[PDF] Download À 不機嫌彼氏のなだめ方 [Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata] | by Å Aya Sakyo 左京亜也

By Aya Sakyo 左京亜也 | Comments: ( 701 ) | Date: ( Apr 06, 2020 )

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  • Title: 不機嫌彼氏のなだめ方 [Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata]
  • Author: Aya Sakyo 左京亜也
  • ISBN: 9784403664717
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Aya Sakyo 左京亜也

Associated names Aya SakyouAyane UkyouName in native language Blood Type ABAya Sakyo is Ayane Ukyou s pen name for her BL Yaoi manga.Likes manga, travel, cats, sleep, pachinkoDislikes shiitake, konyaku, useless voice command cat remotesHobby collecting stonesFavourite Food Sour foodFavourite Colour OrangeFavourite Music B z, Sugashikao, V6Favourite Manga Itazura na Kiss, manga from Betsuma, Devil Man, works of Shimamoto Kazuhiko

Comments 不機嫌彼氏のなだめ方 [Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata]

  • Daesy

    4.5 near 5. I cant give 5 stars bcs Jin (Kakami's older brother) had to marry and have a son to continue the lineage. Let me explain better. Jin and Ei meet when they are 10. Jin is in his grandfather's castle and Ei is there bcs his father works for Jin's family. They become friends, and with the time (off-screen but explained), they fall in love. The sad thing is that Jin must continue his lineage (leopard is rare), and so he must get married and have a son (i love his son Rio but am sad the s [...]

  • ☆♥☆Kotyonok★♡★

    Prefer this one more than the main storyline, mainly because it shows the characters backgrounds more. And I'm a sucker for child hood loves who get HEAs together. And the feels in this one were too much was beautiful. I wish it were longerke volumes like Shingo and Keiichi's story.JIN+EI=<<<<<<<33333333

  • Luzie

    Great Manga, i liked both the characters and the storyline much better than Shingo and Kagami's book. The angle in which Yujin always mentions he has responsibilities which he must be held to, was kinda the only problem in this book. The book has a lot of hot and heavy action which makes it very perceptive for a more mature audience. I also liked the fact that Takamizawa and Yujin knew each other since childhood and were already in love then, it brought a certain sweetness to the book.Good draft [...]

  • Mayu

    4/10Me gustó este tomo, los personajes y la historia que compartian. Me gustó acercarme más a estos personajes y por tanto, a parte del pasado de Keii pero no puedo decir que me volviera loca este tomo o este romance o los protagonistas.Os espero en:mayuamoraprimeravistaRESEÑA DE ESTA OBRA AL FINAL DEL POST.

  • Christina

    Absolutely Fabulous. I recommend to all Yaoi lovers

  • Kimi

    Oh! Now I get it. So sad, and yet heart warming (?), cute(?). I dunno, I just really like this spin-off.

  • Buttons

    This a side story of Kagami's older brother and his servant.

  • Sarah

    This is the first volume in that godforsaken Kuroneko-series that I didn´t hate. The art is okay, the story was not horrible (not exciting either) and the one kid that shows up from time to time looks cute.

  • Rennie

    Ei, you handsome devil 💖.

  • Zolhanchs

    Nunca me canso de releerlo

  • Yue

    Uhm, not a fan of Kagami's brother, he isn't likeable at all. Only in the bedroom we are shown his "vulnerable" side, but still, he is annoying and I hate how he treats Shingo, who is a cutie pie. I am also not invested in his love story with the butler-childhood friend-secretary (?), although I have to admit that the sex scenes are -amazingly- hot (as always) and I absolutely love the nipple play **nosebleed**. This mangaka is so good!And I love that little Rio likes Shingo so much. The little [...]

  • Doğa

    Keichii'nin kasıntı abisinin mangasıydı ama ben pek sevmedim açıkçası.Hala favorim Shingo ve Keichii :)

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  • [PDF] Download À 不機嫌彼氏のなだめ方 [Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata] | by Å Aya Sakyo 左京亜也
    243 Aya Sakyo 左京亜也
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