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By Douglas Preston Ilkka Rekiaro | Comments: ( 616 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

Ensin sin valehtelet Sitten sin itket Ja lopuksi kurjasti kuolet.Sumuisen Raggedinsaaren syv nteess lep pahamaineisen merirosvon satumainen aarre, jota suojelee kirous Kahdensadan vuoden ajan pirullinen Vesimonttu on vaatinut uhrinsa ja kylv nyt aarteenetsij iden joukkoon pelkk ep onnea ja kuolemaa Tiedemies Malin Hatch ja kapteeni Gerard Neidelman retkikuntineeEnsin sin valehtelet Sitten sin itket Ja lopuksi kurjasti kuolet.Sumuisen Raggedinsaaren syv nteess lep pahamaineisen merirosvon satumainen aarre, jota suojelee kirous Kahdensadan vuoden ajan pirullinen Vesimonttu on vaatinut uhrinsa ja kylv nyt aarteenetsij iden joukkoon pelkk ep onnea ja kuolemaa Tiedemies Malin Hatch ja kapteeni Gerard Neidelman retkikuntineen p tt v t ratkaista arvoituksen ja tunkeutuvat kuilun kalmanhajuisiin sy vereihin Kuolema kannoillaan aarteenetsij t taistelevat kauhistuttavia ansoja vastaan aseinaan nykytekniikan huippuv lineet mutta pystyv tk he voittamaan kirouksen Kirottu kuilu perustuu todelliseen tarinaan Nova Scotian valloittamattomasta aarrek tk st.

  • Title: Kirottu kuilu
  • Author: Douglas Preston Ilkka Rekiaro
  • ISBN: 9511152297
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Douglas Preston Ilkka Rekiaro

Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1956, and grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley Following a distinguished career at a private nursery school he was almost immediately expelled he attended public schools and the Cambridge School of Weston Notable events in his early life included the loss of a fingertip at the age of three to a bicycle the loss of his two front teeth to his brother Richard s fist and various broken bones, also incurred in dust ups with Richard Richard went on to write The Hot Zone and The Cobra Event, which tells you all you need to know about what it was like to grow up with him as a brother As they grew up, Doug, Richard, and their little brother David roamed the quiet suburbs of Wellesley, terrorizing the natives with home made rockets and incendiary devices mail ordered from the backs of comic books or concocted from chemistry sets With a friend they once attempted to fly a rocket into Wellesley Square the rocket malfunctioned and nearly killed a man mowing his lawn They were local celebrities, often appearing in the Police Notes section of The Wellesley Townsman It is a miracle they survived childhood intact.After unaccountably being rejected by Stanford University a pox on it , Preston attended Pomona College in Claremont, California, where he studied mathematics, biology, physics, anthropology, chemistry, geology, and astronomy before settling down to English literature After graduating, Preston began his career at the American Museum of Natural History in New York as an editor, writer, and eventually manager of publications Preston also taught writing at Princeton University and was managing editor of Curator His eight year stint at the Museum resulted in the non fiction book, Dinosaurs in the Attic, edited by a rising young star at St Martin s Press, a polymath by the name of Lincoln Child During this period, Preston gave Child a midnight tour of the museum, and in the darkened Hall of Late Dinosaurs, under a looming T Rex, Child turned to Preston and said This would make the perfect setting for a thriller That thriller would, of course, be Relic.In 1986, Douglas Preston piled everything he owned into the back of a Subaru and moved from New York City to Santa Fe to write full time, following the advice of S J Perelman that the dubious privilege of a freelance writer is he s given the freedom to starve anywhere After the requisite period of penury, Preston achieved a small success with the publication of Cities of Gold, a non fiction book about Coronado s search for the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola To research the book, Preston and a friend retraced on horseback 1,000 miles of Coronado s route across Arizona and New Mexico, packing their supplies and sleeping under the stars nearly killing themselves in the process Since then he has published several non fiction books on the history of the American Southwest, Talking to the Ground and The Royal Road, as well as a novel entitled Jennie In the early 1990s Preston and Child teamed up to write suspense novels Relic was the first, followed by several others, including Riptide and Thunderhead Relic was released as a motion picture by Paramount in 1997 Other films are under development at Hollywood studios Preston and Child live 500 miles apart and write their books together via telephone, fax, and the Internet.Preston and his brother Richard are currently producing a television miniseries for ABC and Mandalay Entertainment, to be aired in the spring of 2000, if all goes well, which in Hollywood is rarely the case.Preston continues a magazine writing career by contributing regularly to The New Yorker magazine He has also written for National Geographic, Natural History, Smithsonisan, Harper s,and Travel Leisure,among otherscmillan author dougla

