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By Eva Pohler | Comments: ( 596 ) | Date: ( Mar 31, 2020 )

Some call them tramps In Greek, they are called vrykolakas, or vryks, which sometimes gets translated to freaks They are the vampires of Athens, created centuries ago by the Maenads They live in caves beneath the acropolis, without economic resources and according to rules imposed on them by the Olympians They are forbidden from turning humans into vampires, whicSome call them tramps In Greek, they are called vrykolakas, or vryks, which sometimes gets translated to freaks They are the vampires of Athens, created centuries ago by the Maenads They live in caves beneath the acropolis, without economic resources and according to rules imposed on them by the Olympians They are forbidden from turning humans into vampires, which happens when all of the blood is drained however, they are allowed to drink from a willing mortal Some mortals are willing because a vampire bite will infect the body for six hours, and, during that time, the mortal has the powers of flight, invisibility, strength, speed, x ray vision, and mind control Such great power can become irresistible, though dangerous and addicting to mortals.As seventeen year old Gertie, studying abroad from New York, uncovers the unfathomable secrets of this ancient city, she unwittingly becomes a catalyst in an uprising led by Dionysus, the god of wine and lord of the vampires.

  • Title: Vampire Addiction
  • Author: Eva Pohler
  • ISBN: 9780986221
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Eva Pohler

Eva Pohler is the bestselling author of The Mystery Book Collection and three teen series The Gatekeeper s Saga and The Vampires of Athens both portray her love for Greek mythology The Purgatorium Series is a psychological thriller and island adventure story.

Comments Vampire Addiction

  • Ben Alderson

    4.5Very good start to a series. I was in love with the mash up of Vampires and Greek Gods.

  • Dianne

    Her parents had everything, money, power and a daughter who craved their attention. Their answer was to send her to Greece for the “experience”. But was that the true reason? Was the warm and welcoming family really strangers or was there something more behind it? No matter, Gertie has discovered what being part of a family really means, and finally feels what familial love is.There are more secrets in Athens that Gertie is about to discover, vampires are real, not just the creatures of fant [...]

  • Fafa's Book Corner

    DNF Mini review:I received this for free from the author through a promotion she was having. I had heard about this book through booktube. I enjoy reading paranormal books and haven't been able to find a good vampire book. Unfortunately I did not enjoy what I read. The writing style read very juvenile. The dialogue was slightly worse to read. It felt kind of forced and odd. In fact the writing didn't really flow well. I also did not like the MC's parents at all. All in all I didn't enjoy it. It' [...]

  • Miranda ❤️

    *2.5 stars*Originally posted @ Miranda's Book BlogThis one has been on my TBR for quite some time. I've been in a bit of a book slump as of late and picked this one to read on my Kindle randomly while scrolling through my collection. Of course it being a vampire book didn't hurt either, as I love them. All of that being said, Vampire Addiction didn't hit the spot like I had expected it to. I wanted to love this one, I did. In fact, after seeing the rave reviews for this one on I began thinking [...]

  • Shannon

    When I started reading I was very frustrated with the main character, Gertie, who was being sent abroad, by her parents, to spend her Junior year of High School in Greece. Who wouldn't love that experience-especially when she explains how little attention her parents pay her and her lack of true friends in New York? Then, as she grows to love both Greece and the people she meets there, she becomes a much more enjoyable (and interesting) character to read about.Love, betrayal, tension, and mythol [...]

  • Rachel

    I received this book from the author in exchange for a review. Overall a pretty decent read. Fairly solid storyline and likable enough characters. However it was a little cheesy and a little too forced in spots. Like I get a love triangle makes things more interesting for a lot of stories but this one was not quite developed to its fullest potential. It was like Gertie had to convince herself she would rather be with Jeno. Speaking of Gertie, while she was a decent main character she was a bit d [...]

