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By Kait Nolan | Comments: ( 674 ) | Date: ( Feb 16, 2020 )

After a long series of stinkers, when a respectful match from an online dating site asks to meet Avery Cahill in real life, she agrees Invoking her favorite romantic comedy, they arrange to meet in a local coffee shop with a flower and a book Under a serious deadline to finish a group project for his MBA solo the only thing Dillon Lange wants is peace and quiet When aAfter a long series of stinkers, when a respectful match from an online dating site asks to meet Avery Cahill in real life, she agrees Invoking her favorite romantic comedy, they arrange to meet in a local coffee shop with a flower and a book Under a serious deadline to finish a group project for his MBA solo the only thing Dillon Lange wants is peace and quiet When a beautiful stranger sits down in his booth at the coffee shop, he knows he ought to say something about not being who she thinks he is, but he can t resist her smile or her engaging conversation How long can he keep up the charade And what will happen when her real date shows up A short story of approximately 7,500 words This story is a crossover with the Wishful series Meet cute is a term used to describe a situation in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time Meet Cute Romance is a series of romantic shorts celebrating the possibilities of that first meeting.

  • Title: Once Upon A Coffee
  • Author: Kait Nolan
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  • Page: 219
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About Author:

Kait Nolan

I m a southern gal, Mississippi born and raised My nose stuck in a book is where I spent most of my days Chillin out maxin , relaxin all cool oh wait, I m starting to rhyme with the Fresh Prince theme song Sorry Seriously though, I love books I was a voracious reader, starting way back with Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys I moved from mystery to paranormal to romance to romantic suspense My writing tastes have changed over the years until I ve now dabbled in a little bit of everything These days the focus is on paranormal romance Whether kicking ass or spouting sass, the heroines I write typify the strengths of women both overt and discovered I love me some alpha heroes, but I always seem to gravitate toward telling the women s story.I m shooting to be traditionally published someday In the meantime, I m juggling a full time job in university level research, and two part time teaching positions that take advantage of my Master s degree in clinical psychology While I m waiting for my ship to come in and for some agent or editor to decide I m awesome than Stephanie Meyer, I m working on building an audience for myself one blog post, one tweet, one read at a time So, thanks for stopping by and listening And in case that cupcake made you hungry, you can also find me over at my cooking blog, Pots and Plots where I regularly share my favorite recipes And FYI, I never remember to check my messages here.

Comments Once Upon A Coffee

  • TL

    Professor Hendricks was a certifiable asshole. As Dillon Lange climbed the stairs to his second floor apartment, he ran through a number of other less than flattering descriptions for the man who didn’t give a damn that Dillon’s project partner had a ruptured appendix, thus blowing their chances of finishing the midterm project on time. At least if they expected to finish it together. “You should’ve planned for this,” Hendricks had said when Dillon met with him to plead for leniency si [...]

  • Renataberger

    I absolutely loved this book. I enjoyed the other cute meet books but this one was the best thus far ( in my opinion). A quick but definite must read.

  • Michelle

    Super quick and super cute.

  • Christine

    As others have mentioned this story is very short. It almost feels like set up to a fuller-length book, however that's not the case. The ending is rather abrupt. Yes, the H/h have a cute moment but the story ends before it can become anything substantial. Really, you're just reading this for the encounter and I guess, what? You use your imagination for the rest? But there's not really much to go on.

  • Rebekah

    Hmm, I thought this was a preview for a larger novel about these characters. It's not and I'm disappointed. That aside, this is a cute, short read.

  • Olivia Teese

    As the description said, Once Upon a Coffee was a cute read. And fun.

  • Lisa

    There was no point to this story.

  • Andi Rahmat

    very short -___- but it helps with nice cover >_<

  • A.M.

    A light hearted, bite-sized read about mistaken identities in a coffee shop. This is a cute, well written story which serves as an ideal speedy pick me up for anyone feeling a little blue.

  • Crystal

    Cute short story!! I definitely enjoyed this book and actually wished it was longer. I wanted to continue reading about Avery and Dillon! Dillon is a grad student with an impossible deadline for his macroeconomics midterm because of his partners emergency illness. His prof refuses to extend the deadline even though his poor partner is in the hospital needing emergency surgery. There’s no way he can work on it at home and the local coffee shop is filled to the brim. Travelling to a small town h [...]

  • A.M.