Comments Kirottu kuilu

  • Ginger

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 blimey stars from this buccaneer!Argh mateys! I had to finish it, I was obsessed with pirate treasure by the end.This book was so much fun, action packed and I loved every damn, scurvy minute of it!This book was packed with cool science, great engineering theory and practice, historical information and lore on pirates, a vast pirate treasure and a deadly curse on a rocky island on the coast of Maine.Did they finally get the pirate treasure?Did anyone survive?Did [...]

  • StoryTellerShannon

    Tale focuses on a group of treasure hunters who are trying to find the buried treasure of a nefarious pirate. It was likely inspired by the Oak Island Money Pit up near Nova Scotia where Captain Kidd or perhaps Blackbeard buried their treasure hoard. Anyway, this treasure hoard is estimated at 2 billion dollars in the late 1990s and the choice item is St. Michael's Sword which is said to kill any mortal who looks upon it. Nobody really knows what St. Michael's Sword is when the novel begins. To [...]

  • Jaya

    Extremely disappointing 1.85 stars.Psstt

  • J.K. Grice

    An awesome, stand alone adventure from Preston and Child. What's not to like about a modern day treasure hunt, complete with the latest technology? The authors also throw in a good measure of pirates, curses, history, and great characters. This book reminded me of the Money Pit legend of Oak Island. RIPTIDE is one hell of a fun read!

  • Mark

    Riptide a non-Pendergast book by messieurs Preston & Child which concerns itself a group of treasure hunters that wants to solve the riddle of the waterpit of Ragged Island where by lore is told lies the buried treasure of the illustrious pirate Red Ned Ockham. These days worth something around 2 billion dollars and the mysterious Spanish treasure "St. Michael's Sword" that was a secret weapon that could kill anybody.In the history of Ragged Island there is a long list of failed attempts of [...]

  • Critter Reyome

    Ever hear of the Oak Island mystery? If you haven't, you should look it up. It's a fascinating (and TRUE!) story of buried treasure…or at least a buried SOMETHING, on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia. As I have many times, Preston and Child have taken a more-or-less historic event and built a tale around it, and a fascinating one at that. In fact, outside of the Pendergast books, this is probably my favorite book by P & C. It's gripping right clear through and holds up through repeat [...]

  • Cheryl

    This book is not for me. Abandoning it, after half way mark. Sluggish plot pacing. I feel like I'm still waiting for something interesting to happen and the book is half over. Alot of talk about water pumps, pipes, engineering - not my thing. The characters seem a bit flat, too. It felt like the authors were just phoning it in, to meet a publishing requirement. I've read a number of books by these authors, particularly the Pendergast series, and really liked them. I don't know what happened with [...]

  • Lobstergirl

    75% of their thrillers seem to involve subterranean tunnels, caverns, pits, shafts, underground labyrinths, subways, dens, etc. It's getting a little old. This is also the second thriller featuring a weirdo fire-and-brimstone evangelical preacher, which is even more annoying.On the plus side, there were no hoboes.

  • Johnny

    Anyone familiar with the works of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child will understand the basic set-up of Riptide. There is some sort of historical “macguffin” wrapped together with an arcane, esoteric mystery. Modern investigators are trying to get at the former and just enough strange events take place to make one believe that something supernatural is happening. In this case, computer networks that are supposed to be fully synchronized degrade without explanation and expensive scientific in [...]

  • Mike Salzman

    When I was a kid, I was always really interested in ghost stories and strange tales. Like the Mary Celeste that was found drifting completely empty; no signs of struggle, food left on the plates, no survivors ever found. Or the story of the Japanese soldier who refused to believe WWII had ended and spent 20+ years living in the jungle until his original commanding officer personally came to tell him to come home. This book takes from another famous story I read about when I was young; the water [...]

