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By Heather Killough-Walden | Comments: ( 460 ) | Date: ( May 28, 2020 )

In the fevered mind of Samuel Lambent, a storm brews At its dark heart is a need unlike any other, the kind that ravishes the soul and lays waste to both kindness and sanity And that storm is mirrored in the skies over Chicago.The Culmination is approaching.For Samuel Lambent is actually Samael the Fallen One He s been dreaming of her, craving her, side lined by an inIn the fevered mind of Samuel Lambent, a storm brews At its dark heart is a need unlike any other, the kind that ravishes the soul and lays waste to both kindness and sanity And that storm is mirrored in the skies over Chicago.The Culmination is approaching.For Samuel Lambent is actually Samael the Fallen One He s been dreaming of her, craving her, side lined by an intense obsession that has all but consumed him And now that he has actually seen Angel, the long lost fifth and final archess, he will stop short of absolutely nothing to obtain her, going so far as to break fundamental covenants and make the ultimate sacrifice.Angel watches the skies above with an anxious eye She knows what the tempest means The Fallen One has found her His impossible influence and power stretch across vast miles, and his eyes call to her Within their tumultuous gray is something her heart understands, no matter how it may not wish to.There is a promise in Samael s gaze And it is that promise that keeps her running.For if he claims her If she gives in the Culmination will ensue.Life on Earth as she knows it will come to an end.Angel will have surrendered everything.All for the fierce and unforgivable love of the Fallen One.

  • Title: Samael
  • Author: Heather Killough-Walden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Heather Killough-Walden

Heather Killough Walden is a California native currently living in Texas with her husband and child She is the New York Times bestselling author of the Big Bad Wolf series Heather s educational background includes religious studies, archeology, and law She has traveled all over the world but hopes to one day live in a town with a world class hockey team Let s Go Pens Visit Heather s website at killough walden, where you can sign up for her newsletter Also, be sure to keep in touch with her and other fans through her Facebook fan page and through Twitter killoughwalden

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Comments Samael

  • Kelly

    Well I don't even know what to think about the ending (turn of events that happened). It was creepy. To split yourself in two and then have sex with yourselfPersonally I really didn't care about angel, I cared about Sam getting his happy ending. I was happy there was some one out there for him. Then the ending I can not help but feel that Sam got shafted in this book. Yes I know how it ended. But after all this time reading about him book after book. Feeling sorry for that man. Then finding out [...]

  • Kristi Hudecek-Ashwill

    "Samael" is the fifth and final book of "The Lost Angels" series.I waited for awhile before acquiring this book and it was well-worth it. The plot was engaging and stayed true while Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, and Azrael (the Archangels) and their archesses made appearances in battle scenes. Surprisingly, they were there to aid Samael, the Fallen Oneor were they?Angel has spent the last two thousand years trying to outrun Samael, not realizing that she was his archess. He was wicked and heartless. [...]

  • Brigitte

    I have always had a soft spot for Samael despite some of his actions in the previous four books in the series and reading his own story is quite enlightening. The ongoing Fracas doesn't get any better or easier for the archangels and their mates. Samael is more intent than ever to find the forever evasive Angel who continuously invades his dreams. He uses any means at his disposal to achieve his goal of making Angel his own. Angel continues to avoid Samael even when she is drawn to him, for fear [...]

  • Marielle Vergara

    -BEFORE READ-This is soooo frustrating! I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK RIGHT THIS INSTANCE COZ I CANNOT WAIT ANYMORE. I AM USUALLY A PATIENT PERSON BUT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR A LONG TIME FOR THIS TO COME OUT. And I have now reread the entire series for the third time and this still hasn't been published. Good Lord, I won't be responsible for any actions am going to make now hahah.-UPDATED-Ohh my Laawwdd!! Finally finished this series! And lemme tell ya, I could not get enough with this series! Hands do [...]

  • Julissa Tavarez

    Well it took me a week to calm down enough to write this review without any spoilers. What can I say, I love Heather Killough-Walden's book, she has a wonderful way to get you wrap in her stories and "Samael" is not different. Since the beginning of this series I always was intrigue about Samael, I refused to believe he was the bad guy, but not in my wilds dream could I imagine the development in his story. This book is MAGNIFICENT! !! WONDERFULLY DONE! I can't put in words how I much I love thi [...]


    It was pretty hard to finish this book, I did it only because it was the last one in this series and now I'm happy I'm finally done, I don't even know if I will keep on reading the other series, the one about the kings, I'm just fed up with everything that's paranormal romance and involves vampires and angels most of all.È stata dura finire questo libro e l'ho fatto soltanto perché era l'ultimo della serie; attualmente sono molto in dubbio se smetteo prima della fine anche l'altra serie della [...]

  • Cassandra Hyppolite

    I really enjoyed this book, I was all into the action in this romance/action book. You know, like I was Angel. LOL, the girl is amazing, and she knows her destiny. I am not going to tell the story, but anyone who likes sci-fi will like this read. Enjoy!!! I know I did!

  • Andrea

    I was excited to get to read the end of this series. There was a lot of nail biting and wait, what?! moments. The writing was Heather's usual detailed style, the characters of Samael and Angel finally receiving their story. And it was brilliant. I sort of worked it out

  • Susan H Garris

    The final book of the angels and the culmination. We find that the Old Man has split himself between Sam and Angel to see if what the archangels are saying about his lack of empathy is true. He finds when he bonds with Angel and remembers what’s going on that it was true. He breaks the rules to give Gregori his mate back and resides himself to staying two people and staying on Earth with the archangels and the archesses. Great series of books. I would recommend.

