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By Tammara Webber Evelin Schapel | Comments: ( 279 ) | Date: ( Apr 08, 2020 )

Hingasin s gavalt sisse ja h sti aeglaselt v lja, enne kui ringi p rasin Seal seisis Lucas Tema pilk oli l bitungiv, ei l nud hetkekski k hklema ja mu s da hakkas ta vaikselt uuriva pilgu all vasardama.Ma ei m letanud, millal ma viimati tundsin nii rgset ja puhast iha Ta ei tundnud seda noormeest, kellest sai tema p stja.Ta polnud teda kunagi t hele pannud, ja n dHingasin s gavalt sisse ja h sti aeglaselt v lja, enne kui ringi p rasin Seal seisis Lucas Tema pilk oli l bitungiv, ei l nud hetkekski k hklema ja mu s da hakkas ta vaikselt uuriva pilgu all vasardama.Ma ei m letanud, millal ma viimati tundsin nii rgset ja puhast iha Ta ei tundnud seda noormeest, kellest sai tema p stja.Ta polnud teda kunagi t hele pannud, ja n d oli ta k ikjal Nende vastastikune t mme oli v imas tunne Ometi hvardas minevik, millest lesaamiseks oli poiss nii palju vaeva n inud, ja tulevik, millele t drukul olid nii suured lootused, neid teineteisest lahti rebida Ainult koos suudavad nad vastu panna piinadele ja s tundele, seista silmitsi t ega ning avastada armastuse ootamatu v gi Lihtne on lugu t druku heitlustest selle nimel, et leida taas kaotatud usaldus, avastada endas sisemine j ud r ndajale vastu astuda ning tunnistada rahulolu, mida pakub saladusliku poisi embus.

  • Title: Lihtne
  • Author: Tammara Webber Evelin Schapel
  • ISBN: 9789949550050
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Tammara Webber Evelin Schapel

Author of the CONTOURS OF THE HEART series and the BETWEEN THE LINES series.I m a hopeful romantic who adores novels with happy endings, because there are enough sad endings in real life Before writing full time, I was an undergraduate academic advisor, economics tutor, planetarium office manager, radiology call center rep, and the palest person to ever work at a tanning salon I married my high school sweetheart, and I m Mom to three adult kids and four very immature cats.Please check my website for book updates If you have questions, I have an FAQ tab there, and a contact form for anything not covered.

Comments Lihtne

  • Kristin (KC)

    I. Love. ! If it were not for this amazing social, book-reading-way-better-than-facebook network, I would have never even heard of these incredible books that I've been reading! And "Easy" is a prime exampleI absolutely adored this book! It was sweet, funny, sensual-- with a touch of angst in all the right places. I loved the characters and was able to build a close connection with them immediately. The writing was AMAZING, and the story flowed like a catchy song.There was a cute and wonderful t [...]

  • Tammara

    I'm the author of this YA-M/New Adult novel. :)

  • Steph Sinclair

    Okay, let's get right down to business: Easy is one of the best books I've ever read. I finished it almost two weeks ago and I still think about the characters because I was on such an emotional roller coaster, fully immersed, while reading. It says something about a book that can do that do you. Easy surprised me right from the start with a very troubling scene of Jacqueline being attacked, making my heart jump into my stomach. And I'll admit to being worried about how Webber would handle such [...]

  • Lisa

    Well this awkward. Not one single friend rated this book less than three stars and I couldn't manage to rate it more than one. I feel like I read a completely different book from everyone else. The only positive thing I can say about this novel is that it emphasizes the message that rape is never a woman's fault, which is an important message. But having a good message does not excuse awful characterization, unrealistic plot points, or poor writing.Warning: Incredibly long review that attempts t [...]

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*

    Wonderful! Amazing <3I'm sorry everyone, but this review will be full of gushing and little hearts and me being all crazy about a book I absolutely lovedSo, there are like a million reviews for this one, and I don't really feel like writing an extensive one, because honestly, YOU SHOULDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK BEFORE YOU START IT!!!!That's how it was for me, I went into this totally blind, I had absolutely no idea what the book was about, I think I read the blurb but it still gave me [...]

  • Samadrita

    EDIT 21/05/2013:- I am putting up this teeny little paragraph up here since lately I've been getting a few semi-irate to mildly disapproving comments expressing opposition to my thoughts regarding this book. If you have been a victim of acquaintance rape or been sexually harassed/assaulted by someone you were familiar with and this book helped you heal in any way whatsoever or you could relate to Jackie's actions, then those are your personal feelings. And it is perfectly okay to have your own o [...]

  • Kristen

    Huge 5 starsI really loved this story but not for the reasons I expected. What I expected was an angst filled, all consuming, volatile romance between the hero and heroine. What the author gave me, however, was far from that and much better. Overall this book is more about the heroine's journey to self-awareness than about her romance with the hero. Typically, I prefer romance centered plots to storylines involving the heroine's relationships with multiple characters. However, this book not only [...]

