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By Tammy Williams | Comments: ( 666 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

In this engaging story, an African American woman and a white widower find love, opposition, and a surprising ally in the ghost of a deceased spouse Original.

  • Title: Choices
  • Author: Tammy Williams
  • ISBN: 9781585713004
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Tammy Williams

I became fascinated with writing in the sixth grade, when my English teacher had the class get into pairs to write and illustrate a short story I absolutely loved it As the years went on, I found myself growing increasingly excited with the prospect of writing something.hing When I looked forward to the writing portion of standardized tests, I knew I was a lost cause I had discovered my passion writing.When I got my first home computer, I discovered the Internet and something even fantastic fan fiction I had never heard of such a thing, but with the opportunity to change storylines from your favorite shows to do with as you pleased and share it with the world Wow I became addicted to it An avid soap fan at the time, I had a wonderful time re writing all the wrongs perpetrated against my favorite daytime couples I was having a great time, but I wanted Around this time, a friend told me about Romance Writers of America RWA I was a bit skeptical, because I didn t think of myself as a romance writer, but I joined nonetheless It was the best move I ever made Soon after, I joined the local chapter of RWA, Lowcountry Romance Writers of America LRWA in Charleston, SC.Since joining these groups, I have learned so much about the craft of writing Things I sincerely doubt I could have learned on my own These learned tools have enabled me to write my brand of contemporary fiction Stories about people and their hopes, fears, and aspirations Stories that make you think that touch, tickle, and titillate you A combination of your favorite sit com and family drama all rolled into one paperbacked package If I can a make a reader smile, laugh, sigh, or even have a moment of reflection, I ve done what I ve set out to do to bring joy with what brings me joy.

Comments Choices

  • Savannah- Quad Motherin' Book Readin' Diva

    Dammit! This book was SO close to a four star for me. I'd honestly give it a 3.5 if I could.Thing is, it has everything I look for in a good, straight romance novel. Everything. HOWEVER, what keeps it from getting a four or even a five is the fact that it also has the one thing I cannot stand in IR. The focus on race was WAY overboard.Tammie Williams has a real talent with dialog and setting a tone. I loved the interactions and conversations between Lara and Ryan. This is the kind of interplay I [...]

  • Camille

    DNF Christian romance should post warnings!This was utter glitter-encrusted crap.

  • Just - The romance reader

    Loved it! I finished this book pretty quickly because I was reading it every chance I got, it was that good. The passionate and strong relationships of the characters, not just romantic relationships, was what really drew me in. There was some conflict throughout the story, which tugged at my heart, but the positive events far outweighed the negative. And I really loved Ryan's 5 year old son Justin! He was such a loving, caring and adorable little boy, I just wanted nothing but love and happines [...]

  • Stephanie

    This book is a solid 5 for pure entertainment and fantasy values. I'm actually ranking it a 4.5 because one big reveal was a complete let down and once again the female lead kind of pissed me off (not sure why female writers always do something to make the female lead piss me off but it almost always happens when I read romance; just look at my other reviews) Anyway, I really did enjoy this story. This is the story of Lara a kindergarten teacher and Ryan and children's book author whose son, Jus [...]

  • Najmah

    I LOVED IT!!! I appreciated that there weren't any overly stupid out of the box completely unrealistic things that broke them up. I appreciate the character growth and the honesty they had with each other as a couple. I usually always get the feeling that authors tend to make IR books over complicated with the unrealistic problems of keeping things from each other. I appreciate Ryan's (male lead)strength in this book. His character really made me want him. I usually feel like they make the guy s [...]

  • Shawnette

    An Excellent Choice"Choices" is a refreshing debut novel by Tammy Williams. It is quite an entertaining read with a nice mix of drama and romance. She has created an engaging cast of characters, main and secondary, with some clever dialogue throughout, even from the "children. Ryan and Lara's attraction is mutual and instantaneous. And Ryan's son, Justin is quite the little charmer. I was definitely caught up in the romance, the tension-filled opposition they faced and even the occasional ghostl [...]

  • Kim

    This is my first read from this author and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the story. From start to finish it just felt like the author was writing from experience. This story is exactly how I would imagine life for an interracial couple would be. Getting glances and whispers in public, resistance from certain family members, coming to terms with what an interracial relationship would be for themselves. From the beginning Ryan didn't see color, only that Lara was a beautiful and special perso [...]

  • Genevieve Woods

    Modern day it's a wonderful life.I loved it. Now this book is not for the overly deep and analytical. But if you love it's a wonderful life classic movie this is for you. The author did great with the first person and third party point of view blend. It was a great love story, family ties with bigotry. All of this and you get to experience it all through the innocence of a child eyes. I will be reading more of Mrs tammy Williams. My only dislike was my name Genevieve being used for a ugly hearte [...]

