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By Uwe Johnson Enrico Filippini | Comments: ( 569 ) | Date: ( May 30, 2020 )

Jakob Abs lavora in una cabina di controllo ferroviaria della Rdt Al ritorno da un viaggio nella Germania ovest, dove andato a trovare sua madre e una ragazza, viene investito da un treno mentre si incamminava verso la sua cabina Cosa successo all uomo che sapeva tutto sui treni e sugli orari La sua morte resta un enigma, e prendono il via le congetture pi varie inJakob Abs lavora in una cabina di controllo ferroviaria della Rdt Al ritorno da un viaggio nella Germania ovest, dove andato a trovare sua madre e una ragazza, viene investito da un treno mentre si incamminava verso la sua cabina Cosa successo all uomo che sapeva tutto sui treni e sugli orari La sua morte resta un enigma, e prendono il via le congetture pi varie in proposito.

  • Title: Congetture su Jakob
  • Author: Uwe Johnson Enrico Filippini
  • ISBN: 9788807014949
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Uwe Johnson Enrico Filippini

Uwe Johnson was a German writer, editor, and scholar.Johnson was born in Kammin in Pomerania now Kamie Pomorski, Poland His father was a Swedish descent peasant from Mecklenburg and his mother was from Pommern At the end of World War II in 1945, he fled with his family to Anklam West Pomerania his father died in a Soviet internment camp F nfeichen The family eventually settled in G strow, where he attended John Brinckman Oberschule 1948 1952 He went on to study German philology, first in Rostock 1952 54 , then in Leipzig 1954 56 His Diplomarbeit final thesis was on Ernst Barlach Due to his lack of political support for the Communist regime of East Germany, he was suspended from the University on 17 June 1953 but was later reinstated.Beginning in 1953, Johnson worked on the novel Ingrid Babendererde, rejected by various publishing houses and unpublished during his lifetime.In 1956, Johnson s mother left for West Berlin As a result, he was not allowed to work a normal job in the East Unemployed for political reasons, he translated Herman Melville s Israel Potter His Fifty Years of Exile the translation was published in 1961 and began to write the novel Mutmassungen ber Jakob, published in 1959 by Suhrkamp in Frankfurt am Main Johnson himself moved to West Berlin at this time He promptly became associated with Gruppe 47, which Hans Magnus Enzensberger once described as the Central Caf of a literature without a capital 1 During the early 1960s, Johnson continued to write and publish fiction, and also supported himself as a translator, mainly from English language works, and as an editor He travelled to America in 1961 the following year he was married, had a daughter, received a scholarship to Villa Massimo, Rome, and won the Prix International.1964 for the Berliner Tagesspiegel, Reviews of GDR television programmes boycotted by the West German press published under the title Der 5 Kanal , The Fifth Channel , 1987.In 1965, Johnson travelled again to America He then edited Bertolt Brecht s Me ti Buch der Wendungen Fragmente 1933 1956 Me ti the Book of Changes Fragments, 1933 1956 From 1966 through 1968 he worked in New York City as a textbook editor at Harcourt, Brace World and lived with his family in an apartment at 243 Riverside Drive Manhattan During this time in 1967 he began work on his magnum opus, the Jahrestage and edited Das neue Fenster The new window , a textbook of German language readings for English speaking students learning German.On 1 January 1967 protesters from Johnson s own West Berlin apartment building founded Kommune 1 He first learned about it by reading it in the newspaper Returning to West Berlin in 1969, he became a member of the West German PEN Center and of the Akademie der K nste Academy of the Arts In 1970, he published the first volume of his Jahrestage Anniversaries Two volumes were to follow in the next three years, but the fourth volume would not appear until 1983.Meanwhile, in 1972 Johnson became Vice President of the Academy of the Arts and was the editor of Max Frisch s Tagebuch 1966 1971 In 1974, he moved to Sheerness on the English Isle of Sheppey shortly after, he broke off work on Jahrestage due partly to health problems and partly to writer s block.This was not a completely unproductive period Johnson published some shorter works and continued to do some work as an editor In 1977, he was admitted to the Darmst dter Akademie f r Sprache und Dichtung Darmstadt Academy for Speech and Writing two years later he informally withdrew In 1979 he gave a series of Lectures on poetics at the University of Frankfurt published posthumously as Begleitumst nde Frankfurter Vorlesungen.In 1983, the fourth volume of Jahrestage was published, but Johnson broke off a reading tour for health reasons He died on 22 February 1984 in Sheerness in England His body was not found until

