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By Jon Kiln | Comments: ( 675 ) | Date: ( Feb 27, 2020 )

Bereaved and exiled from his homeland, Ganry ekes out a living as a wandering mercenary.A contract to protect a fifteen year old princess sees him embark on a quest across the kingdom.Confronted with danger at every turn, they get help from some unlikely companions And Ganry discovers that there is at stake than his own survival.

  • Title: Mercenary
  • Author: Jon Kiln
  • ISBN: 9781505583519
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jon Kiln

Heroic fantasy author.

Comments Mercenary

  • Esmerelda Weatherwax

    This book was part of Booknest's grouping and has since been eliminated. I listened to the audiobook here, so please forgive my spelling!Plot:Princess Miriam is on the run because of her uncle trying to take over the kingdom. You get a POV of this uncle as well, and he's rather brutal. He's systematically executing or murdering everyone who gets in his way of getting the crown. He can't do that while the princess lives, however, so he has to track her down and kill her before she can come back [...]

  • Tonari

    The best RETARDED fantasy novel in History! BUY IT!When you think of comical fantasy books there is only one name coming to mind: Terry Pratchett. Some of his books are nice, but I always find his humour to be a bit “unnatural”, like he is trying really hard to make you laugh. Maybe he is too “British” for my taste.Today there is a new rising star in fantasy History: Jon Kiln. This book (its characters, the situations, the plot) is so retarded, but so retarded that there has to be a plan [...]

  • Damir LJ

    Mercenary (Blade Asunder) by Jon kilnI loved the cover. The love stopped right there. I can’t believe this, what happened to all the great historical fantasy writers? This one comes across like it was written by a spunky 12-year-old. Reminded me of my niece. She’s cute but I don’t want to read stories written from her level of ADD.The story starts with traveling and more traveling which is a really bad start and some half tossed salad idea of a plot that involved an evil uncle lord, a dead [...]

  • Kenny Howard

    Good story but very rushed toward the endIt has the makings of a good adventure. The characters were there, while vague. Some of the conversations came off as more modern, very little use of old vocabulary. You have classic good, evil, and middle ground for protagonists and villains. There was minimal history to the backgrounds of characters, just hints and minimal information. You knew the princess was pretty, artas handsome, ganry old but in shape. Story was it had its ups and downs but road a [...]

  • Barrett Clay

    Classic example of bad writing. The writer states Gemmell and Iggulden are his examples. He has a long, long way to go even approximate those two. His writing is simplistic in the extreme-plotting, characters and description are all lacking. I can't believe how much of the book is taken up in repetitive gory executions of characters that are tangential to the story! After the first, I speed read through the rest. The only event that was somewhat interesting was the very end of the book! I only s [...]

  • Amy Lesniak

    I bought this book based on what seemed like a promising premise. There are very few books that I've picked up that I fail to finish; even when I am ambivalent about a story I will usually stick with it to see where it goes. However, the prose was so bland that after the first 6 chapters I has to quit. I felt like I was reading an unedited manuscript written by a high school student. I was getting no pleasure from reading it, so I felt there was no point in continuing.If you are a fan of good wr [...]

  • Betsy

    I really enjoyed this story. I was not too sure what to think based on the title, but I was pleasantly surprised! It was just enough blood and gore along with running and saving. I love that the main character, Ganry the Mercenary, needs to be saved as much as the princess. Highly recommended!

  • Josh

    Very good book, with a interesting take on the "saving the princess" story.

  • Brian Turner

    Fairly standard fantasy, with few surprises.Starts straight in the action, as a princess is trying to escape when her uncle decides to take over the kingdom.It's pretty much one chase scene after another, and they conveniently seem to meet someone helpful at each point, until there's quite a crowd trying to get the princess to a safe place.There's not much in the way of character or plot development, but the story moves along at a good pace (ending seems a bit rushed), and it's a quick read.This [...]

  • Sheelah

    for a saving the princess story the book moves in a bit different direction. not enough depth at the end and the plot was rushedow read

  • Renee

    Ganry has nothing. No home, no family. As a wandering mercenary he makes a living helping others and doing other's dirty work. He is no stranger to hard times or battle, but his current job may push him to his limits.Myriam, the 15-year-old princess of Palara, is running from her uncle. After he arrested her family and took over the kingdom, he was determined to be the ruler either by marrying Myriam or murdering her. Unwilling to submit to either option she ran, and is now trying to reach her m [...]

  • Andrew Rose

    After saving Princess Myriam from assassination by her uncle, Ganry must brave the many dangers along the road to bring her safely to her Grandmother and the forces that can put her back on the throne. Along the way they collect a motley assortment of allies and enemies as they attempt to escape the ever tightening net. Ganry might be the Mercenary of the title but he’s not really the main character. That would be the Princess and we see her succeed due to all her allies, not just Ganry. This [...]

  • Nicholashoy

    Solid storyline Very fast read with a couple unexpected turns. Enjoyable read. Looking forward to the next installment. I hope the plot becomes more complicated .

  • Stephen

    Good book

  • Charlie Newkirk

    I only got 50 pages into it before I quit. I didn't find a single character that acted in a believable manner. They were all too, well, nice. That includes the villains. Gah!

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Mercenary | by è Jon Kiln
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