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By Monica Furlong | Comments: ( 567 ) | Date: ( Feb 25, 2020 )

This prequel to Wise Child recounts the childhood and spiritual initiation of Juniper, who will in turn pass down the secret teachings of the dorans to Wise Child Readers will again enjoy the details of herb gathering, spell casting and mystic rituals An atmospheric story that will both satisfy confirmed fantasy fans and involve readers new to the genre BulletinThis prequel to Wise Child recounts the childhood and spiritual initiation of Juniper, who will in turn pass down the secret teachings of the dorans to Wise Child Readers will again enjoy the details of herb gathering, spell casting and mystic rituals An atmospheric story that will both satisfy confirmed fantasy fans and involve readers new to the genre Bulletin, Center for Children s Books.

  • Title: Juniper
  • Author: Monica Furlong
  • ISBN: 9780679833697
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Monica Furlong

Obituary from The Guardian, Friday January 17 2003by Michael De la NoyMonica Furlong, who has died of cancer aged 72, would have achieved distinction through her writings alone But she was always on the lookout for good causes to espouse, and once she had thrown in her lot with the Movement for the Ordination of Women, and with the aims of secular feminism in general, she became to many women and to many men as well, especially homosexuals not just a beacon of light, a flaming torch.Like many intellectuals, her life was, in some ways, a protracted search for truth, accompanied by frequent disillusionment, most notably with the organised structures of society In her book With Love To The Church 1965 , she wrote, in sorrow than in anger, of her disillusion with the apparent inability of the established Church to touch the hearts and minds of men and women of goodwill.Very much a child of her time, she experimented with LSD in her late 30s, and had the distinction of seeing her book Travelling In 1971 , describing the experience, banned from Church of Scotland bookshops Aware in later life of the dangers of drugs, she nevertheless always regarded the drug taking, together with a Freudian psychoanalysis in her early 50s, as a vital part of her psychological and spiritual growth.Born and brought up in Kenton, Middlesex, Furlong always retained a nostalgic devotion to the suburbs Her father, to whom she was particularly close, was a Roman Catholic who served mass at Westminster cathedral Her relations with her mother, a sometimes caustic agnostic, were ambiguous Monica was a second daughter, and her mother made no secret of the fact that she wanted a boy Monica attributed the onset of a fairly disabling stammer, and a terror of using the telephone, to her mother s dissatisfaction with her gender.She, herself, was baptised as an Anglican in a conventional sort of way, but became, at a very early age, a potential outsider even as a child, she felt herself instinctively in sympathy with non churchgoers After education at Harrow county girls school and University College, London, she enrolled at Pitmans, and seemed destined for a dreary career as a shorthand typist.In an attempt to break into journalism, Furlong presented herself to the formidable Rosamund Essex, editor of the Church Times She was asked if she knew the difference between a cope and a chasuble, and did not get a job Instead, she became secretary to a BBC talks producer, an employment for which she could not have been less well suited by now, her stammer prevented her from saying the word Hello on the telephone.In 1956, she joined Truth magazine as a feature writer, where, on her first day, she met Bernard Levin, a lifelong friend From 1958 60, she was the Spectator s religious correspondent, and, for the next eight years, wrote for the Daily Mail, then a radical paper than it is today, earning the princely sum of 6,000 a year lunch at Fortnums became a normal occurrence, and party invitations flowed.Back in 1953, when she was only 23 and lacking any sense of self worth Furlong had married the second man who proposed to her, William Knights, who ran a newsagents They had two children, to whom both parents were devoted, but the marriage had foundered long before she braced herself for a divorce in 1977.Sadly, the incompatibility had long been apparent to her friends and family Furlong had, in fact, married in desperation, and the intellectual and class differences between she and her husband widened every time he declined to accompany her to some social occasion It was now he who felt inadequate, and his absence from her side made her feel embarrassingly unsupported.As a freelance journalist, Furlong wrote for the Guardian between 1956 and 1961, where her contributions covered a variety of emotional and socio sexual issues as they had done at the Mail They dealt, too, with her

Comments Juniper

  • Casey

    I loved this book even more than I loved Wise Child. It made me want to learn about herbs. It made me want to learn how to use a spinning wheel. You know what? I did learn a bit about herbs, mostly how to cook with them. And I still think it would be badass if I owned a spinning wheel.

  • Rhapsody

    Gorgeous book. When I read it as a kid, it blew me away--I'd had no idea that a book could give one such a magical experience. This was one of the definitive reads of my childhood and one of my first exposures to the fantasy genre.