  • Kat Kennedy

    So some­body told me this book was like Beau­ti­ful Dis­as­ter but not com­pletely hor­ri­ble, woman hat­ing and non­sen­si­cal. I snorted, thanked them for the rec and went on my merry way.So let me express this in the most calm and rea­son­able way I can. Easy by Tamara Web­ber is fan­tas­tic and won­der­ful and that per­son was 100% right.I have to admit, the book and I didn’t get off to a great start. It begins with Jacque­line at col­lege, bummed from get­ting dumpe [...]

  • Raeleen Lemay

    *4.5*This book has made me really want to take a self defence class. Dear lord.

  • ♡Karlyn P♡

    4.5! Wow, really enjoyed it. A kind of deja vu of 'Beautiful Disaster', but improved on all levels and without all the WTFery. Better writing, more likable H/h, smarter story line, a hero who uses his fighting skills for good, and a far more fitting ending, IMHO.LucasEasy was such an emotionally deep story, realistic in nature, and had a wonderful steamy romance between a tortured hero who is obsessed/possessive over Jacqueline, and a heroine who must now come to terms with the choices she made. [...]

  • Ariana

    So easy to like, so easy to get lost into the story, so easy to get to the last page and wish for more4.5 stars. Sometimes you don't really  think  if a book is good or not, it just works for you. You simply start reading it and the action feels so natural that you don't stop until you reach the last page. This is one of those stories.It's hard to think of the reasons  why i liked it  so much, and I'm not even sure if it matters because usually what i like about a book is not what others mig [...]

  • Abbi Glines

    I loved Tammara's Between the Lines series. I've read all three books in the series more than once. So, when I found out she was writing a book with college aged characters, I was thrilled. Easy did not let me down. From the moment I began reading it I couldn't walk away from it. I cried, I laughed, I yelled and I cheered. It's an emotional journey that I wasn't expecting. I suggest you READ IT. This is one that will keep you up reading all night long.

  • S.C. Stephens

    I am so stinking in love with this book! It had everything I love—romance, heartache, friendship, a mysterious, compelling, sexy as hell leading man (I may be completely head over heels in love with Lucas now. No, I definitely am.) It also touched on a very serious subject in a realistic way that drew you into the minds and hearts of the characters. I could see myself reacting in the same way, having the exact same thoughts. It really spoke to me, and Tammara’s notes on the end…I’ll be h [...]

  • ♥Rachel♥

    After reading this story, I had to ask myself, why have I never read a Tammara Webber story before?!! This story was UNPUTDOWNABLE! Jacqueline Wallace followed her boyfriend of three years, Kennedy, to college and then unexpectedly, he dumps her to sow his wild oats. Jacqueline is devastated and for two-weeks she can't bring herself to face him in the economics class they share. She finally realizes that no guy is worth failing a class and trashing her GPA. So Jacqueline goes to the teacher and [...]

  • Maddie

    For more reviews please visit BLOG bookmonstersblog/ According to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflection!It must capture my attention from page 1 I will continue a few more chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind! My Review! Steve Perry - "Oh Sherrie"youtube/watch?v=zFxGtEasy begins with an explosion, the author instantly dives into her bold unique novel!EASY deals with rape and assault, and there's the painful, serious quality to those parts of the book!B [...]

  • Stacia (the 2010 club)

    Love is not the absence of logic but logic examined and recalculated - heated and curved to fit inside the contours of the heartThis might be my favorite book of Webber's to date. There's something about the stories she writes which makes me throw out my preset ideas of what I wouldn't like in a book. She rearranges my reservations and makes me want to know more about her flawed characters."When I registered for econ, I had no idea that I'd be in for this level of reality-show drama. It's like a [...]

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

    Okay, this was such a great book. Sweet but not cheesy or immature mature but not too adult the perfect cross-over book. I'll definitely be looking for more by this very talented author!I might write more of a review if I can think of some way to do this story justice. For now, this must suffice.

  • Wendy Darling

    Wow, what a huge surprise this was! Unexpected layers, a heroine who develops over the course of the book, and a seriously, seriously crush-worthy guy.

  • Karla

    5 HUGE STARS!! When I picked up this book I was hoping to get an angst-filled young adult romance, with a swoon-worthy dreamy boy, that would propel me back to my youth…make me feel young… and give me that floating on a cloud feeling. I got all that andSO MUCH MORE!! I’m not going to delve in the plot, because there is much to be said about the element of surprise and the impact it holds. So much is better just left unsaid. However, I will say that this is a book about choices, the nasty a [...]

