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Jake Mitchell has spent his whole life tied at the hip with his best friend and twin brother Jax They ve shared everything, except for women, which was easy since their tastes were so different From the moment she walked into the room Jake knew she was special, with her flowing brown locks, supple body, and a smile that could brighten any day An accident leaves her vulnJake Mitchell has spent his whole life tied at the hip with his best friend and twin brother Jax They ve shared everything, except for women, which was easy since their tastes were so different From the moment she walked into the room Jake knew she was special, with her flowing brown locks, supple body, and a smile that could brighten any day An accident leaves her vulnerable and in the arms of his brother From that moment she s in awe of Jax Jake tries his best to keep away from Reese Miller He disrespects her and tells everyone how much she annoys him to make sure she stays at a distance Reese can t stand that Jake hates her She s determined to change his mind, not knowing he s desperately trying to protect his relationship with his brother, and his family When the two find themselves alone during a winter storm all bets are off, and what happens next could change everything, including the bond between two brothers.

  • Title: Jake
  • Author: Jennifer Foor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Jennifer Foor

Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author She s best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.With over forty published titles, there is a story for every interest Her books can be found on most platforms and in paperback.She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, creating and writing stories straight from her heart.

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  • Sleepless Readmore

    4 BROS BEFORE HER? STARSReese and Jake ♥Jake, please make good choices "Jennifer Foor her books HER BOOKS never fail to amaze me! Jake and Jax even when these two were BORN I was hoping they would have a book and FINALLY I got my hands on. As soon as I saw them all I thought was I MUST READ NOW! And I did and I could NOT STOP (nor did I want too). Jake and Jax have DONE everything together and may be twin brothers BUT are the best friends by choice. Well up until, REESE the love they BOT [...]

  • Darcy

    OMG, this one was a train wreck. You knew how things were going to go down right from the start, that Reece was going to come between the brothers in a big way. It got brutal between the boys, let alone when you pulled their parents in. I get that the situation was a bit too close to what Ty experienced with Savanah, but he went about things the wrong way. I hated his edict at the end, hated that it caused more hurt. I was impressed by the actions that Jax took at the end, it made me think a lit [...]

  • Pheonix Fanfiction

    My thoughts/feelings while reading - lots of quotes included (May have spoilers) :) - 0% Gonna start this one next (probably tomorrow) - really wanna get this series off my tbr and the last novella intrigued me! Though jenn foors books are always hit n miss with me and I can tell that this book is gonna be the same - it'll swing one way to the other I just dno which? Christians book was a miss so I'm hoping this one will be a hit! Im nervous haha wish me luck! Hope you're all enjoying your curr [...]

  • Jennifer Guffey

    Jake Mitchell (Mitchell-Healy #4)By: Jennifer Foor3/5 starsI’m going to be in the minority of reviewers with this one. I’ve read every book in the Mitchell series & now in the Mitchell-Healy series and I have loved most all of them. In Christian’s book (M-H #3) I didn’t care for Ethan but I still liked the whole book. At the end of the Mitchell-Healy Christmas novella, Jake admitted to his cousin Noah that the reason he was mean to his brother’s girlfriend, was because he was in lo [...]

  • CecilEmely

    2.5 I hate Reese. I hate cheaters, whores, slut and the likes.

  • Rebecca

    I always know when I pick up a Jennifer Foor book that I’m in for an angst filled and steamy ride that will leave me quite frustrated in more ways than one. That’s the exact reaction I had while reading Jake, Foor’s newest release in her Mitchell/Healy Family series. I have to admit, though, I’m not a big fan of love triangles and cheating; it’s always hard for me to wrap my head around why people choose to do things behind someone else’s back instead of just coming clean and facing [...]

  • Emma ~ Six Chicks and Thier Love of Books

    What do you see when you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see.when Jake looks in the mirror he doesn't just see himself he sees his brother. How can you look in the mirror when that person has everything you want.It should have been him she was his type not his brothers but an unfortunate incident in that dinning hall at college left his brother picking up the pieces or in this case the girl.Reece was everything he wanted in a girl but she belonged to his brother and nothing was g [...]

