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By Jesse Bastide | Comments: ( 743 ) | Date: ( Mar 28, 2020 )

Pure Evil is a gripping, suspense filled supernatural thriller.What starts as an episode of playground teasing ends when Devon gets a rock to the skull He falls into a coma, only waking up after a close brush with death But now that Devon is back, he finds out that he s not alone.There s a mysterious entity talking to him in his head And Devon s not sure if he likes thePure Evil is a gripping, suspense filled supernatural thriller.What starts as an episode of playground teasing ends when Devon gets a rock to the skull He falls into a coma, only waking up after a close brush with death But now that Devon is back, he finds out that he s not alone.There s a mysterious entity talking to him in his head And Devon s not sure if he likes the new imaginary friend Devon s uncle Joe is a writer out in California Devon tells him about the new voice he s hearing it s a red flag for Joe he knows that he has to drop everything to go help his nephew Joe knows that Devon inherited the family curse It s a devastating and powerful secret, and one that s not fit for a boy to tackle alone But even Joe isn t prepared for what s coming Together, the two of them are about to embark on a terrifying journey where they confront the darkest evil they ve ever known Pure evil.Note This is the third revised and updated edition.

  • Title: Pure Evil
  • Author: Jesse Bastide
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Jesse Bastide

Jesse Bastide Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Pure Evil book, this is one of the most wanted Jesse Bastide author readers around the world.

Comments Pure Evil

  • Melissa Chung

    This short story is hard to rateIt was pretty good, but not great so I'm giving it 3.5 stars.Devon is a chubby 12 year old kid who lives with his mother in the "poor" side of town. His father passed away a few years ago and Devon's mom is trying to make ends meet by working two jobs. Even with 2 jobs, the pair live pay check to pay check. Because of this, Devon's mom buys their clothes from the clearance section at the store where she works. Devon is constantly being bullied because of his "poor [...]

  • Douglas Castagna

    I liked the characters of Devon, and hi Uncle Joe, and the back story of Louie. I liked the relationship between Devon and his mother. I liked the buildup to what is inevitable in these novels. Up until this point the writing is solid and moves a decent pace. The end, however, comes too fast. It isn't that its the "break neck" pace that one hopes for in a novel of this sorts, there is that, but it seems rushed. It hurts the book in the long run, but only marginally. An enjoyable read.

  • Julie Powell

    A good well-written story about the trials of Devon spoilers from me.I liked the easy to read writing style and the concept, which could give you chills.Worth a look.

  • Patricia Curtis

    Typical, evil inside someone. No different than any of the rest.

  • Kaylee Law

    It was enjoyable enough for a free kindle book but there were a few writing issues (the wrong name when someone was speaking) that really bugged me. Good enough for a quick read though.

  • William Bitner Jr.

    Genre - Supernatural Thriller/HorrorPublication Date - September 9, 2014Pages - 180Format - KindleStars - 🌟🌟🌟🌟Creepy kids and demons? Yes please. “Pure Evil” by Jesse Bastide is my first read by this author. I don’t do this often, but a comparison must be made. At times it felt like an older Stephen King novel. Now, that’s not a bad thing, it just had that kind of feel to it for me . Not overdone with characters and a really good solid story made the read very enjoyable. A fa [...]

  • Kay Oliver

    Good and bad A great, tantalizing, horrific, classic, original storyline told in a fresh perspective with twists that send chills down your spine BUT weak writing that seemed almost childish in it's story telling and description. I enjoyed this book and the evil concocted within it, but the writing had me nearly putting it down. I'm glad I finished it and hope this author writes more epic stories with a more refined and practiced writing skill.

  • Vanessa Gray

    i s it me or are online authors books all going to be trash?A promising beginning shortly to descend into cliche, repetition, and unimaginative descriptions. Oh dear! Not very optimistic for my next attempt to find something well writtenp

  • Susan Denicola

    Great Thriller!I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I thought the editing was done well. The characters were well developed and it was a great story line. I will be reading more by this author.


    👍I thought this book wad a great read!! I enjoyed it very much. Little sad with the ending, I want to know what happened after. Is there a book2?? I hope so. Please let me know if there's a second book out of in the making!!

  • Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)

    I wasn’t a fan of this book. I often rag about the fact that Stephen King suffers from a serious case of word bloat, but at the same time I acknowledge that he is a very talented writer. Pure Evil by Jesse Bastide came across as nothing so much as a pale imitation of an already watered down Stephen King book. From the evil dude wearing wearing a “unique” outfit of some sort to the group of kids to the setting in Maine, every bit of it screamed “this is who I want to be when I grow up”. [...]

  • Sabrina Fox

    Title: Pure EvilAuthor: +Jesse Bastide Pages: 180Genre: HorrorFormat: KindleSynopsis:Devon isn't the most popular kid on the playground. In fact, he's so unpopular the other kids seem to have thought that it was okay to throw rocks at him. After waking up in the hospital from a coma the grisly rock induced, he finds out that he's not the only one inside his head. Someone who has came to him presented to him as a friend, but is really pure evil in a cloak. Uncle Joe, a horror writer comes to Devo [...]

  • Trinity Adams

    InterestingWhy end it like that? Only thing that bothered me was the ending other then that the book make me want to keep reading

  • Amber Terry

    Overall, I did like this one although some things about irritated me a lot and prevented me from giving it a higher rating. First, the author is definitely influenced by Stephen King (if he isn't, I'd be shocked). There were several occasions where I would think "Stop copying someone else!!!" It feels false and uncomfortable. Second, I absolutely HATE when authors shoehorn sexual references into the story. I have no problem with sex (I've read plenty of smutty books), but only if it actually fit [...]