  • Monica

    This was a nice story. I really like the characters and how the story developed. Even the people you started disliking at the beginning of the book, you understood at the end of the book. You may not like them but you understand what is pushing them

  • Iluvbooks

    I really loved this book and I loved the relationship between Justin and "Ms.Body." Does anyone know of any other books like this where the man is a single father? For some reason I love the fact that they find love again and get another mother like figure for their child.

  • Friendswmimi

    I loved this book. The characters and how they met was so touching. Would definitely read it again.

  • T

    Luved it! A keeper. I have read this book a few times and I enjoyed it every time.

  • Jenn

    Sweet story with two very likeable characters.

  • Jackueline Graves

    Nice readRyan a widower with a shy son Justin meet Justin kindergarten teacher and both fall in love immediately. Lara also feels deeply for both men. Like that a spiritual being intercedes on their behalf to help them . Love that the author actually include the child in the story. Most stories the kids disappear, this story includes him in many aspects of their relationship and the first time they try to make love who interrupts but Justin, lol. Like that they took on the race issue even though [...]

  • Jazzypom

    Lara is a kindergarten teacher in North Carolina, and she meets Ryan, a widower and his son (Justin). Lara and Ryan are attracted to each other, and Lara gets on with his son, and the story takes off from there's a really sweet story, and its heartening to see that although the race issue came up, it wasn't among the under 40s, especially Ryan's friend Norris, because he took Lara and their relationship as is. Then, you have Shell, the ghost of Ryan's dead wife (it's not as cheesy as it sounds, [...]

  • A.W.

    I'm rereading this book. I love it so much that oftentimes I pull it out and read it again. Ms. Williams is one of the IR Authors that I truly miss the writings of. I so looked forward to reading her work. It's funny how I look back at IR Authors work from 2008 - 2011 compared to some IR Authors from 2014 to now and see a significant difference especially amongst the BWWM Genre. Most IR books of today from that aspect portray the heroine as a low self esteem nymph that has sex on the brain at th [...]

  • Laverne Brewster

    4 stars. Good story. Lara, Ryan and Justin come together beautifully in this story. Great read. Ryan Andrews is a widower with a young son, Justin, who is in Lara Boyd's kindergarten class. After getting over his guilt regarding his deceased wife, Ryan and Lara become romantically involved. His deceased wife's mother is against his relationship with Lara both because she is Black and because she is jealous of Lara's relationship with Justin. Ultimately, Ryan, Lara and Justin become a family with [...]

  • Ms. Kelly

    As far as romance goes, it was a nice, sweet, romantic read. But for a book written in this century, the reactions of people to an interracial relationship was a little overblown. Not a lot, but a little. Even if that is how it would play out in real life (doubtful) the sheer amount of it wears on you in a book. The disbelief and distrust of the families was believable. The warnings from what seemed like *every* *single* *friend* was just annoying.

  • Genney Blass

    4 stars. A sweet and adorable book. The ignorance of people again, because of interracial couples was plain and dumb. But Lara and Ryan loved each other. His Mother-in-Law, wow, words can not be express how disturbing this woman can be and placing her grandson in the mix, again wow. But it was well written and Love do concur all! Kudos to the author. I truly did enjoy this book. Adding you to one of my fav author.

  • Deloris

    I loved it this was a sweet love story, it was sweet the way Lara and Ryan fell in love at first site. Ryan was not afraid of the fact the they were an I/R couple nor did he care what anyone thought. Lara was another story she was scared to tell her family she was in love with a white man. Justin was so cute in this book they way he love Lara was so sweet. Read this book you will fall in love with this couple just like I am.

  • Bobbie

    Very romantic and charming love story. PG18 love scenes which I likes the most. Looking for a story that you may know someone could relate regardless of skin color, this would be it. Death of a spouse with inlaws that are pushy try to join the living after three years of dealing with the lose. The author will become one of my must read writers.

  • Sierra

    I really don't know what to say. I found this story strange. The characters didn't feel like real people. At times, it was soap opera cheesy. And then there was the whole ghost thing. It was just weird. Still readable but weird.

  • Mia Moss

    Definitely one of my fav, very endearing story about love lost and found when you least expect it! Really great story Brian and Lara's story is really sweet!

  • Tracy

    Cute story, and I like the way the son formed such a beautiful attachment to his teacher, Ms. Boyd.

  • Nyimah

    Not a bad read. The story was nice and pretty logical. It didn't feel rushed. It was cute, cozy, and sweet.


    This is a good beginning but felt like everything was happening really fast. If slowing down is possible it should have been a bit longer with a little more action.

  • Lolita

    I really loved this book.

  • Ladyamelia

    This is my first read by this author and I was definitely impressed with the story. It was very well written and the characters were well developed. All in all, it was a charming romance.

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