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By Helen Cooper | Comments: ( 201 ) | Date: ( Mar 29, 2020 )

Bedtime said the Mother NO said the Baby.The Baby wants to stay up all night, so he revs up his car and sets off on an adventure Before long, he finds himself all alone in a sleepy land But there is someone else who s not asleep someone who loves the Baby very much.A magical book whose soft yet sparkling artwork perfectly captures the twilight world of a small c Bedtime said the Mother NO said the Baby.The Baby wants to stay up all night, so he revs up his car and sets off on an adventure Before long, he finds himself all alone in a sleepy land But there is someone else who s not asleep someone who loves the Baby very much.A magical book whose soft yet sparkling artwork perfectly captures the twilight world of a small child, determined not to go to sleep.

  • Title: The Baby Who Wouldn't Go to Bed
  • Author: Helen Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780552528382
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Helen Cooper

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Comments The Baby Who Wouldn't Go to Bed

  • Archit Ojha

    Great illustrations and an adventurous bedtime story, specially for the boys who wouldn't go to bed. Reading children's books is indeed a bliss.

  • Lisa Vegan

    Having recently read this author-illustrator’s (I am so impressed when book creators can do both the writing and illustrations!) Pumpkin Soup and Dog Biscuit and given each of them 4 stars, I was intrigued by this book because of its title. And now, I’d definitely consider reading her other books too.I think this is an excellent book for toddlers and preschoolers who tend to resist going to bed or as a bedtime story for any young child. Slightly older children might very well enjoy it too.It [...]

  • Kathryn

    lovely illustrations and a fun variation on the usual bedtime story

  • Leslie

    Bedtime is one subject I hate arguing over. While I get the firm parenting thing, I also do not mind creative alternatives that can keep one or both of us crying and/or sulking ourselves to sleep. We had story time as a part of the routine so what better solution is there than a book where they are arguing about a bedtime that follows with the child seeing the futility of staying up? Helen Cooper understands a child’s intelligence—which is very likely why Natalya would refuse to read this on [...]

  • Maggie

    This wonderful book is about the imaginative journey a little boy takes as he "drives" away from his mother in an effort to avoid bedtime and stay up all night. It used to be my oldest son's favorite bedtime story (he is now 18). I think I could probably recite it by heartbut the illustrations are so beautiful that reading the book is much preferred. Our old copy has been used and loved so much that it is taped together in places. My favorite quote from the book: "Then the mother lifted up the b [...]

  • Elaine

    Another classic Helen Cooper book. This one is about a baby who wouldn't go to bed. He insists on riding his toy car all night. Well, he's about to have himself a night-time adventure, and at the end, there's a huge, eerie shadow come to get him, which turns out to be.you'll have to read to find out.The illustrations here make this book a keeper for the generations -- they are at once magical, and at once childlike, and even as an adult, I'm brought back to my youngest childhood moments when the [...]

  • ESF Tsing Yi

    Another classic Helen Cooper story, with dreamy illustrations that really provoke discussion. The title means there are no surprises, arguments about bedtime begin the boy's journey into the imagination as he tries to find toys who will share his late night adventures. But everyone else wants to sleep! Fortunately, the boy's mother is there, waiting, when he is too sleepy to go any further.

  • Kelly Whelchel

    This book overall was an ok book. A great way to use this book in teaching would be with a lesson on retelling. The student could use the 5 W's work sheet. The students will fill out the What happen?, Who was there?, Why did it happen?, When did it happen?, Where did it happen? This book was really good to use because it had numerous characters that the students wanted to add. The key part is asking the students to pick out the MAIN characters.

  • Randie D. Camp, M.S.

    A little boy is determined to stay up all night but everyone and everything he encounters is sleepy and ready for bed. Everyone expecthis mother.My son and I might be biased in our liking of this book because this is our nightly routine :). I especially admired how the illustrations and text captured many different aspects of the mother-son relationship. My son enjoyed seeing how the car, tiger, soldiers, etc found throughout the story turn out to be toys found in his room.