  • Sonya Fuller-Campbell

    Or Was It?Seldom do I read a complete book and have little or no emotion, thought, or idea about it. I think that maybe this is a first. I'm not sure if I should have stopped reading it many chapters ago as the idea occurred to me to do so, or if I kept reading because I have this little oddity about myself that I am compelled to complete a book once I start reading it? Nonetheless, I think perhaps I just didn't like this book much at all! It seemed to lack real substance of some sort and maybe [...]

  • Veester Foster

    Good ReadCareful with your thoughts, pay attention. Amazing what the mind can do if you are not careful with your thoughts.

  • Ashley Snyder Miller

    I'm not much of a horror book reader, so I didn't really know what to expect from this book. I thought the plot was intriguing, but found most of the conclusion to be very predictable. Plus, the author chose to leave readers hanging at the very end. Will there be a sequel? No clue.There were lots of loose ends in the book, like small twists and turns in the plot that never really got fully explained or hammered out.The language in the book was definitely adult-only.There were a lot of grammatica [...]

  • Kara

    All in all this book was an interesting read and rather entertaining. However, I felt the story needed that something more. It all seemed to move rather fast for my liking meaning that I never felt for the characters the way I feel you should in a good story. Yet, that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. It was thrilling with an interesting concept even if a bit more gore wouldn't have gone amiss.I do give a warning with my review: the first couple of chapters do fail to draw you in but keep going, [...]

  • Jack Okorn

    I gave this book three stars simply because of the lack of editing. I have also self published in the passed and understand how much editors will cost. Once you get over some of the writing the rest of the book was really good. I enjoyed the story line and the characters played well off of each other.I am not sure if I agree with the other reviewers of this book? I don't know if there need to be more from this story? I think the author placed us in a spot at the end. Overall thanks to Jesse for [...]

  • Ted Tayler

    “Creepy but still a good read”It's always good to do something out of your comfort zone every now and then. There are very few horror/supernatural books on my bookshelf. The last titles in this genre I read were by a fellow named King. 'Pure Evil' paid homage to one of his that I recall. It's early days for Jesse Bastide and this is not in the same league as 'It' or its companions; however it certainly has a lot going for it. Visually it would work just fine. Expect to see it on a screen nea [...]

  • Miss Red

    The premise was interesting but in my opinion, there was a lot of cursing which interrupted my reading. I suppose with a book about a demon, it is to be expected(?) but it stood out to me. But overall, it wasn't bad. I think since it was a novella, there wasn't much room for details but I feel that some areas were elaborated that didn't need to be while others were left sparse that I would have wanted to know more about.

  • Janice Kujawa

    Purely Amazing ReadPoor Devon. An outcast. Then the accident and here comes Louis. And Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe knew who Louis was and what he wanted. Louis had taken Joe's brother. Devon's father. Joe wasn't about to let him take Devon too. The all time battle of good versus evil. Who will win? Will definitely recommend to friends and fellow readers. Looking forward to more from Jesse.

  • A.R.

    Creepy as HellThis novella is proof positive that you can't judge a book by its cover, because there is none, just colors. Mr. Bastide knows how to get under your skin. This tale creeped me out in a visceral way. It's about a demon coming after a boy, and you'd better believe there's carnage on the way. I can't believe a talented author like this wrote a zombie novel--done to death.

  • Hazel Spencer

    I enjoyed this book, it definitely had some suspense and cringe moments, something that I also enjoy from James Herbert's work.The ending was over very quickly which was a shame but the story itself was very well described, you really got a feel for what the characters were going through.I'd like to have known Louie's story, and what happened with Devon and Kat, maybe a follow up book is in order :)

  • Sophie Childs

    It's a great concept, but the whole book is seriously under developed. The plot, characters, motivation, everything needed more work. If the book was twice the length, it would have had a better chance of doing justice to the concept. As it is, I read it in one day - and that was in between doing other things. I'm glad I got this for free. If I'd paid for it, I'd have felt really ripped off, even at 99p.

  • Aisling H

    Although the plot of the book was good, I personally thought everything seemed too rushed. The story jumped from one scene to the next suddenly. There wasn't enough detail throughout the book, with the ending leaving me a little disappointed. A little more detail about the character of Joe would have been nice, and more emotion from Devon was definitely needed in some areas of the book. More detail would have made for a much better book.

  • Leslie Wiederspan

    It was an interesting idea, having a demon inside your mind. The fact that only some people are capable of listening, made the story better. Sadly, I couldn't give it more stars. It was way too short. There could have been so much more to run with, but it ended abruptly, leaving the reader to wonder what happens to the main character.

  • Tamara

    More PleaseThis is a good debut novel. It's a different and yet similar experience for readers to teleport to another time and place. I am grateful to writers who ignite my imagination and hold my mind and emotions hostage as I willingly succumb. I feel connected to Bastide and look forward to more of his offerings.

  • Laura

    I enjoyed the book, but it feels like something was missing. It all seemed a bit rushed - no questions asked or answered as the story developed around the characters. As several other reviews have pointed out, I think that the book would be hugely improved if it was a bit more detailed. There just felt to be things missing from the story.

  • Candice

    I couldn't put it downThe moment I starting reading this book I realized how crazy and twisted it was but I couldn't put it down. I was pulled in more and more and couldn't stop thinking about it. At the end I was confused but the more I thought it about it all made sense. I first gave it 4 stars but I came back and had to give it 5.

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