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A poignant coming of age story about two boys finding their way in the South Bronx in the mid 1980s.The summer of 1983 was the summer hip hop proved its staying power The South Bronx is steeped in Reaganomics, war in the Middle East, and the twin epidemics of crack and AIDS, but Raymond Smiles King and Guillermo Nike Vega have immediate concerns Smiles was suppoA poignant coming of age story about two boys finding their way in the South Bronx in the mid 1980s.The summer of 1983 was the summer hip hop proved its staying power The South Bronx is steeped in Reaganomics, war in the Middle East, and the twin epidemics of crack and AIDS, but Raymond Smiles King and Guillermo Nike Vega have immediate concerns Smiles was supposed to be the assistant crew chief at his summer camp, but the director chose Cookie Camacho instead, kicking off a summer long rivalry Meanwhile, the aspiring b boy Nike has set his wandering eye on Sara, the sweet yet sassy new camp counselor, as well as top prize at a breakdancing competition downtown The two friends have been drifting apart ever since Smiles got a scholarship to a fancy private school, and this summer the air is heavy with postponed decisions that will finally be made Raw and poignant, this is a story of music, urban plight, and racial tension that s as relevant today as it was in 1983.

  • Title: Show and Prove
  • Author: Sofia Quintero
  • ISBN: 9780375847073
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Sofia Quintero

Sofia Quintero is the author of several novels and short stories that cross genres Born into a working class Puerto Rican Dominican family in the Bronx the self proclaimed Ivy League homegirl earned a BA in history sociology from Columbia University in 1990 and her MPA from the university s School of International and Public Affairs in 1992 After years of working on a range of policy issues from multicultural education to HIV AIDS, she decided to pursue career that married arts and activism Under the pen name Black Artemis, she wrote the hip hop novels Explicit Content, Picture Me Rollin and Burn Sofia is also the author of the novel Divas Dont Yield and contributed novellas to the chica lit anthologies Friday Night Chicas and Names I Call My Sister As an activist, she co founded Chica Luna Productions chicaluna , a nonprofit organization that seeks to identify, develop and support women of color who wish to create socially conscious entertainment She is also a founding creative partner of Sister Outsider Entertainment, a multimedia production company that produces quality entertainment for multicultural audiences Sofia is presently working on her first young adult novel Efrains Secret which will be published by Knopf in 2009 To learn about Sofia and her work, visit blackartemis, sisteroutsiderz or myspace sofiaquintero.

Comments Show and Prove

  • Rich in Color

    Review copy: PurchasedEarlier this year Lyn Miller-Lachmann recommended Show and Prove. She spoke so highly of the book, I knew it was a must read. It did not disappoint.Show and Prove allows readers to experience a summer in The South Bronx through the eyes of two young men learning about who they are and what matters most to them. The voices and personalities are distinct and Quintero’s characters have depth.Smiles has that nickname because he is generally upbeat. He’s an idea man. Over th [...]

  • Cat (WLWFiction)

    This one took me a while to get into, but once the part set at summer camp started I throughly enjoyed it. It's driven by friendship and is about a time and place in history that I previously knew nothing about.

  • Ms. Yingling

    Interesting setting, but more young adult in pacing and introspective quality. Don't think this will work in my middle school library.

  • Jesten

    This was a very educational book for me, as a 90s/00s child, because there was so much rap/hip hop/break dancing culture involved. I really loved the diversity and pace. The only things that held me back from giving it 5 stars were how similar the two characters' voices were and how unresolved some things felt.

  • Jamie

    I admit to skimming because I was in a scattered political mindset and the chapters felt long. But! My own readership is not as relevant as the opportunity and access this gem provides to other readers.

  • Naomi

    I've been on the look-out for good YA books with people of color protagonists and authors, especially ones that deal well with the complexities of race and poverty and language and family like this one does. Recommend.

