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By Elizabeth Sims | Comments: ( 588 ) | Date: ( Jul 03, 2020 )

Aspiring actress and single mother Rita Farmer has gone from struggling to find work to downright desperate If she doesn t land a paying job soon horror movie, soap commercial, anything she s afraid her ex husband will use her dire financial straits to take away Petey, her cherished four year old son While she s charming the crowd at storytime at the L.A public library,Aspiring actress and single mother Rita Farmer has gone from struggling to find work to downright desperate If she doesn t land a paying job soon horror movie, soap commercial, anything she s afraid her ex husband will use her dire financial straits to take away Petey, her cherished four year old son While she s charming the crowd at storytime at the L.A public library, a celebrity defense attorney approaches her with an unusual job offer So long as she s discreet, Rita can rake in a thousand dollars a day preparing his client for her appearance in court Easy money Hardly His client, Eileen Tenaway, is not only a wealthy heiress and a queen of the tabloids but she s been charged with the murder of her own child The attorney needs Rita to coach Eileen secretly to help her seem sympathetic, human He needs the jury to believe not only her words but the subtle cues of body language, facial expressions, even vocal style Rita knows she can do it, but what she doesn t know is how determined she ll become to find out what really happened to Eileen s family once her own life and Petey s life depend on it The Actress, Elizabeth Sims s engrossing series debuting a spirited sleuth, delivers a fresh, behind the scenes look at Hollywood s high society at its lowest.

  • Title: The Actress
  • Author: Elizabeth Sims
  • ISBN: 9780692287071
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Elizabeth Sims

Elizabeth Sims is an American author and writing authority Her novels include the Lambda Award winning Lillian Byrd crime series and the Rita Farmer mystery series, and she writes frequently for Writer s Digest magazine, where she is a Contributing Editor.Booklist calls her work crime fiction as smart as it is compelling, and Crimespree magazine praises her strong voice and wonderful characters Are you a writer too or would you like to be one If so, you might find inspiration in Elizabeth s book You ve Got a Book in You A Stress Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams, published by Writer s Digest Books.Elizabeth earned degrees in English from Michigan State University and Wayne State University, where she won the Tompkins Award for graduate fiction She has worked as a reporter, editor, photographer, technical writer, bookseller, street busker, ranch hand, corporate executive, and symphonic percussionist Elizabeth belongs to several literary societies as well as American Mensa.To learn about her and to view a full list of her available works, including free excerpts and book discussion guides, visit elizabethsimsThere you can get in touch and or join her newsgroup.

Comments The Actress

  • Patricia

    Finally finished this one after setting it aside 2 times. Sims' previous sleuth, Lillian Byrd, was much more fun and authentic. I can't get happy with this new gal, (Can't even remember her name which says something.) I finished it a few weeks ago and I do remember that the she Sims pulled off some intriguing twists so the plot had merit. I just prefer hanging out with Lillian.

  • Mary Taitt

    This book is a page turner. An actress is hired by a lawyer to help a woman accused of murdering her young child to come across as a more sympathetic character. The actress gets deeply involved and so do her family and friends, including her own child. The action and interest never ceases and I hated to put it down. It's very very well-written. All the pieces fit together and there are some surprising turns. I really enjoyed it.The only thing I didn't care for was the constant mention of clothes [...]

  • Neil Plakcy

    Another excellent book by Elizabeth Sims, whose ability to create vivid, empathetic characters is unsurpassed. I loved the plotting, about a struggling actress hired to coach a murder defendant, which brought a new spin to the amateur sleuth. Great job!

  • Alissa

    This was a good thriller full of twists and turns.Rita Farmer is an aspiring actress and single mother. She’s broke and when an attorney offers her a job coaching a client to appear more sympathetic in front of the jury she takes it. But soon her and her son’s life depend on her finding out the truth.Good plotting, believable characters. The author switched POVs a few times, and it worked in the beginning when it was two, but was a little distracting (and in the case of one totally pointless [...]