  • Summer

    This is called "The Baby Who Wouldn't Go to Bed" here in the UK, which made for some difficult hunting on . Regardless, what a magnificent book. The illustrations are dreamy and sumptuous, and I couldn't help but think that I would love some of the prints to hang up in my daughter's room. The story is wonderful, and quite apt for children my daughter's age (3).

  • Olivia

    A boy who does not want to go to bed has a series of imaginary encounters.Reading Practice, Read AloudBook Level: 2.5 Interest Level: Lower Grades (LG K-3) Fiction/Nonfiction Fiction Topic - Subtopic: Behavior-Disobedience; Fantasy/Imagination-Misc./Other; People-Children

  • Ryan Treaster

    This book is about a child who is not ready to go to sleep . He gets in his little car and takes off to a world with larger than life toys. These toys are too tired to play and end up putting the boy to sleep.Reading Level- Early ReadersCurricular uses- Read aloud and independentLiterary elements- onomonopeia, pictures support the text well also

  • Robyn

    This is one of the first non-board books that we have read with Noah, and he loves it. It won a prize for its illustrations, and they are very good, and quite clever. There aren't too many words for a 2 year old boy, and Noah is engaged for the whole book, and asks to read it again and again. Very cute, fun book.

  • Jennifer

    At bedtime, the wayward baby outruns his mother into a world of make-believe. His toys come to life, and he begs each of them in turn to play with him, but all of them sagely advise him that nighttime is for sleeping. Both of my sons loved this book as toddlers. My youngest gets happy and excited when the Mother comes looking for the Baby, which I naturally find very gratifying.

  • Yasmin Gomez Geng

    A mixture of reality and fantasy, this book takes us through the journey of a baby trying to stay up all night! We see him meet toy soldiers, a train, the moon, and some musicians. But there is one person who is still awake, and is waiting for baby to fall asleep.Grade: Kindergarten - 2nd GradeTopic: Family, Bedtime, Toys

  • The Brothers

    A bland little story about a boy who won't go to bed and zooms off in his little car. He meets many characters and tries to get them to play with him, but they are all tired and want to go to sleep.The illustrations are nice though.

  • Naveen Singh

    I read this to my 4.5 years old daughter. It was fun and sometimes gave some ideas for my daughter to evade sleep. A lot of new things she interacted like soldiers going back to castle , Musicians playing music and at the end a mom who keeps awake for her child. Good illustrations as well.

  • Kelly

    We've read this book over and over again. My son has loved it since we got it (around 19 months?) and he still likes it at 3.5. I like the illustrations and for the mother who can't go to bed until baby does.

  • Kathleen

    One of my favorite books to read with my boys when they were little!!!!! Just a fun, sleepy time story!!!!!

  • Leslie

    Beautiful illustrations and a cute story reminiscent of the Phantom Tollbooth. A perfect bedtime book.

  • Leslie

    Beautiful pictures. Anyone with a toddler who fights bedtime will relate to this story.

  • Marcie

    This is Gabriel's new favorite book and especially the line when the boy says, "NO! I'm going to stay up all night."

  • R

    I love this book. The art is good and the story is great & kinda sweet. So relevant in many homes besides my own I'm sure.

  • Lance Cotton

    Another great Helen Cooper story but the little boy in this one looks just like mine and that makes me a bit nervous.

  • George

    Much better than the cover had me guessing. The boy reminds me of my little boy (that I love. The book also reminds me of THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH by Juster (which I love).

  • ABC

    This is really an original book. A little boy doesn't want to go to bed, runs away, and meets a tiger, a train, musicians, and the moon. Eventually he returns to his mother and to his bed.

  • Beverly

    Kate Greenaway Award; precious

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Baby Who Wouldn't Go to Bed | by î Helen Cooper
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