  • Kerri Simpson

    I loved reading this story. Eva creates can intriguing new set of characters and plot line that's fun to read and easy to fall in love with. I need the next one now. Eva certainly keeps you guessing and its never what you think its gonna be. I'm really picky and I'm not a huge vampire fan but I really enjoyed it might just work on me having a vampire addiction now. ;)

  • -`ˏ maci ˎ´˗

    *Rating: 2.5* I have so many problems with this book, which I'll get into below. Yet, it was oddly enjoyable. As much as I was cringing, I couldn't stop reading. What is wrong with me? I actually made a list of everything I disliked about this book. I'm awful, I know. But I thought it would help when writing this review.Let's start with the writing style, shall we? It was awful, juvenile, and terribly cringey. The paragraphs had no flow to them. At first I was bored out of my mind because of the [...]

  • Rebecca Bryant

    Though this book reminded me of another very popular vampire book series it was very much its own story. I like how Eva intertwined Greek mythology with the legend of vampires. I really felt the writer did a great job letting us get to know the lead character in the story, Gertie. By getting to know Gertie you understand why she makes the choices she does. There is also a really dark undertone to one of the male leads. Along with great characters, there is a great story the flows and twis [...]

  • Jonel Boyko

    Pohler has a very approachable writing style that allows readers to focus on the story at hand. Her descriptions are vividly realistic. Pohler doesn’t just tell you that her characters are in Greece, her words and descriptions transport you there. The different cultures we encounter stand out in stark contrast to one another. Pohler has done a brilliant job of developing each one while building it into the storyline as a whole. She builds a fabulous and unforgettable new world for readers to g [...]

  • Katherine

    Vampire Addiction: The Vampires of Athens Book 1 is an amazing start to a new series by Eva Pohler. This YA story has a unique twist on vampires and ties vampires to the Greek Gods.The story focuses on a young American, Gertrude, who becomes a foreign exchange student in Greece. She is living with a loving family who try to keep the secrets of Greece's dark vampire side from her. But that is impossible, especially since Gertie has befriended Jeno, a vampire.The story was well developed and flowe [...]

  • Tanya Johnson

    Vampires – check, Greek Gods – check, romance-check, suspense – check. Yes this book has it all and if you are like any of these you will absolutely love this combination! I mean vampires which are a descendant of a Greek God (yup not giving that one away LOL). I was so engrossed with the book that I had it done in one weekend (I have a family so I did have to stop occasionally). There was so many times that I wanted to smack Gertrude but in the end I was wanting to read on and see what ha [...]

  • Shellie Hedge

    Eca Pohler really knows how to pull you into a book. This author is one of my all time favs. In this book you get a story like no other. Many people can undertand where the main character is coming from because alot of us had parents like hers. I have never read or seen vamps being called tramps, and never have I heard the stories of the gods being involved with vampires. So if you love vamps and greek gods. Pick this book up today. You will love it. Can't wait for the next one.

  • Shellene

    I put off reading this book as long as I could!!! OMG IT'S AMAZING!!!! My love for vampires and mythology in one book, yes please!!! I love the story line and the characters. Read this book, you will be happy you did.

  • Ann

    I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I highly recommend giving it a read!!! Miss Pohler is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

  • OKbook Hoarder

    An amazing book about Vampires, Gods, and humans. Eva Pohler is an awesome Author and I can't wait to read more of her work

  • Nour Asa'd

    Honestly the story could've been more enjoyable if it wasn't for the writing style.

  • Sherri Shade

    Super good read, really imaginative. Totally kicks Twilight's ass in the YA vamp genre. Way better than the standard vampire vs. werewolf trope, much more original.

  • Michelle

    **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs**2.5/5Vampire Addiction is the first book in the young adult paranormal romance series, the vampires of Athens, by Eva Pohler. Vampire Addiction is the story of Gertie, who is a book worm that didn't want to go to Athens for a study abroad year. Her parents had to force her to go, so right off the bat Gertie and I butted heads a little. I just couldn't wrap my head around someone not wanting to learn all kinds of things by experi [...]

  • Angela(demonsangel) Fitzgerald

    I HAVEN'T READ THIS STORY YET.Okay, this is not a review, it's more of what I think. I've listened to every audiobook that Eva Pohler has available at Audible. When listening or reading The Gatekeepers Saga you can tell that Eva has a brilliant imagination and she loves mythology. I never really cared about learning about mythology until listening to her stories but I've come to really enjoy mythology in stories. I discovered that Eva has written a new story, this one, Vampire Addiction and lear [...]

