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By David Thorne | Comments: ( 884 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

A hilarious collection of essays from the author of 27bslash6, the New York Times bestselling The Internet is a Playground, and I ll Go Home Then It s Warm and Has Chairs.

  • Title: Look Evelyn, Duck Dynasty Wiper Blades. We Should Get Them.: A Collection Of New Essays
  • Author: David Thorne
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  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

David Thorne

David Thorne is an Australian humourist, satirist, Internet personality and New York Times best selling author His work has been featured on the BBC, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Late Night with Conan O Brien Thorne gained public recognition in late 2008 for an email exchange in which he attempts to pay an overdue bill with a drawing of a seven legged spider The exchange spread virally via email and social networking sites, leading to a surge of visitors to his website 27b 6 27bslash6 27b 6 features a collection of humorous emails and articles from Thorne s life These and additional essays appear in Thorne s book, The Internet is a Playground Published by Penguin Group and released on 28 April 2011, the book debuted at number four on The New York Times Best Seller list.

Comments Look Evelyn, Duck Dynasty Wiper Blades. We Should Get Them.: A Collection Of New Essays

  • jv poore

    I can always count on Mr. Thorne for a few good belly-laughs. If he sometimes shares something a bit more somber, it is with such nonchalance that while the reader may be affected, the writer will not be pitied.

  • John Patterson

    A little different from the first two books by David Thorne in several ways. First, it's largely autobiographical. Second, very little of it is from the web site. Although there are a couple familiar email exchanges in it. The autobiographical bits seem to jump back and forth in time and sort of go off on tangents or meander a bit. This is forgivable as there are no dull anecdotes in this book. It does, however, make it difficult to get an idea of the timeline of the author's life. Not that that [...]

  • Erin

    If only for the titleHere's yet another example of why I could never write a memoir. The hysterical Jenny Lawson was raised in a shack with an amateur(?) taxidermist as a dad. Kelly Oxford traveled anywhere at the drop of a hat and was perfectly willing to live like a gypsy. David Thorne goes to Tasmania because he can afford the ferry. I blame my lack of memoir-worthy experiences on my parents, who had the gall to raise me in a perfectly nice home in a small town in Virginia where nothing ever [...]

  • Binky

    I received this book on Mother's day from my son. It wasn't his usual type of present, but I am so glad he departed from the norm. During a sunny couple of days in the garden I read it, laughing out loud several times. Really chuckled, with watering eyes because parts of the book were so funny. I am not going to give examples, because that would spoil the book for people who haven't read it. However, I consider this book to be David Thorne's best one yet and I am already looking forward to the n [...]

  • Terry Collins

    One of the few authors that literally make me "laugh out loud." The saga of poor doomed Bob the cat still makes me smile. I overdosed on David this past week with both this collection and his second book (I've been shoving his first book onto folks for years) and that's not good he's a very bad influence and I fear I'll be carrying some of his wit into the classroom when I return to teaching tomorrow. Teenagers, attend me at your very peril!

  • Pier-luc

    Very different from his previous books. It's more like a blend of essays and an autobiography. It doesn't always try to be funny, often goes quite dark. It's tough not to try to separate what is true and what isn't in Thorne's stories (if it's all true then horror mysteriously follows him at every corner), but it's an entertaining read that shows some amount of literary talent.

  • Tami (synchro from BL)

    It had me laughing out loud - at least twice But it also contained some quite painful stories, to be honest. I wanted to laugh, to be entertained, but there were some brutal stories about his childhood and youth that left me wondering. If it was honest and a true account of his life, then it is quite sad.If not, it is in really bad taste. A strange mixtures to be sure.

  • Mathew Walls

    One of the funniest books I've read, and better than the last two (which I also enjoyed and would recommend). It's marketed as a collection of essays, but if that puts you off, don't worry about it, I think they just said that because there's not a clear narrative to it. It meanders and jumps back and forth and goes off on tangents, but it's more like a novel than a collection of essays. Somewhat reminiscent of something by Mil Millington, except ostensibly true (although probably a lot of it is [...]

  • Cori

    Read Harder Challenge 2016: 3. Read a collection of essays.What intrigued me: Ed thought I would find this book hilarious. He's mostly right!What I liked: I loved the meandering digressions in the longer essays. What I didn't like: There were a couple of parts where Thorne jokingly admitted to making something up, and that makes me wonder if some of the more elaborate tales we're also made up. It's still good even if the were! Favorite quote: Bonus Material: 27b/6

  • Heather

    I'm a huge fan of David Thorne since I picked up The Internet Is a Playground on a lark at my local bookstore. I was literally lol-ing almost the entire time, which was pretty much par for the course with this book, too. I even ended up reading aloud most of it for my SO because it was easier than explaining why exactly I was laughing so hard. If you are sensitive to dark humor (and even a little meanness), I would stay away. Otherwise, it's a funny, fast read that I'll return to whenever I need [...]