  • Danni Green

    This is the best book in the whole world. It was the best book in the world when I read it 119732933014 times as a child, and it is the best book in the world today after not having read it since at least half my life ago. I loved it every bit as much as I did when I was young; it was easy to see why I read it so often, and the ways in which it shaped me as a human being. Reading it again gave me chills in all the right places. I may have to just read it again every few weeks like I used to!

  • Madeline

    I loved Juniper more than Wise Child when I was little, perhaps because Juniper is a book about a princess and I was a girl who liked princesses. But also, Juniper's petulance is much more understandable than Wise Child's, because it's much harder to be Euny's student. Well, it's difficult to learn from Zen masters (at least Euny never hits Juniper).Furlong's writing is quite richly allusive, the gestures are effective at suggesting a world beyond the one on the page. I don't quite know why thes [...]

  • Nancy Meservier

    After suffering a bit from book ADD (you know, you pick book after book from your shelf and nothing is quite right) I figured the safest path for reading satisfaction was to pick up an old favorite. That’s how I found my way to Juniper, one of my first young adult books, first experienced when I was in middle school (which, I’m beginning to realize, was a pretty long time ago). It tells the story of a young girl named, Ninnoc, only child of King Mark of Cornwall. Ninnoc starts off the story [...]

  • Dorothea

    Good, but not as satisfying as Wise Child, perhaps because Wise Child raises some expectations about Juniper's story that aren't quite met. I'd forgotten that Maeve the Fair doesn't ever appear here; we don't learn how Juniper came to be the Red Doran, or why it was her destiny to live in Scotland. It's easy to see why -- Juniper is a story about Juniper's childhood and her first experience of adult powers (just as Wise Child is about that part of Juniper's pupil's life), and of course Juniper d [...]

  • Lauren Shumaker

    This is one of those books I am so grateful to have read as a child, because I get to nostalgically revisit it and remember all the wonderful things about it - while discovering new reasons to love it. I was never clear on the intended order of Juniper and Wise Child, but I read Juniper first and fell deeply in love with the style and the mood of this world. The descriptions are rich and colorful, the characters are believable and relatable, and the story is original and unlike anything else I'v [...]

  • Julie

    I liked the book but felt that the storyline was a somewhat predictable coming-of-age tale - separation, transformation, and return. The medieval setting, characters, and fantasy elements were all appealing, though, and I plan on reading the sequels to see what happens to Juniper and Gamal and the other residents of Cornwall.

  • Taylor Leatrice Werner

    I LOVE this series. And I don't usually particularly gravitate toward this sort of thing. It's almost a fantasy novel for people who don't like fantasy novels. Can't get enough.

  • Raj

    loved this book!

  • Caitlin

    3 stars simply because I liked Wise Child better. Juniper is still a wonderful read.

  • Veronica

    I read this book as a child, and it’s interesting to go back and reread (in preparation for Colman, the third book of the trilogy and the only one I’ve never read) the whole series. I vaguely remembered that this one came before Wise Child chronologically but was apparently written afterward (pretty sure I read Wise Child first originally), and I’m not sure if one reading order is preferable to the other. It’s a very classic, old-timey children’s fantasy novel, and very feminist in a l [...]

  • Candace

    I needed a little book-comfort so I am re-reading some of my favourites. Monica Furlong's Doran trilogy came to me at a time in my life when I felt particularly lost, and I've read them multiple times since. It's hard to really describe the impact they have had on my growing up, but as a young person reading about Juniper, in addition to enjoying the story, I was struck with inspiration for "this is the type of adult I want to be." I still need reminders every so often, but these books are gentl [...]

  • Catherine

    Growing up I used to love reading stories that were mildly fantasical and very nature based, and I hadn't realized how much I missed that. This was a very beautiful, comforting, and somewhat nostalgic read.

  • Allie

    I loved this book as a child and was surprised to find it out of print -- I had to order a used copy. Would love to see it made available on Kindle. This story is beautiful and meaningful and deserves to be shared.

  • lesley

    I just love this book and this series.

  • Veerle

    This was one of my favorite books when I was a kid.

  • Devan

    I thoroughly enjoy the magical world that this author has created, but I didnt enjoy this book as much as Wise Child.

  • Donna Davis

    Exceptionally engaging. Because Wicca is involved, children and young adults from very religious homes are probably not a good fit, but otherwise, highly recommended. Strong female protagonists, and they're well developed. A favorite of my daughters and my students.