  • Melvina

    I love this author' style of writing, she is so creative and weaves complex stories with great imagination. The character of Samael has been an enigma from the beginning, he has appeared every bit the bad guy going against the Arch Angels, but he has also had moments where he has shown a softer side, moments where he could have shown how evil he possibly was but chose not to. It left me always guessing as to his true nature, and never in my wildest dreams could i have imagined what that was and [...]

  • Viviana Izzo

    We finally get the story of two of the most mysterious characters in the series. Angel has always been in the background, helping the Archesses and humans. It’s in her nature. To have been paired with Samael as her soulmate… Samael who has always been deemed as “evil”. However, it seems both the readers and Angel discover a different side of Samael. Besides Angel’s hesitation of Samael based on what she knew of him there’s also what has been speculated of the “Culmination”. This [...]

  • Anita Brunson

    The Last Story is always the Best!!!#Heather Killough-Walden has done it again. Samuel is the best book of the series but in total,this is one of the best series that I have ever read. The way Heather writes make you believe that this is real. From page one she draws you in and keep you there page after page.If there is a fantasy world that I would want to live in, it would be the mind of Mrs. Walden,because her world is detailed,exciting,loving,and suspenseful. If you are looking for a series t [...]

  • Michelle Leigh

    If you haven't read this whole series, you don't know what you're missing. This is a wonderful end to an awesome series.I certainly didn't expect the way this ended. I was picturing someone else as the missing person in this book. I'm really happy with the way everything turned out.I finished this one in one sitting, and don't regret one lost minute of sleep. Very well done and again, everyone needs to read this!

  • Carolyn

    The wait is over! I have waited for this book seems like forever, and I was not disappointed. I just fell in love with the series from the very start. Each book takes you on a journey with each of the Archangels finding their mates or Archesses. There is also an Angel that watches over them named Angel. I was amazed at the ending did not see that one so it was a surprise! A really good series I recommend the reading of them all!

  • Stephanie

    Heather delivered another amazing story in the Lost Angels series. I'm very sad to see this one end. She kept me riveted throughout the whole book, needing to know how it all ends. Definitely not a typical ending or story line for that matter. She is the ultimate storyteller in my books. Every book she writes is a newfound delight. Thank you Heather Killough-Walden for being such an amazing writer.

  • Amyperez

    Amazing! I literally took every turn thinking it would be another way! Samael was the easy to love bad guy But what did I know?! Floored at the ending within the ending and now I'm lost again because he could go on for me! Then as if that weren't enough "Ms Librarian" ;-) mouth literally dropped! My thought was Gooo Heather!!!!!

  • Caitlin

    I found this book utterly amazing! I had no idea whatsoever how it was going to end. And it ended even better than I could ever have imagined!I'm very sad that the series is now over. But it ended at the right time and in the right way.All I can do now is find love again in another of Heather's no doubt fabulous series!

  • Mary

    Samael was a bit disappointing. Why he did what he did as perplexing. Especially for his character as it developed in the previous books. The conclusion was just to tidy and somewhat unbelievable. For some to just shut off their hatred as if they hit a light switch, was like saying lets just wind up this story as quick as possible. All is forgiven yada, yada yada.

  • Christina Griffin

    Great way to wrap up a series!!I love Heather Killough-Walden and her books! This series has been a fabulous one, with all of the right stuff--heroes, villains, romance, and more. The way she tied everything together is outstanding, but I am sad to see the last of these Angels!

  • Sherri Wyman

    Another home runFrom start to finish I couldn't put it down. Samael was the perfect ending to a riveting series. I highly recommend this book, along with all the others in this series. Just a fair warning, you wrong be able to put it down!

  • Polly

    Whoa! What a finish! Samael's book was the Culmination! Ms. Killough-Walden outdid herself with this book. The series itself was so good, but, this book was great. She answered all our questions with a BANG! WOW!

  • Joanne Teale

    BrilliantOmg couldn't put this book down,well worth the wait .The twist and turns in this story had me shaking my kindle thinking wow I never saw that coming ,didn't want it to end really sad that it has but holy cow what a perfect ending to a great series x

  • Amber slater

    Sad it's overWow, great, surprising end to a great series! I love her books, the stories are truly enchanted, the characters heartfelt, well developed and inspirational. Looking forward to all of her new releases. hopefully sooner than later

  • Bobbie

    Samael the fallen one has been waiting centuries for his archess. Angel is all that is good and fights to help save mankind. Knowing that the fallen one has found her Angel must run, but Samael will do anything to have her even giving up their powers.

  • Christi Gonzales

    Loved it The characters blend together fluidly and comes with a surprise ending. Happy reading in this awesome year of 2016.

  • Chris N

    I loved this book! I have to admit I did like Sam and was blown away by his story! This was the perfect ending to this series but I'm sad to see it end.

  • Mhollie

    So sad to see this series end. Samael was a fantastic read! Deeply developed story line & characters. Cleverly pulled together for the final scenes. I will greatly miss these characters.

  • Avey Shannon

    Great read, great finish to fantastic series, so sorry to see it end, but hope it really is not over, could see the possibility of a spin-off, can only hope author sees the same.

  • Christy

    Kind of creepy. Spoilers: The lovers are halves of the same person.

  • Mandy

    What a fitting ending! This book was so rich, the writing seemed so effortless and I was left with that overwhelmingly satisfied feeling you get when you've read a book that's extraordinary!

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