  • Christa Van

    Fewer work related essays and almost no drawings, this collection of David Thorne's essays seem a little more personal and tell of his childhood, his house and neighbors. There is also the revealing story of helping Simon (his work place Dwight) cope with a cheating girlfriend. Does David Thorne have a soft spot in his heart for Simon after all?In one of the essays set at work, David and co-worker Kevin are tasked with first interviews for a new designer. The questions they come up with are fabu [...]

  • Danita Rambo

    The way David Thorne goes from one topic to the other can leave you a little rattled but you will also be laughing your socks off, and maybe peeing a little. I am not entirely sure that everything in this book is true and at the end of the day, I don't think I care. There is one part in the book that I can't even relate the awesomeness for because it's just a huge spoiler. David Thorne. Making me pee on planes and curse in front of children since 2015.

  • Tiago

    Incredible the ratings for this book. I've read his previous books and they were kinda funny. This one sucks big time. Some parts made me laugh but the rest of the jokes are previsible and not so funny. I guess he should stick with e-mail trolling and not trolling the readers with random stories that don't make sense.

  • Tyler Lego

    Was not too impressed with Thorne's attempt to apply his style of humor to the essay form. There were good parts, but a lot of recycled 'bits'. The parts with dialogue and interaction with others showcase his skill at trolling and making us laugh, but I'd rather see it sustained as in 'The Internet is a Playground".

  • Dougie

    Being familiar with the author's previous books, I was looking forward to this and wasn't disappointed. I rarely laugh out loud when reading, however I did several.times while reading this memoir. This book is composed of autobiographical stories, mainly about the author's past in Australia. David Thorne's writing style is light and breezy, and quite frankly hilarious. A must read for everyone.

  • Beth

    This book wasn't as laugh-out-loud as I hoped it would be, but Thorne continues to show us his clever sense of humor. If you're an aspiring cynical, sarcastic type, then let Mr. Thorne show you the way. God is he clever!

  • H3dakota

    I just couldn't finish this one. Not sure if I've changed or if this book is that different from everything he's written before, but I just didn't enjoy it. Normally his writing has me in tears from laughing so hard, so I was very disappointed.

  • E.S.

    You know a book is entertaining when you have to pause a take pictures of some of the text to send to your friends.WHY THE FUCK AM I ALWAYS REVIEWING THE KINDLE EDITIONS? I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU, . I READ THE PAPERBAAAACK.

  • Emily Clifford

    Very funny I really enjoyed both of David Thorne's other books and this was no disappointment. It was a really quick read but had me rolling on the floor. 100% recommend this book. Really entertaining read.

  • Johnathan

    It was good and entertaining. At some points it got very dark. The story David told about his life growing up was very interesting. At times it even got a bit dark, like his near death experience that he had. It was not quite as funny as I hoped it would be though.

  • Jean-sébastien Goulet

    It was very cool to get some new material (almost nothing from the website) from David Thorne. Most of it was pretty funny, but there were a few stories that were absolutely hilarious. Loved it.

  • Gregg M Katz

    It must be your feet thenTruly inspiring and life changing. I now have a joke to tell at next year's office holiday party. Read this on a plane and you'll look like a madman laughing out loud.

  • Patrick

    This is not the constant laugh riot of his other work, as seen here: 27bslash6/It is very entertaining though and in its own way, insightful. This is what I imagine a Richard Linklater movie would be like if they were actually good.

  • Abra Heinrich

    The book started off great and I had a good laugh. But the first chapter really is the best. The stories start to get less and less funny and in the end I started to get frustrated and angry with the characters because they act way too silly. I put the book away after about 100p.

  • Megzee

    He's a bit of a pig, but he is laugh-out-loud-neighbors-are-looking-at-me funny. Definitely recommend.

  • Alex Kenjeev

    Funny but not as funny as his other books!

  • Amy Healey

    God how I love David Thornes humor. It must be because we are both Australian and so both find pulling the piss out of others as the only true humor worth anyone's time.

  • Kawen

    Um dos livros mais divertidos que já li. David Thorne tem o dom de transformar situações cotidianas em cenas hilárias, como um stand-up da vida real.

  • Yu Xuan

    Rating: 3.5 stars

  • Barbara

    A departure from David's internet shenanigans of a delightful and personal look at David's life and thoughtsunless it's all made up.ill funny

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