Comments Congetture su Jakob

  • Mariel

    The world is full of opinions about freedom, it hasn't been waiting just for me, I act as though I had something to contribute that nobody knows, as though everybody would perish without this revelation out of my brain, do I want to be indispensable? Can't even make a fire with it. And Jakob was holding his hand out to her from the other side of the brook so she wouldn't skid on the smooth slimy gnarled logs and she said, so, on her toes bent forward for balance and, no, Jakob said. Even if they [...]

  • Alik

    Obviously I'll have to reread this. Some parts will only make sense at the third pass. Some will never do. If there is a "beginning", a "middle" and whatever else belongs to a narrative, it is not linearly arrangeable, and I do not even mean chronology. It is a dense wad of strands, which, when thrown even at the most reasonable of readers, may produce a bout of dyslexia sublimated by commonplace expectorations and blame-it-on-the-author kind of criticism.So, if you expect a "tale well told" and [...]

  • Matthew

    Speculations About Jakob may be my favorite book that I have ever read. It is definitely up there, at any rate.The plot of Johnson's novel is very twisted an convoluted, and therefore it is difficult to follow for a while. I believe that this is actually part of the plan, since it was written in a time when no one was really sure how anything would work in society. From the confusion of a divided Germany to the speculations about international spies, the novel is shrouded in mystery.About halfwa [...]

  • Susu

    Nicht einfach zu lesen - das Gesamtbild baut sich für den Leser aus kleinen Bauteilen zusammen. Wort- und Satzspiele sind extrem spannend. Dieses Sittengemälde der DDR kann man häufiger lesen.

  • Astrid

    A lot of people here have criticized the writing style of Johnson. This is no book where the omniscient author tells you the story. It is told by different voices and from different perspectives. But the style is just necessary for what Johnson wants to tell and show. It's not there to discourage or create barriers. There are a lot of things we all can't know. If you don't always understand everything in this book, it is just because that's life. Don't try. This is a different reading experience [...]

  • Mj

    While in college, I was granted the opportunity to create an independent study on German literature. I was able to create my own curriculum, and as part of that I knew that I needed an East German writer, to represent the turmoil of the country's split. That led me to Uwe Johnson, who I added to the list because (and I kid you not) his name sounded cool.What I was given is probably one of the best spy novels that I have ever read. It is just fantastic.At first, Speculations is a little hard to f [...]

  • Juliane

    Quite difficult reading. Johnson's very modern narrative style is making high demands on his readers. There is no all knowing narrator, the reader has to gather insight from dialogues, monologues, snippets of a conversation, mental leaps, speculations.It makes it easier to know the proceedings before reading, otherwise it's hard to follow. Although this book is hard to read, it is an interesting book. It was not published in German Democratic Republic because of it's view on the secret police. J [...]

  • Barbara

    Auf Seite 80 abgebrochen. Lesen sollte keine reine Qual sein und genau das passiert mir hier. Kaum veständliche Sätze von Personen, die im Ungewissen bleiben und der Inhalt, also die Geschichte selbst, kommt hinter diesen Hürden kaum durch. Solange ich noch andere Bücher zu lesen habe, tu ich mir sowas nicht weiter an. (Evtl. noch die letzten 20 Seiten für die Leserunde morgen, das war's dann aber.)Nachtrag nach der Diskussion in der Literaturrunde:Ein Buch, dessen Inhalt nur mit ausführli [...]

  • Ralf

    amazingly prescient about the GDR. And a fabulous book. And of course the Faulknerian influence of multiple perspectives.

  • Noah

    Wirr und langweilig. Habe nicht die Nerven, dieses Buch zu Ende zu lesen, da auch nach der Hälte weder Sinn, noch Plott oder gar Interssantes einsetzen.

  • Arne Krueger

    Eines der besten Bücher, die ich je gelesen habe!

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  • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ Congetture su Jakob : by Uwe Johnson Enrico Filippini ↠
    492 Uwe Johnson Enrico Filippini
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