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By Emme Salt | Comments: ( 758 ) | Date: ( Oct 24, 2019 )

Ashlyn s nannied for the Stewarts before she knows precisely what s expected of her, and the sordid pleasures that wait for her every winter break But this time, someone new is waiting for her at the Stewarts cabin in Aspen sweet, innocent Shanna Will Ashlyn overcome her jealousy as Shanna is initiated into the Stewarts wicked secret

  • Title: Double Trouble
  • Author: Emme Salt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Emme Salt

Emme Salt is your shy girl next door with a very naughty imagination.When she s not reading or indulging her sweet tooth, Emme likes to stay up late crafting red hot erotic stories.She believes in writing only the finest erotica erotic romance for the most discriminating readers every story is created with her trademark attention to the sexy little details that make a scene sizzle.A native Californian, Emme lives on the coast with her husband, two pups, and thousands of dog eared paperbacks.

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Comments Double Trouble

  • Dee

    Wipes brow and has a cold shower! Holy hotness, sugary female sweetness with a little bit of alpha male to thicken the mix!! I love me some lady love with a man in the mix but for some reason well written FFM ménage is a hard find.On my search I stumbled across this 'freebie' so nabbed it. Not only did it deliver on FFM but also panty wetting smoking hot FFMF! Emme was a new to me author, but no longerurries off to check out more of her work!

  • Siobhan

    I didn’t know what to expect of this one – we’re not really given much to work off. So, I entered it with an open mind. Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed. I admit I’m not the best person to quote when it comes to this genre. I have read a few, but nowhere near enough to be an expert. Mostly I read this genre to broaden my horizons, with most of them coming through challenges I participate in (I have read more through doing genre challenges than I ever would have imagined). Howev [...]

  • Jonmontanavega

    Somehow I missed all the action last time I was in Aspen.This is a fantasy about nannies. Nannies who are introduced to the pleasures of sex with other women. I wish the author had included one more scene. As those of you rich enough to hire one know, choosing a good nanny is an art. Clearly Mrs. Steward (the mother) looked for one additional quality not all nannies poossess when she interviewed prospects for the position. How she identified it without a hands on field test would be fun to learn [...]

  • Groyn Paulsing

    I often don't finish erotica but this one was good enough by my standards to finish. I don't review those I don't finish because I think it is unfair and the reason for not finishing does not necessarily equate to what others enjoy.

  • Deep S

    A good book to read when in Little naughty mood.Has some good episodes and some hot plots.3/5 Devil D


    Awesome storyI absolutely loved this. I read it on a really warm night in England. Yesterday had been about 30C and it was still probably around 20C at 1a.m. So I was sleeping naked and came across this title on . I read it in about 45 minutes and it was superb. Almost non-stop sex, including a lot of lesbian sex and I thought it was brilliant. Another piece of my anatomy did too and could easily have joined in the antics that were going on in the book.

  • Wolfy

    Short But SweetAnd HOT!!!Ashlyn had nannied for the Stewarts during their winter vacation last year, and had fallen in love with the kinky couple. So, of course she was ecstatic when they asked her to join them again this year! But, she soon learns, the Stewarts have other plans for this upcoming vacation, and Ash is dismayed to find they have hired a second nanny, Shanna, for this year's winter break.

  • S

    Good character build upGood character build up, semi-romance and sex involved. I would suggest this book to others to read at some time.

  • zerinbasto

    !oved, loved itIt was hot, slutty, and great scenes of debauchery. Would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get hot while reading this book. 👹💗👍

  • Charlotte Gatto

    Yummy!A hot read! Some of the sex scenes got a bit too much for me because I want to know what's going on in the characters' minds more than in their bodies. (The final scene was really delicious though.) There was just enough seduction and description of giving in to feelings and desires to keep me happy. The fact that their children never wake up at night or overhear any of the activity is completely unrealistic but I don't mind because the story was good and well written with only a couple of [...]

  • Ginger Segreti

    A holiday break for the parents and kidsMr and Mrs employ two nannies to help with the kids this holiday. The nannies spend more time with the parents then kids. There's also a budding romance between the nannies. The sex scenes are hot. I'd have enjoyed more focus on the Mrs pleasure. As funny as this may seem the fact that the author has the man go in bareback threw me out of the story. Condoms would have made it more believable. A nice easy hot read.

  • Lizard And Wombat Romance Reviews

    Lizard: 2⋆.Wombat: 1⋆.Overall: 1.5⋆.❣❣❣❣❣Title: Double Trouble.Author: Emme Salt.Series or Standalone: Part of a collection, but works as a standalone.Genre: Babysitter Erotica.Romance Level: Low.Smut Level: High.Length: Short story.Perspective: First person.Happily Ever After: More fun looks to be on the horizon.

  • Nicole

    This was a wickedly delicious story that had me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for what would happen next. Ashlyn has worked for this family for a year and is coming back for another year of fun, only this time there is a new girl working for the family. Ashlyn now has to deal with the jealousy that arises when she realizes that the same thing that happened to her is now happening to Shana.

  • Raj

    What was that?? I'm not really a fan of 4some. especially if it's 1 guy and 3 girls, and FF scenes? so not my scene. The story was okay, it wasn't exciting, it was short and it felt like there were a few wasted scenes. I've read a lot of novella's like this and with the lack of description, I didn't know what I was up against.

  • Keith Tate

    Sweet SensationsEverything was perfect, joyful laughter and sinful playing made it all into one dominating fantasy. The only thing missing was anal sex. still all in all, I could give it nothing but an "10"!!

  • Richelle

    Too sexy to handleI didn't know what kind of story this was going to be, I'm fairly new to this genre of books. I can tell you, if you are looking to get turned on fast, I recommend reading this. It's so sexy you will want to re-read this over and over.

  • Diana Jones

    I would've liked this more without the married couple in it. The best parts of this book were the scenes that involved the two nannies. That said, this is still the best erotic book I've read in a while.

  • Leighanne Cooper nottingham

    Ridiculous!!Couldn't finish it should have read the reviews first I'm glad it was free some people may like it but I'm not one of them

  • Andita

    HotSteamy fun with some snow to cool things down. I enjoyed the characters, setting, and pace in the story. I'm looking forward to more by this author.

  • J.C.

    Wickedly sexy and cute for such a short storyt your normal run of every day mill romanceIt's a menage of shorts but it is so really sexy and cute

  • Carien

    Awesome foursome

  • Ann Mclees

    Wickedly seductive foursome. Weirdly putting it as an OK book, but it had a few quirks about it.

  • Vivian C Robins

    SexyA good quick readeamy sex good fantasy material. A good little "snack" for an afternoon of sexiness. Would like to read more.

  • Rhonda Cissell

    Great short book!This book book was erotic from the start and stayed that way throughout, all with a good storyline. Great read!

  • tabby

    Love itIts was very porning but the thing I didn't like was the ending the girls never had there own moment hop there another book

  • Lynne Fredo

    An Agency StoryThis was so exciting because it involved so many kinds of sex with the two nannies and Mr. and Mrs. Stewart. It was a quick read.

  • Jodi Cain

    Ashlyn and Shannon had the perfect job as nannies. Working for the same couple at their cabin. All adults were insatiable, and enjoyed each other a lot.

  • Crystal

    It was hot I enjoyed it

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  • Free Read [Science Fiction Book] ✓ Double Trouble - by Emme Salt ↠
    262 Emme Salt
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