  • C-shaw

    A library book. This is a good ole pirate-treasure-hunters story by the author of _The Lost City of the Monkey God_, one of his thrillers written with Lincoln Child.* * * * *Eek! I stayed up until 1 a.m. to finish this, then was too keyed up from the excitement to sleep for a while afterwards. This is my first Preston/Child novel and I'm told it's not their best offering; however, I gave it five stars because it has everything I look for in escapist fiction: adventure, fast pacing, intriguing ch [...]

  • Jeremy Bates

    For centuries, treasure hunters have sought the lost horde of the notorious English pirate, Edward Ockham. Clues led to the mysterious water pit on Ragged Island, Maine--but a curse left behind by the long-dead pirate still seems to be working. Every expedition has failed--with the treasure seekers dying in gruesome fashion. Now, however, a new expedition has been mounted with state-of-the-art computer technology and backed by millions of dollars. It will all be worth it if the treasure is found [...]

  • Stephanie

    This book had so much potential! The storyline had really compelling personal stories, opportunities for suspense and intrigue, and creativity along the lines of Michael Crieghton or Dan Brown. And the authors completely botched it!! In the first place, the title is entirely irrelevant to the book. They had multitudinous opportunities to make the reader connect with the characters and they completely neglected this vital point. The complex characters became completely cliched. What could have be [...]

  • Horace Derwent

    the two great minds think wonderful, i really enjoyed this standalone of theirs, but I don't like the ending, hasty

  • Bob Milne

    I can't remember the last time a book frustrated me so often, and so deeply, yet still managed to be so much fun. If only Preston and Child could have devoted the same amount of attention to character building as to treasure hiding, this could have been a stellar read. What frustrates me is that I know they can do it. Agent Pendergast is one of the greatest characters being written today, and they usually manage to surround him with a solid cast of strong, intelligent, well-rounded characters. H [...]

  • Oscar

    La isla Ragged tiene fama desde hace siglos de estar maldita. Según cuenta la leyenda, el pirata Ockham enterró su fabuloso tesoro en esta isla de las costas de Maine. Durante siglos, los intentos por hacerse con dicho tesoro, así como con la extraordinaria espada de San Miguel, de valor incalculable, han fracasado, saldándose en muchos casos con víctimas. El protagonista de la novela es el doctor Malin Hatch, heredero de la isla Ragged. La historia de sus familia con la isla es terrible, y [...]

  • Eric

    A tale of lost pirate treasure in the vein of films such as Indiana Jones and National Treasure. While it started a bit slow, building the history of the water pit and the tragedy that struck all that tried to uncover its treasure, including Malin Hatch's family, it came to a rip-roaring crescendo -- action, adventure, romance, tempests, pirate treasure, double crosses -- it had it all. It also had a great line of dialogue in the closing chapter, which I am not spoiling anything by revealing wit [...]

  • Dagny

    Twenty-five years ago Malin Hatch and his elder brother took a small boat to the family owned Ragged Island. This cursed island, supposed cache of the buried treasure of pirate Red Ned Ockham, was purchased by Malin's grandfather who lost his entire family fortune and his life seeking the pirate's plunder. Malin's brother disappeared during the trip. Now, a commercial treasure hunting company has persuaded Malin to allow them to excavate in return for half the treasure and the possibility of dis [...]

  • John Beta

    I abandoned ship a few times on this one, but reluctantly climbed back aboard. About 400 pages of how to retrieve a few billion in treasure from Ragged Island (loosely based on the Oak Island events), finally followed by some mild, predictable action in the end. Not sure why I stuck with it. It was like being caught in a riptide, hoping to be saved. Ha!

  • Heather Thurmeier

    Thoroughly entertaining on every level! I couldn't wait to dig into this one once I read the back cover. While this story was fictional, it was based off a real water pit and now I feel compelled to learn about the real deal. Any reader who enjoys his other books is bound to enjoy this one too.