  • Jaclyn

    Love is not the absence of logic,but logic examined and recalculated heated and curved to fitinside the contours of the heartAHHHHH *squeals into pillow* I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!It wasso easyto devour, get lost, and fall in love with every single word on that page. And Lucas.*swoons*This is about a college girl named Jacqueline (internally cheers because OMG ITS MY NAME IN A BOOK) who just had her boyfriend of three years break up with her and decides to go to a Halloween party with her friends. As [...]

  • Aestas Book Blog

    Le sigh. I wanted to love this book. I really did. But the characters frustrated me to no end. I did however, love Lucas and Jacqueline - the parts of the book where they were actually interacting were by far the highlights of the story for me.The hero and heroine just did not make what I'd call smart relationship decisions. I was really rooting for them and they WERE utterly adorable together, but they just didn't seem to be very functional for a vast majority of the book.I felt like they kept [...]

  • Mo

    4.5 sweet stars.First off, I am not sure how I missed this gem of a book when it was first released nearly 2 years ago. A lot of my friends have already read it and I saw all the four and five star reviews. I think it came to my attention as the 2nd book was released yesterday…. He watched her, but never knew her. Until thanks to a chance encounter, he became her savior…The attraction between them was undeniable. Yet the past he’d worked so hard to overcome, and the future she’d put so m [...]

  • Anne

    3.5 starsHuh. So this was a lot more fluffy than I was expecting.Like everything else I've broken down and read lately, this was one I'd been avoiding for a long time. I kept hearing the word rape when someone mentioned this, and it sort of put me off.I figured Easy would be all tear-jerking & angsty, and that's not something I actively seek out in my reading material.And then I read the blurb.When her attacker turns stalker, Jacqueline has a choice: crumple in defeat or learn to fight back. [...]

  • Katerina

    “Now don't laugh 'cause I just might be the soft curve in your hardline.”Easy is a story of understanding,trusting and healing.Not your typical contemporary romance,it's not only about finding love but also about finding yourself,embracing your scars,showing humanity and playing with the cards life dealt you in the best way you can.“As for being somewhere you're not supposed to be-Maybe you're here for a reason,or there is no reason.”The truth is,most of the times the belief that there i [...]

  • Samantha Young

    Wow. Just wow. I'm actually pretty blown away by 'Easy'. This wasn't your average 'boy meets girl' story at all. Unbelievably well-written, 'Easy' kicks ass for so many reasons. Dealing with subject matter that is raw and stark, Tammara Webber effortlessly balances gritty reality with touching sensitivity. The dialogue is perfect (it makes me go all fangirl) and every moment between Lucas and Jacqueline is so authentic I defy anyone not to feel some kind of attachment to these two characters. Th [...]

  • Anja

    *5 PERFECT STARS*So, I started reading this around 10PM In the meantime it's 4AM in the morning and I just finished this book in one sitting, even though I'm sick and should get as much rest as possible This book was truly impossible to put down! “Love is not the absence of logicbut logic examined and recalculatedheated and curved to fitinside the contours of the heart”This easily became one of my favorite romance novels ever! Though the story wasn't anything particularly original or ground- [...]

  • Tough Critic Book Reviews

    Where the magic happens toughcriticbookreviewsspoEver since I read Tammara Weber's Between the Lines series I have been obsessively counting down the days, the hours, the minutes, the teeny tiny nanoseconds until her next release. I was beyond intrigued with her writing style in Between the Lines and even though I was a little indifferent (the story just wasn't for me, but her writing was absolutely phenom--wait for itenal) I wanted more, I craved more and reading between the lines of her first [...]

  • Lindsey Rey

    OMG THIS BOOKIS BOOK.WOW.I loved this so much! I sobbed, I laughed out loud, I swooned. This book was everything. A word of warning, this book has depictions of sexual assault and stalking (hence, the sobbing). Tammara Webber did an amazing job with this and I highly recommend it if you want to try the new adult genre!

  • Rose

    Pre-read thoughts: I was in a lengthy debate with myself over the measure of whether I wanted to read it or not, but I've decided to just give it a go. I'll admit I'm critical because many NA titles have left me burned as a result and I can't say I've had many to speak fondly of considering some of the issues they have and how they've approached them. I'm going to approach this with an open mind and see if it surprises me, though.Post-read thoughts: I'm just going to copy verbatim what I said in [...]

  • Alexis *Reality Bites*

    Spoiler Free Review5 STAR ReadGenre: Mature YA-Romance" Ooh, J, he's got ink, too. Just when i didn't think he could get any hotter" Erin in Easy3 WORDS- "Future Professional Standing"1 Phrase- "As a heart attack"And a horny boyfriend change Jacqueline's life as she knows itJacqueline has just started her sophomore year in college when she finds her self being dumped by Kennedy her boyfriend of three years. Kennedy decides that this is the time of his life where he should take advantage of the c [...]

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