  • Barbara Desmond

    I love it when I'm in the right place at the right time. It doesn't happen often but it did the other day when I spotted a link on Twitter to a download for this book. Yay for freebies and for vampires. Forget about warnings to not take candy from strangers since for me it would be books although I wouldn't mind the candy too. I am having such a great reading year discovering authors and more series. Yes I continue to drown in series.I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that's Jeno and of [...]

  • goodgraces

    I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.Wow, this book was wild. While I can't say I liked it- the writing was under developed and the characters were so, so dull- the plot line was so bizarre that I couldn't stop reading. I thought it would just be vampires, but no! Vampires, demigods, Dionysus, and a hot Minotaur?? This book has everything. So first, the plot: Gertie, daughter of one of the richest families in America (apparently) is different than the other "fake" privat [...]

  • Shannon

    I received this book in exchanged for a review. This book was a bit on the juvenile side of YA for me. I found the characters to be very juvenile, but an accurate representation of teenage behavior which you don't often see in YA books. YA characters are usually mature beyond their years and face epic problems. In this case, our main character Gertie is visiting Greece as a foreign exchange student. She comes from a wealthy family and feels unwanted and neglected by her parents and would rather [...]

  • Ely

    3.5 I received this book from the author, but this is no way alters my opinion of the book.Eva Pohler is a goddess when it comes to world-building. She creates these amazing worlds and stories that you just can’t help but be amazed at. In Vampire Addiction, she combines Greece, vampires and mythology in the one book to make this amazing world. Eva puts so much time and effort into her research and it just shines through her work. I think it’s my favourite thing about her books.While I adored [...]

  • Allison

    Good things first: lovely world-building, intriguing plot, fantastic Minotaur cameo (my favorite part). But the bad overwhelmed the good for me. Once again, we have a heroine who can't choose between the misunderstood bad boy and the less obviously misunderstood and neglected golden boy, with a complication of some unrequited feelings on the part of her best friend. The whole book is a tragic comedy of errors in lack of communication, and far too much time is spent on the main character feeling [...]

  • Doris

    Vampire Addiction is a very new and interesting take on what vampires are in society. We get to see another view point into their lives and feeling and of course the way that they interact with the living. I love to read Eva Pohler's work and Vampire Addiction does not let the reader down! Eva writes in a way that you truly can feel connected to all of the characters and dang if you don't get so confused with what is good bad. oh who knows!! Follow your heart and read and see for yourself!!!Ano [...]

  • Jamielee Prue

    Well, I read this book in just a couple hours. I had to go ahead and finish it because I wanted to know what happened! Now I have to get the next book to see what all is going on. I have a hard time with why Gertie is choosing Jeno over Hector because I am not really seeing a choice here but I guess I will just have to find out! It's a very fast pace story that does have some slightly predictable moments but still very good anyway. You will like the characters, even if you would like to strangle [...]

  • Kimberly

    I love the way Eva Pohler captured me in this story. Gertie is an American teenager going over to study abroad in Athens. I love the history that is involved in the story. But don't worry. Eva throws a few twists and turns at you that you wouldn't think would happen. It had me on the edge of my seat. There is action, adventure and romance in this book. I loved it and I'm super excited for the next one.

  • Nastasia Nazar

    This is not your typical vampire story!!!First off, wow!!! This book was a crazy awesome adventure with a very different, and pretty epic take on vampires. There is a lot of depth and underlying meaning to Pohlers writing, and this book is no exception! If you are a fan of her series about Greek Gods, you will see some of them, and their influences in this one as well. I can't wait to start the next one!!!

  • Jolene OBrien

    I received a copy from Eva Pohler and I couldn't wait to read. As I started to read I found myself emerged into an amazing world of mythology and tramps. I loved Gertie but wished she had more time with Hector. Eva kept me guessing here and there throughout the story but sometimes I felt too bombarded with information I didn't need. I would definitely recommend this book especially if you love mythology and love stories as much as I do.

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  • [PDF] Download ê Vampire Addiction | by ☆ Eva Pohler
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