  • Clare Fitzgerald

    So far I have been reading some pretty short books this year! My latest was a reread of Monica Furlong’s Juniper, which I got out of the library several times when I was younger. It’s a prequel to Wise Child, which I owned and read dozens if not hundreds of times, and which I still own; and it’s the story of how Wise Child’s teacher Juniper became a doran—a witch, essentially.The Wise Child books take place in mostly-pagan early-medieval Cornwall, which is awesome. Juniper takes place [...]

  • Juushika

    The prequel to Wise Child, Juniper is the story of Ninnoc, know as Juniper, a medieval princess sent to apprentice under her godmother. Juniper leaves her friends, family, and the comforts of her father's small palace to live with Euny, her grandmother, in a small cold shack on the edge of the kingdom. Under Euny's care she toils throughout the day, eats little, and sleeps poorly, all with the promise that, in time, Euny will teach her the knowledge and ways of a doran, the women of the world wh [...]

  • Daphne

    In the end of primary school my teacher came up to me and lend me her copy of 'Juniper', saying she thought I would enjoy it. She must have known me well, because 'Juniper' became one of my absolute favorite books as a child. Curious whether the book would hold up as a nice read for an adult, I decided to pick it up again. Though the experience was not quite as magical as the first time I read it as a child, it still made for a very pleasant read. I particularly liked how, in this coming of age [...]

  • Aelvana

    The only child of a king and queen, Ninnoc has been blessed with education as well as luxury. But the traces of power in her are calling her towards a different destiny than to inherit the throne. When she goes to train with her godmother, she hopes to learn the secrets of the doran. Instead, she's mostly taught healing artes. Will her power be enough against the evil magic set against her father's kingdom?First of all, ignore the series number. I read this first because it's listed as a prequel [...]

  • Nicole

    As a child, and later as a young adult, I loved this book, and its sequel, Wise Child. The colors and textures of the story stood out vividly to me, and I felt the early-Christian landscape of Cornwall come alive in my imagination. The descriptions of textiles and smells, the pervasive cold and discomfort Juniper endures as she apprentices to Euny, and the subtle magic she endowed her witches with have all stayed with me through the years. Juniper and Wise Child are no Harry Potter, however, and [...]

  • Maya

    Juniper is simply an amazing book. It also really is a big part of me, and I seriously lived by it. I read this when I was about nine years old, and back then I was a kind of isolated from the other children. This book had an amazing influence on me. I have read it so many times I can't even remember. And actually, only now I see that Juniper is the second book in the series, because I read it before Wise Child, which is probably why I don't share the opinion of those who say they think this boo [...]

  • Rose Heartfilia

    As I said with the review about Wise Child this is one of my favourit series and I've read it many times when I was younger and I always borrowed them from the library. Now I have my own copies. I take back that I think it was weird that Wise Child was the first one of the series. I think it's a good idea to first read Wise Child and next Juniper. You know Juniper her future and you learn to know her better. I called her a mountain but it's funny to read that she was actually not much of a diffe [...]

  • Minh

    I was saddened during my research to find out that Ms Furlong had actually passed away in 2003. That said, this book is actually the 2nd part (although being a prequal) of a trilogy, the other two parts I will pick up as soon as I can. It's a book I got as a birthday present years ago and is one of the few children's novels which I've kept from my actual childhood. The story is about a child named Juniper (which is the title of the new editions) and her journey to becoming a powerful witch (I ca [...]

  • Ilana

    Juniper is the prequel to Wise Child, and it is better in some ways and not as good in others. In some aspects it seemed a little too similar to Wise Child. It also didn't seem as real as Wise Child did. The setting felt more fantasy in some way. Apart from that, I loved the discription and characters just as much as the in Wise Child, and I loved the fact that you get to see Juniper grow up. It might not have been quite gradual enough, almost like one minute Juniper was a child and the next she [...]

  • Nicole

    This is another favorite from my childhood. I just re-read it and it's predecessor "Wise Child". It, like the latter, is just as good as I remembered it. It's a great read even for adults with strong female characters and an absorbing story. "Wise Child" should definitely be read first. This one is quite as good as "Wise Child", but definitely worthwhile. The third book that continues the story after "Wise Child" called "Colman" was written many years after the others when the author was elderly [...]

  • Katie

    I wanted to love this more, considering how obsessed I was with Wise Child as a kid. Maybe my nostalgia overhyped it for me, or maybe this prequel just didn't have the same energy to it. Maybe I'll do a full review later, but suffice to say, this book was fine, it just didn't light up for me the way its predecessor does in my memories. Also, and I know this is meta, but it seemed ironic that the crime of ghosting Gamal (taking control of his body and soul and using him like a puppet) was decried [...]

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