  • Scott Firestone

    In this standalone, non-Agent Pendergast novel, authors Preston and Child have created a fictional adventure based on the very real Oak Island mystery. I went ahead and researched it beforehand so was familiar going into it, and in hindsight, I'd say having a knowledge of that mystery probably helps with the enjoyment. It's a good old fashioned adventure story, with pirate legends, hidden treasure, diabolical traps, and crazy obsessed "bad guys." It moved along at a breakneck pace, and the adven [...]

  • Diego Sánchez Pérez

    Una novela de aventuras de lo partículas que es con esos elementos de suspense y ciencia ficción avanzada que me parecieron llamativos al seguirla con los detalles que tiene la isla. Sin embargo de lo entretenida y atractiva que es la lectura no está exento de problemas porque tiene un serio problema con el ritmo es que me pareció demasiado lento principalmente con la interminable descripciones de personajes que termina estorbando montones para la historia que va contando enfocándose excesi [...]

  • Michael Jensen

    It's a serious flaw when your book's bit twist is soooooo screamingly obvious as soon as you even hint at it.

  • Meredith

    It's alright. In fact, it starts quite strong, and while I know a Preston/Child book will have some sort of woo woo plot twist, there's only the barest hints of such until over 2/3rd of the way through. This made me wish that they'd just written it as a straight up adventure with a reasonable resolution. Ah, well.Things that were disappointing included the odd handling of the B (c?) plot around Marlin's high school sweetheart. That whole piece could be removed and not harm the rest of the plot. [...]

  • Adam

    Hmm, this is my third Preston/Child book. Great, as usual, but I'm becoming sensitized to the authors' overall formulaic storylines. I won't spoil it here--those who've read Riptide, Mount Dragon, and The Ice Limit know the formula.That said, this was a nice treasure-hunt tale. Loaded with historical and scientific research, the book does a decent job of weaving a somewhat eclectic set of characters together into a small town setting, where here comes another greedy avaricious bunch who think th [...]

  • Benjamin Thomas

    I think if this had been the first book I had read by Preston/Child I would have probably rated it a bit higher. It's a stand-alone novel (i.e. not part of their Pendergast series) and pretty good tale of modern day treasure hunting, based on knowledge of huge (as in over $2 Billion worth) hidden pirate booty. Not only are we talking about gold, jewels, etc but also a fabled sword of St Michael, said to cause death to any who look upon it.Of course, said treasure is not so easy to collect, espec [...]

  • Anand

    My second novel from the Preston/Child stable.This was an enjoyable read, though seems to be in the same mould as the "formula" of Preston & Child books. Another reviewer had mentioned in one of his reviews (I am afraid I cannot locate that specific review!) that the "formula" is to make something highly coveted (say, a treasure, or alien technology), and then introduce a character who is obsessed with finding/obtaining that thing, and have a protagonist who gets involved in this process, an [...]

  • wally

    2nd story from preston/childi think i saw some program on television to-do w/a part of this storye water pitaaarghonward and upwardfinished, 9 aug 12, thursday evening, 9:21 p.m. e.s.t.a fun entertaining read.early on, when malin's brother is killed--this comes in the first pages--i thought that scene wasn't written as well as possiblemething about it seemedhokeybut the story moved on from there, a lot of mystery, action, the ole captain a kind of modern ahab, looking for treasure. and then, whe [...]

  • Matt Wells

    This book was simply brilliant storytelling. An incredibly engaging plot that grabbed me right from the beginning. Somewhat reminiscent of "The Ice Limit", but thrown into a blender with pirate stories, archangels stories, meteor stories, and more. Talk about an inventive concoction! Preston and Child do what they do best in this one, putting together a story full of plot turns, intriguing characters, and big surprises. I'm always surprised at the unpredictability in their tales. I wracked my br [...]

  • Rebecca (agirlirlblog, bekkilyn)

    This book involved a fog-shrouded island off the coast of Maine (no, not Far Harbor!) and said to contain both a pirate's treasure and a terrible curse. For generations, hunters of this treasure have died, gone missing, or went bankrupt in multiple attempts to unearth this treasure, and the main character of this book, Dr. Malin Hatch, is drawn into the latest expedition.Which will win out this time? Will the latest technological and scientific advances finally be able to defeat the curse once a [...]

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