  • Erin Paige Bixby

    ARC ReviewOMG!! I am so emotional after this story. It reminds me so much of Colt and Ty. I love the family dynamic of this series. They keep me hooked. This story was so emotional and heartbreaking. Jake and Jax have a bond they thought could never be broken. Then they meet Reece. I never expected the boys stories to turn out like this. I cried over the brothers relationship being strained. I felt so bad for both of them. I am not giving out spoilers because you need to read this story for your [...]

  • Jennifer Montgomery

    Flip floppingHmmm,where to start. First off I love jennifer foor and her books. Jake was highly anticipated by me and I was slightly disappointed by all the back and forth with Reese and the twins. I'm not a big fan of the switching around and back and forth story lines to begin with but I purchased this book as a loyal foor reader. That being said I did feel sorry for jax that Jack and Reese treated him the way they did but I guess you can't help who you love. Hoping that jax's story is really [...]

  • Katie DeMolle

    Lots of mixed emotions about this book. Hopefully Jax's book will leave me feeling a little better, because right now I don't really know how I feel about Jake or Reese or even Jax for that matter. This was a good book and great storyline just very emotional. Hoping for some clarity in the next book.

  • Meagan

    3.5 stars

  • K3

    A wonderful series filled with family drama Love it!

  • Sarah - Books to Breathe

    Deliciously reminiscent of where it all began with the Mitchell clan so many books ago. Full review to follow

  • Rebecca Arbaugh

    Jake and Jax are inseparable! They grew up playing football together, having the same dreams and goals, were best friends. I mean with having a twin brother you might as well say you'll have a best friend for life! The motto was they would never let anything come between them, not even a girl. This proves to be the biggest lie and test of their lives when enters Reese.While playing football Jake accidentally hits Reese, who is a beautiful stranger at the moment, but it's not him that goes to her [...]

  • Kim Richards

    Loved loved loved this book.I have gone through every emotion possible while reading this book, I can't help feeling the way I do about a certain characters, its weird to read similar things happening in this book as happened in the Mitchell Series. Families can be so complicated.Brilliant book, well worth reading.

  • Casey

    Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickAfter recently reading and enjoying my first book from Jennifer Foor, I jumped at the chance to read more from her. I loved that she was releasing both Jake and Jax at the same time and that we would get to see what happened to the twins back to back. Although I had not read any of the previous books in the series before this book, I had no problem getting into this book or enjoying it. I will say that I probably would have had a better unders [...]

  • Kristy & Kayla - My Person's Books

    Jenn’s writing of late has gone to a whole new level, finding the words, the right words to express an author’s work that has touched you is hard. We often doubt ourselves wondering if our reviews have done the justice it deserves. You can feel the love, desperation, heartache and pain as it radiates from these characters. The Mitchell Family is and always has been one tight family unit, the love and devotion they have for one another no matter who they are or what they are going through is [...]

  • Gemma Weir

    Check out more of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchJake is book #4 in The Mitchell/Healy Family Series which is a spin off from The Mitchell Family Series. Here is a link to the reading order for the Mitchell Family Series.I was gifted an ARC in exchange for an honest review so here goesGod where to start!!!This book is a difficult one to review because at the end of the day cheating is a no go area for lots of people. For me it’s not a hard limit but more frustrating.Jax, Jake and Reece [...]

  • Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend

    What can I say , he's a Mitchell and I am in love with him !! Jake Mitchell is all grown up and in college playing football like a pro along side his equally hot twin brother Jax. As the synop reads , they are attached at the hip and nothing separates them. So alike yet so different they are enjoying their college days and are the best of friends. During lunch one day Jake ends up hitting a girl in the face with his football and stunned by his desire for her at first sight his brother beats him [...]

  • Shanean

    "ARC received for an honest review."I have been with this series since the very beginning and it just keeps getting better. Author Jennifer Foor does an excellent job at making each character stand out in their own way. Each book is a continuation of the wonderful journey in the Mitchell/Healy clan. Jax and Jake Mitchell are twins and I must say very hot, sexy, smooth talking twins. Each are unique in their own way but both have a passion for football and a way with the ladies. But it’s one la [...]

  • Jonelle Bound By Books Mccloud

    Jake and Jax Mitchell. Twins, brothers, best friends for life. Nothing could ever come between them. Or so they thought. Enter Reese. Although Jake sees her first, Jax gets to her first. In the beginning, Reese and Jake are able to become friends while she becomes more than friends with Jax, but Jake's been falling in love with his brother's girl. So what does any good brother do? He starts being incredibly mean to Reese so it's not completely obvious that he's in love with her, ya know, like bo [...]