    Avery Cahill has a date. She’s meeting him in the coffee shop in the small town of Wishful where she works, but she doesn’t know what he looks like. When the barista says he’s already arrived and he’s upstairs, she plonks herself down at the table of Dillon Lange.But… Dillon isn’t her date. He knows this, but he likes her and they got on immediately.Of course, her proper date eventually arrives.***An intro to the town of Wistful and another romance series from the author.Cute. Lots o [...]

  • Maria Matthews

    I was sorry that it was such a short book. I became sympathetic for Dillon from the start. I could visualise it happening, mistaken identity can and does happen not usually with such heart warming results.I enjoyed Kait's writing style, her personalitites were clearly etched on paper and in my heart. I read the 33 pages in one sitting and have put her name on my list of authors to read again in the future. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a light romantic read and characters that ring [...]

  • DawnMarieCarpintero

    Not sure3 starsI'm actually giving this book 3 stars because I don't know what to make of it. If this book has a continuing journey of Avery and Dillon then this book was just OK. It didn't really spiked my interest to a point the blurb got me wanting to read this book the book itself did not. To me this book was not finished and quite frankly it was bland.Happy Sexy reading

  • Charliegirl1

    Too shortThe subtitle says it all--"Meet Cute". They meet, it's cute, the end. It isn't even a novella its a scene that segues into another, which ends almost as soon as it gets started. It's done well, but I don't understand why it isn't just included as a chapter or two in another book.

  • Susana Graça

    Do you want to know why I'm not giving it 5 stars? Because, I WANTED MORE! I knew this would be short, but damn I wished for at least a little moreAnyways, great story and although it's definitely short I had a blast! I laughed with them :DThis is the kind of story that WILL cheer you up in a second :)

  • Diane

    These cute romance shorts are a great way to discover a new author, and I have! Sometimes serendipity plays a big role when mistaken identify turns into a match made for two. Great characters, interesting conversation and an introduction to a quaint little southern town that I know I'm going to visit again and again.

  • Angie Hackett

    This was an interesting read was well written and showed real promise. I liked the characters and the plot. It showed great capable writing to show what could come of mistaken identity.My only complaint was that it was too short.

  • Virginia Kahn

    Valentine's day readLoved the book would love to see a series of this couple - I don't often buy romance but this turned out really nice will be looking for other works by this author

  • Deb

    What a quick, cute, clean read! A great way to fill your lunch break with some chuckles! One of the things I really enjoyed about this story, is that it's a believable story. Take the 40 minutes to read it! You'll be glad you did!

  • Samantha Zee

    This was really cute. It was super short and was just supposed to be a filler for one of the other books in the series, but I felt like the characters had good chemistry and the whole interaction was believable. Nice palate cleanser for all the other books I've been reading.

  • Dorothey Brown

    Bad ChoiceI was really getting into the story and it just ended. I guess that is what I get for buying a free book. I can't recommend it because I don't know what the outcome was going to be.

  • Val Bayhon

    A free Kindle e-book that I have stumbled upon and thought to myself 'It's free, why not?'. Little did I know, it would make me laugh and feel giddy inside. A great short story about serendipity and how people make their own choices after the encounter.

  • Deborah

    Short StoryStory wasn't long enough, needed a longer story, I don't know who I recommend it to because they didn't complete the the book.

  • Stacy

    Really?That is it??? That's like two chapters. I couldn't even get into the book that fast. I wish it could have been longer.

  • Victoria

    It is a great book to read

  • Laura Elizabeth

    This is a cute, short story. You can finish this in one sitting- probably less than 30 minutes even multi-tasking. Coffee shop blind date, only with the wrong date. But such cute interactions!

  • Beverly

    Coffee Date?Loved the whole premise. Such a cute story. Again wanting to know more how the romance develops. Will continue to read others.

  • jenna fawley

    ShortI adore the writing style . I truly liked the characters. Only issue is it was too short. I'm left with questions.

  • Nicole Anderson

    I really enjoyed this story and wanted more!! I need to know what became of Avery and Dillon, they had great chemistry together and he really was sorry for what happened.

  • Tiramisue

    Cute and (super) quick read. I knew it was more of a teaser/short story, yet the ending felt way too abrupt for me.

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  • ☆ Once Upon A Coffee || ✓ PDF Download by ✓ Kait Nolan
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