  • Julie

    I really enjoyed this book. Rita Farmer is a hoot. When Rita (an actress) is hired to teach a defendant in a murder trial to "act" innocent, she never dreamed what kind of trouble she was getting herself into. I understand that Elizabeth Sims is going to be writing a sequel to this book -- I can't wait to see what kind of trouble Rita gets into in the next book. I tried to find Ms. Sims previous series (Lillian Byrd is the main character), and none of my libraries carried the first one (Holy Hel [...]

  • Margee

    Actress/single mother Rita is approached by a slick LA attorney who offers her big bucks as 'drama coach' to his wealthy client, in hopes she'll come off more sympathetic to the jury, having been arrested for killing her toddler daughter. Rita desperately needs the money, but how many balls can she keep in the air, as she tends her child, fends off her malevolent ex-husband, falls for the attorney, auditions for a movie role, and blows the murder case wide open? Witty and compelling, this is a c [...]

  • Marti

    Hah! I thought with a title like this, that it would be hard to find in a list--I was wrong. It was also better than I thought that it would be--lots of action, twists and turns. The title IS somehat deceiving, since Rita Farmer does not spend her time acting, but rather coaching a murder suspect, which is not a proper thing to do. Gay characters are given a chance to shine in this novel. Rita has a four year old son who figures largely in the plot. It is more thriller than legal--perhaps legal [...]

  • Trevette

    Good story butI enjoyed this book except for one thing - the vulgar language. I finished it to see how the story ended. Clean it up and it would get five stars. But because of the unnecessary use of the "f" word so many times I will not be reading any more of this author's books. I wish that authors would realize that good writing stands on its own and does not need to insult people with vulgarity.

  • Amy

    I picked this book up because I liked the cover. I then read the review and thought it sounded interesting. I started reading it and from the beginning I was hooked. I really liked Elizabeth Sims' writing style. She is very funny and clever. The book is about a struggling actress who is hired by a high profile lawyer for $1000 a day to teach his client how to act in court. There is mystery and intrigue involved. I really enjoyed this book!

  • Tracy

    Couldn't stop readingWow. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. Great job weaving together all the different threads of the story. Good character development, too. None of those flat characters which appear all too often in these types of mystery stories. Very much looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

  • heather

    Written by Dave (My fiance's) aunt, this is a fun QUICK read. Taking place in LA, it follows an aspiring actress as she makes a detour in her career. I had a few people tell me they had a hard time putting it down, and this was one of the first books I've read in a while that I read 100+ pages of at a time. Pick it up today!

  • M.K. Turner

    A good entertaining read. What begins as an interesting assignment for down on her luck actress, Rita, soon becomes a mystery for her to solve, as she takes on the coaching of Eileen, a mother accused of murder. I wasn’t convinced on the portrayal of how Rita’s son was rescued, but other than that an enjoyable read.

  • Evelyn M Parnell

    RefreshingThis is a refreshingly different kind of mystery story. I love the writing style, type of humor, and main set of characters. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series and recommend it. It was well worth my time.

  • The Twins

    Interesting plot: A struggling actress who is hired by a lawyer to prep his client for the jury and the trial. She gets caught up in the trial and personally involved not only in the trial but also with her boss. Nice twists and easy read!!

  • Maribel

    A mystery. Somewhat choppy and uneven in the telling. Takes turns trying to be humorous (but not really succeeding) and more serious (and is somewhat more successful). Still, I wanted to finish it - and I did.

  • Jane

    I really liked this one though the ending did go a little over the top. Nicely paced and interesting premise for drawing the heroine into the mystery. She's an out-of-work actress who takes a job as a consultant for a media frenzied murder trial.

  • Cydney Fox

    Fun and unexpected.

  • Jackie

    If this book was 100 pages shorter it would have been really good. It dragged at the end with too many plot twists and characters.

  • Deborah

    A fast paced thriller with likable characters. Creative story line. A real page turner that keeps you wondering who " dunnit" ?

  • Sonja

    Very interesting story, and I love the twists and turns of the plot.

  • Linda Cole

    AmazingLots of twists and turns and a very surprising ending. I enjoyed reading this book from page one. Rita grows and becomes a force to reckon with

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Actress | by í Elizabeth Sims
    349 Elizabeth Sims
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