  • Barbara

    The South Bronx in 1983 is not the safest place to be in the summer, and as changes occur in the wider world around them, two friends find satisfaction in their jobs and their future ambitions. I liked how the author deftly threaded pieces of popular culture and politics into this very personal story about Raymond (Smiles) King and Guillermo (Nike) Vega. Smiles attends a challenging prep school, and as he is drawn to a community activist group, he questions whether he really belongs there. He al [...]

  • Beverly

    How quickly we forget significant events that did not directly impact our lives. 1980's South Bronx. Unless you were there, you probably don't remember much from this transformative era. Run DMC, break dancing, Reaganomics, the AIDS crisis, and the introduction of crack are all events that changed life for Guillermo, Raymond, Sara, and Cookie. Yet their teen angst is universal. Told from the points of view of Guillermo and Raymond, this tight-knit group of friends worries about their families, p [...]

  • Diane Ferbrache

    Smiles and Nike are friends from the block. They are spending the summer trading rhymes and acting as counselors at day camp. In alternating chapters they share their stories of old friendships and new alliances, break-ups and new love. Set in 1983, this summer story is filled with 80s music, TV, and movie references. Although reviews were universally positive, I couldn’t finish it. The pop culture references were distracting, the large number of characters, over reliance on slang and Spanish [...]

  • Everett Coonradt

    I honestly thought this book was pretty good, but I did not like the nicknames. I understand that they are in the Hip-Hop era and people have gangster names, but I still didn't love it. The plot was pretty good and I can relate to it because each year I go to the same summer camp for a week. I have always loved stories about summer camp because so many funny, sad, and fun things happen so it was a good thing to be able to relate to. I gave this book 3 stars because I have read much better books [...]

  • Salsabrarian

    Set in the Bronx of the 1980s at the height of hip-hop and b-boys, Smiles and Nike are teenage boys just trying to survive and get by in the 'hood where crime and crackheads are prevalent. There's not a strong plot; the boys deal with family issues, girl trouble, their changing friendship, dodging the local thugs, and finding their places in the world. The b-boy slang flies fast and furious and the dramas of the 'hood are loud and lively--no upper middle-class hand-wringing here. Teens who prefe [...]

  • Kelly

    Very accessible main characters in Smiles and Nike. I can see the teens in the juvenile detention center where I teach being able to relate to these characters. The only negative I have with the book is that the setting in the 1980's sometimes felt forced. Then again, it would not hurt my teens to have a mini history lesson hidden in a good story.

  • Zacarias Rivera, Jr.

    It's 1983; the South Bronx; hip-hop; a stirring YA novel that focuses on relationships between friends, guys and girls, and family members. I would, without vacillation or hesitation, teach this novel to my high school students. It's copasetic!

  • Jacqueline

    The alternating voices in this book distanced me from the characters. I would have preferred a book solely from the viewpoint of either Smiles or Nike. Both characters had important stories to tell.

  • Jessica

    I feel like this is something teenage me would have read growing up. I know it's set in the 80s, but it also has that 90s feel. The characters are lively and so are their struggles.

  • Fiorella Casella

    I like it but i feel like it took a bit to get into the real action. More on my blog: theslowreader

  • Anthony Otero

    This was a great read. This made me relive much of my childhood in ways I haven't thought of in a long time. The pacing is great and I loved the different perspectives of Smiles and Nike.

  • Sarah

    Loved it. It completely brought me back to the early 80s. I'll be thinking about Nike, Smiles and Sara for a long time. Highly recommended.

  • Sarah

    Reviewed in the Horn Book.

  • Kim B.

    I'm really glad I went back to this one.

  • Mills College Library

    Fiction Q79s 2015

  • Ashley

    Really enjoyed this, though there is a lot going on.

  • Crystal

    See my review at Rich in Color: richincolor/2015/11/review

  • V

    3.5. It took me about half the book to really sink into this, but once I did, I was hooked.

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  • Free Read [Memoir Book] ☆ Show and Prove - by Sofia Quintero ✓
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