childhood, his parents didn't love him and they left so now his wife doesn't love him and she leaves. How about about if you cheat repeatably on you wife she is probably going to leave you. Who is it actually who is doing the leaving, he created this situation. The wife at one point is in therapy to deal with her cheating husband and she is talking about t [...]

  • Karen

    An involving story with very good characterisation.

  • Lynn Brown

    THEY SAY EVERY FAMILY HAS SKELETONS IN THEIR CLOSET . . .But what happens when you open the door and they won’t stop tumbling out?For Adam and Beth the first secret wasn’t the last, it was just the beginning.You think you can imagine the worst thing that could happen to your family, but there are some secrets that change everything.And then the question is, how can you piece together a future when your past is being rewritten?To be honest I chose to review this book based on the fact that I [...]

  • Teresa Driscoll

    Loved this! Superb storytelling and wonderful writing. Fionnuala Kearney shines a fresh light on that most terrible of dilemmas…- should a woman forgive a man who cheats? In “You Me and Other People” we hear both sides of the story from Beth and Adam as their marriage unravels. The strength of this book is the way the author makes us care so much about the difficult choices Beth will have to make. Superb debut.

  • Cara Edgar

    This is the first book I'd read by Fionnuala Kearney and I really enjoyed it I can't really remember much of it now since it was a year ago almost though I can remember liking it enough that I wanted to check out other books of her's.

  • Pavla Hrubá

    Nebyla vůbec špatná, hlavní hrdina mi sice šíleně lezl na nervy a jeho žena místy vlastně taky, ale nebyl to žádný plytký příběh, příjemně mě překvapilo, že měl i jakousi hloubku a zabýval se ne zrovna optimistickým vyprávěním.

  • Lindsay

    In essence this book is about one lie which leads to another and its devastating consequences; not only for protagonist Adam but his family and the people around him.I liked the alternating chapters between Beth and Adam but by god Adam’s chapters are infuriating. He cheats on his wife more than once, treats those around him like crap, and wants to blame it all on his family history without taking any blame for himself. I just wanted to slap him for the most of the book. Even when he was at hi [...]

  • Damaskcat

    Beth and Adam have split up after twenty years together. She thought they had an ideal marriage but Adam is having an affair and when she finds out she throws him out. What happens next is told in alternating chapters by Adam and by Beth. As more secrets are revealed it is beginning to seem to Beth that she can never forgive Adam for the way he has behaved.I found myself really getting annoyed with Adam. He seemed so shallow and as various characters in the story keep telling him 'It's not all a [...]

  • Koki

    Nesmierne pútavým spôsobom spracovaná téma nevery. Apropo nevera.Vedeli by ste ju odpustiť? Hrdinka Beth to urobila. Prvýkrát ešte keď bola ich dcérka malá a Adam tvrdil, že šlo len o jednorázovú záležitosť. Milovala ho, tak mu odpustila. No teraz, keď dcéra dospela a Adam ju opäť podviedol /žiaľ tentoraz nešlo o jednorázovú záležitosť/, jednoducho ho vyhodila z domu. Snažiac sa s tým vyrovnať, navštevuje Beth psychologičku. Chce zmierniť všetku tú zlosť, [...]

  • Rebecca If Only I Could Read Faster

    You, Me and Other People tells the story of a couple, Beth and Adam, at the point where Beth has kicked Adam out of the family home. Beth is at a very low point, feeling destroyed by Adam's actions. Her feelings of betrayal feel very real, and the story follows as Beth begins to put her life back together, with the help of her daughter and some friends. Oh and not forgetting her eccentric mother. While Beth's life is on the up, Adam's is going in the opposite direction. His tangled web of lies b [...]

  • Rachel (Confessions of a Book Geek)

    Check out the full review on my blog: confessionsofabookgeek/201You, Me and Other People is a refreshingly realistic, extremely well written, and, at times, quite humorous story that unapologetically delves into the warts-and-all scenario of a family falling apart, the consequences for all involved, and the long recovery process.I was baffled when I discovered that this is Kearney's debut novel, it just doesn't seem possible. Not only is her writing style fantastic, but she writes excellent wit, [...]

  • Nina

    I started this book two days ago and read it at every available opportunity. What made me hooked was the raw emotions that many can relate to. Being a psychologist myself, with bipolar grandparents, I appreciated how complex and real the characters of the books were. I didn't know how it would end, either, and this is why I will remember it better than other books I've read. The only thing that annoyed me slightly, was that the author kept writing After the last word in a chapter. But the conte [...]

  • Christina Banach

    This is a beautifully written, emotional and thought-provoking tale portraying the complexities of modern-day relationships, and the consequences of infidelity within a marriage. Told from the alternative viewpoints of wife, Beth, and husband, Adam, the story gripped me so firmly that I read it within a day. With its intelligently crafted plot, its utterly convincing characters and perfectly judged pace You, Me and Other People provided an ideal holiday read. A scintillating debut!

  • Beth Miller

    I really enjoyed this book. I thought I knew where it was going at first, but it had several surprises that I did not see coming. I thought it got more and more interesting (and it started off pretty interesting anyway), so that by the last few chapters I was almost falling off my seat wanting to know what was going to happen. Great ending, too.

  • Laura

    This was SO good. It was so well written and had the most compelling story line that I couldn't help but get swept up in this epic tale of love, loss and everything in between. Beautiful from start to finish with characters I cared about despite their many flaws. I wish I'd read this sooner!! I am EAGERLY awaiting Fionnuala's next novel now!

  • Melanie

    I really liked this one. Really different from the gruesome books I've been reading lately. It just felt so real. All the emotions felt real and the characters' actions felt real. I felt attached to the main characters and wanted what was best for them. And I think the ending was what was best for them. Great read!

  • Gilly Macmillan

    A fabulous cast of characters on a difficult and grown up journey portrayed with wit, sensitivity and intelligence by Fionnuala Kearney. I was hooked from the start, and saw so much to relate to in the book that I was sad to leave the characters behind at the end. Can't wait to read what Fionnuala's writing next Highly recommended.

  • Rachel (aka Ms4Tune)

    DNFThank you to Netgalley and the publishers for a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.This wasn't for me. I just couldn't connect with any of the characters and the storyline wasn't what I expected.

  • Rea Cobb

    You Me and Other People is Fionnuala Kearney’s debut book and after reading this one I am looking forward to what this author will present us with next time around as this really was a well crafted debut.When the book begins we meet Adam and Beth who have just split up after Beth found out that Adam has been unfaithful and as the book progresses it soon becomes clear that this is not the only secret that Adam has been hiding. The book alternates between Adam and Beth’s points of view which w [...]

  • Kelly Spillane

    Beth and Adam Hall used to be happily married, until Beth caught Adam cheating for the second time. Now Beth, a songwriter, finds herself in the big beautiful that she used to share with Adam. She knows only how to be a wife and mother, and now she has to find out what it's like be independent of Adam and try to live her life on her own. Beth is left wondering at various times throughout the book if she has done the right thing by kicking Adam out. She has to either learn to forgive and forget o [...]

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