  • MaddieM1RiH

    I loved this book it was like re-reading Colt Ty and Savanna relationship love triangle again and wow that was one great read.This is Jakes book and how he looks at his other half his best friend (bro his twin ) and hates what he has and wants it all for himself!Jax has meet a girl and wow she was not his normal type but he slowly falls for her and they are enjoying there relationship but when you date a twin there other self is close by So it's natural for jake and Reece to form a bond but jake [...]

  • Jamie Rhodes

    A couple of hours that is all it took for me to read this book. I dove right in and only stopped for a few bathroom breaks. I LOVE this series. I have been waiting for these two boys' stories for a while. In all of the other books they seem like nothing but practical jokers, but that couldn't be farther from the truth in this book. My heart hurt for the pain that Jake and Jax go through in this book. They are broken because of a female. I have to say that I did like Reese, but I didn't always li [...]

  • Maureen Mayer

    I really hope this series never ends, because it just gets better and better!Jake and Jax are twin brothers, best friends, and up-and-coming football stars with bright futures ahead of them. But something, or should I say someone, could potentially stand in the way of everything they've worked so hard for…Reece.Reece grabs the attention of these brothers from the get go, forever changing their lives, but while she's dating one, the other is secretly pining for her from afar. One snowstormy nig [...]

  • Liza

    Received an ARC for an honest review Actual Rating: 3.5 starsI have never hated a main female character as much I do now with Reese. It did not help that her POV started a long way after Jake's. I did not like that her POV came after hell broke loose and Jake's feelings were confessed. It was like whatever she says, I kept rolling my eyes. Although this is Jake's book, I felt more for Jax. He has been obviously played though I don't hate Jake as much as I do with Reese. Reese was an ultimate vil [...]

  • Theresa

    Bros before. until he meets herAs you may have guessed based on the end of the Merry Mitchell Affair this story is all about Jake and Jax being in love with the same girl. The characters are funny and almost as hilarious as Ty! Though in true J4 style your heart will still break between the laughing fits and bouts of passion. And now a bit about the storyJake has tried so hard to push Reese away. He doesn't want to do anything to risk his brothers love. The twins have been best friends forever, [...]

  • Jenny Wood

    Ugh, I shoulda known that because they were twins it was gonna be another love triangle. I can't stand love triangles. I loved the Mitchell series, I dunno why it's been so hard for me to get into the Mitchell/Healey seriesI couldn't stand all the back and forth and back and forth. it was exhausting.It was right back to the Ty, Van and Colt book. I'm glad Reece ended up with Jake, Jax seemed like a jerk. Wanting three-somes and the way he talked about having kids it was so immature and just. bla [...]

  • Rebecca

    This book totally surprised me!! The twins Jake and Jax had always been the jerks of the family and this book definitely changed my feelings for Jake!Jake and Jax are college football heroes with a bright future with football ahead of them. They are unstoppable, until Reese enters their life. Jax called dibs but Jake can't help but fall in love with her, no matter what he does or how mean he is to her he can't stop thinking about her. It doesn't help that his brother is throwing them together at [...]

  • Evette

    3.5 StarsToo many feels!  This story took me right back to the first book in the Mitchell series.  Colt and Ty. Interesting twist on their circumstances though. Unfortunately while I adored Savannah (and still do!) I found Reese almost impossible to like.  Her wishy washy behavior led to Jake AND Jax being hurt.  Yet I wanted Jake to be happy and have lovehizophrenic I know.And Reese isn’t alone in her actions.Being in Jake’s mind as he wrestles his heart is intense.  I wonder if the st [...]

  • Dayreader Reviews

    **I was gifted with a copy of these book for an honest review. Thank you!**Jake loves Reese – Reese love Jax – Jax loves Reese – and then Reese learns Jake loves her – Oh Brother – literally!!! Young adults learning the difference between lust and love, and that deceptions and betrayal can test even the closest of bonds in a family. Mitchell Family history seems to be repeating itself and nothing can stop it. These three are on a collision course – and I loved every minute of it!I fo [...]

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