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Fully revised eighth edition of the definitive and acclaimed guide to short and long term opportunities around the world for both trained and untrained teachers in the booming field of teaching English as a foreign language Opportunities exist from Bordeaux to Bogota, Paris to Patras and the Mediterranean to the South China Seas as the worldwide desire to learn English isFully revised eighth edition of the definitive and acclaimed guide to short and long term opportunities around the world for both trained and untrained teachers in the booming field of teaching English as a foreign language Opportunities exist from Bordeaux to Bogota, Paris to Patras and the Mediterranean to the South China Seas as the worldwide desire to learn English is fuelled by the gradual adoption of English as the language of the internet.Teaching English Abroad covers all the essentials for anyone considering working as an English teacher overseas, including Deciding to go and preparation Training as an EFL teacher with details of 380 TELF courses in the USA and around the world The different ways of finding a job A specific guide to the opportunities in 88 countries.Invaluable background information in the book includes a section on training as an EFL teacher on courses that last for periods from a weekend to two years it also advises on the preparations to make before leaving to take up a job and on how to cope with any problems that may arise once actually working.Essential information provided by Teaching English Abroad on finding a job includes A directory giving the teacher requirements of than 700 language schools worldwide Over 1,000 additional language school addresses to contact for jobs Recruitment organizations and useful websites How to set yourself up as a freelance teacher Finding jobs on the spot once abroad.In addition the country guide in Teaching English Abroad covers 88 countries around the world where EFL is a major industry, giving information on the local prospects in each country for qualified and unqualified teachers, the red tape involved in taking up work, conditions of employment etc.

  • Title: Teaching English Abroad
  • Author: SusanGriffith
  • ISBN: 9781854583529
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Susan Griffith is a freelance editor and writer who has specialized for than 25 years in writing books and articles about travel, especially working and volunteering abroad The first edition of her best known book Work Your Way Around the World was researched in 1982 mainly by listening attentively to the stories of travelers met abroad and by interviewing people summoned to the Nag s Head the pub behind her publisher s office in Oxford At that time she had plenty of personal experience of working abroad since she had left her native Canada after doing a degree in English at the University of Toronto to study at Oxford and then decided to stay on working in England.In the early 1980s so few guidebooks about funding yourself on the road were available that travelers were grateful for any scrap of information and encouragement The world of travel has changed dramatically since then Working abroad has become such a mainstream idea that it has given rise to scores of web sites student travel agencies have specialist working abroad departments and a huge infrastructure has developed for those who want to combine work and travel Work Your Way has grown up with the travel industry and now takes account of all the shortcuts to fixing up work abroad that now exist Personally updated every other year since its beginnings, it is now an acknowledged classic in the field Other titles which Susan has written and regularly updates include Teaching English Abroad which gives a comprehensive account of that booming business, Taking a Gap Year, The Au Pair Nanny s Guide to Working Abroad, and Gap Years for Grown Ups She has also been a contributing editor to Transitions Abroad since the early days of its publication and contributes occasional articles to the travel pages of The Independent, a British daily newspaper Her consistent aim has been to make her writing as concrete and up to the minute as possible, to cut out vague generalities and meaningless waffle.Susan has traveled relentlessly both for work and pleasure, and has spent substantial periods of time on her own in the Indian Subcontinent and the Antipodes including Papua New Guinea She also travels widely with her family including her partner, who is the Oxford Professor of Latin and is therefore interested in travel to ancient sites around the Mediterranean Now based in Cambridge, she is hoping that her twin sons who have hit adolescence will have imbibed a love of travel since she is all the convinced that a spell of independent travel in wild and woolly places is a good and necessary thing.

Comments Teaching English Abroad

  • Denice

    I am not sure which edition I read, but this is an excellent introductory book when considering teaching English abroad. With that said, it's not very helpful for non-EU citizens wanting to teach in Europe as nearly all of the legal work there must go to EU citizens. I think it's better to get this book at the library and then do some research online.

  • Sarah

    Although I can't judge the effectiveness of this book because I haven't tried to get a TEFL job or course recommended in the book, I can say that it was a well written and interesting tome, which gives you information about pretty much every country you could be interested in teaching in. The things I liked most was getting a sense of how many jobs where available in each country/region, which jobs had the highest pay, and anecdotes (both good and bad) from teachers who had been there, done that [...]

  • Terri Lynn

    This book is an excellent guide to getting a job or volunteer position teaching English anywhere in the world. The author goes country by country and offers all the details you need including what the rules and regulations are in each country, what to expect in the way of housing, food, shopping, etc and the best part of all are all of the links to actual programs in each country you can apply to complete with all of the info on what their requirements are. It is easy to choose a country or regi [...]

  • Angela Randall

    A really good reference guide for people who are about to do an EFL course or to consider teaching. It's got a few chapters of simple advice and anecdotes, but the bulk of the book is contact details for companies who you might do a course with or gain work with in the country of your choice. Very useful for people who are roaming the globe and planning ahead.

  • Lana Jax

    not quite as helpful as "Getting Out"; it still gives me viable options for how to survive as an American who plans to live semi-permanently outside America. it does give some good information regarding pitfalls and scams

  • kylajaclyn

    I acquired lots of helpful websites through this book - but the majority of the information I need is for Americans, and this book is targeted for those in the U.K.

  • Amber

    This book has quite a lot of information for those who are looking to teach English in another country.

  • Lynelle

    Helped me make a life decision.

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